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  • Anniversary Campaign Expansion Mod By ykas2

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    About This is a Single Player mod and it doesn't affect MP. The core idea was to modernize original game without changing anything in its gameplay mechanics or balance. The story was carefully extended, but it's still the same. Hope you like it. First part of the mod is widescreen UI fix. It removes stretching on widescreen displays for most of menus and in-game HUD. Also, camera placement is some cutscenes was modified. Some minor menus aren't affected. Also, I couldn't fix sniper a
  • Cal Kestis - Jedi: Survivor By SebTheAlchemist

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    Cal Kestis as is featured in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the upcoming sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order. After watching the 2022 Game Awards, and seeing the premiere of the new trailer for Jedi: Survivor, I knew I had to try kitbashing Cal's new look. Jedi: Survivor looks like it is going to be a blast to play, so this is an attempt to bring a temporary substitute until the game's release. Thank you to ZelZel and YesImSev for helping me with testing this model, and all at JAO for motivating
  • Bacrana By Minoda

    Bacrana This high rise district is known for its merchants, droid store and casino.  The map has: - A casino with pazaak tables and Bosses office - A droid shop - Main strip with Noodle bar and advertisements   Credits: - Siberi for Twi'lek neon signs - Szico VII for textures from NeoTokyo - Bob Billy Farmer Boy for textures frm Nar Shadaa - Ilya Gampassa from ::JEDI:: for custom punny neon signs - Mirkal, Aren Kelpor, MagSul and Pent D

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