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  • JK2 Bespin Landing By Bendak

    Author : Bendak & Raven Software Gametype : DUEL / FFA Release Date : 22.08.2020 File Version : 1.0 File Name : duel_landing.zip This map is from the Jedi Outcast singleplayer campaign map. It has been adapted to work with the Jedi Academy multiplayer mode. How to install  1. Extract the folder 2. Copy or replace duel_landing.pk3 in GameData/base directory If you want to start the map, simply type the following command in the console: /map duel_landing  
  • Reskinned Mon Mothma v1 By SanadaSan

    A reskin of Mon Mothma for Jedi Academy, in the same vein as my previous reskin of Kyle, although the changes aren't as drastic this time around. I primarily wanted to clean up her appearance and add fancy shaders. This will overwrite the existing Mon Mothma in the base game, team skins included. Since I made this for Jedi Academy, I took advantage of the fancy effects it has and JK2 lacks: specifically RGB tinting and dynamic glow from specular shaders. That said, I recommend you have Deta

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