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  • YT-2000e transport freighter By zidzabre

    I was approached by a JKA player named DarthValeria about making a map for his Machinima project. He wanted a YT-2000 Freighter. I went ahead and built this map using the YT-2000 Freighter as basis, and drew some inspiration from Sith-J-Cull's Falcon. No weapons added or items, Map supports Duel and casual FFA, but mostly designed with Roleplay in mind. Source file for map: yt2000e_source.map (Included inside PK3) Feel free to use this map for your own purposes, no credit need
  • Din Djarin from The Mandalorian By Doughnuts

    Din Djarin from The Mandalorian. Tested in JASP, JAMP and OpenJK. To use in single player, type the following in the console: playermodel dindjarin Comes with his IB-94 blaster pistol and his Amban Pulse Rifle. Known Issues: Sounds may not play correctly in single player. Programs used: Blender 2.91 Substance Painter Huge thanks to AshuraDX for helping me out with various things.  
  • FFA Bespin City By zidzabre

    This was an old project i decided to dig upp and patch up and just finish. This map is a new version of one of my old maps "New FFA Bespin". JKHubs link: https://jkhub.org/files/file/335-new-ffa-bespin/ I wanted to add more to it, and expand on the map. Source file for map: ffa_bespin_city_source.map (Included inside PK3) Feel free to use this map for your own purposes, no credit needed but is appreciated.
  • Hoth Assault (FFA/TFFA/Duel) By MountainDew

    Based on the siege hoth map. * .bsp name: hoth_assault (replaces version 1 that was bugged) * .map source file included * FFA/TFFA/Duel map. Duel gametype with different spawnpoints. * No Botroutes. ________________________ Author : MD Gametype: FFA/TFFA/Duel Release Data: 12 May 2021 File Version: 2.0 File Name: hoth_assault.zip ________________________ 

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