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  • Female Rodian By WizardMKBK

    I made this mod years ago for fun and found it yesterday... so fixed some issues and here I am uploading. She is made of rodian and jedi_hf (?) parts. If you google "rodian female" you can find my influences 😄 NPC Support: YES Team Support: YES Custom skin: YES NPC: rodian_female Custom skin: tint; you can recolor some parts of her clothing with "char_color_red x; char_color_green x; char_color_blue x;" commands. Install: Copy rodian_female.pk3 to your base folder.
  • Jaden as a Twi'lek Male By Noodle

    ******************************************* JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ******************************************* Title : Male Twi'lek Author : Noodle File Name : jedi_tm File Size : 39,141 KB Date Released : September 9th, 2023 Model : LucasArts & Noodle Textures : LucasArts & Noodle Weighting : LucasArts & Noodle   Description: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - "Twi'leks, so
  • Trip Mine By Kitsu-NeshKaa

    Trip mines to the 20th anniversary of Jedi Academy. FOR YOUR CHOICE - 2 versions. JA and BF2. Models have lods and shader animation. Made beam less visible and fixed dot at end of beam. I think that will work in JO. (didn't check) I wanted to do something unusual, to which little attention is paid. Mines, unfortunately, deservedly forgotten and are very weak in MP. Also would like to fix  position of mine in hand, but developers use same mine model in hand and "armed" placed o
  • Naev Security Storage By Iffo

    My second ever public release of a map. Unlike my previous map which was intended to be larger than it ended up being, this went the other way. *** Most consoles will do something *** *** To show all hidden triggers, use the datapad on the desk in the security room *** Welcome to the Naev Security Facility, the most remote storage facility in the galaxy, located on the moon of the shadow world Umbara. However it doesn't just hold treasures and physical possessions, if you can find it
  • contest winner Bespin Duel Reborn By SomaZ

    WINNER of the Anniversary Mod Contest 2023 This adds a complete rework of the duel1 jedi academy map. This is build to showcase rend2 features. The vanilla game should also be able to run this, but I didn't put too much effort into the vanilla lighting. To take full advantage of the maps features you need to install and run rend2. Everything has been rebuild from scratch. Textures were made with Substance Painter and Designer. Models and Lighting were made in Blender. Credits: Activisi

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