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  • IC Training Room By Evader

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    This is a small duel map, a variation on jedi temple duel from Jedi Outcast. The level is a single 3d model and also includes custom skybox.  I started working on this map a long time ago, but I finally managed to finish it. I  hope it's a fitting tribute to Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. Any questions and advice are welcome!
  • Heavy Mandalorian Pack By ZanderNao

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    ==Mandalorian Heavy== Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao 3D modeled and textured by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Beta Version: No NPC support, may require additional optimization to avoid crashes. Based on Paz Vizsla from The Mandalorian Converted for Jedi Academy by Noodle Classic Head enhanced by Noodle to add facial bones, speech and updated UVs. Classic Head from Mandalorian Pack by Laam'inui based off of NeoMarz' models and Spanki's facial textures:
  • Bultar Swan By Tompa9

    DESCRIPTION V2.0 Second update of the model of Bultar Swan from AOTC. Huge thanks to Oliver Palatinus who modelled new head mesh and to my friend Grimbord who did texture work.    INSTALLATION: Put zz_zbultarswan.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy!   NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn bultar npc spawn bultar_robed  
  • Olympus By biggs

    Release Trailer Inspired by Greek mythology. This is a Free for All map;  there are no items or weapons. It works on JKA as well as JK2.
  • Boba Fett 2021 By Mandalorian

    This is a new Boba Fett model, made from a high quality model I made in Blender a while ago. It features four main appearances and two helmetless options. The options are: The Empire Strikes Back outfit Return of the Jedi outfit The Mandalorian battle damaged outfit from the episode "The Tragedy" (helmetless variant included) The Mandalorian repainted outfit (helmetless variant included)  Feel free to use as you see fit, but please do not use them outside

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