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  • FFA3_DUEL By MountainDew

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    = FFA3 Tatooine - Duel Version =  Simple re-make for Duel Gametype & small FFA/TFFA fights in FFA3 main area with little edits. ________________________ FFA3_DUEL.bsp + New custom textures + Open roof with little modifications + Duel/Power Duel gametype support + TFFA support; Max. 3 v 3! (otherwise, if more players spawnpoints gets bugged in beginning and -1 kill) + FFA support + Botroutes support + .map Source file included! - No Weapo
  • Cal Kestis - Jedi: Survivor By SebTheAlchemist

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    Cal Kestis as is featured in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the upcoming sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order. After watching the 2022 Game Awards, and seeing the premiere of the new trailer for Jedi: Survivor, I knew I had to try kitbashing Cal's new look. Jedi: Survivor looks like it is going to be a blast to play, so this is an attempt to bring a temporary substitute until the game's release. Thank you to ZelZel and YesImSev for helping me with testing this model, and all at JAO for motivating
  • JK2 Enhanced Texture Pack By Hirmanator

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    A high-resolution upscale + variety of overlays and passes has lead to the results in these files. I have checked and corrected as many texture errors as I can find. Consider this a beta and if you notice an error message me and I will correct the issue (hopefully). I would say I looked less at the textures in the multiplayer maps so make sure you check single and multiplayer maps. VERSION: 1.0 BETA (1/31/2023) This project was done using a variety of overlaying textures, brushing, usi
  • contest winner Kyle's Holiday Afternoon By MagSul

    WINNER of the HOLIDAY MOD CONTEST 2022 This is a short and sweet level I put together for the holiday contest this year. Just unzip the folder and place the contents in the Gamedata folder. You can then use the included .bat file to load the mod on both Steam and disc versions.   Kyle has decided to take a quick break from the festivities, but it isn't as relaxing as he'd hoped.   Known Bugs: Sometimes Rosh and Jaden are stubborn and don't bow out properly, but the cutsc

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      JK2 Enhanced Texture Pack

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      JK2 Enhanced Texture Pack

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