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  • contest winner Underworld By biggs

    UNDERWORLD MOD CONTEST 2022 WINNER   Inspired by Bladerunner. This is a Free for All map that has items and weapons, but there is also a duel variant that removes all of that. got as much done as I could before time ran out ; this map is not finished. .bsp names: underworld underworld_duel  
  • Holonews Studio By Iffo

    I think this is my first ever public release of a map. Welcome to the Galactic Beat Holonews Studio, deep in the entertainment district of Coruscant. Galactic Beat is the cores premier evening show, a blend of news, entertainment, sport and even cooking! This map was intended to be bigger and feature more, but figure its best to release something than nothing at all. Originally created for the JEDI roleplaying community, it features - Reception Area with movie memrobilla such as t
  • contest winner Bounty Hunter By Noodle

    UNDERWORLD MOD CONTEST 2022 WINNER Are you tired of every bounty hunter model being a re-color of Boba Fett? If you are, then this model was made for you!  In 2015 the game Star Wars Uprising was released for mobile devices, it was set shortly after the end of Return of the Jedi and its story was focused on a bunch of misfit rogues trying to rebel against the empire's grip on the Anoat sector (where Bespin is located). This model is based on concept art by Brian Matyas.  Ba
  • Jester Knight By Willemoes

    Hello I'm rather new here I previously made these models for jka (though I haven't uploaded any of them yet):   Through these projects I've worked closely with AshuraDX and Einar whose accounts I have linked (not entirely sure if that's the right way) Anyway they deserve a lot of credit. Both have helped me a ton with the Hierarchy, caps, various fixes and shader work. I mainly used Zbrush to sculpt and model the lowpoly version and used the highpoly for textur
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exiled) By ZelZel

    After the poster and trailer reveal of Obi-Wan Kenobi, I wanted to kit together his new exiled look. I like what they did with his hair and all, so I tried to replicate it as close as possible! ---------------------------------------------- Install Instructions: Put the "ZZ-Kenobi_Exile.pk3" inside your base folder. Uninstall Instructions: Remove the "ZZ-Kenobi_Exile.pk3" from your base folder. ---------------------------------------------- Features: Sounds: Yes NPC

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