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  • Nightsister By Noodle

    This small project was originally going to be part of my nightsister zombie model, but I had ran out of time for the deadline.  This model used the base zabrak model as a base and I modelled some stuff to give it its nightsister-y look.  I'm sure there are bugs to be found, so do let me know so that I can fix them. LODs haven't been done yet, but I want to do them in a future version.  Special thanks to Ramikad for reminding me of this project and BlindDaThief for insisting that I
  • Alien Heads Resource By Mandalorian

    This is a set of Alien heads I made for modders to use in their projects. Mainly to replace ported assets and some of the aliens that haven't been created already from the cantina scene in A New Hope. these heads are all on a weequay model as a base to work from, it is not intended as a final finished model, rather a asset for modders. they include both vanilla shaders and textures as well as PBR for more advanced renders like REND2.    Feel free to use as you see fit, but p
  • Rev Gnosis By Rev_Mooku

    "Gnosis" is the 7 month map project of Mooku, leader of the (>+<) Revelation clan. This map features a central hub and individual zones for the elements of Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Light, and Darkness. The central theme is "Balance In All Things." Each zone is accessed from the central hub via teleporters that visually represent their respective zones. Zone Descriptions Air - Open, cloudy, windy sounds, wind slingshot effect if one falls off a platform, semi clear dueli
  • contest winner Costa Del Sol By SephFF

    SUMMER MOD CONTEST 2021 WINNER This map was made for the 2021 JKhub summer contest and based off Final Fantasy 7 references to Costa del sol from the original game and Crisis Core. Also took influence from the Final Fantasy 7 remake. Some areas in this map are never seen in any version of the Final Fantasy games so that’s where I took some creative liberties. Couple picks ups to be found and some jump challenges for strafers. Map is also fun to fly on or other events. Lighting not fu
  • Boba Fett 2021 By Mandalorian

    This is a new Boba Fett model, made from a high quality model I made in Blender a while ago. It features four main appearances and two helmetless options. The options are: The Empire Strikes Back outfit Return of the Jedi outfit The Mandalorian battle damaged outfit from the episode "The Tragedy" (helmetless variant included) The Mandalorian repainted outfit (helmetless variant included)  Feel free to use as you see fit, but please do not use them outside

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