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  • Jedha City By PyroTechnics

    Hey guys, I made a map based on Rogue One's Jedha City for the Moviebattles 2 mod.   If you want to play this map you need to have the Moviebattles 2 mod installed for JK3.   Download Moviebattles 2   The objectives for the rebel team is that they have to hack the imperial occupier tank, The Imperials have to defend it. The rebels have a rooftop advantage, the Imperials a ground advantage.    All the textures, models, map and FA are made by me. T
  • World Between Worlds By Reepray

    Important UPDATE. This map is a personal interpretation of the World Between Worlds as seen in the show Star Wars Rebels. Please read the changelog below. I strongly recommend updating the map to its latest version. Apologies for the inconveniences. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Hello there, my name is Reep,

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