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  1. Thank you so much for the work that you put into this, Circa. Some interesting questions and interesting answers. It's been great listening to these guys chat about the game.
  2. I've already had some ideas for this, so I guess I'll be starting today! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone contributes.
  3. I love it when stuff works as intended! 😃


  4. I tried a scan over ye olde search engines this afternoon and came up short as well. Glad to know it's not just me!
  5. Popped open my map to see if I'd left anything out! I noticed you mentioned the stun_baton flag. Do you not have the "noweapon" option shown here? Spawnflags 64. When I don't tick it, I get given a lightsaber in addition to whatever I dictate my script. After ticking it, all worked fine. I added the melee weapon in addition to the bowcaster in this example.
  6. I've two levels for this example. The first level provides the observant player with an opportunity to snag a holocron granting Force Jump level 2. In another level, the player is in the same location at a different time of day with other things happening, but I wanted to leave the holocron there as a second opportunity to the player if they didn't pick it up the first time. What I would like to know is - is it possible to perform a Force Power level check through script/mapping that would remove the holocron if the player already has Force Jump level 2.
  7. To do this myself, I had the info_player_start targetting a target_scriptrunner which ran "intro.ibi" At the end of the intro script, I put a command to use a target_scriptrunner with a targetname of "forcepowers" My "forcepowers.ibi" was just a list of what Force powers I wanted the player to have and at what level. At the bottom is also a command to specify a lack of weapon. You could change that to a blaster or such if you preferred, of course. I hope this visualisation helps.
  8. This is your friendly reminder to back up the files of whatever you're working on. 😀 

    This feels like an essential mod for all communities every December.
    I really liked playing on this map! It's very spacious, particularly outside. We could comfortably spawn vehicles out on the grass, just watch out for the edge of the mountain! Some lovely brushwork with terrific textures here (particularly that skybox, too!) The music choices are great as well. It's a fun map! If I were to suggest anything for an update, it would simply be to consider adding a .arena file to the .pk3 so that it shows up in the game menus. Besides that, maybe a little bit of ambient noise, such as high winds! Great work!
  9. 1) How do I change what player model is used in game? This particular post lays out the answer to this question quite nicely. I'm not sure how to get around your second question, but for your third, you'll have to elaborate a bit on what exactly you were trying to do.
  10. A lot of the questions you're bound to have are answered in this tutorial, which I can't recommend highly enough as it started me on the path to a similar project. I'm looking forward to seeing what you put together!
  11. I've appreciated the inclusion of Dash and Kyle in SW:GoH recently. A little acknowledgement's just nice IMO.
  12. I thought I'd share a portion of my work from this weekend! This is a new bonus level accessible via the menu in my SP mod. This one takes place between the first tier of missions in the original game. A separate cutscene will play if the player succeeds in besting Rosh.
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