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    Noodle back with a beauty!
    This is cool. It makes them look like Reborns from JK2 but still as Cultists 🙂
  1. I would like to see whole Jedi Temple map recreated as Imperial palace. According to the new comics it hasnt changed that much, except main spire where is Emperor's throne located. I can imagine it with some empire flags, symbols or red tapestry.
  2. Wow, where have u taken that bow from, my friend? 😄
  3. Hello community! I'm not sure if this was ever requested but I think it might be really cool if anyone of our skilled mappers can try to make Jedi Temple in the Imperial days, called The Imperial Palace. It was seat of Emperor Palpatine, hearth of the Empire. Seeing this throne room with Coruscant skybox around would be cool! It is definitely looking like Tower on Deathstar II so it has four parts
  4. Gustavo, nice to see that you are improving! Your Sith Stalker and Vader are well done ports.
  5. In animation.cfg find scope animation, copy numbers, find rifle animation and replace the original numbers 🙂
    Nice tribute to JK2 fight with Tavion!
    It is just renamed stormtrooper officer @z3filus
  6. Maybe when you return from your pause? 🙂
  7. @GPChannel and me, we have already added TROS Kylo Ren to Movie Duels. I might update my Kylo Ren addon with those versions 😉
  8. Wow amazing model! Are u new on modding scene?
    What a beauty! Keep in good work bro!
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