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  1. @GPChannel and me, we have already added TROS Kylo Ren to Movie Duels. I might update my Kylo Ren addon with those versions 😉
    What a beauty! Keep in good work bro!
  2. There is model ported from Force Arena somewhere 🙂 Maybe Jeff has it.
  3. You cant. He will be in MD version :)
  4. Me and my 212th Attack Battalion, ready to party! 😄
  5. My recent progress on 442nd Siege Battalion clone pack. Basic, Heavy and Commander versions.
  6. Now this is something! Great job! Doughnouts already released pretty decent 2nd sister lightsaber
  7. Hello mate. I'm welcoming you to the modding part of the community! It is always great to see new faces willing to show amazing skills for 17 years old game! I hope to see more from you in recent months, maybe years ☺️
  8. It is working for me. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/450354898316558348/716567794786893834/unknown.png?width=722&height=406
  9. Those anims came with kinda forgotten file Sith Inquisitor by Jose Carlos. It replaces vanillas staff stance, walk and run animation. Epic.
  10. Rey inspired by the cancelled Colin Trevorrow's script. #releasethetrevorrowcut #duelofthefatescut #colin #trevorrow
  11. Hi mate! I really hope your Kamino/Lars homestead or Streets of Jedha get release there on Jkhub one day! It is shame there were too many great modders and mappers left before they even released awesome projects they all teased us about in the WIP threads. Stay safe in these days and I hope you are enjoying modding again ?
  12. I cannot upload better head model because it is ported. I have to keep original Plasma's head.
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