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  1. Thanks, I don't have any model of her but would be interested in porting the modell if I did.
  2. Some mods will do just this. (ForceMod 3) and I'm sure some others, but I'm pretty sure it is hardcoded in base.
  3. Yeah usually I can open them but I'm getting an error with this one.
  4. I may be able to get the droids working if you still have them in glm form. There's a few things to get the count down I can try. I'd be interested in rigging the sote trooper if that's needed as well. Not sure if you have another format for the SOTE trooper as I can't open the fbx file in blender.
  5. This is possible, but the replacement ship would need to be very close to the merc ship design as it is used in many maps (FFA3 for example). If you found anything close in shape I could convert it to md3. If FFA3 is what you want changed I can put any ship in that (or no ship) as I have the map for it. Btw Forcemod 3 is just awesome still play it after all these years.
  6. 23 downloads

    Grizz Frix by Jeff. "She's gonna blow!" ―Grizz Frix's last words Grizz Frix was a male human starfighter pilot who flew for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He was recruited into the squadron after the Battle of Hoth and was killed during the Battle of Endor, where he flew under the callsign Red Five.
  7. It's a different head but the rest is the same https://d-20gaming.yolasite.com/resources/Cilghal.pk3
  8. Jeff

    Tie Shuttle

    Funny thing is I watched that video to get the design. But yeah I will check more videos for some more ideas, thanks.
  9. Version 1.2


    FFA3 converted to Domination mode by Jeff. Just the base map with 3 capture points, bot-routes included they will capture the points. Thanks to Nelfie for the source map and files for Domination mode. It's available under CTF mode.
  10. Jeff

    Tie Shuttle

    Jedi Academy Files (d-20gaming.yolasite.com) Link to all 3 space maps, they are playable and I included the map file. There are 2 maps in each pk3 one for rebel spawns and the other for imp spawns. I've done that for using in my own mod which has flying bots. They need to be played under TFFA btw.
  11. Jeff

    Tie Shuttle

    The capital ships are md3 models made solid. I added some turrets to them and exhaust effects as well, the rebel transport is from MB2 and the nebulon B, mon cal cruiser and corvette are from BF2 converted to md3's as well.
  12. Jeff

    Tie Shuttle

    Thanks, the map is my version of space hoth from BF2. I'm also doing Tatooine, Alderaan and Yavin as well. If there's interest I may release them.
  13. Jeff

    Tie Shuttle


    New vehicle the Tie Shuttle (seen befriefly in ESB) by Jeff To install just take the pk3 and drop it into your base Jedi Academy Folder. To spawn "npcspawn vehicle tie_shuttle". Have fun.
  14. 35 downloads

    This is the gamorrean guards staff from when Luke enters Jabba's Palace.
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