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  1. 120 downloads

    A repack of all the sourcefiles and official modtools for jka, including the most recent patches and fixes to make them work on recent OSs and drivers. Did I miss any of the official source files? E-Mail me and I'll make sure to add them. Credits: Raven Software - For providing the original soruce file and tool packages used to compile this version Xycaleth - fixes to Modview and the MacOS Version of Modview Archangel35757 - fixes to carcass, md3view DT85 - helped in gathering the various releases by Raven Software for the Package
  2. 292 downloads

    Submitted by: By The Kid!? Original Creator: OGOO7J1 (formerly known as Pitchest Heart) FM3Av4 is finally released! Changelog: *NEW SCREENS, MENUS AND VIDEO - Music can be accessed on any map using the in game "MUSIC" menu located in the options bar. - You can access a selection of various crosshairs in the main menu after choosing a saber in profile or in the "AIMING" menu while in a game. - While in a game you can access the "VIEWS" menu to adjust various aspects of the camera's position in relation to your character. - A seperate config for each
  3. Version V2


    Uploaded by: DarthDerpo Description: This is an edited version of the Homer Simpson model released by Marco Fernandez (AKA ArchAngel) for Jedi Outcast. This version is for Jedi Academy and has some extra features: Bot support: Yes NPC support: Yes (Ally NPC) Installation: Simply extract this .zip file into your gamedata/base folder. Skins Available: /default (typical Homer) /red (Evil Homer) /blue (Farmer Homer) /bowler (pin pals) /jumper (jail suit) /hulk (a must see) /pink (of the pink shirt episode) NPC: Bring the console and type in (without quotatios): "npc spawn homer".
  4. 1,545 downloads

    Title : Jedi Temple Type : FFA/TFFA File Name : jeditemple_ta File Size : 23.919 Mb Author(s) Map: =tom= Layout:=tom=/ACiDUS Textures:=tom=/ACiDuS Date of Release : 20/06/2007 Email Address : mariocheret@hotmail.com Homepage : http://mbgs.tk Description : This is our vision of the Jedi Temple. This map was originaly made for The MovieBattles II mod(http://www.moviebattles.com/) Note: This is an FFA version based on the Movie Battles II map from Build 18. No youngling NPC's available, but plenty of weapon spawns. Special thanks to: - =Some0ne= for the statue in the Blue Ha
  5. 175 downloads

    Submitted By: Veilor Created By: DaDosDude This map was NOT created by me, but by DaDosDude 13 years ago for a Dragon Ball mod we both were a part of, The Power Within. It failed but I kept most of the files throughout the years and I sent DaDosDude a mail asking for permission to upload it here and he said go ahead. Proof of the mail exchange here. This map is in a beta state but still playable without any visible bugs, all original map files are gone, so nothing more can be done on it. Enjoy! -------------------- Jedi Knight III -------------------- -------------------- Info: -------
  6. 171 downloads

    Uploaded by Cagelight This is not my map, this is the daytime version of Winter's Gift (https://jkhub.org/files/file/2178-winters-gift/) that I got ages ago from pcgamemods. I don't have the original readme but I'm almost positive this was made by the original Winter's Gift author(s). I noticed it wasn't uploaded anywhere else so I'm uploading it here. This map requires the original Winter's Gift to be installed to work correctly. ------------------- Winter's Gift Day Authors: *VaS*Buffy and Jenova*Rebirth*(*VaS*Jenova) Contacts: vasbuffy@gmail.com and jenova19848@hotmail.com Release Date:
  7. Version V1.0


    Uploaded by Tompa9 ****************************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION ****************************************** Title : Queen Amidala + Handmaiden 1 and 2 Author : Liberty Ashford E-Mail : food_raider01@hotmail.com File Name : Queen Amidala.pk3, Handmaiden.pk3, Handmaiden2.pk3 File Size : 2, 499 KB, 1, 409 KB and 1, 428 KB Date Released : 18/08-06 Team Colours : Yes New Sounds : Yes Model & Textures - HapFord Team (Hapslash and Liberty Ashford) Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion - Infinity Blade Description: ----------------------
  8. JKHub


    Version (JK2)


    File created by ksk_h2o Original README: ***************************JEDI KNIGHT II MODEL***************************Title : GRAY FOXAuthorModel by : ksk_h2oSkins By : ksk_h2o, [SM]Maximus, FoJ_JM_MiyamotoE-Mail : ksk_h2o@hotmail.comWebsite : --File Name : grayfox.pk3File Size : 3.2 MB Date Released : Feb 18 2003Description : Multiplayer ModelComments : Well, as the name says it, its Gray Fox, as the Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid.***=======****The caps TGA and caps shader in the pack is from the cheshire vader model by cheshire cat and Matt "arco" Fergusson, and Michael Frost "sithlord-ii
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