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  1. It only holsters when you switch to a different weapon. You can press the - key to put all weapons away.
  2. You need to put the files in the GameData folder like the instructions say. Looks like you put the whole folder in your Jedi Academy folder instead. jaenhanced folder and the files go in GameData.
  3. In other words, the load order doesn’t override the previously loaded items, they would just be skipped. A bit different than other games like Skyrim and KOTOR. Only other thing I can think of causing issues is other pk3s in the OpenJK folder rather than the base folder. Either in Gamedata/Openjk or Documents/My Games/Openjk.
  4. PK3 load order doesn’t change in OpenJK, it was always loaded in reverse order. Are you sure these issues don’t appear when running with jasp.exe? Does OpenJK run fine without this mod installed?
  5. This should be in the tutorial section, that's a good summary that I'm sure would be useful for new people.
  6. Where did you download the map from?
  7. In simpler terms, you have to edit the source code to raise such limits. OpenJK and its various forks already raise them a decent amount. Also like you said, there are a lot of Boba models out there that look really good already. Verts and polys will only get you so far before you need to also have a modern renderer to make it look worth using. There's a reason modelers still optimize their high res models to work in JKA properly. They still look great, just not as great as they would in a modern game with a modern engine and renderer like Battlefront II. It's best to aim for OpenJK's limits at the most. You could also look into making it compatible with rend2, which is an experimental modern renderer that can be used with OpenJK.
  8. We don’t host images outside of file page screenshots because server space and bandwidth is expensive and images add up over time to be a lot of those two things. Upload to a service like Imgur or imbb and use the direct link that way.
  9. Nothing should go in base unless you plan on playing the base game. If you're only going to be playin JAEnhanced, your other pk3s can go in the jaenhanced folder, although it does load pk3s from both, it does not load DLLs from both. The folder structure in the ZIP file is how it should be in your GameData alongside the base folder. The readme says to drop everything in GameData and that should be all you need to do. Not sure what else to tell you, other than make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. Maybe try launching the .exe as administrator. You should try going to Documents/My Games/jaenhanced and deleting the files in there as well, its possible you had a weird graphics setting causing it.
  10. Interesting. That error is usually for progressive textures, which can only be run in openjk/JAEnhanced so it makes sense you get that error when running it via base JKA through the menu. Using that menu doesn’t change the executable that is used. Did you make sure to have all of the .dll files in the right areas? Whatever it was in the zip folder is where they should be in the gamedata folder. jaenhancedgamex86.dll should be in the jaenhanced folder. All other DLLs should be in gamedata.
  11. Do you get any errors? I'm curious why you wiped the game and reinstalled? Did anything else on your PC change like graphics drivers or anything? Does the base Jedi Academy game launch okay without the mod?
  12. The forum will save a reply text for you automatically if you leave the page and then try to reply again even if it’s a different thread. Looks like that reply is from this thread: https://jkhub.org/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=12033&content_commentid=160277
  13. Assuming this is meant to be for single player, I believe most of that will need to be done via scripting, but I think some things can be set to the info_player_start entity. You'll find some helpful info in here: Particularly in part 3 he shows a script that sets force powers and weapons.
  14. That looks incredible, holy balls.
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