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  1. Fixed, thanks for pointing that out! Also had missed the cutscene with the cultist on the comlink so fixed that too.
  2. I actually just booted it up and noticed I had the same problem. I lowered the resolution to 1920x1080 and windowed mode and it seems to have fixed the problem. I was running mine at 4k before. If you aren't aware, type these commands: r_customheight 1920 r_customwidth 1080 vid_restart You may be able to get it higher like 1440p, won't hurt to try to see how high it can go. Perhaps @redsaurus could look into fixing it at some point, it doesn't appear to happen on OpenJK.
  3. Circa

    Visual glitch

    You're using MBII, not OpenJK, so your question wouldn't really belong here, unless you are trying to use both. MBII should have its own launcher and mod folder. Its possible certain DLL files are being combined from different mods causing a problem.
  4. You could try running in windowed mode to see if that fixes it. Not sure what the cause could be.
  5. You should still be able to use the console as normal in JAEnhanced. Does it show a cursor at all? Does anything in the console get cut off?
  6. @Hugo I'm curious what this update was for?
  7. There really isn't going to be another way around it, you need OpenJK or JAEnhanced or some other derivative of it. The error is due to the models hitting limits that the base game has set. OpenJK raises those limits. The only other way is to manually decrease the model's triangle count in a program like Blender but that sounds easier than it is. I forget the function name in Blender but there is a button to do it but it is destructive and can result in bad looking results if you aren't familiar enough with it. You're probably better off further troubleshooting why your computer isn't letting you run OpenJK, I've never heard of that happening before and may be a concerning broader issue.
  8. The saber builder is kind of a bonus feature and only works currently with the parts that it has. You have to select the "Saber Builder" saber in the list. You won't be able to use parts from the other lightsabers right now. In future versions that may be an option if someone makes it work but right now it is limited. The cheat menu is in the pause menu.
  9. Read this guide: https://jkhub.org/tutorials/errors-problems/error-couldnt-load-defaultcfg-jedi-academy-or-jedi-outcast-r105/ You don't need the JAEnhanced_v1.2_Windows folder at all. The contents of that folder need to go in the GameData folder, just like the instructions said. GameData -> base GameData -> jaenhanced
  10. Wow, this looks epic! Can’t wait to try it out.
  11. If your server is running pure jomp it won’t load black letters natively. That was something that was bugged in JO and JA. The workaround was to use two ^^ instead of one. If your server is running jk2mv or pretty much any other mod, it should just work, afaik. What is your server running?
  12. Most server trackers filter them out (GameTracker and ParaTracker included) or just show them as a period. I remember having trouble with this too, though my my main OS is macOS and I found I was only able to save it properly on there. As soon as I'd open and save it on Windows it wouldn't work. Here's a .cfg with the character and correct encoding, try pasting the rest of your current cfg into this one and saving with Notepad++ or something similar. (taken straight from my server's server.cfg that is working right now on the server list) https://rvn.im/files/o/server_specialchar.zip
  13. The one I've had work was Ä
  14. JA++ is meant to be a "new version" of JA+ and I believe it will show ingame as JA+. Seeing japlus in the mods menu ingame is literally just showing that folder you dropped the files into and that should still be used. From the japp site: Being on Mac will make this more complicated though, I'm not sure razor has made a working mac version that runs on newer Macs. I also just tried to get this installed on my MacBook M3 and couldn't get it either. Might want to just use OpenJK/EternalJK as the client right now until razor sees this to help. Or you could use Whisky to run JKA in Windows on Mac which is a newer thing that works pretty well actually. I'm hoping to write up a new tutorial on that soon. The benefit to that is you can use any Windows versions of client executable mods that otherwise don't have Mac versions (or outdated Mac versions like JA+).
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