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  1. Not sure if “so many” is accurate but we did get a handful of good things. I considered doing this but like I keep saying, participation is so low for these contests that it makes it hard to justify bothering with them. I also have no idea how much the community is watching the show. Most people here hate anything in the Disney canon. I may consider it if people show enough interest.
  2. If that's the case then it's odd they would bother referencing them, as it would draw a lot of unnecessary attention.
  3. Amazing. Curious that he used BF2 and JFO assets though. Hopefully he replaces those or else LF might change their mind on allowing this. Especially if EA complains.
  4. Nobody is going to show interest in something unless they know what it is. Any mapper interested in working on a project is already working on one of their own, most likely.
  5. Since it doesn't have an NPC file, you can still make it work without knowing any modding. Noodle was kind enough to provide the model folder and skin names in his file page description so you can use those to follow this tutorial: The model names are: /model female_trando/scarf /model female_trando/skirt /model female_trando/tech So if you follow the tutorial above knowing this info, an example of the command you'll want is this: playermodel female_trando model_default model_default model_default Or if you want one of the skins above you could replace the model_default wit
  6. Wow, that is impressive. More impressive that he got permission from Lucasflim.
  7. Alien: Isolation + DLC is free on Epic right now: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/alien-isolation
  8. It can be done via entity modding and the music entry is in the first couple lines. Here's how to do the basics of decompiling a bsp to edit some limited info like that:
  9. Rearranged the forum a bit to have most used sections at the top. See changelog thread for full explanation.

    1. minilogoguy18


      I still keep scrolling down though out of habit lol

  10. Well LucasArts hasn’t existed since 2014, so it makes sense they’d use LucasFilm for the branding. All of this stuff was licensed from LF. I’m keeping the blister pack mint since I don’t need to use it. Not only because of the digital copy on the drive, but I still have my old discs as well.
  11. Moved request to the request forum. Also removed the 10 post restriction since it clearly didn't work.
  12. Removed and merged a lot of unused subforums in the Mod Projects area. Spring cleaning!

    1. Bek


      Good job 👍

  13. I don’t really think that’s the case. The forum has been losing activity slowly for years. I don’t think Discord is the cause of that, I think it’s just how the community has shrunk over the years. Sure people are still modding and you might see those conversations on Discord, more than here, but I think it’s more of a difference in quality of content. Getting instant help in a live chat is a valuable resource, but so is showcasing your content on a forum or writing a tutorial. I personally would rather see a thread with meaningful posts rather than a 80 page thread of posts that just say “coo
  14. None of us are admins on the JKCommunity server, so we really have no control over any of that. And making a new server would kind of defeat the purpose of JKC. I also don’t see how integration would be all that beneficial. Discord and forums are very different things and have their own strengths, weaknesses, and purposes. I love Discord but I don’t really think merging it into the forum would do anything other than clutter it with features that most people would probably not bother to use. It’s a good suggestion though, and I’m not dismissing it completely.
  15. Moved thread to requests forum. You can only have one mod show up in the saber menu, so you'll have to edit the menu to include all of the ones you have in one file via the tutorial above. That's just how the menus work, unfortunately. Some that I recommend for this list are: Galactic Warriors Saber Pack - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub Kahn D'halaine's Lightsaber - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub Stormtrooper Hilt + NPC - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub Aegis - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub Demp2 Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub Scou
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