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  1. I haven't seen that happen, and I've been using my Prequel Music Replacement in my base folder for years, which are all at 320kbps made with Audacity. Interesting.
  2. Might be a PK3 that is on the server for a skin someone is using, and has weird sound file names. Do other people on the server see it as well? Assuming you're on JoF's server, I imagine you have a lot of PK3 on the server. If it doesn't do it on a local game, that's all it could be. Might have to do it via process of elimination in that case.
  3. There's always confusion regarding the requirements for audio files for JK2 and JKA. Hopefully this thread can lay it out plainly for those with issues. It's always recommended to use the free program called Audacity, since it can do a lot of simple things easily, and is cross platform. There is also a free web tool that people use nowadays as well here. For voice audio files (either the cutscene lines or action lines in the misc folder): MP3 Sample rate: 44100Hz (sometimes shown as 44.1kHz) Must be mono (1 channel, as opposed to stereo with 2 channels, left/right) Bitrate can be anything (higher the bitrate, the better quality, but bigger filesize - a good medium is 192kbps) For music audio files: MP3 Sample rate: 44100Hz Must be stereo (2 channels, left/right) Bitrate can be anything For effects (weapons, force, environment): Looping sounds (example: a fire burning, water running, or saber hum): WAV Bit depth: 16 bit PCM Sample rate can be anything Must be mono Non-looping sounds: Same as voice files
  4. All voice files in JKA have to be mono MP3 files with a sample rate of 44khz. I think WAV would also work, but if it's replacing one in assets, then it should match what it is replacing, to be safe. Edit: I just made a quick post about audio file requirements which might help: @Acerbic
  5. Renamed this thread to be more relevant. @Lolok you should use this thread to post about your clone project as a WIP before you submit it again.
  6. We typically try to do at least one contest a year, but obviously that doesn't always happen due to the busyness of life. Sometimes it's hard to think of a contest that you know people will respond to and enjoy participating in, so let's take it to the polls. These are the ideas I've come up with or have heard people request in the past. If you need clarification on any of those, let me know. And of course if you vote Other, drop your ideas below. Even if we don't end up using your idea this time, we can always try it in the future. Shoutout to @z3filus for the reminder that we haven't had one in awhile.
  7. Added featured file block back to home page like it used to be, and testing it out being on the forum index temporarily. Let me know if y'all hate it.
  8. As much as I would like to keep doing articles like that, there are simple two main reasons why we don't anymore. One, we don't have a lot of time in our lives to dedicate to things like that too often. Two, there just aren't enough big mods being made like that anymore to cover often enough to make things as fair and impartial as possible. It's the same with the clan feature articles. Your last mod was the last time we did an article like that, which some people may assume we only care about your mods and nobody else's. Sorry to disappoint, but there just isn't enough modding activity to do much things right now. We do still feature mods in the file section though, which shows big and at the top, which I realize isn't the same but it does help a bit to gain attention.
  9. She almost looks more like a Pantoran. These are really good though!
  10. Hitman Absolution is free on GOG for a limited time.
  11. Looks like mars used a different folder name for the model compared to the NPC name. Try this instead: playermodel femsintra model_default model_default model_default
  12. Well the Latest Poll definitely wasn't even close to being the right place for this. Not sure how you even had permission to do so. Moved to general discussion.
  13. I remember you from JK3Files, I believe! Welcome!
  14. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Borderlands the Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2) is free on Epic right now. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/bundles/borderlands-the-handsome-collection
  15. I believe it should be fixed now. I also changed it to take you to the first unread comment instead of the start of the thread, which hopefully can be helpful for long threads.
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