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  1. Version 2.1


    DATE RELEASED on JKFiles: 31 October 2010 - Updated May-the-Fourth-be-with-you 2023 DESCRIPTION: A reskin of the NeoMarz Sintra Messon mesh. SP Support: Yes SP Hoth Support: Yes MP Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Colour Tinting: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Optional Custom Hilts: Yes Sounds: Yes There are 2 models, jedi_adsm (version with mandalorian helm), and jedi_adsms (version with hair rather than helm). The first model has 2 head varients, head_a1, the helm, head_a3, no helm or hair. The second model has 8 head varients, _a1 sintra white hair, _a2 sintra black hair, _a3 no hair, _a4 white tintable, _a5 black tintable, _a6 ginger, _a7 white reverse tint, _a8 black reverse tint. You get 3 basic suit colours (lightside bluegreen, neutral gray, darkside black), in 3 slightly different cuts (baremidriff & shoulders, bare shoulders, full suit), with a choice of 3 different skin tones (lightside, darkside, and extreme sith queen). This makes up the 27 torso variations, torso_a1a - torso_c3c, first letter the colour, numder is the cut, last letter the skin tone. The suits are all playerchoice/mp-team colour tintable. There is also a 'bonus' suit colour, used for the hoth outfit, and available as an icon selection on the standard MP character selection screen, the Galaxy's LEAST stealthy holofield stealth suit... Just a bit of fun that's great in snowstorms... There are 8 lower variations, lower_a1 - lower_a4, 2 holsters, right holster, left holster, no holsters, all with the jetpack. The _b1 - _b4 variations are without the jetpack. So, from the MP console, "model jedi_adsms/head_a2|torso_a2a|lower_b4" whould give you black hair, lightside suit with bare shoulders, no holsters or jetpack. Custom 'saber' hilts. You get 3 hilts, Sintra Darkforce, a light girly single saber, the Aesthetic Single Saber, and the Aesthetic Dual Saber. The Aesthetic Dual is also available in a 'Darklance Asymetrical Sith Assault Saber' configuration. The 'Aesthetic' saber hilts feature playerchoice/team colour tinting and animated lights so they colour co-ordinate with your outfit. For Single Player use, console commands are: saber sintra_darkforce (Single Hilt) saber ad-aesthetic (Single Hilt) saber ad-aesthetic-dual (Staff Hilt) saber ad-aesthetic-dl (Staff Hilt - Darklance) Darklance Saber Varients - Asymetrical Staff Saber. Blade lengths 36/18 (thats a total of 54, shorter than a standard staff saber). Does slight increased damage on the main blade, slightly more on the short back blade. The ready stance, kata and special moves are non standard (practice BEFORE that important duel). There are 4 bots included, each with improved weapon skills, force powers, and speed, and each further toward the Dark Side, and 4 NPC's for SP play (open the console 'npc spawn Padawan-Sintra' or Jedi-Sintra or Sith-Sintra or Darth-Sintra). The NPC's definition file is in a separate pk3, in case you have too many npc's installed (eg. you get the message 'cannot spawn npc weequay' in SP mode). ==================== Bonus - Sith Gothika DESCRIPTION: A reskin of the NeoMarz Shaak Ti mesh. SP Support: Yes SP Hoth Support: Yes MP Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Colour Tinting: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Custom Hilts: Yes Sounds: Yes This is a 'bonus' skin, supplied with 'Sintra Messon - Journey to the Dark Side', suggestive of her 'Master'. The model has 2 head varients, head_a1 Sith Shaved, head_a2 Dark Shaak'Ti, 5 torso varients, torso_a1 Normal robe, torso_a2 No robe, torso_a3 Normal Robe Tintable, torso_b1 Hoth robe Tintable, torso_g1 Hoth robe, and 4 lower varients, lower_a1 Sith Skirt, lower_a2 Sith Skirt Tintable, lower_b1 Hoth Skirt Tintable, lower_e1 Hoth Skirt. Custom 'saber' hilts. You get 2 hilts, The 'Darklance Asymetrical Sith Assault Saber', and the 'Darklance Gothika', both are asymetrical staff hilts ideal for use from the back of a swoop bike, the Gothika model comes with a Dark Force energy condenser, so you are surrounded by a cloud of floaty purple dark energy condensing out of the air... For Single Player use, console commands are: saber ad-darklance-sp (Standard Darklance) saber ad-darklance-spsg (Gothika Darklance) There are 2 bots included, to demonstrate the skin or just give you something fast and mean to practice against... ==================== Base texture maps were frankenskinned from the original sintra textures by NeoMarz and the Asajj textures by Tobe (both original readme's included in the archive), sounds are the female stormtrooper (Tavion with coms effect) from SkorpDK's FemStormy skin pack (no readme in the original to include here). Everything else is MY fault... Darth Aesthetica.
  2. Chansta

    Jedi Force


    another reskin based off another cheap knockoff action figure, named Jedi force from STBR WARS (whatever franchise that is) npc spawn jediforce is the code
  3. 1,969 downloads

    Greetings My brother and I decided to do another small project which focuses on Jedi Knight Revan, released for SW Galaxy of Heroes. For me, it was love at first sight. Without further ado, let me explain to you what material I gathered on JKHUB to frankenstein this model: DT85's 'DT luke ep7' and Kualan's 'Jedi Temple Guard'. Special thanks to Milamber from my clan JoF who helped me get rid of the gap between torso and hips. Hope you guys like it ! Cheers PreFX
  4. 888 downloads

    I finally got around to releasing what I kept teasing all those years ago ? I know a similar model has already been submitted within the community, but I'd still like to release my version! The weights aren't perfect, and the tendrils can be a bit funky at times with some animations, but hey it's Kit Fisto, such a cool looking character in the Star Wars universe (in the video games and the clone wars animated series at least!). So this features an RGB version (to be expected in any of my releases ?), sith version, reskin by Omicron, custom icons, sounds, shaders. This may be improved in the future, but just glad to finally be able to finish up what I started! Please view the credits and readme file within the folder when you download this. I'm more than happy for anyone to improve on this model so we can upload a 2.0, and any new variants would be cool. Credits: Sazen/Cloud - Original kitbash of the model Spanki - Jedi robes, Noodle - Advice and creating mouth animations Tompa9 - Version of the model for ideas, Omicron - Advice and skin variation Milamber - Advice and dealing with my nagging
  5. 194 downloads

    This is a character that I created to play at the JEDI role-playing community between 2016 and 2020. I rarely play the character anymore, and I hope that someone in the community might be able to make use of this model or even reskin or expand on it. There are only three versions: cal, cal/robe, and cal/hood. The ponytail sometimes clips through the torso, but not so much that it bothered me. Callieope 'Cal' Enesic is half-human, half-Firrerreo; and you can read her full backstory here: https://www.jediholo.net/archives/persons/cal-enesic/#biography
  6. 469 downloads

    Just a group of generic and named Jedi from the beloved Kotor games - based on the glorious HapSlash jedi model. The pack was named after a clan (in Movie Battles II) which no longer exists but still carries its name to hint at its original authors, mainly Vitéz, I only finished it. Detailed information about credits can be found within the README.txt. Team Skins: No Shaders: Yes Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes SP support: Yes NPC list: npc spawn jedi_1 npc spawn jedi_2 npc spawn jedi_3 npc spawn jedi_twilek npc spawn jedi_zabrak npc spawn jedi_zabrakb npc spawn vrook npc spawn dorak npc spawn zhar npc spawn zezkai npc spawn exile npc spawn exile_sith
  7. Sared

    Syntax and Oran


    These are the first skins I made made for Jedi Outcast, or any other video game for that matter, for myself and another resident of thejediacademy.net by the name of Hardwired. Another TJA legend, Odan-Wei, walked me through the process of building PK3's, SURF/SKIN references, and my first steps in Photoshop. Syntax, in the black and silver tunic, was created in 2003 and would eventually serve as the basis for my "Sared Kilvan" player character's appearance. Oran has a green tunic because it's Hardwired's favorite color, with darkside Qui-Gon's meanmug plastered on to his face for +badass points.
  8. Version 1.0


    Managed to kitbash a non-ported version of Dagobah Luke with Yoda in backpack. Originally made for MovieBattles II. Comes with a mixed soundset of ESB Luke and Yoda. Do or do not. There is no try. - Unguided
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Ceremonial Luke Skywalker seen at the end of Episode IV in Yavin 4 victory celebration, after destroying the first Death Star. Another kitbash on my own, originally made for MovieBattles II just like my other works. As far as I know this is probably the first ever Ceremonial Luke without any ported material. Enjoy! Authors: DT85 (head) Lervish, Scerendo (body) Tompa (jacket texture) Swegmaster (lighting improvements, head tweaks to resemble Mark Hamill more) Unguided (kitbash, LODs) Team Skins: No Shaders: Yes Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes
  10. Version 1.0


    DESCRIPTION v1.0: This is a custom re-skin of an old Plo Koon's model to look like he was depicted in the EP1: Jedi Power Battles action game. I was always fan of this alternative outfit with a yellow lightsaber blade. Team Skins: No New Soundpack: Yes NPC Support: Yes BOT Support: Yes Menu Support: No INSTALLATION: Put zz_zplokoon_JPB.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn plo_koon_jbp NOTE: I recommend to use Plasma's lightsaber collection pack to have correct saber hilts.
  11. 714 downloads

    Jacen Solo, Anakin Solo's older brother. Since I did Anakin Solo...thought it would only be right to do Jacen Solo. Then of course I might do a Jaina Solo next. They are all characters from the Expanded Universe. He is the first son of Leia and Han Solo. Team Support, Bot Support, New Taunt, Mod Compatible.
  12. Version 1.0


    The Hero, the Jedi, the descendant of the Skywalker bloodline in the old Expanded Universe from Legacy comics. I kitbashed the works of the following authors: DT85 (body mesh) HapSlash (head mesh) Spanki (face texture) Jeff (body textures and initial idea) Team Skins: No Shaders: Yes Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes
  13. Chansta



    Here it is my next entry into the Star Wars Epi sope bootleg saga by George Luce, we have Conehead everyone’s favorite knockoff jedi from Star Wars Epi sope 1 The Phantom Menaaaace, best known for his famous quote “What about the robot attack on the furries?”from Revonge of the Seth. Now you too can recreate the epic saber duel where he engages Fly Gone Gin in a sparring session at the Judy Temple on Croissant. To place this the file just drop it inside of your gamedata/base folder and then upon loading the game you can spawn in the respective npc The npc spawn code is npc spawn conehead. I credit Psyk0Sith for his Ki Adi Mundi model For context its this:
  14. Version 1.1


    DESCRIPTION v1.1: Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume, as portrayed in the TV series "The Bad Batch" during Order 66. The facial texture is made according to the actor Freddie Prinze Jr., who is Caleb's voice actor. Team Skins: No New Soundpack: No NPC Support: Yes BOT Support: Yes Menu Support: No INSTALLATION: Put zz_zcalebdume.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn caleb_dume npc spawn caleb_dume_robed npc spawn caleb_dume_hooded NOTE: I recommend to use Plasma's lightsaber collection pack to have correct saber hilts.
  15. Version 2.0


    This is an adjustment to one of my first kit-bashes, Rey Skywalker, giving her a new head and adjusted textures too. I always thought Rey was pretty neat, and I especially liked her new outfit in the last movie, The Rise of Skywalker. All credit goes to Scerendo for the body mesh and the original textures I edited! Install Instructions: Put the "ZZ-Rey Skywalker 2.0.pk3" inside your base folder. Uninstall Instructions: Remove the "ZZ-Rey Skywalker 2.0.pk3" from your base folder. ---------------------------------------------- Features: Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes BOT Support: No ---------------------------------------------- To use the model, type this into your console (or select the Icon in the player select screen): "/model Rey_Skywalker" "/model Rey_Skywalker/hood" To spawn him as an NPC, type this into your console: "/npc spawn Rey_Skywalker" "/npc spawn Rey_Skywalker/hood" ---------------------------------------------- External Content Used / Credits: Scerendo-- Main body mesh & original textures ( https://jkhub.org/files/file/2903-rey-of-jakku-the-last-jedi/ ) Hair & Armband-- Fortnite (Rey) Star Wars: Force Arena-- Rey (TLJ) Plasma- Holstered Gun ( https://jkhub.org/files/file/2997-lpa-nn-14/ )
  16. Tompa9

    Bultar Swan

    Version V2.0


    DESCRIPTION v2.0 Second update of the model of Bultar Swan from AOTC. Huge thanks to Oliver Palatinus who modelled new head mesh and to my friend Grimbord who did texture work. INSTALLATION: Put zz_zbultarswan.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn bultar npc spawn bultar_robed
  17. 29 downloads

    Oldschool vibes, sports in space and the smell of fresh tibanna in the air. Approved by Lando
  18. Version 9


    This is my custom Shadowtrooper skin. I hope you'll enjoy! More details available in the included readme.txt!
  19. Waco


    Version 3


    DabMan was born on a planet in the Outer Rim where everyone tokes. He was such a talented stoner. When he finally reached the point of real overdose he transcended into pure Dab. Since then he helps people all around the galaxy to stay lifted.. Credits to Mormord for helping with shaders. I made a short video because screenshots can't show you how it looks ingame.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIjuNRW4Xbw&feature=youtu.be
  20. Version 1.0


    One of my rare skins that doesn't have NPC support, RIP. Pls don't hate me. This was another WIP that was just kinda hanging out so I figure it is time to release for you guys. Anyway, here's a lil about Bolla. Bolla Ropal was a male Rodian who served as a Jedi Master in the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Ropal acted as the keeper of the Kyber memory crystal during the war, a crystal which contained data on the identities of Force-sensitive children across the galaxy. After bounty hunter Cad Bane stole the holocron containing the crystal from the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant, he captured Ropal on the planet Devaron and then tortured him in an attempt to force the Rodian to open the holocron. Ropal refused and died during the torture, although Bane later managed to force the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to open the holocron.
  21. 1,804 downloads

    I've released these models in my WIP forum thread, but decided to upload them here too! The pack includes her Clone Wars, Season 7 outfit, and her Mandalorian, Season 2 outfit-- both with a few variations. Features: Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No BOT Support: No ---------------------------------------------- For The Mandalorian, Season 2 outfit variations, go in console and type either of these: "/model Ahsoka_Mandalorian" "/model Ahsoka_Mandalorian/hood" "/model Ahsoka_Mandalorian/poncho" For Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 7 outfit variations, go in console and type either of these: "/model Ahsoka_S7" "/model Ahsoka_S7/robe" ---------------------------------------------- External Content Used / Credits: Jeff-- for the S7 body base & additions to Mando Ahsoka Star Wars: Force Arena-- for the head mesh & body parts Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-- for the head crown in her S7 outfit
  22. 8,115 downloads

    DESCRIPTION v3.1 This pack is called Anakin Skywalker "The Choosen One" pack. It is second version of this file. I've decided to remove unused parts, reduce poly count and kitbash HS's hair onto Toshi's face. Now it looks more like actor Hayden Christensen. NPC abilities are optimized for more movie like feeling. New sounds are also included. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: Yes INSTALLATION: Extract anakin_tompa.zip and put T_Anakin_Skywalker.pk3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn anakin_ep2 npc spawn anakin_ep2_robed npc spawn anakin_ep2_hooded npc spawn anakin_ep3 npc spawn anakin_ep3_robed npc spawn anakin_ep3_hooded npc spawn anakin_mus npc spawn anakin_sith npc spawn anakin_sith_robed npc spawn anakin_sith_hooded npc spawn anakin_sith_burned I recommend to use Plasma's lightsaber collection pack to have correct saber hilts. Credits: Hapslash (original mesh) Toshi (head, robes) swegmaster (neck and robed torso fixing, optimization, EP2 face) GPChannel (face improvements)
  23. 214 downloads

    DESCRIPTION v1.0: Ma'kis'shaalas, a Kajain'sa'Nikto male, was a Jedi Knight active during the Clone Wars, which was the Galactic Republic's conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the war, Ma'kis'shaalas attended meetings in the briefing room at the Jedi Temple on the galactic capital Coruscant, including one where General Grievous relayed a message to the Jedi informing them that he had captured Jedi Master Eeth Koth, a leading member of the Jedi High Council in 21 BBY. He was disturbed by this and left when they were dismissed with most of the others. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: No Menu Support: No INSTALLATION: Extract jedi_nikto_tompa.zip and put zz_zJediNiktoT.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn jedi_nikto npc spawn jedi_nikto_robed Head mesh ported from Star Wars Galaxies by Kualan
  24. Version 1.0


    RELEASED: 4 August 2015 AUTHOR: Cerez (cerezk.oz@gmail.com) SUMMARY: New Model: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: Yes Custom Sounds: Yes Custom Lightsaber: Yes DESCRIPTION: A lifelike rendition of the character Ahsoka Tano, Padawan to Anakin Skywalker, from around the time of her departure from the Jedi Order. FEATURES: ----------------------------------- AHSOKA AS SINGLE-PLAYER SIDEKICK: Have Ahsoka assist you on your single-player missions. After loading a level and activating cheat mode, type this in the game's console: npc spawn ahsoka A CHATTY BOT: Ahsoka's multiplayer bot has a true-to-character, chatty personality, and is loaded with new things to say -- directly sourced from and inspired by her character talk and snap-backs from official games and TV show episodes, leading up to the end of The Clone Wars. NEW DUAL LIGHTSABER COMBINATION: Ahsoka being a dual lightsaber wielder in the traditional fashion, with a shoto blade, I've included her second lightsaber in the game's lightsaber selection menu. This allows the player to actually use a shoto (shorter bladed lightsaber). I found this makes fighting against duals a little less predictable, and helps to spice things up a bit both visually, and in terms of gameplay. Console Reference: Primary: tano Supporting (Shoto): tano2 INSTALLATION: ----------------------------------- Simply move the PK3 files into the "base" folder of your game directory. KNOWN BUGS: ----------------------------------- Slight clipping with the skirt and limbs in certain movement/poses, unavoidable due to the game's technical design limitations. CREDITS: ----------------------------------- Designed by: Cadellin and Cerez Modelled by: Cadellin Model Edited by: Cerez Weighted by: Cerez Textured by: Cadellin and Cerez Shaded by: Cerez Audio Sampling: Cerez Icon Design: Cerez NPC and Bot Files: Cerez Lightsaber Hilt by: AshuraDX SPECIAL THANKS TO: Cadellin for his patience with my fine-tunings, and for taking on this project wholeheartedly. Asgarath83 for investing countless hours into tutoring me and for all his tremendous support. AshuraDX, DT85, Archangel35757, and everyone at JKHub for their kind and generous feedback, help and support. Psyk0Sith and Spacemonkey for their incredibly useful if somewhat rough-around-the-edges tutorials on character rigging for the game. AshuraDX for his permission to use the awesome lightsaber hilt bundled with this character model. PROJECT TECHNICAL DETAILS: ----------------------------------- Total Design and Development Time: 1 year Software Used: 3DS Max, Silo, Photoshop PERMISSIONS: ----------------------------------- Hereby permission is given to anyone to edit and create derivative works of the contents of this mod under two conditions: 1. Due credit is given to the author. (If it makes sense, please also include this readme.) 2. The author is informed of the new use/release of the material (out of courtesy).
  25. Version V1.04


    Revan from SWTOR and KOTOR. Includes SP support, MP support, NPC support, SWTOR version, Reborn version, StarForge robe version, Jedi version, Timeline video armor and Darth version. I've made a lot of mods before, but this is the first mod I have ever released to the public, and my first model! It is made from frankensteined models from JKJA and some others (see credits). When The Shadow of Revan came out I looked around to see if their were any SWTOR Revans out there for JKJA, unfortunately their were none at the time so I decided to make one! There are three Pk3 files you can install. 1:"SWTORRevanV.1.04.pk3" (The full version.) 2:"SWTORRevan(noshader)V.1.04.pk3"(If you experience problems in the game, try in installing this one instead.) 3:"MPSWTORRevan(noshader)V.1.04.pk3"(If you don't want NPCs and you just want the model for multiplayer and player select on single player, then install this one.) Some players have had trouble playing the full version, so that is why I have included the other versions. The currant version is a "beta" of sorts in a attempt to fix some problems some players have had with the model. NPCS: Type playermodel, swtorrevan (to get lightside Revan from SWTOR). revanreborn (to get darkside Revan in "Reborn" armor from SWTOR). darthrevan (to get darkside Revan from KOTOR). kotorrevan (to get lightside Revan from KOTOR in darth armor). starforgerevan ( to get lightside Revan in StarForge armor from KOTOR). revantimeline (to get darkside Revan in "Timeline" armor from the SWTOR Timeline videos). revanmaelstrom (to get lightside Revan from the Maelstrom prison in SWTOR). revanjedi ( to get lightside Revan in Jedi robe from KOTOR and Timeline video).New NPCs: New NPCS: revan_ghost ( to get lightside Revan spirit). NOTE: Some of the screenshots are from older versions of the mod and bear some slight deferences from the currant version of the model.
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