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Our Rules

Don't be a jerk

Do not insult others, make personal attacks or hateful posts, or intentionally instigate arguments.
This includes accepting newcomers who are looking for help. Instead of heavily criticizing and telling them to do it themselves, point them in the right direction and be helpful.

Don't post illegal or harmful content

In order to protect JKHub and our visitors legally, we cannot allow content that is either illegal or harmful. Some examples of content we cannot allow include:
  • Links to torrent sites or otherwise illegal software
  • Links to DDoS attacks, browser crashes, malware, or otherwise harmful websites
  • Pornography of any kind

Don't be obscene

JKHub is not necessarily family-friendly, and we have nothing against the use of expletives here and there. If you want to throw a stray 'fuck' into your post, go for it. That said, there is a difference between being off-color and being obscene. Please try not to be overly obscene. We are not interested in knowing your favorite sex position, or your porn collection.

We encourage our users to behave in a non-offensive manner where possible.

Don't spam excessively

We're okay with an off-topic post here and there. However, please try to avoid excessive spam and off-topic posting. Keeping off-topic posts to a minimum will allow us to keep a reasonable ratio of high quality posts versus low quality posts. In the end, we're all here to talk about Jedi Academy, not your favorite cat pictures.

Likewise, the use of scripts to download files without prior staff knowledge is expressly prohibited. Increasing your own download counts intentionally is also prohibited.

One account per person

You only need one account on the forums. If you are discovered to be the owner of more than one account, you will be notified and the remaining accounts will be merged with your first account or deleted. This goes for banned accounts too. We banned you for a reason, so please accept your punishment.

Staff have the final say

Users are welcome and encouraged to question staff decisions if they feel these decisions are incorrect. That said, please understand that our staff has the final say when it comes to moderating threads and enforcing our rules. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content on our website for any reason we deem necessary.

Please remember the staff is also human, and just trying to run this forum in the best possible way. :)

Contacting us

If you'd like to contact us for any reason, please visit our contact page.
File Submission Rules

Thank you for your interest in submitting your file to JKHub, please make sure you read all of the text below before submitting your file as this will improve the chances of your file being approved by one of the JKHub Staff.

Submitting a file

When you submit your file, you are aware that you take full responsibility for the content you upload and any files you outsource must have permission granted to you from the authors who created the content originally. Particularly with models, this includes content ported from other games. If you submit a model containing ported content, you will be required to prove you have permission, either inherently due to licensing (i.e. in case of free copyleft models) or from the original game's publisher. Barring that exception, we do not accept ports.

It is required that you include a readme with your file to protect yourself from other websites which may rip your content from our site and host it elsewhere. Whilst the file page will contain this information, it wont follow your file if someone decides to host it elsewhere without your knowledge. Remember that this is for your benefit and helps us. Version numbers are important so we know which version we have in our archive. Contact info is also extremely important. The other things are added bonuses that are helpful to everyone.

You can choose to copy and paste your readme in the file's page description, though we recommend only supplying the description of the mod in that area. Otherwise there will be duplicate info on the page.

You can find a template below which will help you. This template is an example of a readme and is optional. If you prefer to use another readme layout then you may. If you wish to use this one then please copy, paste, fill this in and include it in your .zip file.

Title and Version:
Release Date:
Description with installation instructions:


External Content Used / Credits:


How do I submit a file?
Please zip all your files, go to our Files area and click Upload File. Alternatively you can click here.

My file is larger than 50mb
If your file is larger than 50mb then we suggest uploading it to somewhere like Dropbox, once done simply provide us with a link to that file by clicking "Link to a file" rather than "Click to Upload Files".

I submitted my file x days ago, why isn't it approved?
The JKHub Staff have real lives outside of this website and community. Chances are, you submitted it a couple days ago. Be patient. We will get to it. There is a process we go through for every file, and it's more thorough than merely clicking a button. Some files will take longer, depending on the content it consists of. Need I remind you people of jk2files.com? If you ask us to approve your file immediately after uploading, that's obnoxious and we might end up holding it longer. Every staff member gets notifications for every file that is submitted. Getting a PM about it is just overkill and frankly annoying. Please don't be that guy.

Submitting a file that you DID NOT create

If you submit a file that is not yours, you must email the original author beforehand and ask permission for it to be uploaded to JKHub. You will also need to provide evidence (Preferably a screenshot within the file/file description) that the author has given you permission to upload it on their behalf.

Permission granted
  • You may submit the file to JKHub.
  • In the file description you must state that you received permission to upload it.
  • Include a screenshot of the authors response with timestamp (month/day/year) in case someone claims that you actually did not receive permission, when in fact you actually did.
  • You must include the original readme file, untouched.
  • You must include all original files, untouched.
  • You must include a new readme explaining the steps taken to contact the author, and your email address and username (so we dont lose who uploaded it).
No response from author / Author cannot be contacted
If after 30 days you dont receive a response or the author cannot be contacted then you may submit the file to JKHub. In the file description you must state that you attempted to contact the author and found that they were unreachable. The staff will then determine whether or not we feel the file can be uploaded to the site and will make sure that it is clear that the author could not be contacted. All files that fall under this criteria will be submitted under the JKHub account and reference who uploaded the file. Please note that the file may be taken down if the original author requests so.
  • You must include the original readme file, untouched.
  • You must include all original files, untouched.
  • You must include a new readme explaining the steps taken to contact the author, and your email address and username (so we dont lose who uploaded it).
Permission Denied
If you are denied permission from the original author, you may not under any circumstances upload the file in question. If it is proven that you have lied to the JKHub staff regarding file permissions then you may be penalized. If you made an attempt to contact the author and they reply after the 30 days (With the file on JKHub) then you must inform us of this.

My/Our content was uploaded to JKHub without my permission

If we receive a report that a file contains content that has been uploaded without the original authors permission then it will no longer be accessible from our website. Evidence that you are the author must be provided to ensure false reports do not cause innocent files to be taken down. Please be aware that whilst we do take time to check files, we cannot verify for sure who is the owner of every file included in the upload and that the responsibility for checking these files for any unauthorized content belongs to the uploader and not JKHub.

Removal procedure
  • Private message a staff member listed here.
  • Provide us with a link to the file(s) in question.
  • Provide us as much information as you can about the situation including evidence that you are the owner of the file in question.
  • Once a staff member receives the request, they will hide the file in question and contact the uploader of your file. The uploader will have 14 days to respond to your request and counter your claim. If this cannot be done then it will remain removed from our website permanently.
  • The author always has full rights over their content, so even if the uploader did receive permission from yourself then you may still have it removed from our Files area.
Rules may be modified, removed, and/or added over time. To see the most up-to-date rules, always check this page.
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