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    Every so often, we here at JKHub host mod contests. These contests range from various subjects and themes. Sometimes they are holiday related, sometimes not. Requirements to participate are limited to simply having an account here on the forum, unless otherwise stated. Most contest winners are decided by the community through a poll, however sometimes we change it up and have the staff decide on what they think is the best. It usually depends on the number of submissions and average forum activity.

    Below is an outline of past contests we've held, with links to the news posts, winner file, and category.

    The Mandalorian Contest
    November 2020 - February 2021
    Winner: TBA
    News post  |  Entries

    Halloween 2020
    October 2020
    Winner: Nightsister Zombie by Noodle
    News post  |  Entries

    April Fools 2019
    March 2019
    Winner: Rosh is He-Man by Darth Futuza
    News post  |  Entries

    Chinese New Year 2018
    March 2018
    Winner: FFA_China by Artemis
    News post  |  Entries

    Halloween 2017
    October 2017
    Winner: Halloween Town by Langerd
    News post  |  Entries

    Halloween 2016
    October 2016
    Winner: Zombie Stormtrooper by Langerd
    News post  |  Entries

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