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  1. Hello there. If you feel like playermodels are too dark on some places, or everywhere, you could try adding lightJunior entities. Though we may need a more experienced mapper to confirm if too many lightJunior entities have any hit on performance. I've used 5 of them, with nonlinear falloff, on my World Between Worlds map to light up playermodels, since the map had no need for normal light entities except for the Sith altar room, and they've done a perfect job without any issues on performance.
  2. Hello there, it is me, Reep. The purpose of this post is mainly to notify those people active on this forum, who have downloaded my World Between Worlds map, that a new updated version has been published today 11/25/2020 CHANGELOG: This new updated version is a MUST Download for anyone who plans on using the map to duel and/or play FFA and TFFA. Apologies for the inconveniences. For anyone that wants to access the Sith Alchemy altar room to, for example, place an NPC there for machinimas, or just for exploring or whatever, I found it inconvenient, game
  3. 405 downloads

    This map is a personal interpretation of the World Between Worlds as seen in the show Star Wars Rebels. Please read the changelog below. I strongly recommend updating the map to its latest version. Apologies for the inconveniences. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there, my name is Reep, and this is the first map I've published and probably ever will. Basically, a few days ago I remembered reading a
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