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  1. Hello there! A new version of the map World Between Worlds (November 11, 2021) has been uploaded! This update fixes an issue with the portal images that appeared when I recolored them for the previous update (10/10/2021) The portals have been redone from the original images. Recolored, added changes and also repainted the Malachor V symbols which where not being drawn properly in-game. Apologies Thanks everyone!
    Such a lovely place recreated beautifully with a lot of detail put into it. Very atmospheric, relaxing and fun to explore. I followed SephFF's progress closely and the amount of work put in this map was/is astonishing. Worthy Summer Contest winner! Congrats!
  2. Hello there! A new version of the map World Between Worlds (Version 10/10/2021) has been uploaded! And is now awaiting Staff approval. Edited the original post of this thread to update the title, update the changelog and edit out some older stuff. I myself didn't know this update was coming until last Friday when I suddenly got motivated to try and keep improving the map again xD Thanks everyone! I hope you like it Image for a rough comparison. Better compared in-game as the loss of image quality of the screenshots plus the process of building the comparison image make the stars look very dim.
  3. Hello there. If you feel like playermodels are too dark on some places, or everywhere, you could try adding lightJunior entities. Though we may need a more experienced mapper to confirm if too many lightJunior entities have any hit on performance. I've used 5 of them, with nonlinear falloff, on my World Between Worlds map to light up playermodels, since the map had no need for normal light entities except for the Sith altar room, and they've done a perfect job without any issues on performance.
  4. Hello there, it is me, Reepray, you can call me Reep for short The purpose of this post is to keep track of new releases and notify people who have downloaded my map, World Between Worlds. UPDATE November 11, 2021: (latest) UPDATE 11/08/2021: UPDATE 10/10/2021: UPDATE 11/25/2020:
  5. Version 11-11-2021


    This map is a personal interpretation of the World Between Worlds as seen in the show Star Wars Rebels. Hello there, it is me, Reepray This map was started and released a year ago, and since then I felt it needed an update. The last updates have aimed to improve the visual aspect of the map. It now has music and when strolling around the map you'll sometimes hear Morai hoot I hope you like the new look! It should more closely resemble the show, plus be less obnoxious to the eyes due to the now blueish color of the portals and paths, and the improved skybox textures, which are less cluttered with stars and of higher resolution. The map is built to support Duel and small FFA/TFFA. The map has only been tested in the vanilla game. For more information please read this copy of the readme file (Version November 11, 2021) Original (release day) text explaining the motivation behind the creation of this map
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