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  1. We have made the decision to allow ported content, but only if at least some custom work has been done on it (like riggin the model properly and optimising it so it works well in the game, and adding MP icons for it). We don't allow straight ports with absolutely no proper modification done on them. And it's recommended to credit the original source of the models.
  2. Do you even use your Ubisoft account often? If yes, you can relax. What Ubisoft is doing is nothing new, and it will only affect users who haven't used their accounts for years.
  3. Amazing! What's great is that they are moving away from the Skywalker saga to explore a different history of the galaxy. Having a show set in the High Republic era allows much more freedom, as it effectively eliminates the need of adding legacy characters. Star Wars is more than just about Anakin, Vader, clones and Palpatine. Sure, a lot of fans have speculated that Yoda could appear, as he is over 700 years old at the time of the series. But I think that adding a popular character like him would only steal the thunder from the new characters that are introduced in the series. It's their time to shine now. Personally, I don't know anything about the High Republic era. But I'm ready to dive into that era with this show.
  4. Upload them anyway, because it doesn't matter if they are very good. Who knows, maybe there are some mods among them that others are looking for.
  5. This is currently the only model that matches your request. It only needs a minor texture change and the hood removed.
  6. Mistakes don't make you dumb. Only through them can you learn.
  7. Check out mrwonko's JK3Files mirror. It's has backups of all (or at least most) mods from JK3Files. As that website offered a huge variety of mods, it's possible that you may find it there. As you didn't specify for which game the map was made, I'm putting the links to Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast below. https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/ https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Outcast/
  8. Lancelot


    Remember, this game is called "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy", not "Kyle Katarn's Awesome Beast Riding Park". If the developers had intended to make it an important feature of the game, they probably would've fleshed it out to make it appear less like an afterthought. But instead, the game was given only one year of development time, which was probably not enough for them to add a lot more. Also, this game was released in 2003. The Boga wasn't introduced before "Revenge of the Sith", which was released in 2005.
  9. Technically, the character model of Max can be ported into the game. Unfortunately, converting files and throwing them in one folder won't make the model magically appear in the game. The model needs to be rigged to the JKA skeleton first in order to give it animations and all that, and that is a complicated process. And that leads us to the main issue: If you are really looking of an authentic port, the entire model appears to not be suitable for Jedi Academy at all. If you put it on the JKA skeleton, the animations on the model will look awkward. And if you add a lightsaber, or any other weapon, it will look absolutely silly.
  10. It has been done already. Just download the Lightsaber Hilt Collection by Plasma, which has pretty much all the lightsabers that have ever been featured in Star Wars media. It's the single biggest lightsaber collection available.
  11. You should've mentioned that in your first post. I changed the topic title to make your request better to understand for others.
  12. In Jedi Outcast, the files are located in the assets0.pk3 in the base folder. Open the pk3 and go to models->players>cultist. In Jedi Academy, they're located in the assets1.pk3.
  13. They did. But just because they have done it doesn't mean that it's right. Voice actors are concerned about AI technology for good reasons, especially because their voices are being manipulated and used without their consent. This is totally different than using sound clips from films, shows or other games, as they have actually provided the voices themselves.
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