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  1. For years, Star Wars has constantly moved within a certain "comfort zone". Especially the prequel era was incorporated into everything, so much that many fans got used to it and only expected to see just that. But as soon as an attempt was made to break out of it and create something new, it was quickly beaten down by fans and critics, not rarely for trivial reasons. That's why I find it remarkable that ANDOR was overwhelmingly well received, despite being vastly different from what we have already gotten. It even made the most critical fans give it a try, and I do hope that it will attract even more fans.
  2. Now that the season finale has been released, here are my thoughts. Nothing has changed much since my previous post, but there are still some things I wanted to say.
  3. The cape on Omega's model can be easily removed by modifying the .SKIN file. All you need to do is opening it and replace cape,models/players/marajade/cape.jpg with cape,models/players/marajade/*off. That will deactivate the texture. As for the SP support, that is easy. Just open the console, then type playermodel marajade. It's not a perfect solution, but still quicker than having to port another model.
  4. @alexnita3 That's right. You've explained it very well. In your case, you've not only edited the mesh to create your own model, but you've also stated where you got the parts from. This is the kind of ports we usually accept.
  5. This is a great model and a unique take on a Star Wars character. In fact, it comes pretty close to how I envisioned a redesigned version of Tavion.
  6. @Lord Xizer I've merged the other topic you've made with this one. If you have any more updates that are relevant to this project, please post them here. I must say that I'm really impressed with the results so far. The details are amazing.
  7. Version 3.1


    This reskin is based on the prisoners of Narkina 5 from the Disney+ series ANDOR. Notes: Thanks to the help of @Torki, the orange stripe is now only visible on the left leg instead of both legs. In the show, all prisoners are barefeet. As this was not possible to add naked feet to the existing model without modifying the mesh, I decided to make the boots white as a compromise. Bot support: Standard prisoner bot NPC support: Standard prisoner NPC Sounds: Standard sounds Installation: Simply put the pk3 file in the base folder.
  8. Depends on which version you mean. Because the Kyle in the cutscenes looks vastly different than the one in the game itself. And as far as I can see, this model is closer to the Kyle in the cutscenes. Anything else is artistic freedom. He's not supposed to be 101% accurate,
  9. Another thing that does have potential is the uniform worn by the Imperials on Aldhani. It's a combination of the outfit and the armor worn by Imperial officers. There is even an action figure of Cassian with the uniform. Could be used as a good reference. Speaking of action figures, there is also one for Vel Sartha. She has become one of my favourite characters of the show (especially since the episode "The Eye"), and I would love to see a model of her being made one day.
  10. @ForceAdeptBeing had the following question In other words, he's asking for these characters: Son Father Daughter
  11. Okay, now that I've watched the first four episodes, here are my impressions so far:
  12. Those three episode have provided so much content to choose from. Cassian's blaster could indeed be the Bryar pistol. In that case, we've already got one, as AshuraDX made one in 2017. And of course there's the Jedi Outcast version. As Ashura's design is very much like the one from Andor, we could tick that one off the list. The mining guard uniform also looks very interesting. A great thing about it is that the colours are bright, which offers a great reference for modelers.
  13. Okay, @PierceDoughty. This is your very own request topic. Use it for all your porting requests, but keep in mind that not all of them can be fulfilled. Because modders are people, too. I've also edited your previous post to include the download link for the Max model.
  14. Is it possible to port this mod over to Jedi Academy? It would actually be interesting to see, especially in combination with OpenJK.
  15. As the mod was released in 2003, there weren't the possibilities like we have today. So, in terms of "no limits", 250 mines was still huge. And now that we have OpenJK and the likes, it shouldn't be a problem to increase the limits.
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