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  1. @UM-3154 Do you have anything you can show us? Because if you don't, why did you start this topic at all?
  2. Even though it is based on a character from another game, you are creating the whole model from scratch. That, technically, also counts as original, because you didn't port anything. Also, I hope you don't mind that I changed the topic's title. It's just for better understanding.
  3. I fixed it. Thanks for pointing it out.
  4. @zahar I renamed the topic, as the old title was a bit too long. Of course you can upload your work here, so long as it doesn't contain ported material from other games. If it contains custom content made by modders, obtain their permission first, credit them and you're good to go.
  5. If there were any updates, @Rmvsallen would've probably provided them already. But since his last activity here was in February 2018, I doubt that we'll get any more updates. Maybe he has just moved on to other projects, which is not uncommon.
  6. Better ask this question in the General Modding Discussions section.
  7. I did. But until somebody is doing another version, I can only offer the models we already have. Have you considered that maybe others don't even know about the old models that have been made 15 years ago?
  8. I'm locking this topic, for two reasons: 1. Dart Vader's request was fulfilled. 2. To prevent this topic to get out of hand. @Jeff and @Omega, there are many other places where you can settle your argument. PM or Discord may be some of them, but not this forum and especially not this topic. Anyway, I really hope that the tension between both of you cools down.
  9. @PsychoticSymbiote Carnor Jax has already been made. You can find him here. Also, may I remind you that this is a WIP topic? If you have specific requests, please post them in the Mod Requests & Suggestions section.
  10. It was already requested some months ago. Anyway, it could be interesting. Let's see who's the first to make this map.
    Once I saw the concept artwork, I was considering making a request topic for it. I'm happy that you were quicker.
  11. What should be NSFW about it? You just put a character in a metal bikini, which is Star Wars related. If we can feature screenshots of the Leia in her metal bikini in the file section, this artwork shouldn't be an exception. However, it would be a completely different thing if it would contain full nudity.
  12. @ClanKryze511 Merged your topic with your Thrawn Maps topic from the request section, as both are basically the same. Hope that's okay for you. I also fixed some of the WIP images you've posted, so everyone can have a direct look at your work.
  13. @JC Denton of UNATCO In the message, I see that your location for OpenJK is F:\OpenJK\base (correct me if I'm wrong). Did you put OpenJK in the GameData folder of the game?
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