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  1. I was recently thinking about how well the vehicles can be controlled in MP (albeit not as good as in other games from that time, such as Battlefront II), while the control is really awkward and broken in SP mode. Here is my question: Is it possible to adapt the vehicle mechanics from MP to SP? Sure, except for the swoop bikes and tauntauns, vehicles are not an actual part of the campaign. But I was thinking about the sandbox mods, which have become popular in the community. Some sandbox mods already have vehicles included in their maps. Adapting the MP mechanics would not only fix t
  2. I don't know what exactly causes the problem. But you could try to right-click on the image and select "Copy image URL" (or "address", depending on the browser you're using), then paste the link as usual.
  3. I fixed the links for two of the images. The other one was not accessible, so I removed the link for it.
  4. New upscale. This time, it has one major difference: It's in widescreen! The interesting part? No cropping was required. The cutscenes were apparently all initially rendered in widescreen, then stretched to fit the 4:3 standard. The result was that some things looked a bit weird, such as planets looking egg-shaped. Before the upscale process, I simply converted the cutscenes back to widescreen.
  5. @Kazokas As the topic is less about a mod in development and more about concept artworks, I decided to move it to another section and rename it. Hope that's okay.
  6. @ZanderNao @fullkevlar I took parts from the request topic and put them in here. Hope that's okay.
  7. Not related to either Jedi Academy or Jedi Outcast, but I wanted to post it here: Took me significantly longer than the previous videos, but I'm still happy with the result.
  8. @Killjoy Just take a look at our file section. You will definitely find the lightsabers that may interest you. Most of them even come with SP support. https://jkhub.org/files/category/24-lightsabers-melee/
  9. The pack was removed because it contained ported material. We no longer allow files with that content in our file section, especially to avoid legal problems. However, they can still be shared in the forum. You should contact Kualan, the author of that pack, and ask him if he has that model pack.
  10. A Jedi Academy version would not only be interesting, but it could make the best of the potential this mod has. This game is more focused on acrobatics and lightsaber combat than Jedi Outcast, so it would be fitting. @tinny, here are some suggestions: Make the slow motion feature the game has optional. With that, I mean the one that occurs during the advanced force jump (the one that makes you jump further). Get rid of the panning camera during that advanced force jump and during the kung fu fights.
  11. They're called "Sith Jedi Statues" https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Sith_Jedi_Statue @Untold Prophecy, I hope it's okay I changed the topic's title.
  12. If you need inspiration, I suggest you google the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who.
  13. @bigphil2695 If it's something that requires precision, maybe you should give Substance Painter a try. Some of our content creators here are already using it for years. You may contact AshuraDX if you need help.
  14. I love it. Kinda resembles T3-M4 from Knights of the Old Republic. Seeing these makes me wish we had a L3-37 model. It's one of my favourite droids.
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