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  1. I would say he's challenging, but not overpowered. Tactic is the key. Once you know what you have to do during the fight, he's pretty easy to defeat (unless you mean the fight at the beginning, in which he is intentionally "overpowered"). And besides, cheating is the worst thing you can do in a game like this one. I speak from my own experience, as I used to do that often whenever I didn't get far in a game.
  2. My guess is that the English text is not compatible with accented characters. As far as I know, those aren't even included in the English files. You could pick another foreign text file that uses those characters and replace the lines with the ones you've written. Then load that file in the game and see if those characters appear.
  3. As many of you may already know, deepfakes have become very popular recently. Star Wars related videos of that kind are no exception. So that's why I wanted to start this topic for everyone to share and talk about their favourites. Personally, despite the high quality many deepfakes have, I've just read that ILM has hired a Youtuber called Shamook, who made his own version of Luke Skywalker's appearance in The Mandalorian. He also reworked Tarkin and Leia in Rogue One. Although those deepfakes look indeed fantastic, I still respect the work the special effect people have done for the Star Wars films. After all, it was all about making the characters recognisable. They were doing their best with the available technology. The whole special effects process is not about getting something perfect instantly, but also to develop it even further and raise the bar again. Every film is like a timestamp displaying the evolution of special effects. Another deepfake that really impressed me was made by stryder HD, who put Millie Bobby Brown's face on Princess Leia.
  4. Moved your topic to the tutorial section and changed the title a bit for better understanding.
  5. At least it isn't impossible. I had a conversation with Dart Vader via DM, during which I suggested him to contact HUM-3154. After a while, he sent me an in-game screenshot with that sword. I don't know which model HUM used, but it looked very good. And that makes me wonder why nobody ever thought about making this sword several years ago. Not only is the design unique, it also looks awesome to be honest.
  6. Okay. Next time you're using models from other authors, make sure to credit them. The model may be old, but that doesn't matter. Also, you should've asked for permission first, as the author has made it clear in the description:
  7. While this version of Wat Tambor is new for Jedi Academy, the character itself isn't. He has already been made in 2006. Apart from the skirt, both models look very similar. http://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Models/Star Wars/68377/
  8. And here's the difference: He has stated that the money goes directly to the YouTube channel only. In that case, it's completely alright to collect money. But if he would create a Patreon page specifically for this project, he would simply break one of the rules given to him. If he did, the project would've been already shut down by now.
  9. The whole project was planned as an animated mini-series. Why would the team be "massive douchebags" if they are doing just that? There are rumours (and some subtle announcements) that an official remake of Knights of the Old Republic is planned. If those rumours are true, then a fan-remake of thoe game would be impossible, because it would be shut down almost immediately. Although it is not stated in the video, I do think that they would definitely get into trouble if they would do a remake of the game.
  10. Control is free until June 17th. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/control
  11. This looks amazing. I see that you used Scerendo's Rey model. Have you tried the latest version of it? Especially the head mesh looks better, as it looks much more like Daisy Ridley.
  12. The models seem to have a high poly count, which may be difficult for the game to handle. This one may be the easiest of them all: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/doom-eternal-crucible-76d8a23f718a46c983a62b10dc530501
  13. @RJA You should contact Circa and ask him about this.
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