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  1. I must correct you there: He wanted the 200k views for the 30 minute Ultimate Trailer. I remember how people went nuts over it, and they shared the video with anyone possible. Once the viewer count was reached, everyone got super excited - for a good reason, because after all, he said that once the video hits the mark, he would release the mod. But he then accused his fans that they cheated in order to get the counter up. This was yet another moment were everyone started throwing tomatoes at him. Nevertheless, I still had the faith that everything was not as bad as it seemed. I had this feelin
  2. While the idea of making source files more accessible to the community isn't bad, I think it should be up to the authors. I can understand if many of them are not willing to do that, because they've already spent so much of their spare time making something. Technically, playermodels, weapons and props already are already source files. The model files can be opened with Blender, while the textures can be edited with any image editing software. In other words, anyone has easy access to those files. And if the original author has permitted the free modification of those files, anyone can ge
  3. I think that's enough images and links, @Dart Vader. Maybe you should leave it that way. At the moment, it seems that nobody has any interest in doing it. But we have several people here who are specialised in porting models. DM them and ask politely if they could port it for you.
  4. They look really good. However, I suggest you should reduce the opacity on the larger crosshairs a bit.
  5. @Doughnuts It looks really good already. I'm looking forward to see the finished version.
  6. I know that one fan has attempted to remake the game on a modern engine, until the project was shut down. But now that Lucasfilm Games is revived, I think that a Jedi Outcast remake isn't that unlikely anymore.
  7. Luke has been remade already by Toshi, albeit only his ROTJ appearance. It looks decent and way better than the ones we got with Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. His ANH and ESB versions on the other hand are all ports or kitbashes.
  8. I don't know how to extract models from that game. That's why I had to do a screenshot of it. If you have Republic Commando, just use editor included with the game (or any compatible tool). The model is located in assault_carl.usx and is named ras_lightsaberAA. Also, I'm not looking for a ported model to be used in Jedi Academy. This topic was all about collecting references, just in case somebody wants to do that lightsaber from scratch. I was more interested in a higher quality version. A remake to be precise. If you manage to get better references than I provided, you can add
  9. In 'Republic Commando', a lightsaber can be found in one level. I think nobody has ever done that one before. It's the only good image I could find that shows the lightsaber completely. Also, before you mention it: This isn't supposed to be Luke's lightsaber. It looks similar, but some details make the difference very clear. EDIT: Just went through the assets myself to make a proper screenshot of it. This is the best image I could do. Could this lightsaber be something for you, @Doughnuts?
  10. The only weakness the game has is the campaign. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I think it could've been better. But I really loved the details they put in the characters, the maps, the weapons and the vehicles. As for the multiplayer mode, I was surprised how awesome it is. Out of all the games I have that contain multiplayer modes, this is the one I've spent the most time playing. I especially enjoyed the space battles, which was definitely the best flight experience I've ever had in a Star Wars game. The ground battles were also really good to play. This game is definitely a
  11. Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition will be available for free from 14.1. to 21.1. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/star-wars-battlefront-2/home
  12. You're welcome! I recommended this post here, so it's easier to find the download links. Also, I merged the two topics to have everything in one place.
  13. The file is up now. 😃 You should be able to update it with whatever content you want.
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