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  1. Hi all, been getting several messages here and elsewhere from folks asking for some of my uploads that have been removed from the Hub. Posting here for any future PMs - - All my old JKA stuff is on an old PC. I still own the machine, but I'm not planning on going through it any time soon so will not be able to provide any direct downloads. I'm happy for anyone to share any links they have though or upload it elsewhere. Credit for myself appreciated but not mandatory, credit for the makers of the source material (when it comes to kitbashes, etc) should be required though. - I'm not planning on returning to JKA modding any time soon. Still love the game and the community, I just don't have the spare time to commit to the modding scene! - The Hub is perfectly within its rights to remove any content it doesn't want to host. I'm not interested in badmouthing the site, nor am I annoyed by their decision.
  2. Hi there!

    Could you tell me where did you get the Ishi Tib species of the Galactic Senators Pack - that was recently shut down?
    Did you make it or is it ported? If ported, from what source?

    Also, I'd like to ask permission for K'Kruhk to represent in MB2.

    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards,

    1. Kualan


      IIRC it was probably from SWTOR.

      I can't remember however, it was several PCs ago I'm afraid.

    2. The Unguided

      The Unguided

      Thank you. Probably it is then. 

    3. Circa


      It was from Battlefront 2015.

  3. Hi there!

    I'd like to ask permission for the Ishi Tib (Senator Saam) head for official MB2 use.

    Best regards,

  4. "Long have I waited..." Awesome stuff, this is enough to get me to fire up JKA again for the first time in a long while ?
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