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  1. That's a much better reference, it'd probably be a fun meme model to do eventually.
  2. No way, it looks so much better than the base game. If this is doable it'll definetly become a must have in my mod list.
  3. I thank everybody who invest their time and energy in keeping this community alive. This place is truly a treasure for anybody who enjoys the Jedi Knight series.
  4. Are ships supposed to land near that area? You could put pipes were cables are meant to go so that the lights there have an actual source and aren't just magically powering themselves up. Also, maybe some sort of pipes that can transport fuel to a small station there, in case a ship needs emergency refueling. Think about how when Obi-wan lands in Utapau those little goblins immediately go to do some maintenance on his ship.
  5. 57 downloads

    "Ukti and her master calaetus were both jedi artisans that lived in the old republic era (ukti was born in 3994 BBY, and would end up fighting in the mandalorian wars, her master was born in 4037 BBY and had seen the great sith war, rip both experiences). Ukti was a jawa woman that went contrary to her clans societal expectations for her ,leaving tatooine on a smugglers ship to see the wider galaxy. A few years as a wandering mechanic she got her hands on a device she hadnt seen before. During her failed efforts to pry the curious item open with her tools, she tapped into her sleeping force sensitivity and what turned out to be a jedi holocron activated. " Author : Noodle & Zander_Nao Art source by "Scribbles from Yavin 4" - https://scarila.tumblr.com/post/669859213948928000/jawa-jedi-jawa-jedi-ukti-and-her-master-calaetus File Name : jawa_jedi File Size : 98.4 MB Date Released : June 27th, 2024 Model : Noodle Textures : Noodle Weighting : Noodle Project organized by Zander_Nao A few weeks ago good Zander_Nao contacted me with a request for a model he needed for his excellent series (which you can watch here https://www.youtube.com/@channel80news/). The model is based on an art drawing made by "Scribbles from Yavin 4". This is my first time working with Rend2 support, so I don't expect this to be perfect but its a stepping stone for what will be expected on all of my future projects. The model also includes a lightsaber based on the same referenced artwork. Do let me know if you find any bugs so I can squash them!
    Its a great replica of the original, there was nothing that struck me as odd while playing on it. Had a bunch of fun in this map and its great if you're doing a no-saber match. Highly recommended if you're into CS nostalgia.
    These are great skins if you're looking for some nice outfits for a team in a team-based competition. My favorite one was the red mandalorian.
    This is a good map, its very nice if you're playing with guns against another team. Lots of space for hiding and sniping and the radiation area is a nice touch. However, one of the issues I saw was that its so big that at a certain point the enemies dissappear because of the draw distance.
  6. Interesting concept, but the references are too low quality for them to be properly used. Do you have better pictures of the costume?
  7. Looks like a solid idea and very interesting for a HUD. Looking forward to it!
  8. Cool, I'm super curious about how it looks printed.
  9. What kind of modifications do you need to make to be able to 3D print it? Sounds like an awesome idea.
  10. Thanks! Its been a while since I uplodaded a new video to my youtube channel. Hopefully I'll have cool stuff to share in the near future!
  11. Good thing it looks star wars-y cause I was afraid I couldn't nail the look!
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