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  1. Thanks to everybody that voted for me! I'll make sure to create more assets in the future that'll allow me and others to do a proper Dathomir map.
  2. Oh god, that Sarris model. Perfection.
  3. 26 downloads

    Winner of the Halloween Mod Contest 2022 Originally for Halloween I wanted to do a new version of the nightsister zombie, but then I thought that wouldn't be too creative. Instead I modelled some assets that can be used in dathomir-inspired maps. The skull in the scepter was originally going to be part of the zombie's face. In this .pk3 you'll find the following models: - Witch Scepter - Skull - Pottery1 - Pottery2 - Pottery3 This mod is intended to be a resource for other modders. You are free to use it as you see fit, but do let me know if you end up using it because i'd love to play your mod. Known Bugs: - None so far, do let me know if something isn't working as intended. LODs: No. Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Simply extract the pk3(s) to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory.
    I love it! Nice composition and very original idea
  4. Loved you bounty hunter model from Star Wars Uprising. Any chance you'll do the other featured armor sets? Also, did you have a toon named Vikez Kueng in uprising by chance? If so, then I really enjoyed the playthrough videos as well back in the day.

    1. Noodle


      It is certainly something I'd love to do. I wasn't a youtube though, my ingame character was named Cham Quickshot and he was a yellow twi'lek that used the bounty hunter outfit.

  5. Wow, I loved playing this series a couple years ago and it'll be nice to re-try it again. Are there new hairstyles for nina?
  6. Class Boba Fett should work just fine, it works in a different way to the rocket trooper.
  7. Alright, if I recall correctly, the reason that happens is because of the NPC's class. You can open the NPC file in the ext_data folder and change the class from CLASS_ROCKETTROOPER to something that might suit you better, like CLASS_STORMTROOPER. I believe that should fix the issue.
  8. Does this problem happen with other models aswell? I have never played Movie Duels so I don't know if there might be compatibility issues but so far I hadn't got problems in the base game.
  9. This isn't really a screenshot, but I guess it counts as more development stuff!
    This is a really good map for role playing and also if you just like looking at new sights. It had some things I really liked and others that I wasn't much of a fan. One of the things I really liked were the gigantic ships, including one you can visit its interior, though the cockpit is sadly locked. However, there's this huge hangar with some ships on it that there's no way to enter, because there are no doors on it. You can see it from a nice control room with a floating asteroid, which sadly had some bugged models that were pitch black (I think this can be fixed by changing the misc_model type of entity). There's one criticism I have related to the doors, gameplay wise, and its that some doors open and close automatically, yet some only open if you use them. I'm not a fan of this because it seems arbitrary if there isn't a visual clue that tells you how a door operates. Also, I think its a missed opportunity because another thing that could be added is more interactivity to the map objects around the map. There are some control panels that don't do anything and they could work as interactive objects that close and open the doors near them. Also, sometimes its cool when you use something and have an audio or visual reaction to your interaction. It gives a reason to explore more of the map. I liked most of the map's room with the exception of the room with the giant screen and chairs. I thought it was rather dull. The trap room felt kind of unfair. Its a cool idea but there's no visual indication that its a trap room. You just start bouncing around when crossing it even though there was nothing to give you the idea that this space was much different than anything else. Maybe more details could indicate how this is supposed to operate, or some texture work can show that this is a room that has been used before effectively. That way you also make the player more aware of his surroundings. Something that could improve the map a bit if you want to goof around with NPCs in singleplayer would be a bunch of waypoints. That way NPCs can navigate around it. Thankfully the map comes with a .map file, so you can add them on your own if you want.
    This map is great. Its small, but efficient. Great for FFA matches with a bunch of friends and really nice to look at. It has its own original aesthetic that really shines through, some nice background music and an incredibly skybox to look at. I had a really fun time playing around it and the only thing that I didn't like was that there wasn't more of it.
    A fairly simple but efficient mod. If you're a fan of Temuera's characterization of Boba Fett's voice, then you should really try this one out.
  10. I love this file. Can't give it an unbiased review since I worked on the rigging, but this is a great quality model and if you're a fan of the pyke syndicate, then you should totally try this one. Only criticism I could give is to the UV Mapping in the textures, which is too disorganized for my taste, but aside from that, this is a great model to play with or to use as NPCs to make a map feel more alive.
    This file is a must have if you're an SP modder who wants to add more diversity to your NPCs. It adds a total of 3 generic looking Kubaz/Garindian characters that can easily blend with any kind of Star Wars setting. They have their own sound files, which is always a plus, and come with custom shaders and NPC files, so you don't even have to worry about that if you just want to fill a map with NPCs to fight with. The only thing I didn't really like of the model was the hood that the hooded version uses, which is the same you usually see in robed jedi models and I've never really been a fan of it. Thankfully, one of the skin files is a hoodless version of the same model.
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