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  1. You're doing something that most video game artists do nowadays for optimization (making a high res sculpt as a base to retopologize later), if anything, more people should learn to do this here! Great job!
  2. I was certain I had replied to you days ago, but it seems my reply never popped up! I guess it must be code related and I don't know how feasible it'd be to make it work on multiplayer unless you create a whole new mod that allows custom animations.
  3. Can you post pictures of the model itself? That way it's easy to see how much effort it'd take to port it.
  4. If I had to guess, it's code related. Would this be for multiplayer or singleplayer? Certain classes have their own walk/run cycles, like Jawas, but there's a specific instruction in the code telling them what animation to play.
  5. Good to know that you're still modding! Nice job so far!
  6. I've liked this season so far, very nice!
  7. I liked it a lot. I think the episode's duration was related to the whole concept of doing things "faster and more intense". My favorite episode was the one where they infiltrated on the republic transport.
  8. I l-like your stutter. I think the shape of your helmet is quite interesting, though the shading seems to be quite messed up, have you tried using shade smooth in blender? I'd love more pics of it to see it in better detail.
  9. I absolutely love everything you did with all the aliens, top fun!
  10. Can you upload it as a normal file? This deserves it.
  11. Noodle

    R2-D2 with tray

    It's one of the most immersive mods ever created.
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