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  1. Thanks for liking that mod! It actually does have some issues that I was unaware of a couple years ago and should be fixed, mainly related to improper LODs. I'm currently working on a new version of it, but it'll take some time before I release it properly. Also, the reason why the mod has no NPC files is because having too many mods with their own NPC files will invariably give trouble to people with no modding experience and they'll end up overwriting the base NPCs, so I prefer that people create their own NPC files if they want to play with it.
  2. This is great, such a useful stream!
  3. This is pretty good, nice camera work!
  4. Oh yes, that thumb is a crime against humanity. I need to model more hands, heads and tits to get better!
  5. I know I haven't updated this thread in a long while, but I don't want people to think that I've been inactive. I wanted to share with you guys some of the stuff I've been doing. Tholotian smuggler: I was kindly requested if I could do a quick frankenstein model for the concept of a "male tholotian smuggler". Everything with the exception of the head was done with base JA model parts that were recolored or edited. The head is a mixture of Spanki's jedi customization model and Neomarz's Adi Gallia model. New republic security droid skeleton: I have been working on
  6. I think the same, have been meaning to do some characters for some time now.
  7. You did a stupendous job and I'm sure you'll keep on improving your work.
  8. All the same, he did a wonderful work and I'm sure it was money well spent.
  9. I love this ,absolutely stunning work.
  10. I'm very interested in doing the turret eventually, just need better sources. I also want to do the new republic droid once I get clear well lit sources.
  11. Yes! The turret from the first episode used to blast the door and the tusken dog
  12. Sorry guys, didn't make it to the mandalorian contest. Still going to share some of the ideas I had and see if anybody guesses what they were supposed to be.
  13. Welcome! Most of what I currently know started on this forum, hope its as helpful to you as it was to me!
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