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  1. Neither Beskar nor Cortosis should be able to stop a lightsaber. Weapons like the one the magnaguard use repel the lightsaber and I think that's fine, as long as its not made of a lightsaber resistant material.
  2. If you have more reference pics laying around, please do post them since it makes a modeler's work much easier.
  3. I've outlined with red some things you need to add for it to be more like in the show. The structural support needs to have 2 square lights, one below and one on top. There's also a pair of rectangular light sources on top of the structure that your map is missing. The control panels on the pilllars aren't as wide as the pillar itself, trim it on the sides. Also, the light source on the roof isn't like the one you're doing on your map. You can change the texture on the sides to repeat more times so it looks closer to the show and change the one in the middle to be closer to the one in the reference picture. Hope it helps!
  4. I think its pretty cool that the mandalorian (a man from a warrior culture) shows more respect for the tusken raiders (another warrior culture) than for the gipsy-like jawa scavengers. Its one of those things that feel like it'd happen in real life too.
  5. So far it seems that your map is too broad in comparisson to the source. Try to make the passages a bit more narrow and it'd both be more intense for gunfights and accurate to the source material.
  6. A space battle can work if you use a map like siege_destroyer. It's one of my favorites and playing it even with 8 people is fun as hell. I'd be interested in playing an event like this, but you've got to schedule properly like the people at JKGalaxies do. Even use a time counter so that people know exactly when the event will be. Make a discord channel, let people interested in it join and announce it there and tag people when the date is near and also when the event starts. If I'm home I'll when you do it, I'll certainly be there.
  7. Noodle

    Halloween Contest 2020

    Given that the mandalorian is starting this week, perhaps we could do a Mando themed contest? Also, maybe 2 months to work would be better for a deadline, given that even I was almost not able to submit my file at the deadline due to a lack of time to polish.
    Its a crime against humanity that this great piece of work was burried among all the recent submissions. 5 stars out of 5
  8. 40 downloads

    Watch me fail at trying to texture faces lmao. Nightsister Zombie as seen in The Clone Wars. model ns_zombie No custom sounds or stuff, couldn't properly finish it before the deadline. merry spookyness
  9. Computer died and lost all my modding stuff, hope I can still make it in time for the Halloween contest!

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    2. Stoiss


      danm that sucks man 😕 but by any luck if it is possible for you, there is tools out there that might be able to take out that data for you, if its stil possible to find it. something like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or something like that, its worth a try if you HDD is not completly dead. pm me if you need help with it on discord

    3. Darth Futuza

      Darth Futuza

      Piriform's Recurva might also be useful and its free.

    4. Noodle


      Thanks for all the support mates, you all rock.

  10. Man, I'm loving all these pictures. Great job, keep it up and don't stop!
    This is even better than the last one, 5/5!
    One of the best mods I've seen on this site recently, a definite must have for a fan of the new comics. 10/10
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