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  1. I think the same, have been meaning to do some characters for some time now.
  2. You did a stupendous job and I'm sure you'll keep on improving your work.
  3. All the same, he did a wonderful work and I'm sure it was money well spent.
  4. I love this ,absolutely stunning work.
  5. I'm very interested in doing the turret eventually, just need better sources. I also want to do the new republic droid once I get clear well lit sources.
  6. Yes! The turret from the first episode used to blast the door and the tusken dog
  7. Sorry guys, didn't make it to the mandalorian contest. Still going to share some of the ideas I had and see if anybody guesses what they were supposed to be.
  8. Welcome! Most of what I currently know started on this forum, hope its as helpful to you as it was to me!
  9. My first thought when the Razor Crest got killed was "oh no! that poor mapper is gonna suffer so much!"
  10. You can make the ladder work if you make a trigger that makes the player jump to the top when used. There are a couple maps that use this technique, but I can't really remember any aside from a map in MBII where you can go up through some vents like that.
  11. No way, it looks absolutely amazing. Will you model the interiors of it too?
  12. There it is, this is the best B1 model that has ever been done and I think its very unlikelly it'll ever be topped.
  13. So far you've done a great job, quite impressive really! I wouldn't advice you to change the scale, given that you're pretty close to the original reference. Making it a cramped space will add to the complexity of the map in MBII in my opinion.
  14. If you want to animate with Blender I'd recommend you to learn the basics of animating and how the software works before looking for something specific to the context of JKA. There isn't one single good tutorial though, you'll have to try and watch as many as your time allows you to so that you can gradually understand what the whole process is about.
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