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Description: *Chinese New Year Contest 2018 Entry*
This is an FFA map modeled after various examples of Chinese/Asian architecture. The layout is heavily inspired by the temple in Dragon Valley from Battlefield 4. There are guns, ammo, and health pickups set up around the map for actual weapons FFAs. I've also added a duel area you can reach by pressing use on the middle obelisk next to the upper building. There are no secrets on this map, and the FPS can drop quite a bit, depending on your computer and game settings.
I'd like to give a huge thanks to Bucky for compiling the map, taking screenshots that weren't from a potato resolution, and providing words of encouragement for the past month. Without him, this map would probably have taken 8 days to compile on my computer (if I even got that far!). Also, thanks to Wolf for testing the map in its early stages.


Bugs and other things (full list in readme):
-Because the map is essentially a large, open box, FPS isn't great. Dynamic glow will tank it. So even though things look really cool with glow turned on, I wouldn't recommend playing with it.
-The lighting is a little bit... weird. I made the lights too bright and it shows.
-There is actually botrouting on this map, but it wasn't really tested.
-I only tested the map in MP, so if someone really wants it in SP and it doesn't work, let me know.


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This is great! I love the howler models. How on earth did you make those?! Are those blades of grass in the flowerboxes outside the lower elevation temple models? They looked good. 


Playing this map with r_dynamicglow is a must if your computer can handle it. Makes the lanterns, windows, and water look great! 


Love the look and feel of the map. Five stars!

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@RebelChum - I just imported the base howler model into Blender, posed it, and exported it as an md3.  The grass is a model, yep.  It's from Szico's model pack, although edited a bit because the original model was huuuge.  Really glad you like the map!  :D


@Grab - Rofl I should have resized the screens, my bad.

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Very cool. I'm gonna have to play with this in the warzone renderer :)

Tag me in the JKC discord if you take screens, I want to see them!

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