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  1. Thanks again. Well, I just uploaded Jose Carsos's Jedis with Spanki's heads, so you can cheack it out if you want. But aparantly I chose wrong cathegory and upload it as JO model insted of JA. Ooops. My bad. Im kinda sleepy and sloopy at the moment. Is there a way to report to moderator about this mistake? Problem is, I dont even know who is the moderator who aprowes uploaded files, or can fix this miscathegorizing. can somebody tell me?
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    This is very simple kitbash. I realy liked Celas Nien model by Jose Carlos. I wanted to replace some basic jedis npcs with this model and to do so i needed more faces. So i merged Jose Carlos's model with hapslash's anakin head and used spanki's reskins. I made this little kitbash for my personal use, but now I think some people might find it useful too, and I uploading it on JKHUB. Besides, I also want to upload it because I think that Carlos's model needs just a little more love. I rarely see someone uses this model but the author is realy achieved this Jedi look at my opinion. His Jedi outfits look just enough unusual to be interesting and not boring, but still simple enough to represent generic jedi character. Its really cool that he found this balance. ATTENTION This model requires both Jose Carlos's model and Spanki's jedi customization to be installed. You can find them on JKHUB
  3. Well new topic name definetly sounds alot better than the old one, thanks.)) Although It's a little deceiving, since "factory" may give people wrong idea, that there will be more upcoming content. And at the moment I'm not planing anything new, apart from maybe finishing some of my old models, like hk47 model. But I guess it doesn't matter really. I just wanted to ask forum members's opinion about permissions from authors of the old models, like Infinity Blade, neomarz1, hapshash and spanky. I guess those people are no longer active in the mod community, and really impossible to contact. I tried to contact hapslash and infinity blade few years ago, and it doesn't seem to be possible. So, as I said before i dont really know what to do about them. Is it ok to use their work without permission? After all I'm not trying to fool anyone, and pretend I made all this, i will give those respected autors full credits.
  4. Thanks. But it's not my work mostly. Its original authors who done great job. I just assembled several pieces together, and reskinned few parts.
  5. Good luck in your project pal. Your screenshoot looking more or less good, ofcource the project needs alot more work, but it's a good and solid start anyway. I'm looking forward to see more of your work, but to be honest, nothing personal, and I don't ment to demotivate or offend you, but I don't think you gonna finish it. I just trying to be realistic. Recreating something like JA, there is too much work for one person, who do it in his free time as a hobby. To be honest I been thinking about something like your project too. As I suppose alot people been thinking about something like that. I came to idea, how to save alot of time of development, and actually make such project more or less possible to finish. Thats wery simple. You just need to use all assets from JA. I mean models, textures, animations, sounds etc. Obiasly that would be alot easier, than recreating all those assets, doesn't it? Unfortinaly, sharing assets from JA would be kinda illegaly for sure. But I guess there is a way to use those assets and not act illegaly. You need to make a auto-converter tool for those models to work with UE4. That way player would need to own a copy of JA in order to play your game. He would need to open this converter tool, locate it to JA data folder, and the tool will reorganize game assets in order to work with your JA game. I'm like 99% sure it's possible to create such tool, but I have no idea how hard it is. But even if it is possible to create such tool you would still need to teach this tool how to handle and what to do with each specific resource. That would take quete a time too. I guess it's still easier than recreating those assets from scratch, but I'm not sure. Anyway, even if you get all those assets, you would still need to do alot work, but that' s closer to amought of work one person can do in his free time, in couple of years i guess. And yeah, don't forget about the elefant in the room, there is an ip problem anyway. The way i see it, if you making a star wars project of any kind Disney can basicly shut you down anytime they want, and there is nothing you can do about it. So if you manage to drow atention to your game, chances are disney gonna shut you down. You know the way they did with aperion. Legally, they would be right anyway, cause you using their ip. But it would hurt you bad anyway. Imagine, work that you literally spend years of your life to make, gets in one moment shut down by megacorp. Such stuff can really depress a person. But all that might not matter, im just thinking loud. Anyway the skills you will learn during development of your project are valuable by itself. It might be more important to learn how to work in unreal than to actually finish the project. I'm glad to see something like your project anyway, and looking forward to see more, even if the project never will be finished. So I wish you luck again, and keep it up.
  6. Hello everyone. Over the time i play jka i made some kitbashes for my personal use. I want to ask if anyone need any of this stuff. First. I merged comander keller model (which is itself a combo of hapslash's anakin and neomarz1's clone), with spanki's sith heads and DT's Stormtroopers. I also used some dt's stormtrooper reskins by Barricade24. Thats the way i imagine desan's reborns would look. They individuals who were chosen by desan to be reborn to wield the force. It makes sence for me, that desan choose those guys from best source avalible to him, so he chose them from imperial soldiers who managet to prove themself skillful during their service as the stormtroopers. So it makes sence to me that reborn's aperance would look something like combination of a stormtrooper with jedi. I also like to imagine desan's shadowtrooper's armor looking more like clasic stormtrooper armor, so thats the point of this kitbash. Those are JKA models so they wouldn't work for jk2. But i use them to play jk2 mod for jka and for reborn_new and rebornmaster guys in jka. Second. I merged some parts from CJP mara jade by Omega1, hapslash's anakin and Gweth_Kelia, and basic jka models, to make a version of female jedi i like more. I also used spanki's jedi skins. I belive the torso of cjp mara was taken by Omega1 from movie battles amidala model. but i'm not sure. I would really apreciate if somebody can help me identify it. The torso itself is not a reskin, I changed model's uv in order for it to fit with spanki's jedi textures. It works fine most of the time, but ofcource it wouldn't work with armored robes since the geometry of robe is diffirent. Third I kitbashed basic kyle model with jacket from Mercenary Kyle by Infinity Blade. Basic kyle's model without jacket is also included. This is jk2 model, but as you might guess it works fine in JKA. I also made cutscenes suport for jk2 mod for jka. Fourth that one is wery simple. I realy liked Celas Nien model by Jose Carlos. I wanted to replace some basic jedis npcs with this model and to do so i needed more faces, so i merged it with hapslash's anakin head and use spanki's reskins. As you might guess judging by screenshots, all those models have player customization suport If somebody like and need some of this stuff, write here and i will try to contact authors of models that i used to ask permission to upload this kitbashes here on jkhub. Althou, I supose it wouldn't be possible to contact some autors of old mods like Infinity Blade, neomarz1, hapshash and spanky. So i dont really know what to do about them. Is it ok to use their work without permission? After all I'm not trying to fool anyone, and i will give those respected autors full credits. Anyway, what do you think about all this guys?
  7. Started working on droid's arms. Nothing too significant yet. But, as you can see I decided to try make both kotor style and swtor style version of the model. In future I will definetly make a swtor version of torso (both armored and not). But I'm not sure, if its needed to make a swtor version of head. I personaly think hk's heads design in swtor kinda looks worse, than they looked in kotor.
  8. Thanks everyone for encouraging word. Sure, it is a simple reskins after all. No, as far as i remember they used ported HK in MB2. 90 percent sure about that.
  9. Statement: Some meatbag decided to make my model for Jedi Academy game. From author. So yeah, i'm happened to be the meatbag, droid kindly mentioned. Basicly, I did'nt found decent and non ported model of HK for JA, so I decided to create one. That would also help me to work on my modeling skills, I hope. So far it's only a start. Wasted about 20 hours on that stuff for now. I didn't yet work on textures at all. There some details yet missing, obviously. All I did with the textures for now, is just routhly baked a few maps and thrown one of basic smart materials in substance painter. It would definatly be improved in the future. But regardless of this piece of model is not ready yet, I still wanted to post this wips, to have some feadback, and see if anyone need ja hk model at all. And also, am I correct, that there is no nonported hk model for JA or I just havent spoted one?
  10. 309 downloads

    DESCRIPTION Just a simple model-frankenstein, a kinda cowboy merc guy. There is also an optional file within the archive, that replaces rodian snipers with this guys, since I always kinda imagined it would be cool if sniper would wear a cowboy kinda hat. I blame team fortress2 for that idea of mine)). This optional file also replaces basic JA sniper rifle model with slightly edited Tobe_one's sniper rifle from "CT Elite Force" mod. I never really liked basic JA sniper rifle model, didn't think it look sniperish enough. But Tobe_one done a good jobe and his version looks just fine. All i changed, is some minor color tweaking and removed laser scope effect in 3rd person version of the model. CREDITS JA dev team for original human merc model. Major Clod for Indiana Jones's hat model. Tobe_one for his human merc reskin and new sniper riffle model, from his "CT Elite Force" mod. Infinity Blade for his "Mercenary Kyle" model that I used as reference to model a jacket collar. Myself (zahar0z) for batching the whole thing together and a little tweaking here and there. INSTALLATION If you want to replace rodian snipers with this guys, and use Tobe_one's sniper rifle model, than put Zcowboy_sp.pk3 and Zcowboy.pk3 in Jedi Academy base folder. If you just want a new model, than put only Zcowboy.pk3 in Jedi Academy base folder. In case if you want to use it in your own mod, feel free to do anything as you wish, just give credits to authors. Have Fun !
  11. Hello, recently I tried to run on my phone Jedi Academy Touch by Beloko Games which is an android port of JA. It plays just great and what's even more great it's compatible with most of the mods. Unfortinaly I can't find the way for JA Touch to run mods with custom .exe, like for example Jedi Academy: Enhanced https://jkhub.org/files/file/2550-jedi-academy-enhanced/ I wonder if there any way to run such mods on android? I belive, custom exe is the resolt of compiling of changed JA source code, is'nt it? And if so, is the the beloko's JA android port also somewhat compiled changed JA source code, or not? And is the beloko's changed souce code (or it's equvalent) needed to run custom .exe mods on android? Woud be much apreciated, If somebody can help me with this stuff, or help understand the subject better.
  12. Maybe it's a good idea to actually replace npcs models, as well as fix some minor stuff in dialogues, in order to fix this mod, so it would make sense in star wars lore. There is actualy not that much to fix. As I recall, the main major lore mistake in this mod's plot was about republic confronting the empire. That mistake resolted battle droids, clone trooper and stormtrooper all to be the empire troops, that you can meet at various levels. To make things worse, when you encounter saberwielding aponents, authors goes absolutly crazy. You can fight saberwielding royal guards, several Darth Mauls, aliens from Halo and etc. Also, I recal, Gundam were there somwhere too. Then, as the story progres, you go kinda darkside and fight "republic" troops, which is standart tantive4 rebel guys. They ofcource, acompanied with some jedi concil members, like Ki-Adi and Windu (some of which you can meet and kill during the levels severall times, by the way), and ofcource, there is several Serious Sams wielding a red saber, they also one of the rebel jedis you fight. You also fight pirates and bandits, somewhere along the way, but everything is, more or less, okay there. Probably except jedi-Neo, several Aurra Sing, and lightsaber wielding twi'lek dancers. And, of course, the player model is Mara Jade, which is also funny and confusing, since although player character is not Mara, the mod actually includes Mara character, as npc, and she is blonde here. Basicaly, it's not that big deal to fix that mod's Star Wars lore sence. All you need is fix some dialogue, so instead of empire fighting republic, we would get republic fighting separatist, and empire fighting rebels, at diferent stage of the game. The level where player fights clone troopers, could be justified in the plot by the order 66, just need to change some dialogue, mission description, and clone armor from phase1 to phase2. Then, a several other models need to be replaced. Mostly lightsaber wielders. Those, who you meet during the battle droid's levels, could be replaced by magnaguards with electro staffs. Those, who you meet during the clone trooper's level, could be clone assassins with vibroblades (or something like this). Those, who you meet during stormtrooper's levels, could be inquisitor's clonetroopers with melee electroweapon, or some of them could even be shadowguard with lightsaber-pikes (as seen in force unleashed). Rebel jedis could be changed to some sort of elite rebel trooper with melee electroweapon. Some of them, might even stay some sort of rogue jedi (they could basicaly look anyway, just not like Windu, or Serious Sam, or Gundam etc). And, ofcource, player model need to be changed. All models, needed to fix those issues, are already created for jka. So basically, theres only need to ask permission from their respective authors, if they allow to use their work to fix this mod. Of course, there is also a lot more minor appearance mistakes, needed to be fixed in this mod, but the most awful are basically those I just wrote about. By the way, skeletons with lightsabers, seen on the screenshot in this page, are part of the nightmare-dream level, so it's sorta makes sense. And yeah, I don't really know if there is any normal english translation, but, basically, it's not a big deal to make one, since there is not so much text, to translate to, in this mod. I could do it, if it needs to. And also, the voice acting in this mod is not really good, in my opinion. For some reason it just sounds really weird to me. They also placed old russian pop song, at backgroud of the racing, in the begining of the game. It's just so stupid, but I gues authors themselfs did it intencionaly as a silly joke. Apart from all that nonsense, the mod is actually quite solid. Everything looks way better, than you would expect from a guys who puts Serious Sam in a Star Wars lore. The story, generally, makes sense. There are even, relatively decent main character's story arc, about becoming cruel dark jedi and etc. The level design are mostly very nice. Sometimes mod gives interesting unstandard mission tasks for the player. There are some easter eggs on several levels. And the whole mod is kinda really long, in a good way. I mean, this mod would look just great, with a decent translation, and fix of lore mistakes, in text and npcs. Another great thing, would be, if this mod would be ported on jka. I don't know, if it is possible thou, to find author of this mod and ask him for permission to use his work. And about that stuff, with author made profit from the mod. Well, yeah, as I recall, that's actually happened, back in the days. Basically, that really sucks. Especially since author took alot models and resources, created by other modders, and I really doubt he ever asked any of them for permission to use their work. Actualy, I read some interwiew with the team leader of this mod, years ago. And the guy basicaly says something like "there are plenty of models created by modders for JO, so we just downloaded and use them". I had impression that the guy is comletly ignorant about peoples copyright. But, there is also another point of view here, I actually remember the time this mod came out, and it wasn't really good with the internet those days. So this mod were spread through cds. And, you should understand, that buying cd, printing some sort of cover, shipping the cd to the player, all those stuff cost some money. Basicaly, as I remember, author asked only those small money, for each cd order, simply to cover expences. If I recall correctly, the price were about 1-2 dollars or something. I really doubt, he ever earn a lot money on that stuff, or even cover time, he and his team spend to make the mod. So, eventually, the guy worked for free, just as any of us fellas moders. Though, the copyright issues, and the fact he never asked people for permission to use their work, are still sucks anyway.
  13. Thanks Ashura works fine now
  14. So i'm sort of working on a reskin of DT's new jedi_hm model from ja_enchanced mod I trying to create new (more jedi like) version of kyle, it's inspired by episode3 video game concept art (jedi sniper character) here some screens, note that it's still work in progress his face was created out of combining hapslash's obi wan's and anakin's face and hair, and new dt's jedihm face (so it's weird stuff but i guess it looks good)
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