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    Originaly I created this mod for my personal use, but now I guess some people may find it usefull. I play JKA on android, so i reduced polycount and texture size of rooxon's model a bit. The electro effect of the weapon is part of it's model, so it will not go away when the weapon is deactivated. What does go away thou is weapon's sound and dlight. I guess that might be considered a bug, but that doesn't bother me much. Maybe I will think how to fix this in future. CREDITS: Rooxon for his Quarterstaff model, from his "KotOR Melee Megapack" mod. Melee weapon's models fr
    The model is awesome. And the SP voice over is just hilarious. Great stuff.
    Downloading this thing now, just to hang out with a bunch of gonk droids. Don't worry pal, I will not harm those boxy dudes. So funny, and stupid in a good way, literally made my day.
  2. Thanks again. Well, I just uploaded Jose Carsos's Jedis with Spanki's heads, so you can cheack it out if you want. But aparantly I chose wrong cathegory and upload it as JO model insted of JA. Ooops. My bad. Im kinda sleepy and sloopy at the moment. Is there a way to report to moderator about this mistake? Problem is, I dont even know who is the moderator who aprowes uploaded files, or can fix this miscathegorizing. can somebody tell me?
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    This is very simple kitbash. I realy liked Celas Nien model by Jose Carlos. I wanted to replace some basic jedis npcs with this model and to do so i needed more faces. So i merged Jose Carlos's model with hapslash's anakin head and used spanki's reskins. I made this little kitbash for my personal use, but now I think some people might find it useful too, and I uploading it on JKHUB. Besides, I also want to upload it because I think that Carlos's model needs just a little more love. I rarely see someone uses this model but the author is realy achieved this Jedi look at my opinion.
  4. Well new topic name definetly sounds alot better than the old one, thanks.)) Although It's a little deceiving, since "factory" may give people wrong idea, that there will be more upcoming content. And at the moment I'm not planing anything new, apart from maybe finishing some of my old models, like hk47 model. But I guess it doesn't matter really. I just wanted to ask forum members's opinion about permissions from authors of the old models, like Infinity Blade, neomarz1, hapshash and spanky. I guess those people are no longer active in the mod community, and really impossible to contact.
  5. Thanks. But it's not my work mostly. Its original authors who done great job. I just assembled several pieces together, and reskinned few parts.
  6. Good luck in your project pal. Your screenshoot looking more or less good, ofcource the project needs alot more work, but it's a good and solid start anyway. I'm looking forward to see more of your work, but to be honest, nothing personal, and I don't ment to demotivate or offend you, but I don't think you gonna finish it. I just trying to be realistic. Recreating something like JA, there is too much work for one person, who do it in his free time as a hobby. To be honest I been thinking about something like your project too. As I suppose alot people been thinking about someth
  7. Hello everyone. Over the time i play jka i made some kitbashes for my personal use. I want to ask if anyone need any of this stuff. First. I merged comander keller model (which is itself a combo of hapslash's anakin and neomarz1's clone), with spanki's sith heads and DT's Stormtroopers. I also used some dt's stormtrooper reskins by Barricade24. Thats the way i imagine desan's reborns would look. They individuals who were chosen by desan to be reborn to wield the force. It makes sence for me, that desan choose those guys from best source avalible to him, so he chose them fr
  8. Started working on droid's arms. Nothing too significant yet. But, as you can see I decided to try make both kotor style and swtor style version of the model. In future I will definetly make a swtor version of torso (both armored and not). But I'm not sure, if its needed to make a swtor version of head. I personaly think hk's heads design in swtor kinda looks worse, than they looked in kotor.
  9. Thanks everyone for encouraging word. Sure, it is a simple reskins after all. No, as far as i remember they used ported HK in MB2. 90 percent sure about that.
  10. Statement: Some meatbag decided to make my model for Jedi Academy game. From author. So yeah, i'm happened to be the meatbag, droid kindly mentioned. Basicly, I did'nt found decent and non ported model of HK for JA, so I decided to create one. That would also help me to work on my modeling skills, I hope. So far it's only a start. Wasted about 20 hours on that stuff for now. I didn't yet work on textures at all. There some details yet missing, obviously. All I did with the textures for now, is just routhly baked a few maps and thrown one of basic smart materials in substance painter.
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    DESCRIPTION Just a simple model-frankenstein, a kinda cowboy merc guy. There is also an optional file within the archive, that replaces rodian snipers with this guys, since I always kinda imagined it would be cool if sniper would wear a cowboy kinda hat. I blame team fortress2 for that idea of mine)). This optional file also replaces basic JA sniper rifle model with slightly edited Tobe_one's sniper rifle from "CT Elite Force" mod. I never really liked basic JA sniper rifle model, didn't think it look sniperish enough. But Tobe_one done a good jobe and his version looks just fi
  12. Hello, recently I tried to run on my phone Jedi Academy Touch by Beloko Games which is an android port of JA. It plays just great and what's even more great it's compatible with most of the mods. Unfortinaly I can't find the way for JA Touch to run mods with custom .exe, like for example Jedi Academy: Enhanced https://jkhub.org/files/file/2550-jedi-academy-enhanced/ I wonder if there any way to run such mods on android? I belive, custom exe is the resolt of compiling of changed JA source code, is'nt it? And if so, is the the beloko's JA android port also somewhat compile
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