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  1. zahar

    Nina Anthology

    Thanks. No, no new hairstyles. Just Tavion's head model, and reskins from nina mods.
  2. zahar

    Nina Anthology

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Unfortunately for now i don't have much free time for creating new voice over. I feel like i did all I could at the moment, and i satisfied with the result, more or less. Ofcource if somebody recorder and integrate new better voiceover. That would be great. But for now, it wouldnt be me.
  3. 911 downloads

    This mod was released in five parts between 2005 and 2009 by Larry McBruce. Now, in 2022, I combined all chapters into one, so you can play all mods about Nina as a one story. Installation instructions: Place “Nina_Anthology” folder and "Nina_Anthology.bat" file from this archive into your Jedi Academy "GameData" folder. Run mod by double-clicking "Nina_Anthology.bat" file **Optional** Remove "Nina_ForceProgression.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you don’t want to play with manually upgradable force powers. Remove "Nina_NewModels.pk3" and "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" files from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you want to play mod with original models. Or just remove "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder to use original models for reborn characters and new models for everybody else.Remove "Nina_E11BlueShot.pk3" file from "Nina_Anthology" folder if you want tokeep E11 rifle’s red blaster bolt from the original game. Play the mod and have fun! Blue E11 blaster bolt In the original mods, starting from chapter 3, Larry decided to make the E11 blaster bolt blue. You can either keep it or, if you want, you can delete "Nina_E11BlueShot.pk3" file to retain the original blaster bolt. There were also some little additions I made for the original mods: New Voice-over First of all in original mods chapters 1,2,5 weren’t voiced. I generated voice-over for that chapters using Ivona reader. It’s not always good and of course generated voice is way worse than real human speech. But i guess its better than having no voice-over at all. If you think otherwise, you can just mute the voice channel in the setting of the game during those chapters. Force progression: In original mods, force powers of the player was set to a specific level for each map. In this mod anthology, I added more RPG style progression for force powers. After every level player can choose force power to develop. Similar to the way it was done in original Jedi academy game. Also i changed script for the holocrons that player can find closer to the end of the game. In original mod, those holocrons were upgrading heal and grip force power to 3rd level. But in this anthology, player might have 3rd level grip and heal at the moment the holocrons are found. So in this anthology one holocron upgrades all dark force powers to 3rd level, and the other all light. However if you don’t like this force manual upgrading, you can go back to the way it was designed in the original mods. Just delete "Nina_ForceProgression.pk3" file from mod folder. Player’s customization: I added player customization. You can choose some jedi_tf, jedi_hf and jedi_zf reskinned costumes for your player.And also some textures from "Jedi Zora v3" by Me0is0Jade was used for additional costumes for player. Model replacement: I replaced some old models from Jedi Academy with newer and better versions created by various modders. I also created some reskins for Larry’s NPCs. Previously, they were mostly reskins from the original game. To see the changes look on the screenshots, in this archive. If you want to play mod with original models, just remove "Nina_NewModels.pk3" and "Nina_NewReborns.pk3" from mod folder. Credits: Models from "CT Elite Force 3" mod by tobe_one used for rocket launcher and sniper rifle. Stormtroopers by DT85. Backpack and pouches from Sandtrooper model by HapSlash was added to DT85 stormtrooper model. TFU trooper reskins by Barricade24 used for stormtrooper snipers. Nina's privateer stormtrooper reskin by zahar0z. Imperial officers by HapSlash. Pellaeon reskin by zahar0z. Imperial Kyle's face texture by DarthPhae was used for Moff Serenim. Count Dooku's cape by HapSlash was used for Moff Serenim. ROTJ Luke Skywalker by Toshi. Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash and reskins from "Sith Customization" by Spanki was used for jedi zombies from chapter 2. Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash and reskins from "Jedi customization" and "Sith Customization" by Spanki was used for Chancellor Alamacy's, Ship's, scientist Kaplan's, Rogue Jedi Aldeo's and various reborn's faces. Celas Nien model by Jose Carlos, was slightly reskined by Zahar0z and used for Chancellor Alamacy's, and scientist Kaplan's costumes. Improved Jedi_hm by DT85 was used for Horatio and Ship. Textures from "Default Jedi Replacement" by Sharad Hett edited and used for Horatio's face. Textures from "Jedi Zora v3" by Me0is0Jade was used for zabrak sisters NPCs from chapter5. Trandoshan Head Improvement by Darth Shiftee. Devaronian mercenary by AshuraDX. Human merc reskin by Spaghetti used for for devaronian mercs costume. Boushh by Dwayne "oddjob" Douglass. "Greedo" rodian reskin by Circa was used for rodians. Rodian reskin from "ultimat Jedi Academy" mod by Hollywood was used for Saask. Dark forces gran reskin by Barricade24 was used for some of the grans. Human merc reskins for nobleman and Elvan by Zahar0z. Hazardtrooper reskins by zahar0z. Armored reborn model was used for reborns, shadowtroopers, and rogue jedi master Aldeo. This model was kitbashed by zahar0z. It is using parts of the Clone Trooper model by Neomarz1, Anakin Skywalker by HapSlash, and Stormtroopers by DT85. Unfortunately, I couldn't contact Larry McBruce to ask for his permission to use his mods for this re-release. But I really tried to use his work as respectfully as I can. I just wanted to give this awesome mods another small time in the spotlight. Known bugs: Sometimes player gain unintentional additional lightsaber fighting styles after finishing a level. If you play with "force progression" feature, and chose a map or chapter from main menu, instead of playing chronologically then your player would not have starting light or dark force powers. You can still upgrade force powers after a level.
  4. zahar

    Generic NPCs

    Version 1.0


    Sometimes, you need a generic NPC on your RPG map. Here are two skins that you can use. One is a Chiss and the other is a Nobleman. They were based on the Mercenary model from Jedi Academy. I made them for a Nina anthology mod that I'm working on. These two reskins were done by zahar0z. The following textures were used during process: Luke Skywalker ESB Bespin reskin textures - by HapSlash neo reskin textures - by JEDI_Salvation some spanki jedi textures - by spanki and just a little CT_elite textures - by tobe_one I also fixed rigging on original JA model's neck to fix holes. I used GLM plugin for 3ds max - by Scooper Feel free to use all them in your mods.
  5. Just tested it. Works perfectly fine. Although i used a different hex editor, one i already got installed. Anyway, huge thanks for your help Droidy365.
  6. So, Im curently finishing combining Nina mods into antology, and I encounter a problem. In two maps there is a two diffirent textures with the same name. It is sky texture. So In order to combine this two map in one mod, I need to rename one of the texture and replace texture path in the map. Is there a way to do so? Like we can edit entities on existing map.
  7. Alright. I probably would not work on mods in the near future. This modding thing keep me frustrated, and i just dont have enough free time for that. I will try to return to that in the future, but there is a probability that i will not work on lady jedi or nina anymore. So apologies to anybody who was expecting those mods. Im sorry to disapoint anyone, but im sure most of people will understand me.
  8. Maybe you right. I guess if there will be updates of this mod in the future I will move crash level on tier3.
  9. Wouldn't it too easy for tier 3?
  10. Yes. I want to work on nina now, I will continue fixing lady jedi somewhere in the future. I will try xVASynth, it sounds good. I'm not completely happy with Ivona. I understand there is no voices from JK games there? Also, I googled the subject, it appears you can generate decent voice copy from pre existing audio files. So we can replicate kyle's, and other character's voice. Unfortunately I don't have time to figurate how to do it, the process seems to be a little tricky. So probably im going to use something simplier in this mod, for now at least. But if somebody will clone kyle voice, i would appreciate if this person can record several lines for mod.
  11. Just open my pk3 file with winzip or winrar and delete the ext data folder
  12. Got it. Thanks for the answer. Thanks for your words. I'm glad that my hobby brings joy to people. Anyway, i'm not making much of the work myself, i'm mostly polishing what other people are done before me. About Lady Jedi mod. There is a tons to fix and improve still. I added force selection screen between maps. Used level from Wild Force mod as the second level (its the same level from lady jedi just improved). I also added character selection menu, and voiceover for the male protagonist. But there is a tons of text changes, and npc changes needed to be done. There are some other bugs like missing models and etc. Rewriting some jk2 scripts to Jka takes time too. Im wasting alot time on it, and Im kinda need a break to not burn down. Generaly, I would need atleast a year to finish Lady Jedi overhaul mod, probably more. Nina anthology mod is the whole different story. It can be finished in a month or two, since there is not much to polish in it. Its already great. I just want to add voiceover, combine all mods together, and add force selection menu betveen them.
  13. So, there's this series of awesome mods about Nina by Larry McBruce. https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Single Player/34242/ https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Single Player/39828/ https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Single Player/70175/ https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Single Player/55405/ https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Mods/Single Player/97652/ Most of them don't have voice over. And they not connected between each other. What i want to do is add voiceover generated by Ivona reader (its might sound a little fake sometimes, but its definatly better than no voiceover). And conect those levels together. So you can play all nina levels from start to finish. Allso add force selection menu between levels. So my goal to create some sort of "nina anthology" mod. The problem is that I can't contact the original author. The emails that listed in readme files are dead now. So im kinda stuck. Which is unfortinate because I would love to make those already awesome mods a little better. So anyway. Can somebody help me finding Larry McBruce? Or is it ok to use this mods without his permission due to inability to contact him? I could write with big letters that he is the main person that should be credited for this work. That I only intended to do a small upgrade, add voiceover. And althou I used his work without permission, I will remove it if he tell me to do so.
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