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  1. I've abadoned this Mandy Amano based project... instead I've been working on an Angela Harry based Jan Ors character... future updates will be posted in this thread:
  2. future updates on my Jan Ors character model will be posted in this thread:
  3. I found some time today to do some tweaking on my Angela Harry based Jan Ors character model... here is the latest render:
  4. Version 1.9


    Re-compiled for 3ds Max 2022. See the included readme and FAQ for installation and usage.
  5. In this video demonstration, Andy Davies goes over some of the most widely-used features within xNormal and shows how to bake Normal, Ambient Occlusion and Polypaint textures, along with showing multiple methods of setting up a cage within the application. He also provides an overview of the different settings you are most likely to need, to get the most out of your bakes, and explains the differences between the options within the various map types, to ensure maximum compatibility for engine specific configurations while maintaining a good workflow. You can find xNormal here: Tutorial Project files
  6. @eezstreetnew Jan Ors model almost finished... based on Angela Harry:
  7. @Rvix @AshuraDX So I imported the original Luke .GLM asset using the GLM importer for 3ds Max 2019. I then re-exported using the GLM exporter. Below are the ModView screenshots of the original game asset versus the import-export version. The bolts match. Therefore I can only assume that-- either the bolts were modified by the original author... or perhaps the .GLM file was created using the Blender exporter and perhaps the Blender exporter messes up the bolts. You also have to ensure that you are properly resetting transforms on imported objects when merging models, re-parenting, etc. But I do not believe this is a 3ds Max plugin issue. Thanks.
  8. Hey @tinny welcome to JKHub. If you're not already-- get on the Discord channel too.
  9. I recompiled the plugin for 3ds Max versions:2018, 2019, and 2020... to fix the internal 3ds Max version number reported in the dotXSI ascii file. I also recompiled the source code for 3ds Max 2021 (but it has not been tested yet in Max 2021-- so I would not uninstall Max 2020 before verifying all features of the plugin work in 2021). Cheers!
  10. Version 1.9


    Re-compiled for 3ds Max 2021. See the included readme and FAQ for installation and usage.
  11. 26 downloads

    Re-compiled for 3ds Max 2020. See the included readme and FAQ for installation and usage.
  12. Simply open 3ds Max and your scene and then do: File -> Export and choose .3ds as the format
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