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  1. Simply open 3ds Max and your scene and then do: File -> Export and choose .3ds as the format
  2. When are we going to get a F@%×$€G search bar?

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    2. Archangel35757


      When on a cell and you go to desktop version... the search feature goes away.

    3. Circa


      You’re using the website in a way it’s not intended to be. Can’t help you there, other than to open the search page from mobile and then switch to desktop version if you really insist on it.

    4. Archangel35757
  3. recent .ROF activity by @mjt has caused me to get back to this. Plan to compile and release 3ds Max 6-2021 .ROF exporter plugins soon.
  4. Kyle's lookin' a little Amish... just needs his straw hat. (just teasin' I understand it's an early wip)
  5. 23 downloads

    Re-compiled for 3ds Max 2019. See the included readme and FAQ for installation and usage.
  6. Contact me on the JK Discord channel and I'll send you the Max 2019 MD3 exporter-- I thought I had released it but perhaps I was waiting on feedback from @Rooxon EDIT: Check the files section now.
  7. Just compiled it for 3ds Max 2020. You want to beta test it? Send me a message on our Discord channel.
  8. I've just compiled the MD3 (v2.3) and dotXSI 3.0 (v1.9) exporter plug-ins for 3ds Max 2020.  I've sent them to Rooxon for quick beta testing.  Once they check out, I will upload both here to the files section.

  9. @AshuraDX It looked to me that he only had a mesh in the wrong pose (from porting) and only the JKA bones... if indeed the mesh comes imported and weighted to its original game's bones then I would do as you suggested. It's pretty easy to rotate mesh limbs using FFD cages and their pivot points. I would not manipulate the FFD cage's control points. Of course it will require mesh cleanup in the area of those FFD pivots
  10. Are you using Blender? Hard to tell from pic. In 3dsMax there are FFD (Free Form Deformation) modifiers that allow you to manipulate the mesh like you want... Blender probably has something like that. Refer to your 3D app's help files.
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