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  1. Sorry, got to call this Stream off. Feeling a bit under the weather today.
  2. You discovered that patches change their level of detail based on distance. You can use -patchmeta in your bsp stage to force a static lod on them. There are also ways to force a higher subdivision level on them via entity keys iirc, but I'll have to do some digging to find them. @mjt might know more.
  3. I plan to stream again tomorrow, at around 2 pm GMT+1. If everything works out I'll be rigging a model for JKA and get it set up ingame using 3ds max.
  4. Good work! Your vending machine could use se shading on the sides, or some edge highlighting. At the moment it is very hard to tell where the Corner between the front and side of it is
  5. Issue has been resolved, I'll be live in about 3 hours
  6. You are trying to combine a model for jedi outcast with a model for jedi academy. I don't know enough about the blender workflow to tell you what you need to do to combine those two together. Only definite solution I can think of would be to convert the jko model to the jka skeleton, iirc there's a tutorial for doing that here in the tutorials subforum.
  7. Going live in about 2 hours EDIT: I unfortunately ran into some unforeseen technical issues on my end that need to be fixed before I can stream.
  8. @DragonSlayer2189 iirc all you need to do is add a sounds.cfg (renamed text file) file to your model folder. These are from the default human male and the default human female jaden models Male jaden_male m Female jaden_fmle f
  9. Hey everyone, I was thinking to start weekly or at least Bi-weekly modding streams on the JK Community Discord and Youtube, around the early afternoon (GMT+1) on Saturday/Sunday. https://youtube.com/channel/UC52oLpMQiYO5cDB9A9pUFBQ I will post here about the details for each stream and an approximate Timeframe. The first Streams content will be making a Rof Animation(s) for @SomaZ rend2 Remake of the bespin duel map. The following stream will most likely be finishing the control panel material I started for the same map. I'll probably start making rough Q3ME Tuto
  10. Hey @DragonSlayer2189, There is a Tutorial on how to do that right here: As to replacing other npcs with the minecraft model, all you need to do is create nee Npcs with the same names as the ones from the campaign and have them reference the model you want to use. If you compare, let's say the stormtrooper npc file from the game with one from the Minecraft model pack, you should be quick to figure out what you need to do. And how to mix them both to get the results you want. If you can not figure it out on your own, there should be a Tutorial in the tutorials subforum on h
  11. Better done by editing the appropiate efx files. You find them in effects/<weapon name>/...
  12. @ZanderNao The most important thing is that the joint locations have to match as best as possible. From a quick glance at the above picture I can tell that the shoulders and hips are both massively misaligned, hip joints are too high up compared to the humanoid skeleton, shoulder joints are too far outward, legs are too long after the hips are corrected. Every mismatch in the joints will get progressively worse the more joints are mismatched, as the animations will play around these joint locations any offset from them will be very noticeable and cause the model to look broken apart
  13. Looking at the proportions I wonder, is this guy supposed to run on the default _humanoid.gla? If so some extensive adjustments will be required, the upper to lower arm ratio and size/orientation of the hands are far off. These are things that may be easier to adjust before making a low poly version to bake to. If you do it the other way around, you will end up with permanently stretched/squished textures around the adjusted areas, which would be a shame considering the quality of this sculpt.
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