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  1. That's a python exception, something caused the exporter itself to crash. @Cagelight another "try block" to prevent this should be added to the code.
  2. I messed with this for a bit, rof is sadly not an option if you want to have more than one escalator and that escalator is supposed to travel a sensible distance. Based on that I'd guess that func_train is the best method to achieve a working escalator, here's an example map with an escalator using func_train: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9114k9nvi2hwisq/EscalatorJKA.zip?dl=0 The map consists of two rooms, one room where the escalator will be, and another room used to properly light the escalator steps, if you don't do this half of your escalator will turn out pitch black.
  3. I'd probably use *.rof paths for this. Here's an example: Link to files used: https://www.dropbox.com/s/plrq0bgjaen2ry3/Minecart.zip?dl=0 This works by creating an animation in a 3d program like 3ds max or blender and exporting it using the respective *.rof exporters for them. Currently only the blender exporter is publicly available.
  4. What you just discovered is a limitation of the default radiant brushformat, it only projects textures from the world axes. If you can change the brush format to use brush primitives this problem should go away.
  5. It really does not work in multiplayer which is odd to say the least. I may have to do some more digging to figure out what needs to be changed to make it work in MP (if possible at all)
  6. That is odd, did you try the .sab file I pasted? Does it work properly with that? I only tested this in openjk sp, didn’t try it in MP at all.
  7. I played around with this and got utterly confused since the wiki entry on this is incomplete, so I decided to snoop around in the source code a bit and found what I needed to know to get this to work: dual_test { name "Test" saberType SABER_STAFF saberModel "models/weapons2/saber_dual_1/saber_dual_1.glm" soundOn "sound/weapons/saber/saberon.wav" soundLoop "sound/weapons/saber/saberhum4.wav" soundOff "sound/weapons/saber/saberoff.wav" saberColor red saberColor2 blue numBlades 2 saberLength 32 saberStyle staff throwable 0 singleBladeStyle medium singleBladeThrowable 1 brokenSaber1 brokenstaff brokenSaber2 brokenstaff twoHanded 1 //define Bladestyle 1, you can have a maximum of 2 bladestyles per saber noblade 0 trailstyle 0 noDlight 0 //define Bladestyle2 noblade2 1 trailstyle2 1 noDlight2 1 //Tell the game to use bladestyle2 for all blades after Blade 1, so blade 2...8 will use bladeStyle2 BladeStyle2Start 1 } I hope this helps @S3rafim EDIT: I also updated the wiki entry about .sab files with this.
  8. Can I mod MBII

    1. AshuraDX


      As far as I know - yes.
      There are plenty of skin replacement mods for MB2 from what I have seen, you may want to head to the mb2 forums for help with that.

    2. Doughnuts


      Yes you can. Send me a PM through discord and I'll show you a few things unique to MBII.


  9. Guys, please keep it civil. If the files were taken down for that reason a handful of people from our community may be up next to similiar takedowns. I have no clue what might follow for JKHub if these hypothetical cases started to pile up. This should not be an event to celebrate. I‘d much prefer seeing this takedown be due to personal reasons than a DCMA. However, the only person capable of shedding some light on this is @The Punisher himself. And it is his decision on whether he does or not. Please keep it down guys.
  10. fbx is not supported by radiant
  11. Something I made rather quickly yesterday evening, hope this helps avoid hitting the transform space error for some of you ?
  12. 42 downloads

    A small calculator to help determine the max amount of vertices for your playermodel before you start seeing the famous "ran out of transform space" error. Choose the game executable you are using to check against their transform spaces or enter the transform space for your custom game executable if you are running a mod that changes this value. The calculation works as follows: 'max verts' = ('transform space' - 4 * ('playermodel surface count' + 'weapon surface count')) / 20) - 'weapon vertex count' Included is the raw *.py python script, aswell as a packed *.exe for those that prefer simplicity and ease of use. If anybody wants to modify this script to work in blender go ahead ?
  13. Merged with your previous Thread - please update your thread instead of posting a new thread for every update.
  14. Try using Cagelights updated exporter instead. afaik it handles the seam splitting for you, saving you all that hassle.
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