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  1. The full 4K version has released: And a behind the scenes video: Now perhaps the character can be re-created.
  2. The character has 2 lightsabers and bears a strong resemblance to the Witch King from Lord of the Rings. This character would be amazing to play as in Jedi Academy. The smaller character details and lightsaber hilts are difficult to see since this video is the only version of the fake footage available right now. It's even difficult to see the full mask design.
  3. So, you want to make a backhand saber? Look no further! What you will need: Blender https://www.blender.org/download/ Blender JK Plugin Suite: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1413-blender-264-jedi-academy-plugin-suite/ Steps to take: 1. Install Blender and install the plugin suite into Blender. 2. Ensure that your version of Blender looks like this: 3. Drag out the box on the top right. It should then look like this: 4. Left click first, then right click second on "Camera" and click "Delete". Do the same for "Cube" and "Lamp". It should then look like this: 5. Go to File>Import> JA Ghoul 2 Model (.glm), and locate and open the .glm model of the saber you wish to turn backhand. Please note you will need to remove the "default" text in the "Skin" box before loading the .glm, or you will get errors, so just backspace that out: 6. When the model imports, it will look small, so zoom in (with the mouse wheel) so it fits nicely into the window, try to get it to look like this (very important) : 7. In the box at the top right, click the (+) button to the left of "scene_root" then left click once on "model_root" so it is highlighted: 8. Just below the box in the top right you will see a bunch of Icons. Click on the orange cube: 9. Press "A" twice on your keyboard. This should put an orange line around the model: 10. IMPORTANT! Remember EXACTLY how the model is placed, in this case the top is just below the grid line: Go to the "Transform" section on the right, and change the "Y Axis" to 180. It should then look like this: 11. In the "Transform" area, adjust the bottom number under "Location" so that the rotated model matches the same place as the place you remember (For me, -8 worked) : 12. Press "A" once on your keyboard to remove the orange outline from the model. 13. Go to File>Export>JA Ghoul 2 Model (.glm). 14. Rename the output name at the top, adding "_bh" to the end of the name. Also, backspace/remove the data in the ".gla name" box on the left before exporting: Things to note: This DOES NOT automatically make the in-game characters hold the saber like a bad-ass. You will need to install additional backhand animation mods for that. Case and point from my mod here: https://jkhub.org/files/file/2472-backhand-base-sabers/ Notice the preview image. The default animations do not make having a backhand saber look cool - at all. This is only the .glm model. You will have to create and/or edit the .sab file to include a _bh version.
  4. Daedra

    Yao G

    This character should be canon.
    A nice enough skin that fulfills its purpose of existing for the plot, just like the actual character.
  5. Doing it how Jeff said would be the most realistic choice. Modelling the cradle would be the first thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV6h1MSqV8E Then putting in Baby Yoda and then have that model act like R2D2 in the game. Instead of beeps, put in some sounds of Baby Yoda making noises for the soundpack.
  6. Hey Jeff. Any chance at all at getting any of these versions of R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke & Leia (possibly even the twi-lek that's being shot) made?
  7. You could use the PS1 South Park game map as a reference, since that's fully 3D.
  8. Is it possible to be able to set an image as the banner for your profile? This thing: Also when I click on it, it enlarges for no reason at all. Maybe I just don't understand why it's there.
  9. I personally own this Plug And Play TV Game, and it'd be cool to see it actually in Jedi Academy, just as something fun.
  10. This new JKHub is cool but it'll take me some time to get used to it.

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