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  2. All good points. Honestly, just trying to make it so he doesn't have infinite force lightning or unbreakable force choke/grip. I've toyed around with NPC files in Academy, mainly to fix bugs in them (wrong voices, wrong run speeds, ect.). I just hadn't found the files to do so with Outcast yet. Should be fun! I enjoy Desann's fight a lot, it just feels like he can tank me despite my knowledge of the mechanics at times. To quote Cassian Andor, I've been in this fight since I was six years old. quite literally been playing this game for a looong time. so it would be fun to know how to tweak it. I'll probably toy around with it for an hour and then agree that Raven did a great job balancing him and leave it be haha.
  3. @Circa, unfortunately it is not the first path_corner was just a few inches away from the train. I have the train attached to several buttons/switches maybe that is throwing the train off?
  4. NO, NO, NO. Why not message him on PSN and ask him yourself, honestly? Binnysan(2) is a great guy and talented member of our PS4 community, who used to play PC and was very close with OG Binnysan (yes, i know the reputation.) He uses his name to honor his dead friend.
  5. Very entertaining to see that the Koons wanted to continue their JoF JKA advertising campaign on the consoles. But alas, it was not to be. For us, the secret Koon forms will never be something we attain. The console JKA of today has large communities that can rival PC active numbers on our good nights. We have discords and host large tournaments, teach new people falling in love with JKA through console for the first time, and thanks to the GOOD side of the PC community that doesn't want to kill our communities by enticing them to PC, we have fixed the problems that Koon mentioned above such as saber ghosting, that was largely due to default CFG settings on the Aspyr servers. Now rather than 20svfps we use 30 and 40, weapons and force have been disabled on a few servers to allow the duelists to duel, train, and throw tournaments without being rocketed to death. Our communities are full of dedicated ex PC players that can't play pc anymore and are very happy to be able to play the game, and old OG Xbox players that played for years. Interesting thread, good read, but thought it needed some commentary from an actual console JKA player. I also play on PC because I fell in love with the game on console. All the mods and extra stuff are nice, but we love our 1.01 PS4 base. The PC community may think that console players belong there, or are destined to end up there, but we intend to keep our community and game alive for as long as possible. The controller offers less control in the end, but there's something to be said about playing JKA on the sticks. And that's not to mention the other benefits PS4 actually has over PC. For competitive play, everyone is on the same even ground. There's no cfg editing for lower jumps or better staff blocking, there's no scripts, there's nothing like that. It's a perfectly level playing field that can't be used to gain any advantage that another player couldn't. So, let me flip the script here. Those of you that have PS4s or Switch, I challenge you to come and fight me on the sticks and our improved servers. Come and hang out with our dedicated JKA community. Come and join our tournaments and see how you do. I bet you'll be impressed with what we do with what he have. Thanks for reading. -Bongrip Also, the MP matchmaking list in your original post Circa. It doesn't drop you into a random server when you click FFA, TFFA, or so on. We have one server for each game mode. If it fills, an overflow server is made. But we've set the max players in server to 32 rather than the 16 originally, so we don't need overflow servers anymore really. So consider it that PS4 and Switch each have six servers to use, and despite the title of the server being related to the game mode, the gamemodes can be altered, such as Siege that doesn't really get played can be made a dedicated dueling server, so on. Futuza, as for hacking, well yes. PC players were intentionally hijacking rcon and spawning rancors and generally griefing our entire servers. Intentionally crashing them as well, and one time a password was put on each server. Ironic, because we can't plug in a keyboard to type in a dialog box, nor did our digital ps4 keyboards let us even try to guess. Yeah, some PC players were intentionally griefing
  6. Check your dmflags even if hook fuel is set to off it will still show if dmflags are not set right
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  8. hmmm I like this....also in love with the drawing....here is mine based off your feed back. overhead few of map in editor. I'm hesitant to add more to purple area since current map size is 17,184 X 17184 units.... gatta make it big for believable horizon blending. also some more images if it now...
  9. I wasn't aware of much broken over openjk in the most recent alpha, but things rarely get reported. I'll put out a new build in the next few weeks and hopefully there'll be a chance for people to see if there are obvious bugs. Depending on how much time I have, I'll try to get some more widescreen aspect ratio correction stuff in.
  10. I think people don't really know what they want with Discord integration. The most I'd really want to do is the ability to login/register with a Discord account to make it easy for new people to join, and maybe have new threads pushed to it. Anything more than that would require basically taking over the JKC or creating a whole new server which I think would be counterproductive. I plan to talk with the JKC admins soon about it all.
  11. Thank you all for looking at this progress report, this was a great month for the mod! We hope to have more exciting things for our next update! A NEEDED UPDATE Our last update released in late-July for the most part was a big success, but was missing a number of features intended or introduced a few bugs. This week we will be looking into releasing a small mini-update to address such things as: - Add the new force powers to the controls menu so they can be bound - Add the ability to enable or disable npcs using the new force powers - Add the ability to enable or disable npcs using Force Absorb (or make less frequent) - Implement the Empire model changes previously mentioned in the last update's patch notes but didn't make it in. - Prevent NPCs from blocking force lightning with their lightsabers - Fix some balancing issues with the new force powers. This should be released by Friday, August 13th, possibly sooner provided everything goes smoothly. WHAT IS COMING NEXT We held a community feedback a few months ago and results were very interesting. One question we asked is "What would you like for us to focus on next"? The majority have spoken, and the top 2 responses were: More missions, and manual blocking. We will take this information to heart and so for this next major update, we will be looking into bringing in more missions, manual blocking, and we will also push to bring out Multiplayer as soon as possible! MISSIONS TO EXPECT The following are missions you can expect to see in the next update: - Episode VI: Father vs. Son (Remaster) - Episode IV: Deathstar Rescue - Episode III: The End of the Clone Wars MISSIONS POSSIBLY COMING The following are missions we're aiming to bring to the next update, but are not finalized at this time: - Episode III: Operation: Knightfall (Remaster, Anakin POV only) - Episode II: Confronting the Count - Episode I: Ambush on Tatooine - Episode VIII: The Last Jedi EPISODE IV: DEATHSTAR RESCUE This mission is currently under active development but has a lot of work left to do. Currently our plan is to bring in a Luke Skywalker POV, and Ben Kenobi POV. Our mapper Wettergren has worked hard and created an amazing map allowing you to traverse the Empire's ultimate weapon as these characters. As Luke, you will be tasked with rescuing Princess Leia and then escaping the battle station. As Ben, you must sneak your way through the Death Star and find a way to deactivate the tractor beam holding the Millenium Falcon in place. As our first non-duel and (sort of) non-Jedi/Sith mission, we aim to make this experience as entertaining as possible, introducing stealth mechanics and new puzzles so the experience is not entirely linear. As I close, I'd invite all of you to check out some development screenshots of the mission, and I look forward to sharing more with you. Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  12. I'm not much a fan of the code bracket coloring, it's very hard to read. #define MOO COW //Consider the following: void SomeFunc(int x) { if("COW" == MOO) return; else SomeFunc(x); } The blue and purples have a pretty bad contrast. If the colors were lightened a bit it'd be a lot better, it looks like these were designed for light theme not dark. (My favorite dark theme color code is probably vscode's default if you need some inspiration).
  13. Sadly I don't have time to fix this, but what you'll want to do is attach the debugger to a debug version of the game and start placing some breakpoints near the force power code that is probably causing the issue. Consider using the call stack to find what you're looking for. Since you probably don't know what that means, try following this tutorial first to teach yourself debugging. Possibly also you compiled it in debug mode and the crash only happens with debug, but is fine in release mode? (Asserts can do that for example). An access violation though is probably something going out of bounds, like a pointer looking beyond the bounds of an array for example.
  14. Last week
  15. I've never noticed this before, this looks super cool. Commenting so I remember to try it.
  16. Thank you for this kind reaction ! It encourages me to go on. I have plenty of works to do, and I will try to finish this mod when it will be done.
  17. Judging by the lack of shadows, I'm assuming this is a dynamic model (misc_model_static, misc_model_breakable or other). The model seems to be working fine, but I'd advise you to check the textures and texture paths, as well as the shader, as that seems to be the culprit. It's normal that it appears full bright because dynamic models don't cast or receive shadows unless set to do so, with the properties _cs 1 and _rs 1 in the Radiant entity respectively. Based on the Blender version you're using, you should either make sure that the md3shader custom property is there and correct (for Blender 2.79 or older) or the material is (I seem to remember that's how it's done with the newer versions of the Blender JA plugin on 2.8+).
  18. Thank you for the help, guys! You got it right, mrwonko. It was the @ symbol. I had to experiment with it for a while to make the reference work. It turned out it is: @FILENAME_REFERENCE It works perfectly. Thanks again!
  19. Galactic Legacy is an ambitious mod, but we are but a small team. Many areas of the mod are covered, but there are other areas where we need help! That's where YOU can come in! We are currently hiring for the following roles: Translator: Currently all of SWGL is written in English, we'd like to provide text in other languages! The following are a list of languages we would like to offer translations for: - French - Spanish - Italian - Czech - Turkish Even if your language is not listed, we'd still love to have you! German is already covered Mapper : We have one mapper, he is overworked. We need moar! Texture Artist: Whether creating promotional art or creating textures for models, we need your help! If you're interested in helping us out, please send me a DM letting a member of the team know your interest! Additionally, if you're interested in a role not listed here, such as MODELING, MISSION DESIGNING, and UI/MENU DESIGN, please let us know!
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