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  2. This has never happened to me before, but in the SP Character Creation menu, when I click on the head tab, the whole playermodel widens and slides to the middle of the screen instead of zooming in on the head like it should. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this? What could the problem be, and is there a known fix? Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hBZIYbM3H0ji3BU7lzKheQBVZuxWf5qs/view?usp=sharing
  3. the problem is that now the skin of my character when I click bind q playermodel default, I get stormtrooper. and the character that was before should remain
    No SP support so just 3 star. Trully unfurtunate couse this is an amizing model!
  4. Hi y'all, I am rather new here so I am looking for some advice on how to convert some cool model packs for MB2 so I can use them as player models in JKA multiplayer. Thanks in advance ;).
  5. Last week
  6. same!! i NEED bot support to really enjoy these maps, i've always preferred bots
  7. Star Wars Squadrons is free on Origin if you have Amazon Prime/Prime Gaming.
  8. For those few who use the pbr versions, I have just found out that there are some textures missing for the head and eyes. DM me if you need them and I'll send them to you on discord or I'll make a gdrive link and post it here (or in my wip thread- check it out)
    3 Star couse no Single Player Support. It could be amaizing.
  9. Hello you will update this Rey SP Costumization skin with the Ep.IX Jedi and Sith skin?
  10. Maybe you will let me tell you my mistake in SWGL? The fact is that when you start a mission or map, the game crashes. And there is nothing I can do about it ....
  11. Yeah it isn't all of them I'm afraid, there are many more to be made!
  12. If anyone has time and willing to take a crack at making it a playermodel - File has the Body + Textures and also included the Head + Textures if it was needed https://imgur.com/a/7qy6w5P https://www.dropbox.com/s/a4tnb4xzn2x3upz/UG Bastila.rar?dl=0
  13. I guess I'm back.

    This a somewhat strange map to me. But strange in all the right ways. It feels very unique in how it makes use of its different elements to divide the map into six sections. It has an early Jedi Academy mod map vibe as well. Very much a welcome map to my base folder.
  14. Spark of Hope - Episode 3 Spark of Hope - Episode 5 Spark of Hope - Episode 14
  15. @eezstreetnew Jan Ors model almost finished... based on Angela Harry:
  16. Pretty cool! on my personal project i have 12 elements basics instead of 6, and they can be linked also to zodiacal signs. Fire - Aries Light - Leo Spirit - Sagittarius Sound - Taurus Mind - Virgo Earth - Capricorn Wood - Libra Air - Gemini Metal - Acquarius Water - Pisces Darkness - Cancer Poison - Scorpion + Holy / Necro / Hell / Time and Space also, they can merge togethers for create 244 hybrid combinations, so for example: air+earth dust, fire+water lava, fire+light sparks, etc
  17. Yes, that's the next big step. It will be my first rigged character! (its a vehicle technically) Im planning to make the mouse droid that was in the show also - and potentially model the other characters of the episode as well. Though that is a lot of work! So my project priority list: Finish out the map build - its geometry is about 95% complete. Redo the intro cinematic. Subsequently retexture everything!! Finish modeling and rig the R1 droid. Ideally release both the map and the droid at the same time. Though if the map is "ready", and the droid is taking too long, release the map and then separately release the droid model. Then it would probably be the mouse droid model, followed by the other droid, or make the backpack with the deployable gun/model this character. After that, im not sure ill continue im probably ready to move focus forward on other map projects I have begun at that point.
  18. No Halloween contest this year. Sorry guys. I didn't really have a chance to get it posted early enough and two weeks just won't be enough.

    1. Mandalorian


      That's ok by me. Thanks to the staff who keep this site up and running!

    2. Kessno


      Thanks for continuing to support this site and community. I wanted to participate in the last contest, but due to time constraints with my job I wasn't able to. Hoping I can participate in the next one that you guys have.

  19. Today, Aspyr Media announced two new bundles they are releasing in physical form for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4: the Jedi Knight Collection (Jedi Outcast and Academy) and the Racer and Commando Combo (Star Wars Racer and Republic Commando). This is a partnership with THQ Nordic, which I assume is for the physical media production and distribution portion. This comes over a year and a half after Jedi Academy released on Switch and PS4 digitally, and two years after Outcast. It's worth emphasizing that this is a physical release only, since they were digital only before. Bundling these games together was no doubt a way to save costs which will hopefully reflect on the price for the consumer, but no price has been revealed as of this writing. Earlier last year there was a physical release of 3 of these games courtesy of Limited Run Games which let you choose PC, Switch, or PS4 as your platform, but that was of course just a limited run meant for collectors. I showed those off in a post here if you are interested in that. This new release is much different though, with the intention to make these games more accessible and available to those that prefer physical media or want to save some money by getting them bundled. It also might be worth pointing out once again that the Xbox is left out because they did not gain the publishing rights to the Xbox version. Many people assume this is due to Microsoft wanting the backwards compatible version of Jedi Academy to be the only version in their store, however Jedi Outcast is still not backwards compatible on Xbox One/Series X|S, so it's still unclear the exact reason. Perhaps it will come in the future but right now if you are an Xbox-only player, you'll have to stick with the original Xbox releases. The benefit is all original Xbox games run at 1080p or sometimes even 4K upscaled through backwards compatibility on Xbox One X or Series X, so they run and look pretty darn good. Once these bundles are released we will update this article with links to buy. Existing digital links are below and some are affiliate links, which helps us keep the lights on here. You can also donate to us any time at this link. Jedi Outcast for Nintendo Switch (Digital) Jedi Outcast for PC (Steam) Jedi Outcast for PS4 (Digital) Jedi Academy for Nintendo Switch (Digital) Jedi Academy for PC (Steam) Jedi Academy for PS4 (Digital) Jedi Academy for original Xbox (Physical) [Backwards Compatible with Xbox One and Series]
  20. in this Tutorial i want to show you how to create a advanced breathing animation and how to merge it into a humanoid.gla Download the RIG Download the XSI Exporter for Max Download Assimilate 3.1 assimilate_3.1 (mediafire.com) Download Notepad ++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/ Download Hexeditor https://mh-nexus.de/en/hxd/
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