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  2. Okay, so first episode of Season 2 was extremely good. Spoilers: So excited for this season.
  3. I absolutely loved the premiere episode for the newest season for The Mandalorian so I decided to re-create the scene where Mando meets Cobb Vanth for the first time.
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  5. Parm count stays even after turret is destroyed. I would have to reset it anyway, but I wanted to answer your question. I'll try to explain what we're dealing here with, if that would help. I have a room with 4 turrets. Each turret is deactivated and hidden behind func_door shutter. After activating trigger by "use" key, player will start one of 4 different scenarios. Each scenario differs in amount of turrets that would activate - option number 3 activates 3 turrets, option number 1 activates only 1 turret, etc. Upon activation, shutters will move, revealing turrets to a player, and activating those turrets. Turrets have to be defeated by saber deflect. When dying, turrets sends a signal to it's shutter, which closes. Signal also leads to another func_door entity, which deactivates turret and lets it respawn silently. After defeating all turrets activated by selected program, AND gate is set true and it opens a door leading out of that room. After leaving the room, whole thing resets and another player can face the challenge. Since I have a lot of combinations here (4 different programs and non specified order in which turrets can be destroyed), I had tu build AND gate manually. I made a slide with trigger on one end and npc spawner in the other. On that slide I put 4 different func_door, acting as barriers. When you activate i.e. program number 2, two of those barriers would move, blocking npc from reaching trigger. That provides a way to have multiple signals leading to the AND gate, which would work in every possible order, since NPC has to wait for every barrier to move to reach its target. Gate is being reset by another func_door, which kills npc shortly after reaching the trigger. As you probably know right now, whole thing generates a lot of entities (80 or so). It's working, but I was trying to achieve something more efficient by using scripts. I need to find a way for my script to register func_door moving or turret dying.
  6. The Way (With the new season of the Mandalorian, I had to create a new piece of course. And kitbash a certain Marshal 😋)
  7. Once it's staged out, there are plenty of options for gameplay - multiplayer obj, multiplayer ffa, single player, roleplay. That's partly why I'm so enthusiastic about the project - there is a lot of potential utility to the map. I hope my idea of the "security system" plays out well. I think I have a good idea now on how to make it give the feeling of having to play stealthy and avoid the "cameras" to win. I think it's a great springboard project to learn all the aspects of developing a complete well rounded map/mod. When I'm done, I should have the skillset to be able to put out a series of maps at a good pace I have a ton of ideas, and I'm really enjoying the creative process.
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  9. https://mega.nz/file/ftt0hY6Y#S1igE_woU3UKVqTG-pKsJDihDPXTF7v4dXttTuZC14Q
  10. Oh I can't take credit for that, you did that all yourself! I've seen some of your maps, and you've become quite a good mapper! Still going at it? Nice seeing you around!
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  12. You've really been instrumental in keeping me moving forward the past few months while I'm learning the software, shaders and scripting. Thank you for all of the succinct answers. I have a better idea now how to proceed.
  13. My retexture for 4-lom from Force Arena.
  14. Circa

    Halloween Contest 2020

    Was thinking that too. Two months would be good. I think the least amount of time we've had for a contest before was like 2 weeks. 😛 I would have preferred to start that one this month, but Halloween was requested a lot to me. Maybe we'll have better participation with a Mando one here soon.
  15. The first version of the SWRP Model Pack is complete and will be pending upload. Gotta make a replacement pack for MB as an option as well.

    Little late for the Halloween contest but they are all original RP characters so it took a wee bit of time.

  16. A space battle can work if you use a map like siege_destroyer. It's one of my favorites and playing it even with 8 people is fun as hell. I'd be interested in playing an event like this, but you've got to schedule properly like the people at JKGalaxies do. Even use a time counter so that people know exactly when the event will be. Make a discord channel, let people interested in it join and announce it there and tag people when the date is near and also when the event starts. If I'm home I'll when you do it, I'll certainly be there.
  17. is there a  battlefront 1 SABER FX mod for jedi academy ? 

    bc .......i had it before and i rest my whole laptop and now i cant find the file 

    does anyone have the file for jedi academy ?? plz and thank u !!

  18. Now the hardest work has begun in Dromund Kaas Stronghold Map Adding decorations ❤️
  19. Now the hardest work has begun in Dromund Kaas Stronghold Map Adding decorations ❤️
  20. Get Luffy from One piece one day pleeez, I luv one piece :^(
  21. Hi. I want to start working with animation. Tried to work with Blender. (How many animation frames can I upload at one time?) Where do I start? Are there tutorials besides XSI Mod Tool?
  22. After poking at things, I don't see a GTK3 migration being very likely any time soon, so I'm moving it to the very end of the todo list. GTK3 removed a lot of functions that Radiant used, and while there is a backward-compatible community tool I can use to get that functionality back, I don't think that tool will play nice with Radiant's old version of OpenGL. And I am not about to update OpenGL, since that would literally require a total rewrite of everything involving rendering - grid, camera, plugins, texture window......everything. So for now, I will continue working on it as-is - GTK2 and OpenGL 1.1.
  23. I guess Ill call her done, if theres no other objections. i'll have her segmented and capped today, and rig her over the next day or so. Then I'll rig and animate her tiger.
  24. Is it just me or is the lowers pic Voss heads kinda fucked?
  25. COOL, finally remembered to check up on the mod and THIS was a nice surprise! Thank you, modders!
  26. Requirements for audio files can be found here:
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