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  2. Okay I managed to fix the water problem what i did wrong was assume that the system textures was in common and now the water works when using the water_caulk from the system folder lol
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  4. Scripts are one of the most important things in modding. Aside from basic things they allow to add (objectives, cinematics, etc.) they help you with creating a more vivid environment, like adding speeders at the distance or making peculiar platforms or puzzles. Sometimes scripts allow you to cheat the game engine and make more characters, than NPC limits would allow (at least visually). In any case studying scripts and Behaved is a good thing to do after learning the basics of mapping.
  5. Guys, has anyone been having problems with dismemberment in Dark Pasttimes? It works ok with autoexec.cfg in single player, and works in OpenJK after console commands. Inside DP it unfortunately doesn't work... If anyone knows how to solve it, I'd be really gratefull
  6. I asked about baseJK cvars only because I think I might have read somewhere that the author deprecated or disabled some of them, but I don't remember exactly what it was that I had read. So, where can I find a sample server.cfg for JA++ ? Also, I insist 😛 - why is the grapple hook at my server just a rope and its hook is missing? What's the cvar for that? I used the server.cfg from JA+ to create a server if that helps... Thank you. It certainly solved #1, #3, #4 and #6 and partially answered #9. Still, isn't there any way to have the "Moves List" in JA++ as well? Th
  7. The func_bobbing needs an origin brush to define where the model is supposed to go, or it will spawn in the origin of the map. I also recommend nodraw_nonsolid over trigger for dummy brushes. An alternative method is targeting a misc_model in the desired position to the func_bobbing ("target" key on the misc_model, "targetname" on func_bobbing).
  8. I've never released my kitbashes on the Hub before, but wanna share with the Community. Not a professional either lol But i'll share what i've put together. Keep in mind, most of the models i've done so far are from The Mandalorian, so SPOILERS ahead if you haven't watched it. I'll block them out either way. I would have sent a few files in for the Mandalorian mod contest, but I know ported parts aren't allowed, as it says. Not sure if i'll be posting a lot in here, but i'll post whatever I decide to put together lol Rey Skywalker https://www.mediafi
  9. I once made a request for the porting of a model, maybe you know it because it is a modified variant of the Bulldozer from Payday 2, and well, not to give more details, the model was fitted with the rockettrooper humanoid, although it works from the Everything, it will replace the hazardtrooper, it works when placing it with the replacement of the hazardtrooper, but the problem is that when it pushes you like the hazardtrooper it does not put the animation of the push as it should, and well it is a little problem that has not been possible fix, and well, and I was wondering if: is it possible
  10. It’d be totally awesome to change the lighting function to fit each effects in this mod which are after all just some visual effects. Though it’d require some serious programming job I bet. I remember when I was making this mod, I opened the lightning effect script files with document editing tool and tried to puzzle out those parameters by changing the numbers and swap the lightning skin picture with something like fire flame or snowflake and then run the game and see how it looks and then just test & test & fix & fix. It's like decoding thing and lots of headaches but it was fun
  11. New features are upcoming: jk2 servers support - done server commands - done refreshing server list - done background execution - implemeting Fixed some bugs (especially for often crashing iOS) and made some improvements - thanks for reports. Expect a new version very soon.
  12. Last week
  13. So... I found the perfect character model for myself! A picture me and said model! https://ibb.co/Wfx5nCm

  14. Because the BAT file is pointing to jamp.exe instead of openjk.x86.exe, which is probably the main issue. Try changing that in the runojrp.bat file.
  15. Can someone please make a female version of the classic jedi project skins if anyone has the time please?
  16. There is no money in a remaster without some loot boxes.
  17. I think Lucasfilm learned it's lesson with exclusivity deals. I highly doubt Ubisoft is getting one. There will be more to gain by licensing out to developers individually like LucasArts did rather than give it all to one publisher. EA only has so many studios, which all have their own various IP's to make games for as well. I think EA did better than expected, but not nearly as well as if we had other developers outside of their roster making games as well. I think that deal was made by the highest person on the food chain at the time (Iger) and knew EA was the biggest game publisher and had
  18. A Tulak Hord model for JKA does already exist, but the textures on yours look a little better. The issue with a hole/gap showing under certain animations is most likely a weighing issue, without us seeing the model's .GLM cannot confirm what specifically you need to adjust, but should be something minor. Potentially a vert or two on the object needs the weight on one of the bone's to be adjusted to a lower percentage so it doesn't move that area of the model completely when the animation plays / or set to 1 so it doesn't move at all from the point where the two objects join. What's wrong
  19. Moving one of several brushes of a func entity and pressing CTRL+Z afterwards also allows selecting an entire func_**** entity.
  20. I've encountered this issue as well and only with OpenJK installed. The thing is that original JA and OpenJK sometimes use different folders for Saved Games and some other files. Thus it's possible to use both saves and different maps. This explanation isn't very accurate, but it might help you understand what might be the problem. In order to avoid this (and for dozens of other reasons) it's best to make test versions of your map before compiling the final one. I test certain scenes and scripts on test01, test02, etc. while the versions of the map itself include smth like dg_city_v1.map
  21. You keep doing these amazing things man, damn. Thank you for sharing!
  22. Resolved, mods please change title to reflect this. (I'd recommend not deleting as this information may be useful to someone in the future)
  23. Yeah, pretty much that concept, with 360° movement (or at least forward, back, left, right and diagonal). The camera doesn't drop and the controls are more responsive. Usually, it's bound to a key separate from the crouch button like ALT or X (maybe C? Is there anyone who doesn't bind crouch to CTRL?) to avoid accidentally crouching instead of rolling, though there might be a way around this if that's not something we want. By default, tapping the roll key will roll you forward, even if you're not moving forward. Moving in other directions will make you roll in that direction. When you're roll
  24. Moved topic to Modding Assistance. Making models isn’t really specific to JKA at first. Look up YouTube tutorials on how to make models in Blender and go from there. Once you have a good model you want to put in JKA, then you can ask here how to do so.
  25. Clone wars armour for Mace Windu and Obi Wan Kenobi! Comes with robed versions also. Hope you guys like it! Any issues please let me know. Icons: Download:
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