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  2. Added back the staff badge from the old forum Removed member group and post count on topic view, because we only have 2 groups and post counts can be viewed on the profile page Fixed z-index issue with user buttons overlapping on top of pop-out windows Fixed various font color readability issues
  3. I think spoiler tags can be avoided, I have put a warning at the top so people know that this topic will contain spoilers. Will make it easier for us to read going forward. Very true, although Krayt dragons were a thing before KOTOR, seen and heard (sorta) in ANH, but I get what you mean. The whole plot of that episode was clearly KOTOR inspired. We'll see!
  4. Prefer JKA jumping, It gives you more control/feels more responsive.
  5. Awesome of you to port these. Loving it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Textured the bevels around the cell doors to match to the wall texture "seamlessly". Also worked on resizing the doors. Went to far! It will have to be redone. Even though the door is now larger, the player model cannot fit through the door - the door space is 76 units in diameter. Still troubleshooting why I cannot move the player model through even when crouching.
  8. Link's been done before, so has Ganon, but idk about Zelda, lol.
  9. Hey, Jeff! One more tiny request: I was wondering if you could make models for these 2 SW comics characters? Garro (newer SW comics) and Tol Skorr (Dark Jedi from the Republic series)? I'd appreciate it! Thank you, in any case! 🙂 Cheers! P.S. Thank you for the CW Boba saber fix, you rock! 🙂 Garro: Tol Skorr:
  10. Last week
  11. I never said you couldn't animate with it, you're just not going to find any info on that subject around here on it. The bare JA skeleton as is really isn't any good for animating no matter what software you're using, it needs to be constrained to a biped with IK.
  12. Sounds like a very simple skin file issue. I recommend reading up on basics of skins before jumping straight into frankensteining models in Blender, assuming that's what you meant.
  13. Your attention to detail is incredible.
  14. Morabis

    Site Down?

    @Raz0r @Circa Hey. I made a mirror of the original site on here: https://japplus.github.io/site/ Added the 'recent' builds (05.30.19) to the download section.
  15. Welcome to JKHub, @Apollo1. Over the years, tons of lightsaber mods have been made. Therefore, it is hard to tell which mod is the one you're looking for. But here are some Episode 2 and Episode 3 blades. If you are looking for specific blades, I suggest you take a look at the cosmetic mods of our file section. https://jkhub.org/files/category/10-cosmetic-mods/
  16. the main thing for lugormod was to build, making quest with npcs, and based on classes. there was a few RP clans out there, but from my past and having a lugormod server we where more making it a quest based mode where u could get credits to upgrade, build a house for the credits and so on. Robophed or what he was call was one of the last one who was coding on it, but he moved on for what ever reason he had, maybe he just lost the passion to go on with the project. the source code has been release by some other guy who got the code and was trying to work on with it. but i guess he lost interested as well.
  17. -Select the piece that needs textures -go to edit mode -select UV editing -open the image -done
  18. Elite Dangerous is free on Epic right now: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games
  19. NOTHING PERSONAL This is Corr! She's a foundling who used to be a slave, until a wandering Mandalorian taking bounties rescues her from captivity. Taught the way of the Mandalore, she becomes a force to be reckoned with!
  20. Does anyone know how to make new NPC classes, or add an NPC class to the NPC tool?
  21. I was watching ROTS sometime ago, well not quite watch but more just scanning over a scene for Movie Duels, and noticed a little detail while paused that caught my eye: Although not quite the same, they are very very similar in appearance, which seems quite interesting. I wonder if there were any other background details like this one missed!
  22. @Foxus I moved your topic to the appropriate section, and I changed the title for better understanding. The armor shouldn't be that difficult to make. We have similar looking models that could serve as a perfect basis.
  23. Life happens. I have recently been informed of an unexpected long work trip coming soon. You do what you can, January is not that far off.
  24. Neither Beskar nor Cortosis should be able to stop a lightsaber. Weapons like the one the magnaguard use repel the lightsaber and I think that's fine, as long as its not made of a lightsaber resistant material.
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