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  2. I can't seem to make this work. Does it not work for ja enhanced?
  3. Last week
  4. I believe Galak Suit uses a different .gla altogether. However, aside from the tutorial mentioned in the solution, the only other way I know is to place a modified .gla or animations.cfg in _humanoid_<mapname>, and those new anims will play (though for every _humanoid model) when that map is loaded. As far as I know it doesn't only affect cinematics, it can affect any animation at all.
  5. How i can open bsp file, What software will I need
  6. Hi @Seto! I can't really say I've found a solution as of now. Life's been quite busy lately so I couldn't find the time to work on this issue. But thank you the help, I'll definitely try it out when I can get back to it, hopefully during the summer.
  7. Hoth gear changes is SPECIFICALLY for SP Player chars... that is, models which use the "jedi_charname" folder format, with partial skin files, with names like head_a1, torso_a1, lower_a1. Thee way you seem to be doing things with "model_default" skins, suggests you are using the MP folder convention, say "base/models/players/mycustomkyle47" or whatever, with a 'whole char skin" like model_default. Just adding a torso_g1 skin file to that almost certainly won't work. First you need to rename your custom kyle model folder to say... base/models/players/jedi_mycustomkyle47 Then you will need not only a torso_g1 skin but also a lower_e1 skin and at least one non Hoth head skin, torso skin and lower skin, say a head_a1 torso_a1 lower_a1, you'd make up similar head,torso and lower skins for your other kyle costumes. What happens then is that when you start that first Hoth Mission, or your own "pretend its Hoth" mission, the game switches from whatever player model selection you made at the start of the game (or later with the playermodel command) and uses the head skin you chose, WITH the torso_g1/lower_e1 Hoth versions, but it REMEMBERS what the non hoth appearance was (it's stored in the jasp cfg file) and when you are not Hoth-ing it switches back to that. Grab a copy of my "Sintra Messon" mod from the downloads here, open up the pk3 files in a copy of winrar /whatever, and look at the way I put the various skins together. if you want to use the keybind load a config file method then something like this... seta g_char_model "jedi_adsms" seta g_char_skin_head "head_a4" seta g_char_skin_torso "torso_c2a" seta g_char_skin_legs "lower_b4" Or there's the bind a Hoth/non-hoth appearance to a couple of keys method... bind [ "playermodel jedi_adsms head_a2 torso_c2c lower_b4;saber ad-darklance-sp;sabercolor 1 red red;" bind ] "playermodel jedi_adsms head_a2 torso_g1 lower_e1;saber ad-darklance-sp;sabercolor 1 red red;"
  8. Some lightsaber colors are very dark or lighter because of the buggy lighting lol, the color effects are jk3's own.
  9. I don't think that metallic bolts which Imperial Repeater fires are ionized. Because Tusken's cycler rifle in JKA also fires an energy bolt that can be deflected by a lightsaber. As you know, Tusken's cycler rifle is a 'slugthrower' and it fires definitely a slug, not an energy bolt. Maybe creators of JKA made most of weapons' projectiles as a blaster bolt, except few weapons such as Flechettle, disruptor rifle, rocket launcher, detonator... That's why Jaden can deflect a slug of cycler rifle on Tatooine mission. From this point of view, it can also be explained that Imperial Heavy Repeater is SlugThrower. And then, the model of that gun is SlugThrower, too. I think visualization of projectiles repeater and cycler rifle fire and slugs capable of being deflected by a lightsaber are just game permission. And I like it now. Because Jedi can also deflect and reflect slugs in JKA !! This is really advantageous ! In JKA, Jedi cannot be defeated by a slugthrower, too. Many people say slugthrower is very effective in defeating Jedi or Sith, but not in this game.
  10. Yes it's absolutely build from scratch with everything happening in my mind. Now although the topic is about 6 years old, The revamp i did I started roughly 2/3 years ago, but you got to consider that i worked on this off and on, meaning sometimes i worked a couple of days on it, left it alone again for months (i have 3 children and they take up a lot of time). I have not counted the hours in it, and I do this also to keep up again with my skills. I must add that my progress curve increased ever since i swapped editor last year. NetRadiant makes alot up for the short comings of GTK Radiant, that I was using (and i was using still 1.4.0, since I ran that back in 2004/2005.
  11. Had a go myself, and I can see why for something relatively small it might be a bit challenging. Firstly, and I expect most people knew this already, there's no clear way of adding extra "colours" to the saber blade selection. You can only replace existing ones. So I tried repainting the default orange blade and while it looked ok in static, I didn't take into account that the "trail" texture is shared by all blades. So it looks white in the middle again when waved around. Will have to consider whether there's potential for all blades to have this colour core to match (unlikely) or whether there's a way of setting up a separate trail for just that one blade colour.
  12. Glad to know you're still around, I was worried you disappeared. Looking forward to continuing to help out with EY4:RE
  13. just a little something to celebrate the 40th anniversary to ROTJ!
  14. 18 downloads

    AI-upscaled x2 textures for default game characters. The pack includes textures for: Alora, Alora2, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Cultist, Imperial, Jedi, JediTrainer, Kyle, Luke, MutantRancor, R2D2, R5D2, Rancor, Reborn, Reborn New, Reborn Twin, Rocket Trooper, Rodian, Rosh Penin, Snowtrooper, Stormtrooper, Tavion New. How to install: copy pk3 file to the GameData/Base directory. Note: Textures for jedi take about 3/4 size of the archive, because or transparency for single player character customization.
  15. Good to see you guys right where I left you, still at it! I imagine the entire OT models are finished now.
  16. 16 downloads

    Snaggletooth and the rare blue snaggletooth. Credits: Mat Gaunt for the head.
  17. Streaming Cathalan for kotor 2

  18. Thank you! I seem to remember it doesn't have an NPC file. As for using it, in MP it's /model cdwt/default, in SP it's playermodel cdwt model_default model_default model_default. Happy hiding in the Bushes of Love! (... they might be next if there's an April's Fool Contest 2024 - that or Yoda's misadventure at the Beach )
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  20. 4 downloads

    This is an application that can be used to launch JKA and connect directly to a server, without having to go through the main menu to do it. The launcher can also connect to a Google Drive folder, and sync your pk3 mods with the ones in the cloud automatically, to make it easier for clans to manage their models and maps. To use this, you MUST have a google drive account, AND be added to the folder by the person managing it. While the name of this suggests (correctly) that this is part of the GalaxyRP Roleplay mod project, this should work with all jka mods and is not dependent on the roleplay mod to work. (I've tested this with ja+, OpenJK, and Base) If your preferred mod doesn't work with it, place a comment here and I'll add support for it. Installation: Place the launcher in your GameData folder. Feel free to then make a shortcut on your desktop. Setup: On first run, it will generate a configuration file that is stored in the same folder, and contains all your settings. Fill those in with your own preferences. If you want to use the Google Drive feature, you have to provide a link to a folder in the settings. The application will then open a browser window that will ask you which account you want to use with the application. If you chose wrong, or simply don't want to use it anymore, you can revoke this access form your Google account settings at any time. Usage: Once setup is complete, you can use the check for updates in the cloud, and then the download buttons will download them into your base folder automatically. If a file in the cloud has the same name as one you have already, but the contents are different, the file in the cloud will be considered the more up to date one. Only pk3 files are considered. You may then select your preferred server to connect to, and press launch game to connect directly to it without having to go through the main menu. For Clan Leaders: You can set it up yourself, and share the application together with the configuration file with the clan's members so that they don't have to do the same setup as well. Once you give them the configuration file, their settings will be taken from that. This does NOT share your Google account, they will still have to use their own. Other Project Details: This project is Open Source, under the GPL 3.0 license. If you wish to see/modify the code for the project, details can be found here: alexnita3/GalaxyRP-Launcher (github.com) Any additions are welcomed.
  21. Long time no see, because I got interested in Star wars again, recently I'm enjoying JKA with KOTF 2.1. Anyway, I have a question about npc. While I'm playing the JKA KOTF movie campaign, I saw that a npc shows a transparent shield barrier when I attacked him. I think it's personal shield(green bar in HUD) which a player basically has, not a shield of Assassin Driod!! And then, maybe there is a way to give a personal shield to a specific npc. But I don't know how to do it. At first, I thought it can be done with editing .npc file, however there wasn't a method or variable like 'shield', 'armor'..... I can't give a shield by using cheat code either. Is there a way to give personal shield(green bar in HUD) to npc?
  22. Is this an update?
  23. Earlier
  24. Shame Tulak Hord is the only playermodel in the SP menu, was expecting more. But, the NPC's make up for it. Good mod.
  25. Thank you very much, works just fine!!!
  26. Amazing work! Would you be interested in adding in his canon appearance?
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