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  1. Yesterday
  2. Season 7 edit of my TCW Maul with HOOD ON.
  3. Hey, guys I have a question of a part of the game code ... When am I useing two sabers in the game? How can it be done so that when switching to a single saber, it was possible to apply super blows and fast-style rods, and then back when switching to a second saber to work and dual style work?
  4. The best place to report OpenJK Issues is the issue tracker on GitHub. Did you build OpenJK yourself? If you're using a Debug build instead of a Release build, additional debugging features may be enabled, which could explain this behaviour.
  5. I also did a video tutorial series on this a long time ago, this is the first part. I don't remember if it's any good, and it's certainly outdated, but much of what it contains should still apply.
  6. Last week
  7. You've got that right, fam! I ordered an Obi-Wan Lightsaber from Darkwolf Customs for my collection because I can't contain the hype! It's going to be a long year. Hoping we'll get some new Obi-Wan skins leading up to and during the shows run.
  8. IMBYjlh.png

    {JoF}'s Easter Event on Milamber's Tarascii Mod (suicide barrels):


  9. Oh no, was looking forward to seeing this process. Rest and feel better!
  10. Oh, that's not the issue at all, lol. It's to keep new players who have no idea about what's going on from joining, jumping ingame during a pug, and causing chaos.
  11. r_lodScale from 0 to 20 affects LOD of GLM Models and I don't think misc_model_static or model2 key loaded md3s that have Lodmodels are affected r_subdivision affects patchcurve detail r_lodCurveError affects when the LOD from Patches starts to affect them - doesn't affect models or players If you want you can force patchMeta either by shader, or by entity key or globally during compilation. If you're making an SP map there is also a way to force the above cvars on a client to change abusing icarus and making potato players have to look at gorgeously high detail curv
  12. Well LucasArts hasn’t existed since 2014, so it makes sense they’d use LucasFilm for the branding. All of this stuff was licensed from LF. I’m keeping the blister pack mint since I don’t need to use it. Not only because of the digital copy on the drive, but I still have my old discs as well.
  13. Is possible, but you need some good guy that now well the vehicle code of multiplayer and singleplayer both. the asteroid mod of gummelt have a nice multiplayer dogfight space combat. the single player vehicles are horrid and hacked. animals and speeders are very good both Fighters handling and collision is very nasty. well, basically, a coder should past the source code of asteroid mod from MP to SP for fix the bad flight behavour of fighter. then you need another problem: you need to wrote an AI for NPC that use fighter vehicles for have realistic space combat mode. hone
  14. That sounds like it has potential for fun.
  15. I know this is 6 years late, but have you released these models?
  16. I think Durge is just about ready, I'm liking how this turned out!
  17. Thank you for clarifying, that helped! Im still getting some strange shadows on some patches, was you can see on the circular doors. Anything I can do to help improve lighting on patches?
  18. Keep a check on the DF2 mod section of the JKHub JKCommunity discord.
  19. Well if I tell what project we will work in Movie Duels it would ruin the reactions when its done. What I can say,I want to work on missions,what Revan software never did sadly. And fans always wanted specific timelines and missions in movie duels...i wont spoil other things. About the PC. I want to learn more about textures,and animations so I want to have a good computer for the best visuals. Always loved to make high quality textures for jk3 models,sometimes remaster old models with more real textures. But of course with a nice pc I want to learn more things about textures,but only fo
  20. Earlier
  21. @minilogoguy18@SomaZ and other staff... Pic model updated - now includes caps and 3 LODs.
  22. Guys,need your help(check my wip)

    May the Force be with me xD

  23. Okay guys, i followed all of the topic but im still confused about the YTD method. The audio sound like crap. but i need to export the .ROQ file in 22050 HZ so whats the best thing to do, export my video to mp4/avi and use the freq to 44100 HZ, then export to finally convert it to .roq in 22050 Hz ? I have tried that but the audio sounded even worse. Any tip on how to achieve a correct sound ?
  24. Moved request to the request forum. Also removed the 10 post restriction since it clearly didn't work.
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