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  2. Oh, don't get me started with that. I hoped JKHub would become the main place for all JKA players but in reality it always catered mostly to the modding community. I don't think that will change at any point.
  3. https://mega.nz/file/OV1mRZRA#BY_0nfPA3ZxDN7q_cApwwiiGRYy1KdxOj5aZmqpClsw
  4. All JK moves are the same, but characters can have different stances, animations for some of these. It requires some editing of the GLM in wordpad or notepad so it has the humanoid animations listed.
  5. Sorry was not clear. I meant if EA/Lucas arts complained about their assets being used in what is basically machinima then EA/Lucas arts would be douchebags. I dont see that happening though. A lot of garry mod movies used stolen assets from Star wars games and other games without issue. The only difference here is the popuarlity of the project. That being said he does have a patreon which a bit on the dodgy side when your doing this type of project as Lucas arts could interpret that as making money off of their IP.
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  7. Hi all, To boost my singleplayer experience I've seen on some forums that you can use a script called 'Huntkill' to make npc chase their enemies (not sure if this works on player only or also on other enemy NPCS but I hope to find out :-) ). I'm afraid however that I can't seem to get it to work. I have seen the mention of the command ingame being: runscript (targetname) huntkill Whenever I spawn an NPC with a name for example npc spawn sithtrooper sith I was thinking 'sith' was the targetname, but when using that, the game can't find it. Then
  8. I'm using 1.4 on Windows 10 and never had an issue ... apart from the regular, pretty known ones . . . 😂 🤪 Are you running Radiant as an administrator ??
  9. So the only thing I know how to do is to install and download mods. Can someone please walk me through on how to edit NPCs? The YouTube videos confuse me.
  10. Last week
  11. Could we possibly get a download link for this model, or is it planned to be a MD exclusive like some of the other Luke skins in there?
  12. Ask for help if you need it. This is a flaw many people including myself do.
  13. If so, can someone please assist me in replacing them, or maybe someone can do it themselves?
  14. Circa

    JA++ Download

    Make sure the japlus folder is in the GameData folder alongside the base folder. Or if you're using OpenJK with the default home path, you'll probably have to put it in the /User/Documents/My Games/OpenJK folder
  15. Correction! After much experimenting, I have figured out how to edit these files using a hex editor. If anyone needs help, I can tell you more about it. The only hiccup I've run into is ADDING to the files. Like if a file has no music assigned to it in the bsp file, I have no clue how one would be able to add it in. I've played with it in all kinds of ways and no luck. If anyone knows how to ADD to bsp files, lemme know. For now, I'm pretty content with changing the bsp file using a hex editor!
  16. Control is free until June 17th. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/control
  17. 8 hours? You know we are not robots, right? We sleep and work and live. It's not just a matter of pressing the approve button. We have to review the contents and upload it as well. Y'all would not survive in the JK3files days where it would take a week or more to get approved.
  18. Just use Q3Map2GUI as a program with Ydnars latest Q3Map2 compiler. Point your GTKRadiant install to Ydnars compiler too and only use Radiant to compile it whenever you want to fix leaks, as it will draw them visually. Q3Map2GUI: http://3d-get.de/q3map2gui/ Ydnar's latest Q3Map2 can be found there too (press Important Links). Now if the latest Ydnar Q3Map2 doesn't work for some reason (I haven't exactly remained updated) => Then just go with the probably outdated 64-bit >2GB Ram unlocked one here at JKHub: https://jkhub.org/files/file/1335-q3map2-2gb-memory-usage/
  19. New findings: If you've set the game so that the bodies of dead NPC don't disappear, and you use a disruptor to disintegrate the body of say, a dead Rebel NPC in front of another Jedi NPC, then that other Jedi will try and kill you for treason, just as it would if you killed any ally in front of another ally. When you jump from a higher point, the fall damage is reduced if you crouch, and it's reduced even further if you roll the second you hit the ground. You fall from a high point but miraculously land in a body of water! Hurray, no fall damage, right? Wrong. The second you
  20. Iron Man (Marvel) Red Skull Mister Fantastic
  21. A little something I threw together
  22. It is here! Thank you for everyone following project!
  23. Earlier
  24. Still too high on the polycount / verts. Needs heavy optimization to prevent crashing the game.
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