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  3. Oh damn, can you tell me which ones are missing? Greetings!
  4. Borderlands 3 is free on Epic until the 26th. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/borderlands-3
  5. zahar

    Generic NPCs

    Version 1.0


    Sometimes, you need a generic NPC on your RPG map. Here are two skins that you can use. One is a Chiss and the other is a Nobleman. They were based on the Mercenary model from Jedi Academy. I made them for a Nina anthology mod that I'm working on. These two reskins were done by zahar0z. The following textures were used during process: Luke Skywalker ESB Bespin reskin textures - by HapSlash neo reskin textures - by JEDI_Salvation some spanki jedi textures - by spanki and just a little CT_elite textures - by tobe_one I also fixed rigging on original JA model's neck to fix holes. I used GLM plugin for 3ds max - by Scooper Feel free to use all them in your mods.
  6. can anyone convert this GLM file into OBJ or FBX and send me email kyoungseok909@gmail.com
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  8. As far as I know it's only this model. Movie Duels uses different animations and poses when it comes to guns also I forgot to mention this in my previous comment and I do not know if this happens in base JKA or not but as far as movie duels go when ever I try landing back down to the ground after using the jet pack it still is activated and he hovers from the ground a bit too so I'm hoping you can fix that too but if not then don't worry about it but off topic you should try Movie Duels It's really good however if you plan on using this model in gameplay you have to use the playermodel bounty_hunter cheat to use him because there is no character selection icon to select him unless you decide to make him as part of the Jaden Korr customization.
  9. Ran out of transform form space for ghoul2 models. adjust g2mini_miniheap_size in sv_init.cpp , i looked online and the error seems to happen because the model is too high quality
  10. I'm still struggling with the same problem. I tried looking for an answer all over the internet with no luck. I was trying to mess around with the bsp file in Hex Editor, I noticed it is an RBSP file, so it makes sense that the error says it's not an IBSP file. In Hex Editor I changed it to IBSP, then tried again recompiling with -onlyents. I got a new error which says my IBSP file is version 1 not 47. So this is probably not the way I should do it. If anyone could help me with this, I would be very happy.
  11. There is the Bath House that is Roman-inspired. https://jkhub.org/files/file/728-the-bath-house/ This is not specifically Jedi Academy but there is the Colosseum mod for Jedi Outcast that will probably work in JKA. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2952-colosseum/ Obviously this one isn't Rome but it would be Greece. Olympus: https://jkhub.org/files/file/3923-olympus/
  12. General mapping: The guide Futuza linked above is how I learned basic mapping. For SP specific things I recommend this tutorial: Lots of tutorials in our tutorial section.
  13. Commander's Log #2

    Started planning on what my single player mod will be and started some work on the mapping (Radiant). I got a guide on how to do mapping from:


    Anyways, A rough outline of my project as of now:

     A Alternate Universe Star Wars Mod Where you're a bounty hunter who rises in rank after every target. All original Characters, small cameos (killable maybe just cuz alternate universe), cutscenes, dialogue, choices, etc.

    I want this gunplay to be semi-realistic to where 3 shots can kill you but you can buy armor to reduce that up to maybe 5-6 shots. I want to make strategy and tactics a big part of the game and put in a multiple approach system.

    Then I want there to be 2-3 different endings depending on choices you made or targets you killed/missed.
    I plan to study game cutscenes and some deeper Star Wars lore in the era I'd like to set my game to create immersion.

    Will give updates as I go along. Gotta study some programming for escuela in the meantime.

  14. All i want from this mod are the sabers. is there a saber pack with all of the sabers from this mod. cos i really just want the sabers from here, not the animation/stances or anything else. thx
  15. Magnus


    How do I activate True View
  16. How can I use this character in SP and get his jedi robes as show in the last image you have? I looked for it and it doesn't show.
  17. Hey! Is it possible to export jedi academy humanoid animations to blender? I need some humanoid flip jumping animations for Unity.
  18. I manage to rotate the hand of the model just to get the accurate feeling for the shield, now just to rotate the XYZ, accurately to the model of the left hand...
  19. You can configure a couple of settings in the .npc file of the enemy. You can extract it from one of the assets pk3s, it should be in the ext_data folder.
  20. Fun updates for overheating: Thanks to Silverfang for making the efx. (I did the code to get it to work).
  21. Commanders Log #1


    I created this account to log my modding progress.

    I currently know little to nothing but got help making some slow ass rockets from @Bruceleet so that's a start. Tried to make them bigger afterwards but they didn't change too much. But its a start, nonetheless lol.

    Hopefully Ill be able to start working on this single player RPG mod idea I have with all original characters. But before I do that, I need to know how to make a level in single player. Looking at all these files makes my brain fuzzy so I'll likely be asking for help on this forum. Maybe some of the findings will help future modders and reignite and interest in this game again.

    Games these days have been lackluster lol.

    1. Futuza


      Welcome and good luck!

  22. Neat, never seen that before. There is also a book focused on Quake 3 modding that is pretty useful for any JKA modders. Although it is mainly the basics they cover. hint: googling it might find you the .pdf quite easily
  23. Must be an error in the engine. I probably fixed it already in my latest WIP version. Never really encountered this issue before.
  24. Had a little play with it. Had to remove the skybox and just used a very low res one lol. and a few textures I removed. (prob more than I should of due to some overlapping. I think you can still see on the floor that there is some shimmering going on. Def possible to port. If your willing to put some time into it. e.g. improving the textures, especially on say the ship that was never designed to be looked up at close. And give it decent lighting with maybe some light emitting shaders. I only really played with it for about 30 mins though just to show it in game. Put some time into and it could look pretty decent. Also not quite sure what those barriers are at the start? Maybe thats like an invisble wall in the original game to stop people going to far back or forward? idk
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