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  2. The model is actually complete and you can fight against him as an NPC. He uses a custom skeleton and was never meant to be a playable character however.
  3. Android usually runs on ARM processors, which is a different type of architecture that has to be specifically targeted when compiling code mods, it can't run programs for PC. In theory, code mods are possible on Android, but the mods have to be built specifically for Android, and JKtouch also needs to support it (I don't know if it does). I don't know if anyone has ever tried it.
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  5. Didi you managa to solve it? I changed the IBi but everytime I reload a game it turns back to the winter gear...
  6. If you were to lightmap your map in blender instead of q3map2 - using _keeplights 1 still spares you an extra import of a file with just the lights compiled into it. The keeplights stuff doesn't affect ingame entity count as far as I'm concerned and thus the few KB extra per .bsp really are worth the effort - especially if sourcefiles and compiled files magically get separated by whatever circumstances.
  7. So, I just solved it. You just simply have to erase the pain_back1 and pain_back2 line, using a HEX editor, into the intro2.IBI file. Thanks!
  8. Patch Notes - 11/29/2021 HIGHLIGHTS - The NPC Free Choice System has been expanded upon! Now you will be able to assign any weapon to any NPC, and customize any NPC's lightsaber to fit your story! - Multiplayer arrives in Star Wars: Galactic Legacy! Host hangouts, roleplaying, or prove your dominance to other players! MISSION IMPROVEMENTS JEDI OUTCAST CAMPAIGN - In the pre-lightsaber levels, Kyle Katarn will spawn with a Bryar Pistol instead of a Blaster Pistol as intended. JEDI OUTCAST - YAVIN TRIAL - Removed the player being assigned Force Sense and Melee at the beginning of the level. - Replaced the Bryar Pistol with a Lightsaber, as intended. JEDI OUTCAST - NAR SHADDAA STARPAD - Corrected an error where the player wouldn't have access to Force Stasis as intended. JEDI OUTCAST - CAIRN BAY - Luke Skywalker will no longer be set to his Jedi Academy appearance. JEDI OUTCAST - CAIRN DOCK ONE - Luke Skywalker will no longer be set to his Jedi Academy appearance. JEDI OUTCAST - DOOM SHIELDS - After defeating Galak Fyyar, the gravity will turn off as intended. JEDI ACADEMY - KORRIBAN 1 - Corrected a shader issue where the lava texture wasn't appearing as intended. - If connecting using the "devmap" command, inputting dark or light after the map code will change your alignment for the mission. JEDI ACADEMY - KORRIBAN 2 - If connecting using the "devmap" command, inputting dark or light after the map code will change your alignment for the mission. DUEL OF THE FATES - Corrected issues present in all three POVs and extended endings that prevented saving from working properly. FATE OF THE REPUBLIC - Corrected issues present in both POVs that prevented saving from working properly. OPERATION: KNIGHTFALL - Corrected issues present in all three POVs that prevented saving from working properly. YOU HAVE BECOME A RIVAL - Corrected an issue where loading a save game of this mission would crash to desktop. FATE OF THE REPUBLIC (MACE WINDU) - Corrected a glitch where Palpatine was impossible to kill, even after the 3 Jedi are killed. NEW/UPDATED CHARACTERS THE OLD REPUBLIC - Orgus Din - Trask Ulgo - Vandar Tokare (New model) SITH EMPIRE - Darth Angral - Darth Bane (Dark Lord) - Darth Baras - Darth Krayt (Vong Armor) - Darth Nihl - Darth Zash - Dread Master Bestia - Empress Acina - Exar Kun (Dark Lord) - Jorak Uln - SCORPIO - Sith Pureblood Warrior (Replaces Sith Juggernaut in NPC menu) - Tulak Hord (New model) GALACTIC REPUBLIC - 501st Clone Trooper (New model) - Cin Drallig (New model) - Female Jedi Knight - Ferroda - General Kenobi (Mid-war) - Nikto Jedi Knight - Ord Enisence - Serra Keto (New model) - Vergere - X1 (Clone Commando) - Younglings (New aliens and other variants) THE SEPARATIST ALLIANCE - Asajj Ventress (Late Bounty Hunter) - Captain Argyus - Wat Tambor (New model + Animations) REBELLION - Ahsoka Tano (Nomad) (New Model) - Cade Skywalker (New models) - Koth Melan - Mara Jade (Cold-weather gear) - Mirax Terrik - Shado Vao - Zekk GALACTIC EMPIRE - Admiral Screed - Crosshair - Dark Trooper - Darth Sidious (Sith Apprentice) - Darth Vader (New Animations) - General Mohc - Imperial Commander (Trench Coat) - Imperial Officer (Trench Coat) - Imperial Senate Sentinel - Moff Gideon BOUNTY HUNTERS - Boba Fett (1313) - Boba Fett (Resurfaced) (New model) - Fennec Shand - IG-88 (New model) - Montross (New models + variants) - Shahan Alama CIVILIANS - Czerka Corporation Guard - Kuill - Nico Okarr - Shmi Skywalker - Teebo - Tokkat - Wicket W Warrick MANDALORIANS - Sintas Vel (New variant) FORCE USERS (NEW FACTION) - Revanite Avenger - Revanite Champion - Revanite Convert - Revanite Pursuer - Revanite Vindicator - Senya Tirall - Cal Kestis - Revan Reborn INFINITIES - Beach Trooper - Darth Voiid (Separated model) - Dark Lord Anakin Skywalker (Two new skin variations) NPC Changes THE OLD REPUBLIC - Mission Vao's NPC code has been changed from mission_vao_vibroblade to mission_vao THE SITH EMPIRE - Replaced the Sith Juggernaut's model with the new Sith Apprentice model. - Replaced the swords used by Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow with the Sith Sword. - Darth Sion when first defeated will regenerate either 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of his health and the fight will continue. On subsequent defeats, Sion has a 33% chance of being killed. GALACTIC REPUBLIC - Jedi Younglings, when spawned, will have a different appearance every single time. GALACTIC EMPIRE - Darth Vader will now play his breathing sound, and will play a more strained breathing sound when at or below 33% health. - Darth Vader has been given unique stance animations and has been given access to the Fast style. - Galak Mech will now behave as he did in the original Jedi Outcast. - All Inquisitors (except the Eighth Brother) will spawn with a single saber by default. When throwing their respective lightsabers, their lightsaber will change to a staff and later back to a single blade. If the Inquisitor is damaged beyond 75% of their maximum health, they will switch to their staff Lightsaber for the remainder of their existence unless they heal. INFINITIES - Lord Starkiller and similar variants will now play his breathing sound, and will play a more strained breathing sound when at or below 33% health. - Darth Voiid's default health has been increased from 300 to 500, and his force power has been increased from 200 to 300. CREATURES - If playing on Jedi Knight or higher difficulty, Sand Creatures will not be fooled by Thermal Detonators and will not chase after them or eat them. FORCE POWER CHANGES FORCE LIGHTNING - Added the ability to customize the color of Force Lightning to either red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, or black. - Created new console command "lightningColor" to change the player's force lightning color. - If you add lightningcolor in the NPC spawn command, you can customize an NPC's force lightning color (provided they have it). FORCE DESTRUCTION - If the damage calculated is too large for the game to handle normally, the damage will be maxed out at 2147483647. NEW LIGHTSABERS - Ancient Crossguard - Cal Kestis (Updated) - Lord Corvax - Darksaber (Gideon) - Gorc - Imperial Senate Sentinel - Jolee Bindo (Updated) - Juhani (Updated) - Kouru (Normal + Umbrella variants) - Kuiil's fusion cutter - Darth Nihl - Scardont - Stellan Gios - The Ren - Visas Marr - Ryyk Blades - Sith War Blade - Ancient Vibrosword - Darth Drear's Sith Swords - Stun Baton - Gamorrean Battle-axe - Quarterstaff - Echani Foil - Iridonian Zhaboka - Mandalorian staff - Royal Guard Staff - Sword of Ieldis - Ajunta Pall's Sword - Ludo Kressh's Sword - Naga Sadow's Sword REMOVED NPCS The following NPCs have been removed due to the expanded NPC Free Choice System - Mission Vao (Blaster) - Anakin Skywalker (Geonosis Arena) - Anakin Skywalker (Dual-wielding) - General Grievous (Electrostaff) - Episode IV Farmboy Luke Skywalker (No Lightsaber) CODE CHANGES - Corrected some faulty AI where NPCs dual-wielding lightsabers would switch to fast style if the player was using fast style. - NPCs not programmed to know the Fast Style should no longer switch to it after reacting to pain. - Modified the SET_SKIN command to save the model and skin of the player to the g_char CVARs. - Modified some additional script commands to save the player's appearance. - Lightsaber blades will no longer appear strange when a cloaked enemy decloaks while SFX Sabers is on. - NPCs assigned the Sith Sword will no longer be immortal while in sandbox mode. - If close to death, the player will regenerate up to 25 health at an inconsistent rate. - NPCs will no longer spawn on the enemy team by default. - Implemented Galak Mech's intended behavior. MENU/UI IMPROVEMENTS CHARACTER SELECTION - Added the ability to enable/disable the Character Selection menu to change your alignment - Improved the icons of multiple characters that had an image artifact around their model. - Changed the icon of the Bounty Hunters faction from the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader logo to a more appropriate logo. MAIN MENU - Added Mandalorian Funeral Chant as a possible music track. - Added Battlefront (2015): Walker Assault Theme as a possible music track. - Added The Sith Lords Theme as a possible music track. - Added KOTOR: Main Menu Theme as a possible music track. - Added KOTOR: Pazaak Theme as a possible music track. NEW SUB-FACTIONS New factions existing within current factions, characters will retain their primary faction, but their icon image will change to match - Sith Empire -> Ancient Sith Lords, Revan/Malak's Sith Empire/Sith Triumverate, Exar Kun's Sith Empire, Resurgent Sith Empire, Brotherhood of Darkness, Rule of Two Sith - Rebellion -> New Republic, Galactic Alliance - First Order -> Sith Eternal - Force Users -> Nightsisters, Eternal Empire, Revanites, Former Jedi - Mandalorians -> Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders - Civilians -> Yuuzhan Vong FACTION RE-ASSIGNMENTS THE FOLLOWING ARE A LIST OF CHARACTERS THAT HAVE HAD THEIR FACTIONS CHANGED (not including Sub-Factions) - Kreia has been moved from the Old Republic to the Sith Empire as an additional appearance for Darth Traya - G0-T0 has been moved from the Old Republic to Criminals. - T3-H8 has been moved from the Old Republic to Civilians - Lord Scourge has been moved from the Sith Empire to Old Republic - Visas Marr has been moved from the Sith Empire to Old Republic - Mira has been moved from Bounty Hunters to Old Republic. - Duchess Satine Kryze has been moved from Galactic Republic to Mandalorians - Arcann, Thexan, Valkorion, and the Zakuul Knight have been moved from Sith Empire to Force Users - Revan Reborn has been moved from Sith Empire to Force Users - The Revanite has been moved from Civilians to Force Users - Moved the Mandalorian Sith from Mandalorians to Infinities - Moved Darth Plagueis from Galactic Republic to Sith Empire MISCELLANEOUS FIXES - Fixed an issue with Darth Nihilus's NPC file so the sounds work as intended. - Updated Kreia's model to the Darth Traya model - Updated model surfaces used by Darth Traya's red skin for a more appropriate appearance.
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  10. Version 1.00


    Yes, another Kyle reskin! This skin pack pays homage to the original aesthetic and outfit designs of Jedi Knight's hero, Kyle Katarn. Blending elements from Dark Forces and Dark Forces II, these textures include modified details to depict this character in a more rugged, mercenary-esque look. With a thicker beard, classic black gloves, and a stuffed ammo belt, the New Republic Agent Katarn is ready to take on the Imperial Remnant with a bit more sentimentality. There's also a chestplate concealed underneath his suit from his Dark Trooper-dismantlin' days. There are two variants for those that care more or less about continuity when using this mod, as the skin does overwrite the default Kyle skins for singleplayer and multiplayer whilst installed in the game directory. One is a younger, less-grayed appearance that calls back to Dark Forces II, while the other is slightly aged as Kyle should be by the time of Jedi Outcast. Both share the same outfit, however. There are icons and red/blue team skins for visual clarity, and for those that want to use this skin in team-based, multiplayer modes. These skins attempt to retain most of the original artstyle of JK2 as some textures contain modified materials from other game characters; the model is unchanged besides the omission of the drawstring collar. Some other details are entirely new, as it is meant to portray Kyle in a way that encapsulates the look or fantasy of some of his adventures from older games/stories. Additionally, there is a complimentary saber color pack that adjusts some of the blade shapes to be slightly sharper with more contrast and fizzling. This file is entirely optional and is only here as a plus - or afterthought, if you will.
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  12. This was on the back burner for a while, finally got around to finishing it. https://mega.nz/file/LMEVyAqD#V-7FDaurxL9NwMtNm2V1LQS4EbRBNfBcKoR6bwbeGvg (updated)
    Great model. Unfurtunatelly no lip movement.
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  14. It does work better than the original cutscene, as it better reflects how narrow-minded Rosh was during the training.
  15. On one hand, I really did not like GoH. On the other, I hope this tells Disney there's a demand for more "Legends" content. I'm still hankering in vain for a new Jedi Knight game.
  16. Sorry about that, added a picture. Tried the tutorial, I'll never be able to wrap my head around blender sadly.
  17. Time for a change, goodbye Lord of Hate, welcome Xioth!

  18. This week EA revealed that Kyle Katarn is coming to their hit mobile game "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" to join that fairly massive roster of not only movie characters, but a slew of Legends characters as well, which is always kind of a shocker due to the nature of Lucasfilm's efforts to keep Legends material out of the public eye for the most part. They now have a big number of character from KOTOR including Revan, Malak, Bastila, and many more. As someone that knows very little about this game, I will keep the description of Kyle in the game brief. It looks like he is able to fight on a Jedi team as well as a Rebel team, which makes sense considering his history with both. His moves are very reminiscent of come JK2/A moves. Here's a bunch of GIFs to show some of that. You can read all about this in more detail if you are a player of GoH at the developer forum threads below. Developer Insight: Kyle Katarn Kit Reveal: Kyle Katarn EA's Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available on iOS and Android for free. This was probably just another article about something 9/10 of you don't care about, but it's one of those things that hopefully makes you go:
  19. That's a fairly solid list there too! Timesplitters 2 in particular is very welcome to see!
  20. Well, this is neat! Look who's made an appearance on Galaxy of Heroes! 😀

  21. It says "version is invalid" when I chose the application. Any help?
    One puzzle in particular was really hard just to find anything to interact with, so it was hard to progress at that point. (I had to look it up.) Other than that, amazing scenery and set! I loved the little story it gave and the cutscenes were great. I liked the ending a lot too. Satisfying to fight jedi and play as a villian for once. Very well done! Worth a play!
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  23. Dunno if there's already a mod for it but i'd love to see VM model from the mobile game ported into Jedi Academy.
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