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    The religion has nothing to do with the truth. In some aspects StarWars is a religion but NOT the truth ! Jesus Christ is The Only Truth ! And NO Force can't change that !

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  1. New Force Powers Sounds:

    1. Sithani


      Lightning sounds really good!

    2. minilogoguy18


      Where is that drain effect from?

    3. Xeby


      Is from my imagination.. :D

  2. Meanwhile in a galaxy far far away.... xD

    1. the_raven


      Hey, not bad at all! What are those animations and force effects?

    2. Xeby


      Well.. I made it all myself.. :D

    3. General Howard

      General Howard

      Xeby, is there any likelihood or chance you'll upload your NEW version of Kylo Ren's unstable saber blade on JKHub? The NEW version you showcased in a YouTube vid.. I don't know if it's still a WiP.

  3. Jerec VS Desann:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xeby


      i maked one myself.. i give him even the force destruction.. :D

    3. minilogoguy18


      Where can I get that force drain effect? Looks better than just red lightning.

    4. the_raven


      Looks a bit like vampire drain from Skyrim, actually.

  4. Kyle or Jerec are not OP... Desann is weak.. Enjoy my video !
  5. OMG ! .. xDDDDDDDDDDDD ... This why you need more force.. than level 1 to jump... LOL !

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