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  1. So many great things everyone. Congrats SomaZ, it's a beautiful remake and I love the work you've put into rend2.
  2. Happy 20th anniversary everyone!  JKG's 2nd scrimmage begins in 1 hour.  See:



  3. Anyway you'd consider including the source stuff for this for other modders that want to try and see an example for how to do things with rend2? I'd like to add rend2 to JKG at some point, but I'm not much of a mapper and not really too sure where I'd have to start with that aspect of it - plus I gotta merge rend2 with JKG's source too. I'm not really ready to do it quite yet as I'm busy with some other things for the mod that take priority, but I imagine there's other projects like ours that would like more instruction for how to use/implement rend2.
  4. I always thought this project was really cool, definitely inspired some JKG stuff as well.
  5. JKG is holding scrimmage matches this weekend to celebrate JKA turning 20 and JKG turning 10.  Would love to see some of you there.  See here for more info: https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/12952-announcement-jkg-10th-anniversary-scrimmage-matches/


  6. Hello everyone, to celebrate JKA turning 20, and JKG turning 10, we'll be hosting a few scrimmage matches over the weekend. You can check our homepage Discord announcement feed for updates for this announcement. Matches will be held at the following times: Scrimmage #1 - Saturday, September 16, 2023 1:30:00 PM UTC Scrimmage #2 - Sunday, September 17, 2023 2:30:00 AM UTC Scrimmage #3 - Sunday, September 17, 2023 3:30:00 PM UTC Scrimmage #4 - Sunday, September 17, 2023 11:00:00 PM UTC You can get the latest version of the mod (v1.3.23) at the download page here or here on JKHub. You'll want to get both the assets, binaries, and map packs. We will be playing on the "JKGDev Server US" server. We hope to see you in game. May the force be with you! EDIT: Thanks everyone for joining us for a very fun weekend to celebrate JKA's 20th birthday, and JKG's release anniversary as well. It was a blast! We hope to have a new patch out soon, with a small number of bug fixes and a much bigger patch in a few months time with some larger features. I will also probably try and get some of the video footage recorded of the map put into a compilation video sometime. Feel free to send me footage/demos.
  7. This is now the latest stable release! Thanks for everyone's help in helping test it. The mirrors here on JKHub should be updated shortly. Hopefully we'll have a new beta out soon as well.
  8. Arghhh so many good ones, so hard to choose.
  9. @JaredKFanThis part: C:\Users\jared\OneDrive\Documents\My Games\OpenJK\base Can be modified by adding +set fs_homepath as a command line argument (via either batch, in a cmd window, or with a launcher like Steam) when you launch OpenJK. eg, this would put the user directory on your desktop instead of OneDrive (which is probably a terrible idea to use for writing homepath data to): openjk.x86.exe +set fs_homepath "C:\Users\jared\Desktop\OpenJK"
  10. Was wondering if anyone was interested in adding new tutorials to this guide? Especially for the missing ones (such as the whole Level Distribution section). I could maybe write something, but I'm not much of a mapper so you'd all probably get a bunch of MS Paint pictures to explain the concept. (Will the real mappers please stand up, please stand up?)
  11. Noticed this was slightly outdated. Here's a slightly better batch script: @echo off echo. echo ================================== echo == q3map2 ent compiler == echo ================================== ::Path to q3map2.exe directory SET q3map2dir=..\GtkRadiant-1.6.6 IF NOT EXIST %q3map2dir%\q3map2.exe ( echo Could not find q3map2.exe - failed! GoTo FAILED ) echo. echo Type in the name of your maps ent file echo (without an extension) then press enter echo. SET /P map=ent file name: cls echo. echo ================================== echo == q3map2 ent compiler == echo ================================== echo. echo compiling map: %map%.bsp echo with ent file: %map%.ent echo ------------------------------------------------- echo. IF NOT EXIST .\output\ mkdir .\output\ SET COPYCMD=/Y && COPY /Y %map%.bsp .\output\%map%.bsp SET COPYCMD=/Y && COPY /Y %map%.ent .\output\%map%.ent %q3map2dir%\q3map2.exe -v -game ja -fs_game base -onlyents .\output\%map%.ent echo. echo ------------------------------------------------- echo Please review the above text for errors to ensure echo your entities have compiled correctly. echo. pause cls echo. echo Cleaning up... IF EXIST .\output\%map%.ent DEL /F .\output\%map%.ent echo. echo Complete! New %map%.bsp available in output dir. echo. start "Output" .\output :FAILED You can point it to your q3map2 directory by changing this line SET q3map2dir=..\GtkRadiant-1.6.6 To wherever you have q3map2 installed. Also here's the recreated first screenshot (using VSCode instead of Notepad++).
  12. Is there a way to generate recovery codes for 2FA? Or if your phone gets blasted by a stormtrooper are just locked out forever?
  13. Would be great to see an improvement to this mod, so that it supports dynamic allocation of new entities, so it'll support as many mines as you have RAM for. I'm not sure 250 mines is enough for a mod that claims to have "no limits"
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