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  1. Fun updates for overheating: Thanks to Silverfang for making the efx. (I did the code to get it to work).
  2. Sounds like you want to do a mapping tutorial. This is a great starting one: https://jkhub.org/mapping/richdiesal/
  3. A useful overview of how the game's game structures works: http://caia.swin.edu.au/reports/110209A/CAIA-TR-110209A.pdf
  4. As a note regarding up coming changes in v1.3.23, ACP damage has been modified from the original post's description. ACP now functions as something that partially hits shields and partially penetrates. The default is for 50% of the damage to bypass the shield and the other 50% to impact on the shield. The actual ratio can be determine in the weapon file by specifying a value for "ACPRatio", which determines which portion of the ACP damage impacts on the shield/vs what bypasses it. eg: 0.4 == 40% direct dmg, 60% shield damage. As an example, using 0.4 ACPRatio, a weapon that does 30 ACP damage, would result in 12 damage being guaranteed to bypass the shield, and 18 damage impacting on the shield. If the player were also armored, the direct bypass damage would also be reduced like normal. ACP damage also applies a bleed debuff like slugthrowers do.
  5. JKHub's logo has weird stuttering behavior on Firefox (v99.0.1), doesn't happen on Chromium based browsers whenever the mouse is moved. See video:
  6. Noticed this was slightly outdated. Here's a slightly better batch script: @echo off echo. echo ================================== echo == q3map2 ent compiler == echo ================================== ::Path to q3map2.exe directory SET q3map2dir=..\GtkRadiant-1.6.6 IF NOT EXIST %q3map2dir%\q3map2.exe ( echo Could not find q3map2.exe - failed! GoTo FAILED ) echo. echo Type in the name of your maps ent file echo (without an extension) then press enter echo. SET /P map=ent file name: cls echo. echo ================================== echo == q3map2 ent compiler == echo ================================== echo. echo compiling map: %map%.bsp echo with ent file: %map%.ent echo ------------------------------------------------- echo. IF NOT EXIST .\output\ mkdir .\output\ SET COPYCMD=/Y && COPY /Y %map%.bsp .\output\%map%.bsp SET COPYCMD=/Y && COPY /Y %map%.ent .\output\%map%.ent ..\GtkRadiant-1.6.6\q3map2.exe -v -game ja -fs_game base -onlyents .\output\%map%.ent echo. echo ------------------------------------------------- echo Please review the above text for errors to ensure echo your entities have compiled correctly. echo. pause cls echo. echo Cleaning up... IF EXIST .\output\%map%.ent DEL /F .\output\%map%.ent echo. echo Complete! New %map%.bsp available in output dir. echo. start "Output" .\output :FAILED You can point it to your q3map2 directory by changing this line SET q3map2dir=..\GtkRadiant-1.6.6 To wherever you have q3map2 installed. Also here's the recreated first screenshot (using VSCode instead of Notepad++).
  7. Lot of good entries, I unfortunately didn't get around to trying them all out before the vote closed, but congrats to Noodle and biggs!
  8. I love how we learn that Desaan's origins were one of Eric's RPG characters from a tabletop game.
  9. Futuza

    Holonews Studio

    Would be interesting to see an Imperial News Outlet reskin of this, from the Galactic Empire's propaganda office.
  10. Oh nice, you got an actual voice actor for it? Sweet.
  11. Someone better make me a Bossk.
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