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  1. If I get time off of work I might be able to put something together.
  2. It can include rend2/gl2. I would only need to share the RMO and normal maps. I don't think projection shadows will work. The jetpack is already done but currently is only in movie battles 2.
  3. 2,618 downloads

    Din Djarin from The Mandalorian. Tested in JASP, JAMP and OpenJK. To use in single player, type the following in the console: playermodel dindjarin Comes with his IB-94 blaster pistol and his Amban Pulse Rifle. Known Issues: Sounds may not play correctly in single player. Programs used: Blender 2.91 Substance Painter Huge thanks to AshuraDX for helping me out with various things.
  4. I haven't been able to recreate this issue both on JAMP and on OpenJK. Are you running the game on a mac by any chance?
  5. You probably have a vertex group created for the model_root bone. Select your head object and go to the object data properties menu. You'll see a "vertex groups" menu, there select the model_root vertex group and delete it. If you see a vertex group under the name of 'motion' delete that too.
  6. I've been using blender for the longest time now however I only used blender for the playermodel here. Most of the job openings that I've looked at had 3dsmax or maya as a requirement so I did the amban pulse rifle and the IB-94 as well as the beskar pike in 3dsmax. For the texturing I use substance painter or quixel mixer/suite.
  7. Hello everyone, after not uploading here for a good amount of time I thought I'd upload a WIP teaser. Things here are subject to change as there still are missing pieces but regardless if you have any input I'd appreciate the feedback.
  8. 604 downloads

    Stellan Gios's Lightsaber from The High Republic. Tested in SP. To access in-game, enable cheats and type the following in the console: saber saber_stellangios1 (for the closed cross guard variant) saber saber_stellangios2 (for the opened cross guard variant) Programs used: Blender 2.9 Substance Painter Quixel Suite
  9. Hi, I seem to be having some trouble installing your Lightsabers from The Old Republic mod. I can't figure out how to make them appear in my saber creation menu in sp. The images of the hilts look quite gorgeous and I'd really love to be able to use them, so any insight would be much appreciated!

    1. wildzcat


      Never mind! I figured out how to make my own saber menu so I can select them from the start. Thank you for the mod!

  10. Hey man, just a quick message in regards to your Second Sister file.

    I don't know if it's isolated to a particular version, but this doesn't work in EJK, it causes a crash to desktop. It does work in JA Enhanced SP, base JKA MP & SP though from what I tested.

    I believe I've found the reason why, so I thought I'd let you know.

    The sounds.cfg file in models/players/secondsister is causing the issue.

    If I change the sounds.cfg to simply say as follows-


      - it works perfectly.

    I believe EJK does have some breathing effect in the mod itself, so this could be causing the crash.

    Hope this was useful ❤️

    1. Doughnuts


      Thanks for the heads up! 

    2. Gaz


      No problem! ❤️ It's a beautiful model.

  11. 1,398 downloads

    Second Sister from Jedi Fallen Order. Tested in SP and MP. In order to access in SP, type the following in console: playermodel secondsister The model comes with her lightsaber too. In order to access it, type the following in console: saber saber_trilla Programs Used: Blender 2.83 Substance Painter Simplygon Special thanks to Swegmaster for helping me optimize the model!
  12. Hello everyone, Here's an update for the second sister model I've been working on.
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