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  1. did the mario map get published?
  2. Haven't really been mapping much this month bc I got busy but I'm kind of short idea for adding to the map. Wondering if anything dawns on anyone.
    Went through this entire map last night. It's a HUGE map. Really well done challenges. Lots of attention to detail probably more than mine. Minor criticisms would be I thought the lava needed to be scaled up a bit bc it looked like it was tiling too much in big rooms. Also sometimes on glass surfaces and a few other surfaces I would see the glass inside an area that should probably be turned into caulk_solid on that side of the brush. Obviously it needs lighting, which should be done with my invisishader IMO since it's so large. Still super well done map with a lot of attention to detail. Will be amazing once the lighting gets done (if ever)
  3. Ok i can launch a dedicated server in jk2 on JKMV just fine. works well. I opened my ports I needed on my router and ppl could join it fine. However in jk3 when I launch a dedicated server on openjk as well as trying on eternaljk all of the shaders 100% are missing and it's just white looking grids everywhere. I had a friend try and same thing happened to him. I will note if I just do \devmap and test a map locally it works perfectly fine as well as when I join others servers things works fine.
  4. did you update your map somehow? what's new on it?

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    2. IronSkull86


      oh, i also found and replaced the textures you were talking about that you couldn't see.

    3. Acrobat


      are you using netradiant btw? or still using gtk?

      Just asking bc netradiant is 64 bit and it allows unlimited ram usage. In my case I have 64 megs of ram so compared to using just 2 before it's a big upgrade.

    4. IronSkull86


      yeah i started using netradiant. it is sooo much better than gtk for me.

  5. how do i insert jpegs for reviews? It says I have to do it by url onl?y
  6. How long have you been working on this map? There is are jk2 maps called "archives and archives2" that look like early betas of this map that I assumed were very old maps? Also does this file work in jk2?
    Interesting climb up to a temple. Had some texture alignment issues, but if you keep mapping I think you'll figure that stuff out as you go.
    Ok. just finished this map. Super well done and very complicated puzzles. Not even sure how some of them were made in radiant. Also very fitting textures. Loved this map.
  7. they needed to make the NF dueling more complex. Think like Tekken 7. Lots of combos, complexity etc. that would be the ideal
  8. It's a nice skin. somehow I got this skin and I don't know where I got it from though
  9. alternative to yavin skybox? anyone know where one exists or is for sale. I like the Giant red moon of the default yavin skybox but I just don't like seeing same thing over and over.
  10. Can you write a review (you wrote a comment)

  11. ah can you link me to this texture overhaul mod? i wanna look at it for some ideas. This maybe?
  12. Are these 4K textures worth it vs base textures? https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsjediknightjediacademy/mods/6 Or is the upscaling or AI upscaling just making the file bigger without adding anything or making it worth while I would assume?
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