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  1. That was pretty great mate! Looking forward to part 2!
    I've been looking for a good female pilot for a while. Nicely done. Only thing I could currently say to change is MP icon and voice, but other than that, I dig it.
    Not really a review I suppose, but they really should've put these in the ports for Jedi Academy.
    This is a beautiful map. It has an ambiance of emptiness about it. Very fitting considering its tribute. Well done.
    I wish the guns would shoot at me and I can't destroy the shield generators, but otherwise, I spent a good while just shooting at asteroids and admiring the overall amazing map.
    I really wanted to love this. The level design alone was great, reminding me of Jedi Outcast's. And it shines there. But was I the only one who experienced frame drops? The pc I used isn't great, but it runs JA with a solid fps. This is the biggest gripe and what hurt the experience for me. I will look forward to updates however. There is serious potential and love here.
  2. Don't do this to my wallet! I already own too many copies of these games already!
    I'm 8 years late to the party, but I like this map quite a bit. It's simple, but enjoyable.
  3. I've been enjoying the Switch port myself. While there's room for improvement (split screen!!!)I still think it's worth it.
    Besides the lack of bot routes, it's a solid map. Small and basic, yet detailed. Definitely a great dojo.
  4. Yeah. Already pre-ordered. I still feel a little dirty for giving EA money (and pre-ordering no less), but I'll take it...for now.
  5. Honestly, it looks alright but not good enough for me to want to get at launch. And definitely not on Origin.
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