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    A very simple, yet generous fix to a fantastic map.
  1. On one hand, I really did not like GoH. On the other, I hope this tells Disney there's a demand for more "Legends" content. I'm still hankering in vain for a new Jedi Knight game.
  2. That's a fairly solid list there too! Timesplitters 2 in particular is very welcome to see!
    This a somewhat strange map to me. But strange in all the right ways. It feels very unique in how it makes use of its different elements to divide the map into six sections. It has an early Jedi Academy mod map vibe as well. Very much a welcome map to my base folder.
    I was amazed by how much tougher and smarter the AI felt. You also remade the level almost to a T compared to the original. I must confess however that I couldn't use any of the inventory items lying around. Still, absolutely recommended.
    It's rough in spots and maybe a bit unfinished, but I had a great time exploring as much as I could. Spent about half an hour just walking around and looking. Absolutely gorgeous and I really just want more of it.
  3. I've installed a large amount of mods, so I might've added something more than intended. I'm curious if anyone can help confirm what mod(s) causes the "Jedi on/off" option in FFA? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ijVlfNfiug0Usx72mpUD_LL4dUdXXCRG/view
    That was loads of fun I must say. My only gripe was how abrupt the ending was. Otherwise, it was very refreshing to play a non-Jedi in an environment almost eerily similar to Half-Life's Black Mesa.
    Very cozy and compact, if not a little rough around the edges (though it honestly adds to the charm). It does remind me of trying to play X-Wing Alliance as a kid too.
  4. Or move it to tier 1 and just change the Dark Jedi into weaker enemy variants (such as Reborn from JO)
    This is so cool. Even if the Tatooine mission lacks balance as to where Jaden is in the story compared to the Dark Jedi he/she fights. I still really loved this and can't wait for more.
  5. That was pretty great mate! Looking forward to part 2!
    I've been looking for a good female pilot for a while. Nicely done. Only thing I could currently say to change is MP icon and voice, but other than that, I dig it.
    Not really a review I suppose, but they really should've put these in the ports for Jedi Academy.
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