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  1. An interesting month, to say the least. FATHER VS. SON REMAKE This month at last saw to the beginning of production for the long-awaited Father vs. Son remake. So far, progress has been relatively smooth, with a number of improvements made to allow for a much more authentic experience. With the help of our mapper Lwkill, sound editor Commander Langz, and of course the Movie Battles II team, we have successfully begun the process of remaking the mission with a much higher standard of quality never before seen in any of our other missions. For starters, thanks to the Movie Battles II team, we have been able to remake the mission on their map depicting the Emperor's Throne Room from Return of the Jedi. We are very grateful that they are allowing us to use their map for this mission and we cannot thank them enough. Furthermore, our sound editor Commander LangZ has taken the time to use a 3rd party site to remove all background audio from the audio clips. This practice will be used in future missions (and re-iterating our previous ones) to get as clear a sound as possible without needing to rely on film rips with (possibly) overlapping music tracks or more in the background. Another user has already provided us with the audio used in all of our current missions, and we will be applying them soon. You can view our first set of changes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-wOk09T_-c&ab_channel=StarWars:GalacticLegacy Overall progress has reached the walkway cutscene (where Vader throws his lightsaber), and we suspect the rest of the mission shouldn't take too long to complete. FATHER VS. SON EXTENDED ENDINGS Introduced with Duel of the Fates back in our initial release in December 2020, we do have extended endings planned for all possible endings for Father vs. Son. However, this has forced us to make an important decision. The original mission featured 7 possible endings, with 2 possible for Luke, 2 for Vader, and 3 for Palpatine. However, after much time contemplating, in order to reach the best quality we can, the number of possible endings will be reduced to 4 from the original 7, with an official Palpatine POV being scrapped (and instead being unlocked through one of Vader's endings). We did this as we felt many of the intended endings would feel too similar to each other, and we wanted the freedom to tell a unique story for each character. MENU OVERHAULS Unfortunately this was not a month without some degree of drama. After a lengthy discussion with the Knights of the Force 2.1 leadership, we have been asked to fully redesign a number of our menus, including (but not limited to): - Character Selection - NPC spawner - Mission Selection As of writing this article, Knights of the Force 2.1 has been re-uploaded to Moddb and Nexus Mods featuring all content developed by the Galactic Legacy team up until the split (which we didn't consent to). As Fire Phoenix has insisted on believing that our menus are direct copycats of his, we have been forced to take action. Phoenix (as of writing this) has agreed to remove all of our content from KotF 2.1 provided we remake the aforementioned menus (and probably some others) from scratch, which we always intended to do so, but hoped to postpone. Regardless, we have already begun the process of remaking the Character selection menu, with the menu featuring a specific character already nearing completion. Below is a current WIP screenshot of the new menu, we will show more as we continue to develop. As these changes are currently conditional of us completing our next update, we will not be able to continue work on anything else until the menus are remade (which is a good thing because we're currently awaiting new content for the Father vs. Son remake which will take its own time). NEW CHARACTERS We're currently also going over some new characters for the mod (as we so often like to do). Below is a small list of some of the characters we should be introducing soon: - Cato Parasitti - Cydon Prax - Dash Rendar - Darth Chratis - Resistance Trooper - Githany - Luke Skywalker (Heir to the Empire) We will of course list more as new characters are added. CONCLUSION These menu overhauls are something we've been wanting to do for a very long time and we can't wait to show off more, this along with the Father vs. Son remake, and the next update should hopefully be a very exciting one. We have a few other things on the backburner right now which I'm not comfortable to reveal at the moment, but as always you can reach us here and our Discord server and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions. Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  2. Ran into some complications with the saber so it's on hold for now
  3. Hotfix Patch Notes - 09/07/2022 - Corrected Ysanne Isard's NPC menu entry so she appears as intended. - Added some missing description text for the Third Sister's Inquisitor Mechanic. - Darth Traya's Lord of Betrayal mechanic will now only allow for her to heal for no more than 2x her maximum health instead of a very large amount. - Characters in character selection that are intended to have a lightsaber or melee weapon will now receive them as intended. - Changing your character will now reset your saber styles as intended. - Fixed Oppo Rancisis's faulty NPC entry where he had an invalid model. - Corrected multiple overriding shaders causing several maps to lose textures. - Changed Gerevick's primary weapon from a pair of blaster pistols to a vibroblade, better reflecting his appearance in KOTOR II. - Corrected the helmetless skin for the custom clone trooper so he appears as intended. - Added some error checking to correct a rare issue where the lightsaber menu would display options for all lightsabers at the same time. - Fixed Meetra Surik's faulty appearance in The Trayus Core mission. - Updated Cal Kestis's lightsaber sounds - Updated the Electrostaff sounds - Updated the Protocol Droid footstep sounds.
  4. Patch Notes - 09/02/2022 HIGHLIGHTS - NEW MISSION: THE LAST JEDI; With the Resistance cornered, Luke Skywalker confronts his nephew Ben Solo on the salt-covered world of Crait to allow the Resistance time to escape. - RESTORED MISSION: FATHER VS. SON; Restored after initially being cut, relive the iconic duel in Return of the Jedi, play as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or Emperor Palpatine as you partake in the duel that decides the balance of the Force. DISCLAIMER: The Father vs. Son mission is a direct port from the original mission released in Knights of the Force 2.1. As such, no changes to the original mission (except for the addition of the end credits and Luke's saber actually moving during a cutscene) have been made. Any and all remaining bugs will not be addressed in lieu of the Father vs. Son remake coming at a later date. - NEW LANGUAGE SUPPORT: FRENCH; Galactic Legacy propose désormais un support en français! MISSION IMPROVEMENTS JEDI ACADEMY: EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE - BAKURA - Jaden will no longer activate his lightsaber and turn in a strange direction during the opening cutscene. REVAN VS. MALAK - Replaced the dead Jedi with KOTOR-accurate Jedi because IT'S. MORE. CANON! - Added NPC barriers to prevent non-player characters from falling off the map or falling into areas of the map they can't get out of easily. - Fixed clipping geometry in the map to make destroying the Jedi tanks significantly easier, including adding the ability to strike the Jedi with a Lightsaber possible or with Force Lightning much easier. - Changed NPC teams for the cutscene NPCs for Revan vs. Malak so they look in the direction they're supposed to more often. - Rewrote the overall scripting logic for Stage 3, which should prevent soft-locks with Darth Malak if the player destroys specific Jedi tanks. - Fixed an audio issue where Malak's final two lines of dialogue in the first cutscene were clipping suddenly. - Changed Revan's lightsaber hilt to the correct hilt in all cutscenes. - Cutscene NPCs of Revan and Malak should no longer make sounds when accidentally hit by force powers during normal gameplay. - Added Darth Malak's previously cut "Savior, Conqueror, Hero, Villain" line as a taunt to be played at some point during Stage 2 (The ambush stage). OPERATION: KNIGHTFALL (LORD VADER) - When selecting Lord Vader's POV for the first time, a pop-up will display explaining the exclusive buff to Force Grip during the mission. DUEL OF THE FATES (QUI-GON JINN) - Replaced Eeth Koth and Luminara Unduli in the final scene with A'Sharad Hett and Shaak Ti. - Added Serra Keto, Cin Drallig, and Yaddle to the final scene. NEW/UPDATED CHARACTERS OLD REPUBLIC - Meetra Surik (Updated model) SITH EMPIRE - Darth Plagueis (New Model) - Darth Talon (Galaxy of Heroes) - Darth Tenebrous - Exar Kun (New Model) - Freedon Nadd - Sith Trooper (Darth Krayt's Empire) GALACTIC REPUBLIC - Anakin Skywalker (Redeemed, Original) - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Shadow Collective Armor) - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exile) - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Hermit) - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Jabiim) - Plo Koon (Jedi Power Battles) - Tera Sinube REBELLION - Cara Dune - Iden Versio (Rebel) - Juno Eclipse (Updated model + moved) - Leia Organa (Lothal) - Luke Skywalker (Crystal Star) - Rebel Assault Commando - Rebel Infiltrator - Rianna Saren - Rebel Spec Force - Rebel Spec Force Marine GALACTIC EMPIRE - Iden Versio - Imperial Officers (Updated Models) - Lumiya (Model Update) - Reva/Third Sister - TIE Pilot (Updated Models) RESISTANCE - Finn (Resistance Hero) FIRST ORDER - Ben Solo (Pre-fall) - Ren - Supreme Leader Snoke (Black Robe) BOUNTY HUNTERS - Black Krrsantan - Gerevick CRIMINALS - Bando Gora Slave - Burg - Guri - Pyke Syndicate Members - Q9-0 - Trandoshan (KOTOR) - Xi'an - Zarien Kheev CIVILIANS - Doogo - Kimmi Chyler - Pax Bonkik - Laigrek - Terentatek - Willrow Hood MANDALORIANS - Din Djarin (Pre-Beskar) FORCE USERS - Nightsister NEW/UPDATED LIGHTSABERS All lightsabers have been assigned appropriately to their respective characters - Ady Sun'Zee - Anakin Skywalker (Updated Model) - Chop'aa Notimo's Staff - Dan G'vash - Darth Bane (Renamed original hilt to Darth Bane (Curved)) - Darth Talon's Lightsaber (Updated Model) - Fourth Sister - Grand Inquisitor (Added new Rebels entry) - Halcyon Training Saber - Jedi Temple Guard (Rebels) - Luke Skywalker (ESB) (Updated Model) - Lumiya's lightwhip - Maris Brood (Updated Model) - Mother Talzin's spirit blade - Nari - Ninth Sister - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exile) Rey (TFA + TROS) (Updated Models) - Second Sister - Sharad Hett - Tajin Crosser - Tera Sinube - Third Sister NEW/UPDATED MAPS - The Mandalorian: Calodan - Cloud City - The Last Jedi: Snoke's Throne Room (Updated) - The Quad - Mysteries of the Sith: Sith Catacombs - Mercenary Battle - Wrecked Alien Spacecraft - Rebels: World Between Worlds - Rebels: Jedi Training Room - Asteroid 77 - Asteroid H5 - Cavrilhu Pirate Base - Faru - Padme's Apartment - Project Rocketlauncher (with NPCs) - Carida Academy - RPG Dreadnaught - RPG Yalara - Star Destroyer II - The Great Palace - Vong Death Duel Arena - YT-2000e FORCE POWER UPDATES FORCE DESTRUCTION - Force Destruction now requires a minimum of 70 force points in order to cast it. FORCE BLAST - Increased force power cost from 30 to 40 (given the OP nature of the power). REMOVED NPCS All NPCs removed have been removed in lieu of the currently functionality of the NPC Free Choice System - Finn (Lightsaber) - Aurra Sing (Sniper) LIGHTSABER FIXES - Re-designed General Grievous's 4-arm lightsaber to change the hilts to more prequel-accurate hilts. - General Grievous's 4-armed lightsabers can no longer be thrown and the kata move has been changed to the dual-saber spin attack. MODEL IMPROVEMENTS/FIXES - Fixed an issue with General Skywalker's Cloaked skin where his boots were showing up as an invalid texture. - Corrected several instances where customizable models were not showing the correct options. - Corrected a shader issue which was causing most EG-5 Hunter Droid appearances to appear strange. - Updated Moff Gideon's hand texture to better reflect his overall skin color - Removed several redundant multiplayer models of characters with unique animations - Added a glowing effect to Sith Eternal Emperor Palpatine's eyes, better reflecting his appearance from The Rise of Skywalker. - Fixed a Shader issue with Supreme Leader Snoke so his specular maps apply as intended. ADDED ANIMATIONS The following characters have been assigned the KOTOR Stance Animations - Alek Squinquargesimus - Atris - Atton Rand - Bao-Dur - Bastila Shan - Brianna - Calo Nord - Canderous Ordo/Mandalore the Preserver - Carth Onasi - Cassus Fett - Czerka Corporation Guard - Dark Jedi - Darth Malak (Modified) - Darth Nihilus - Darth Revan/Jedi Knight Revan - Darth Sion - Darth Sion (TFU) - Darth Traya/Kreia - Dorak - Dustil Onasi - Jedi Exile - Jolee Bindo - Jorak Uln - Juhani - KOTOR Jedi Knights - Mandalore the Ultimate - Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders - Meetra Surik - Mical - Mira - Mission Vao - Queen Talia - Republic Soldiers/Telos Guards - Saul Karath - Sith Assassin - Sith Commander - Sith Officer - Sith Warrior - Taris Swoop Gang Members - Trask Ulgo - Teer'aa & Seer'aa - Vandar Tokare - Visas Marr - Vrook Lamar - Yuthura Ban - Zaalbar - Zhar Lestin MAP FIXES All maps with intended death drops will now kill the player or npcs instead of healing them. VEHICLE CRASH FIXES The following maps have been addressed regarding vehicles crashing the game if a respawning vehicle was present - Battle of Hoth - Battlefront Yavin - Battle of Geonosis - Battle over Coruscant - Boonta Eve - Coruscant Speedway - Coruscant Streets - Jurancor Park - Korriban Citadel - Mos Kreetle - Naboo Palace - Tatooine Outskirts - Trade Federation Ship v1 - Utapau MULTIPLAYER CRASH FIXES The following maps have been addressed and will no longer boot the player to the main menu when attempting to access them through the Create Game menu. - Alzoc III Spaceport - Bloodmine Shaft - Coruscant Heights - Crait - Dark Temple - Davik's Estate - Eternal Lair of Ragnos's Disciples - Emperor's Throne Room - Eurocorp Citadel - Gulf of Souls - Ilum - Inferno - Jedi Temple Training Room - Jedi Trial Arena - Talon Karrde's Lair - KOTOR II Pack (Some removed, others fixed) - Project: Rocketlauncher - Sultanate of Ruusan - Shola Sith Temple - Sith Temple v2 - The Bridge - The Last command - Twilight on Tatooine - Underground Fortress - Vader's Meditation Chamber - Vjun Meditation Chamber BATTLE OVER CORUSCANT - Fixed an issue with vehicles respawning on top of each other, causing the game to crash. BOONTA EVE - Changed the swoops intended to spawn to a version that actually exists in the game. CORUSCANT SPEEDWAY - Fixed an issue where the swoop bikes would infinitely destroy themselves and respawn every single swoop, causing crashing. BATTLE OF ENDOR - Fixed an invalid Millenium Falcon spawner. - Removed the initial music from the map featuring film audio from Return of the Jedi. STAR FORGE - Fixed the previously added waypoints, connecting them together better. - Lengthened the depth of the chasm between the inner section and outer ring, creating a new death drop. - Added NPC barriers to prevent them from falling where they shouldn't. - Improved the lighting of the map. - Removed the dead Jedi in the machines. MENU/UI FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS DATAPAD - Updated Force Fear's level descriptions to accurately represent the power's current behavior. SETTINGS - Corrected an issue where the warning screen was not displaying when changing certain graphical options in the menu. CHARACTER SELECTION - Fixed some menu syntax to allow for more rapid scrolling through the menus instead of needing to slightly move the mouse in order to progress. - Removed a pointless "Apply" button located in the main character selection. - Clicking on a character will no longer immediately change your character, requiring you to click on the "Apply" button to apply your changes. Done in order to encourage browsing characters. - Fixed an annoying bug where it was impossible to click on the same character twice after selecting them in the menu. - Characters with a random lightsaber color (such as generic Jedi) will no longer show a raving lightsaber blade. - It is now possible to exit the character selection menus by pressing the Esc key, as intended. - Fixed an issue where Bastila Shan's Jedi appearance was not appearing under the Skins section as intended. - When selecting a new Skin for a character (where applicable), the name title for the character will no longer change unless the appearance is clicked on. - The last page visited in the menu will be saved and will open when re-accessing the menu. NPC SPAWNER - Fixed a syntax issue where the Kneel action for the "Gravely Wounded Behavior" was not working as intended. - Removed a blank option in the Gravely Wounded Behavior options - Added some additional menu commands allowing you to rapidly use the arrows to scroll instead of needing to "slightly" move your mouse to continue scrolling through the menu. - In an effort to encourage browsing, NPCs selected in the menu will no longer immediately be assigned to the Quick Spawn button unless spawned. - The last page visited in the menu will be saved and will open when re-accessing the menu. SABER SELECTION MENU - Fixed a bug with the lightsaber menu where the secondary lightsaber for the dual saber selection was not changing to the selected hilt as intended. - Added some additional menu commands allowing you to rapidly use the arrows to scroll instead of needing to "slightly" move your mouse to continue scrolling through the menu. - Selecting a lightsaber will no longer change your saber unless you directly apply the changes. - The secondary lightsaber will no longer disappear when choosing to edit your primary lightsaber. MAP SELECTION MENU - Added some additional menu commands allowing you to rapidly use the arrows to scroll instead of needing to "slightly" move your mouse to continue scrolling through the menu. - Fixed an issue where 3 Republic Commando-related maps were not loading as intended. MUSIC SELECTION MENU - Added some additional menu commands allowing you to rapidly use the arrows to scroll instead of needing to "slightly" move your mouse to continue scrolling through the menu. - Fixed multiple faulty music entries in the music menu, including adding missing tracks from The Last Jedi, removing music no longer in the mod, removing duplicate tracks, adding or replacing missing tracks, and fixing music that wasn't recognized as valid or (in the case of KOTOR: The Old Republic) ear rapey. WEAPON SELECTION MENU - Removed an unintended option to select the Lightsaber in the weapon selection menu which would cause the weapon menu to glitch out. SOUNDSET UPDATES The following characters have had their soundsets updated or have had brand new ones created - Darth Desolous - Darth Phobos - Kira Carsen - Komari Vosa - Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) MODEL FIXES - Merged R2-D2's Dagobah appearance to the main model, making it an additional skin instead of a separate model and NPC. The following models have been addressed and should no longer appear without textures when loading a save game with them present. - Meetra Surik - Nomi Sunrider - Revan - Darth Traya - Ulic Qel-Droma - Darth Krayt - Darth Kruhl - Captain Argyus - Neimodian Security - Magnaguard - Battle Droids - EG-5 Jedi Hunter Droid - Chop'aa Notimo - Shadow Collective Member - Yuuzhan Vong - Emperor Palpatine (Emperor and Senate skins) - Deathtrooper (Commander) - Purge Trooper (Commander) - Luke Skywalker (ROTJ) - Lando Calrissian - Rebel Commando - Ben Skywalker (Robe skin) - Sith Eternal Emperor Palpatine - Kylo Ren - First Order Stormtrooper - Pre Vizsla - Mandalorian Neo-Crusader - Anakin Skywalker (Dark Lord) - Dark Starkiller Clone (Default appearance) - Basil Bonehead/Ermaxis Raygon - Nosaurian Jedi - Zabrak Jedi - Chistori Jedi - Nautolan Jedi - A'sharad Hett - 501st Named Clones (Kix, Hardcase, etc) - 41st Elite Corps - 501st Assassin (Sharpshooter renamed to sniper) - 501st ARC Trooper (Bow_dirty renamed to bow_dirt) - 501st Clone Trooper - 91st Recon Corps - SCUBA Trooper - Lord Vader (Sith eye skins renamed and shortened, burned renamed to burnt) - Desert Clone Troopers - Bail Organa - Captain Typho - Captain Keeli - Clone Trooper (Phase I) - Clone Shadowtrooper - Custom Clone Trooper - Coleman Trebor - Commander Bly - Commander Doom - Commander Fil - Hound - Commander Stone - Commander Thire - Commander Thorn - Commander Trauma - General Kenobi - Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS) (Battleworn skin renamed to Worn) - Ithorian Jedi (Robed skin renamed to Robe) - Kamino Security Trooper - Padme Amidala (Geonosis and Nightgown) - Senate Commando - Senator Blount (Aide appearance renamed to Aid) - Senator Tikkes (Aide appearance renamed to Aid) CODE CHANGES - Registered several models with custom animations in the code which were preventing them from working properly in the Jedi Academy campaign, such as Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Jabba the Hutt. - Fixed a crash-to-menu issue where character models with a model_sp.glm file would crash to menu if accessed through the Jedi Academy campaign. - Improved the overall functionality of the playermodel command, resetting the player's force powers and preventing dual sabers from carrying over to characters who aren't dual wielding sabers. - Keeping faithful to Grievous, Grievous's 4-armed lightsaber colors will be determined by the player's primary and secondary lightsaber colors OR the player's choice for Grievous's primary and secondary lightsaber colors when spawning his NPC. - Jedi and Sith NPCs should no longer use Force Stasis, Destruction, Blast, or Fear while firing Force Lightning. - Updated icarus script commands to allow the use of Force Blast, Fear, Lightning Strike, and Destruction through scripts. MISCELLANEOUS FIXES - Gave Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo force powers as intended. - Gave all NPCs Force Sense and Mind Trick where applicable. - Updated Eeth Koth's biography to reflect his fate as depicted in the 2017 Darth Vader series issue #19 - Renamed the "Star Wars KOTOR" category in the Mission select menu to "The Old Republic" - Fixed a texture issue with the datapad which was causing it to appear strange. - It is no longer possible to access the invisible lightsaber model in Multiplayer. - To reflect accuracy to the films and TV shows, Emperor Palpatine's lightning color has been reverted from purple back to blue on all variations. - Added a missing description for The Ren's lightsaber. - Refactored and renamed a number of models that would appear textureless when saving and loading a game while using them. - Removed several multiplayer-only models of Galactic Republic characters - Removed an outdated Jango Fett model that is no longer being used. - Replaced Ermaxis Raygon's lightsaber with a new model. - Selecting the Dark Jedi Female in character selection will now give you a lightsaber as intended. - Corrected Darth Jadus's character entry where his lightsaber color wouldn't changed to red as intended.
  5. Only thing I've ever modeled is lightsabers and for that I use Gmax
  6. This is going to be a pretty short report. RELEASE DATE Previously announced on our Discord server, our update has finally been completed and sent to the team for final testing. Assuming that no horrible bugs are discovered, our next update will release on Friday, September 2nd at 12pm EST! We will of course keep you posted if this changes. THE ROAD AHEAD We have a lot of exciting things coming to the mod for the future. After discussing with my fellow leads, we have agreed to allow for the long-awaited Operation: Knightfall remake to be its own update once it is completed. The authors Darth Voiid and Lwkill have been hard at work adding on more and more layers of polish to allow for the best experience possible. With the release of this update, the Father vs. Son remake will at last be in production (after announcing it non-stop), and I hope to have some development screenshots for you all in the next progress report. Furthermore, we will also be working on a brand new system called the Dynamic Weapon System, worked on by our amazing coder The New Order. With this system, we will be able to bring new weapons into the mod without requiring any additional weapon slots to be taken in the code. This was done in order to address weapons that feature very similar functionalities to each other. We are really looking forward to showing this to you and hope to have more information soon. Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  7. I wrote this tutorial many years ago regarding this subject. Maybe it can help you.
  8. July has been an interesting month (to say the least). So let's get started! FATHER VS. SON Back when Galactic Legacy was initially released, we removed the option to play the Father vs. Son mission, expecting ourselves to deliver a full remake of the mission at some point in the future. It has been almost 2 years at this point with no sign of the remake whatsoever (despite us announcing it multiple times). Father vs. Son will be returning to Galactic Legacy in the next update, released exactly as it was back in Knights of the Force; on the same map, with the same questionable game design choices as before. As of typing this, Luke's and Palpatine's POVs have been fixed up, with Vader currently pending, but should be fixed very soon. This was done in order to hopefully provide some missing content intended for GL that we have so far failed to deliver on, and hopefully will hold you over once we release the actual remake at a later time. NEW CHARACTERS We've continued our slew of adding new characters, with a number of fixes to the Imperial Military to complement them. Below is the list of new characters: OLD REPUBLIC - Meetra Surik (Updated model) REBELLION - Cara Dune GALACTIC EMPIRE - Imperial Officers (New models + variations) - TIE Pilot (New models + variations) FIRST ORDER - Ren - Supreme Leader Snoke (Black Robe) INFINITIES - Inquisitor Asmodeus - Hedera - Pash Fairchild NEW LIGHTSABERS During the month of July, the amazing and talented Plasma has added and updated the lightsabers in his pack. The following sabers have been added to the mod (and applied to their respective characters as necessary): - Dan G'Vash - Sharad Hett - Darth Bane - Tajin Crosser - Jedi Temple Guard (Rebels) - Ady Sun'Zee - Halcyon Training Saber - Nari - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exile) - Second Sister - Ninth Sister - Third Sister - Fourth Sister - Grand Inquisitor OTHER FIXES In addition to these new things and fixes, we've also taken some more time to fix up and add some other minor things. Including, but not limited to: - Fixed some bad team assignments for some characters when spawning them from the console without changing anything else - Created a new soundset for Luke Skywalker (Sequel Trilogy), using voice lines from Mark Hamill's performances from The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. - Lowered the volume of Darth Vader's breathing so it's no longer extremely loud. - Increased the force power cost of Force Blast from 30 to 40, given the power's OP nature. - Force Destruction will now require a minimum of 70 force points to cast (still using the same rules as before) - French Translations - Adding new logic for the player to adopt the health and force of their character selected (disabled in missions) as a toggleable option. - Using a bacta tank or force heal while playing as Kyle (or someone using a Kyle soundset) will play his healing sound instead of the default Jaden sound. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN We're feeling good that we're close to the end of development for this update that I've begun the Final Countdown posts on our Discord server. I'll post the list here, but all updates made to the post will be made on our Discord server. - Return Father vs. Son as a playable mission - Remove maps from the MP listing that no longer exist - Add a toggle option to allow players to adopt the health and Force of any character they choose in sandbox mission. - Add more characters - Add more maps - Fix a bug where your character would have no textures upon loading a save Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  9. Hey, if it worked for Anakin
  10. June was a month of quality control, and many fixes. NEW CHARACTERS Since we had a good chunk of time this month while waiting for the Operation: Knightfall remake's bugs to be ironed out, I decided to go through past character suggestions and found a few that sparked some interest. You can look forward to seeing these characters in the next update. SITH EMPIRE - Darth Talon (Galaxy of Heroes) (Additional Variant) GALACTIC REPUBLIC - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Appearances from the TV show) RESISTANCE - Finn (Resistance Hero) CRIMINALS - Burg - Q-90 - Xi'an I constantly look through model suggestions so please feel free to suggest more characters. You never know, we might just add your suggestion! MENU OVERHAULS This month saw to the completion of our menu overhauls, with the Lightsaber menu being the last one. Overall the issues I had with the menus, which consisted of a lack of freedom to browse without changing your stuff immediately, poor scrolling, and other bugs have been addressed. Here is a summary of the overhaul changes: - You will no longer have to slightly move your mouse when using the scroll arrows, thus allowing you to scroll through as fast as you'd like. - The last page you visited on any SWGL menu will be saved and will be pulled up on subsequent browsing. - Selecting a character or lightsaber will no longer change either of your current selections unless you click on the Apply button. - Selecting an NPC in the NPC menu will no longer assign it to your Quick Spawn key unless you spawn them from the menu first. - Music tracks have been updated to remove duplicate tracks, or fix incorrect or missing tracks. - Using the Angles menu will no longer leave NPCs frozen when editing the menu UNLESS you had NPC Freeze turned on before using the menu. MAP OVERHAULS In keeping with the theme of overhauls this month, most maps featured in the mod have been given some quality of life enhancements that have unfortunately plagued the mod since the Knights of the Force days back in 2018. Two of the four biggest issues with the maps have been addressed, which consist of vehicles and deathdrops. The third and fourth currently unfixed issues are waypoints and blaster npcs not firing on Movie Battles II maps, which will be an update in and of itself. To begin, all maps featuring self-spawning vehicles will no longer crash the game if the vehicle is crashed into another surface, and will instead respawn as intended. Because of this, race maps such as Boonta Eve and Coruscant Speedway can be enjoyed and crashed on to your heart's content. Additionally, maps with infinitely spawning vehicles such as Battle over Coruscant, Theed Palace, and others, will no longer spawn infinitely and crash the game after a few minutes. Secondly, all deathdrops on maps will no longer infinitely heal the player and npcs and will instead kill you or them as intended. We elected to make this change code-based; meaning that any maps with similar deathdrops that are not supported by Galactic Legacy will receive this fix as well. OTHER IMPROVEMENTS Some additional improvements we've made to the mod are relatively minor. But I'll list them anyway: - All KOTOR characters have been applied the KOTOR stances, with Darth Malak receiving his own as well. - Director Krennic has been missing for a long time, and he will be re-added to the Empire characters - Adjusted the team logic for the player NPC, making it reflect the player's current team (also fixes a weird bug where Jaden would ignite his saber during the first cutscene of t1_fatal. - Renamed multiple imperial officer characters to include their military titles, making it easier to find them in the NPC menu. - By popular demand, the base game Rodian will be returning. - New music tracks in the main menu - Using the playermodel command will adjust your health, shields, and force points to reflect your character's default starts. - The datapad model no longer has a faulty texture in several cutscenes - Missions featuring special mechanics (currently False Emperor and Operation: Knightfall) will display a pop-up explaining any game mechanics unique to those missions when selecting the mission for the first time. THE INQUISITOR LIGHTSABER The Inquisitors, first introduced in Star Wars: Rebels, began the new tradition of introducing unique and very unorthodox Lightsabers to Star Wars. Ever since Rebels saw its last Inquisitor, other Star Wars media such as Jedi: Fallen Order and the more recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series have continued to show off the Inquisitor saber's unique ability to spin. After much collaboration with one of our modelers, we have succeeded in making this a reality in Galactic Legacy. The video you'll view is of a test model, and unfortunately we have not been able to progress with this since this video was uploaded. I will attempt to pursue other avenues, but fortunately we have broken new ground and made the Inquisitor lightsaber able to spin. I can't promise at this time if this feature will be in the next update, but this has proven that such a thing is possible. And with that all said, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  11. This issue is inconsistent unfortunately because of some graphics settings. I think you'll want dynamic glow turned off and the like. If you're spawning a hundred npcs, this will cause lag, especially if the npcs are Jedi/Sith npcs, which have the most complicated AI in the game.
  12. A month of fixes, a month of reflection. MENU IMPROVEMENTS The past few months have seen to the overall improvement of the functionality of some of our frequently used menus in the mod. As of writing this, I am pleased to report that the Character Selection and NPC Menus are in a state that I have always envisioned them being. Several common criticisms between both menus have been addressed. The last page that you visit will be saved, negating the need for constant scrolling. Additionally, both menus have seen to a major overhaul to their functionality, encouraging giving you the freedom to browse without making changes to your game until you decide to. The act of clicking on a character in Character Selection will no longer immediately change your character unless you apply your change. Additionally, in the NPC menu, the NPC saved to your quick spawn button will not change unless you spawn the npc initially from the menu first. Currently, work is being done on the Lightsaber menu in an effort to encourage browsing. Early results have been promising, with several more fixes currently in the works. NEW LIGHTSABERS Something we haven't done in a long time is add some new Lightsabers/Melee Weapons to the mod. Though they are few, I'm still happy to add them. Chop'aa Notimo's staff Lumiya's Lightwhip Mother Talzin's Spirit Blade Mighella's Sword Tera Sinube's Lightsaber GENERAL GRIEVOUS Something really cool that was coded in very recently saw to an improvement for General Grievous's Four Arm lightsabers. First off, the lightsabers themselves have seen to a total redesign, utilizing models of Lightsaber hilts friendly to the prequel era instead of the generic Arbiter hilt. Another cool thing is Grievous's overall functionality for the colors of his lightsabers. As you all know, more iconic imagery has Grievous holding his lightsabers in a very distinctive blue/green pattern. With the release of the updated NPC Free Choice system back in the mod's launch, we unfortunately introduced a bug where Grievous's lightsabers on one side would be the same color, and vice versa. Steps have been taken to correct this, and I am pleased to announce that Grievous when spawned (or chosen by the player) will by default hold his lightsabers in his iconic pattern. BUT WAIT! There's more! In addition to allowing for the pattern to be utilized for Grievous, we even took it a step further to allow for you to choose what two colors that Grievous will be wielding, and have him holding those sabers in the same iconic pattern as we've all come to expect. NEW CHARACTERS Of course new updates should also include some new and updated characters! We have two characters from the new Kenobi Series, but their SITH EMPIRE - Darth Plagueis (New Model) - Darth Tenebrous - Exar Kun (New Model) - Freedon Nadd GALACTIC REPUBLIC - Anakin Skywalker (Redeemed, Original) - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Shadow Collective Armor) - Obi-Wan Kenobi (Exile) - Plo Koon (Jedi Power Battles) - Tera Sinube REBELLION - Iden Versio (Rebel) - Juno Eclipse (Updated model + moved) - Leia Organa (Lothal) - Luke Skywalker (Crystal Star) - Rebel Assault Commando - Rebel Infiltrator - Rianna Saren - Rebel Spec Force - Rebel Spec Force Marine GALACTIC EMPIRE - Iden Versio - Reva/Third Sister FIRST ORDER - Ben Solo (Pre-fall) BOUNTY HUNTERS - Black Krrsantan - Gerevick CRIMINALS - Bando Gora Slave - Guri - Pyke Syndicate Members - Trandoshan (KOTOR) - Zarien Kheev CIVILIANS - Doogo - Kimmi Chyler - Pax Bonkik - Laigrek - Terentatek MANDALORIANS - Din Djarin (Pre-Beskar) FORCE USERS - Nightsister OPERATION: KNIGHTFALL In other news, the remake for Operation: Knightfall is nearing completion, with a large number of quality of life and major bug fixes being implemented over the past few months. I have been informed by one of the authors that everything should be finalized by the end of next week, pending a full playthrough from our end, verifying stability and everything else. RELEASE DATE? Provided that all goes well with these fixes and the menu improvements continue to go smoothly, we should possibly see to a release of sometime in June. Please do not take this as an official announcement. Once we have a confirmed release date we will announce on our Discord server, and we will upload the file here in advance of our next release. THE FUTURE I put the Father vs. Son remake on hold in order to help the author of Operation: Knightfall complete his mission, as well as implementing quality of life fixes to the menus and maps which host vehicles. Once this update releases, I will be (for real this time) devoting my time to remaking Father vs. Son, which I have promised for over a year at this point and still never finish (again I cannot apologize enough for this). Other missions we have promised in the past will be seeing active development after this update releases and the authors take a well-deserved break. Additionally, one of our Coder's has returned to us and has completed the initial framework for what we are calling the Dynamic Weapon System. Though the codework has basically been done, we have decided to hold off on releasing this to the public for now as this will require a lot of refactoring for many current assets in the mod (namely NPC weapons and the like), but this system will allow us to add even more weapons to the mod, and allow us the freedom to easily add in other weapons which share an identical functionality to weapons already featured in the mod. We'll provide more details once we're ready to release. Oh and the Super Battle Droid will be getting some needed cosmetic upgrades :D. Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  13. Honestly since I posted that, we haven't posted on our Instagram in forever and we usually only post on Facebook just for letting people know of updates and progress reports.
  14. Looking forth to the mod's future (no nobody is leaving ) MAP OVERHAULS Progress has been made on working on improving a few maps featured in the mod. To begin, so far several maps which feature self-respawning vehicles will no longer crash the game if you decided to drink and drive. Other maps with issues regarding swoops infinitely respawning have been and will be addressed. Maps that so far have been fixed include (but aren't limited to). Battle of Hoth Battle over Coruscant Coruscant Speedway Boonta Eve Classic Battle of Geonosis Other maps with similar issues will be tracked down and fixed in the near future. Referring back to the announcement made several years ago regarding adding waypoints to the Star Forge map to make AI battles much easier, a lot of changes have been made the Star Forge map to improve the experience on it as compared to what was available at launch. The waypoints on the map have been completely overhauled in order to make NPC pathfinding much smoother. We have also added NPC barriers around areas where NPCs could get stuck in the geometry and find it impossible to get back on track. The chasm area between the inner area and outer ring has been deepened and turned into a death drop. The dead Jedi have been removed and (for Revan vs. Malak) have been replaced with KOTOR-accurate Jedi NPCs. The lighting has seen to improvement. But enough of that, let's see some screenshots! BEFORE AFTER (More dynamic lighting from the floor and better contrast for floor textures). NPC barriers erected to prevent AI from getting trapped in areas of the map. BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER (Less blocky fog texture, looking more natural, deepened pit, turning into a death drop) BEFORE AFTER (Replaced static Jaden Korr model with live NPCs for the Revan vs. Malak mission, otherwise removed entirely) All of these changes and fixes have also been applied to the Revan vs. Malak map. Speaking of which.... REVAN VS. MALAK The Revan vs. Malak mission has seen to a number of serious improvements, and after many hours of debugging and testing, the logic for the Jedi Draining stage has been completely re-written so Malak no longer soft-locks if you destroy specific tanks in some random order. Additionally, the Jedi Draining stage has been made significantly easier, making it much easier to destroy the Jedi tanks instead of needing to hit the tanks with lightning at very specific angles, you can even destroy the tanks with your Lightsaber now (GASP!)! Other improvements to the mission include re-adding Malak's "Savior, Conqueror, Hero, Villain" line during the ambush portion as a taunt, stopping the cutscene npcs from making noises, and fixing some lines of Malak's dialogue which were clipping for some unknown reason. UI OVERHAULS The UI has also been a problem point for the mod, discouraging free-reign for browsing characters, NPCs, lightsabers, and the like. The biggest issue out of all of them is being forced to move your mouse "ever so slightly" in order to click on the same arrow. As of typing this, the NPC menu has been given this fix, so you can rapidly scroll through the many pages of NPCs we're offering to you at your leisure. Other issues will be tracked down and fixed as we find them and are able to address them. I don't want to list all of them as I don't want to cause any accidental disappointment if I'm unable to fix them. AN APOLOGY Over the past month, I have done a lot of self-reflection in regards to this mod, and even thinking back on Knights of the Force 2.1, prior to the split and its death (despite a certain Phoenix claiming it's still alive, lol). Feeling nostalgic, I looked over the past progress reports, and seeing how far the mod has come. Though I am proud of the work that myself and the team have completed over this past year and a half, I have come to the realization that despite all of these accomplishments, this mod has also been tainted with broken promises. Looking over past Progress Reports, I have counted multiple mentions of a remake for Father vs. Son, saying that "it's the next thing I will work on". Along with that, more promises of new weapons, waypoints, and multiple other missions have been made, none of which have been delivered on. The False Emperor mission we released with the last update was my attempt to attempt to fulfill a previously unfulfilled promise, as it's been a mission I have promised as far back as the Knights of the Force days. The realization that False Emperor has been the only mission we've produced since the mod's release back in December 2020 (I'm not counting the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis) is completely unacceptable. Looking back on previous patch notes, the only features we've released up until the last update were New Game Plus, New Force Powers, a few new maps, new characters, an April Fools joke, and that's basically it (minus bug fixes here and there). I grow easily distracted when working on one thing, or I may come up with an idea which just overrides anything else I'm working on, and promised features become easily lost and forgotten memories. To those who were looking forward to promises I have failed to keep, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies. But what will be done? Though I will not speak for our other Mission makers Darth Voiid and Lwkill regarding their many missions, I will make new promises that I fully intend to keep. I have promised NPC Waypoints, a Father vs. Son remake, Deathstar Rescue, manual blocking, and other things, and those things I will be 100% focusing on after some major improvements to the ingame are addressed (else they will be bugging and distracting me severely), I'll be taking a hiatus from coding any major things (except blocking) until these promises are fulfilled. Though I may periodically add new characters, my own updates to the mod will be as follows (in this order). I will remake Father vs. Son first, because it's the thing I have promised the most, so I will treat it as a higher priority. Next, I will move on to completing Deathstar Rescue (Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker POVs) Next, I will painstakingly add NPC waypoints to every single map. Next, new weapons. Finally, I will code in a brand new Manual blocking system. This is my promise, and one I intend to keep. I am sorry for breaking so many promises, but as always I am thankful for your support. As always, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  15. So just in case if anybody cares. The solution to the problem I implemented is add a target_delay for the vehicle to NPC_target to when the vehicle is automatically destroyed when crashing into a piece of map geometry. You need that small delay. Trying to fix it through the code would be a daunting task.
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