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  1. 5 of the 6 force powers in action. Keep in mind the effects and sounds are not final and are subject to change.
  2. April showers bring May flowers. April development gives you....a progress report in May. Idk. FORCE POWERS This month, there has been significant progress made on our 6 new Force Powers. Below is an overall completion status: - Force Stasis: 100% working and functional, integrated in the Jedi Outcast campaign and ready for deployment - Force Destruction: 100% working and functional, integrated in the Jedi Outcast campaign and ready for deployment - Force Fear: 100% working and functional, datapad description needed to be written - Force Grasp: 100% working and fu
  3. With a special thank you to the JK: Enhanced mod.
  4. Hope you all had a great month, our next update is fully underway and it's looking very exciting. NEW FORCE POWERS Currently in production are 6 new force powers, with 2 of them fully implemented (except for icons). The overall goal was to make force powers that would be both fun and practical in a Jedi Academy setting. Though 6 is our initial number right now for this next update, we could be willing to add more based on player feedback. Force Stasis: Render your target immobile and virtually defenseless to any attack. Fully implemented, thanks to the JK: Enhanced mod.
  5. PART 1 of 2: https://www.moddb.com/mods/swgl/downloads/star-wars-galactic-legacy-part-1-of-2 PART 2 of 2: https://www.moddb.com/mods/swgl/downloads/star-wars-galactic-legacy-part-2-of-2 Launcher (Required for playing Jedi Outcast): https://www.moddb.com/mods/swgl/downloads/star-wars-galactic-legacy-launcher This Topic will be updated when new downloads are available.
  6. HIGHLIGHTS -NEW SYSTEM: NEW GAME PLUS; Play through the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy campaigns with tougher enemy configurations that change every time you play! - NEW CHEAT: NOFORCE; Feeling like a ysalamiri? Tired of being force pushed around? Simply input "noforce" in the console and never be affected by force powers again! SYSTEM UPDATES - Re-implemented inventory and added controls to the menu. - Bacta tanks now function properly as an inventory item to be used on demand, instead of an instantaneous medpack. - The picking up dropped lightsabers option will now save a
  7. RULES FOR SUGGESTING MAPS 1. Please do not ask for a map already in the mod. 2. The map must have a strong link to Star Wars, either through appearance or canonicity. Please do not request maps that obviously take place in another universe. 3. The map must not contain textures or models of anything of a NSFW-nature, this includes (but isn't limited to): Pornography, racism, or hate-speech. 4. All map requests must come with a link to the map, with a clear way to contact the author for permission. 5. Please do not ask the map makers on the team for new maps, they are b
  8. Q: When will the mod be updated? A: The instant we know, we will tell you. Q: I have a suggestion for the mod! A: Please utilize the SWGL Discussion section of this forum. If requesting a character or map, ensure to include a direct link to what you want us to look at, else we will not take your suggestion under consideration. Please look at the rules topic in that forum for additional details. Q: I'm having a problem with another mod, can you help? A: Our ability to help you with other Jedi Academy mods is dependant on the mod itself. We likely can assist with most mods, but m
    I don't care for anime or naruto, but those designs look amazing
  9. We're active over on Galactic Legacy https://www.moddb.com/mods/swgl
  10. Hi all, So I'm wanting to create an external tool for writing to OpenJK's console in C#. I've observed and studied the source code from the original game, Boba Fett's Ultra Utility, and wrote software to try and get the console classname. Unfortunately, all efforts have so far resulted in me being able to change the Window Title of my OpenJK code from one thing to another, which is hilarious, but not what I want. I researched where the Ultra Utility linked to the console in the code, but upon further investigation, the classname appears to have been removed since the transition
  11. Patch Notes can be read on the Moddb website https://www.moddb.com/mods/knights-of-the-force-21/downloads/knights-of-the-force-update-040320
  12. A question I'm sure on many minds right now; where is this updated Duel of the Fates? The answer is simple: It's taking longer than expected. I don't like that it's taken this long, it's a massive pain that it's been several months for one mission that's basically pre-made. However, with many changes going on in my life; a new job, a new home, and less time to work on the mod, it's difficult to find time to work on the mod. You all have waited long enough, so I will be attempting to make the wait worth it. Upon completion of Duel of the Fates' fixes for each POV, I will rel
  13. Don't know what to say about that. Saving has always been an iffy thing
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