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  1. I was expecting an "attack aircraft". Also I noticed that the resistance and First Order factions are missing. I need to see the exact command you wrote.
  2. Can I see a screenshot? I'm having an impossible time believing this
  3. Download and install the public build of the mod. I don't know why you're insisting on building your own exe file
  4. We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty 

  5. Also coming next update, an expansion of our NPC Free Choice System! Giving you the ability to customize an NPC's weapon and lightsaber according to your desire!
  6. DEATHSTAR RESCUE This past month saw to the loss of my computer. While I have purchased a new machine,I have lost all progress on Deathstar Rescue. Fortunately, prior to taking my computer in for repairs, I did not progress past the first Deathstar Rescue cutscene and have since completely rebuilt it. Additionally, our mapper, Wettergren, has returned to us and provided a number of great updates to the map, including a better Deathstar for the beginning cutscene. Please enjoy the reconstructed cutscene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXFsDIuF3mI&ab_channel=StarWars:GalacticLegacy OPERATION: KNIGHTFALL As of the last update from Darth Voiid, Anakin's POV for Operation: Knightfall is approximately 85% complete and should be available for the next update, with Clone Trooper and Cin Drallig remasters coming later on. In order to avoid spoilers, we cannot provide any screenshots or videos of the new content which was worked on this month. SAVE GAMES With the return of my computer, a thorough investigation was conducted in order to figure out the issue with save games crashing to desktop during missions. After some careful debugging, we were able to figure out the cause and fixes are slowly but surely being implemented. Additionally, we are currently looking into another issue with missions where your alignment may reset or your appearance may change after starting a mission. We'll keep you posted and should have this fix implemented in the next update. NEW CHARACTERS Coming in the next update will be a slew of brand new characters! The following is a list of some (but not all) characters coming to the mod next update! - Kuill - Moff Gideon - Dark Trooper - Dread Master Bestia - Beach Trooper (yes, THOSE beach troopers) - And more! YOUTUBE We have a YouTube channel now! Please consider subscribing to us for development updates, developer commentaries, memes, and more! Please enjoy a developer commentary for the several bonus missions currently featured in the mod! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCQFOokfmXWAzaZzXadMvA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gGxvFTh48w&ab_channel=StarWars:GalacticLegacy Thank you for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  7. The criteria is basically this: 1. Does it fit in well with the story? 2. Is it necessary in order to tell a cohesive story? 3. Do I feel like making it? In terms of the deathstar cutscene, it fit with all of the above. Other cutscenes like the intro to "You have become a Rival" and the Palpatine cutscenes after the Obi-wan and Qui-Gon are more under the case of point 3. What can I say? I like making cutscenes. Those videos were recorded by Darth Voiid, my (for lack of a better term) protégé. He recorded them strictly for the team before making them public. I'll mention OBS, but I'm not going to force him to use it. Thank you though.
  8. It is the vision, I love making cutscenes and even if people only watched it once, it's worth it to me. I can't really answer your question about ambush on Tatooine, I'm not developing that one. I think the author is wanting to change the map but that's about it. Playing through the movie from beginning to end would be too ambitious, all Star Wars movies are mostly talking, not too interesting from the player's point of view.
  9. If it works, then sure. You might notice the deathstar rescue cutscene has a lot of the falcon scene shaved off.
  10. I understand where you're coming from, but recreating the dialogue scenes in JKA I felt was necessary. I didn't want to take the risk of getting sued by having clips of the movie.
  11. Thank you all for looking at this progress report, this has been a productive month for the mod! We hope to have more exciting things for our next report! MISSION UPDATES - DEATH STAR RESCUE: During most of the month of August, Linken's computer has been undergoing repairs and he has made no progress on the mod. What little progress that has been made was focused on the first cutscene of our upcoming Deathstar Rescue mission, which he hopes you enjoy. Please keep in mind a number of errors you'll see in this cutscene have already been addressed: - OPERATION KNIGHTFALL: REMASTERED: As you all know, Operation: Knightfall is being remade. The current version you all have experienced was my first mission to produce for the Galactic Legacy mod, and I am super proud with how it turned out. However, I was not satisfied with it. I felt that it could be much more….deserved to be much more. I discussed with Linken and the team about redoing it altogether, and after several months of development, I can surely say that you all are in for a treat. As of right now the mission itself has reached 75% completion. There are going to be 7 Stages of the mission, 3 of them being cutscene related (with cutscene related animations), and 4 being the mission itself. Our mapper Lwkill has worked incredibly hard to help me realize our dream of a proper Operation: Knightfall. The maps are completely new, retaining some of the old rooms all while adding new ones, but the layout is MUCH different. The story and elements of the mission are going to be DARK, and bitter sweet. You will truly feel the somber, and ruthlessness, that Knightfall was. The intro cutscene map of the Chancellor’s Office with Anakin and Palpatine has also been changed to the Fate of the Republic map for continuity. We also, as a surprise, have a talented voice cast to help bring this mission to life. Plumb will once again be voicing Matt Lanter’s Anakin from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. RedSun has agreed to voice the Clone Wars variation of the Clone Troopers. And Sonam has once again agreed to lend us his voice to do Sam Witwer’s version of the Senate himself. It truly feels like a lost episode of the Clone Wars, and I hope you all enjoy the experience that they have worked hard to provide you. As a treat, here are several screenshots of what is to come: - CONFRONTING THE COUNT: Before deciding to redo Operation: Knightfall, there were 4 missions that I also have cooking in the development oven.The first of which is Confronting the Count from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The mission is 85% done and is close to being ready for release. There will be 2 POV’s for this mission. The first will be Obi-Wan, Anakin, and then Yoda. The second will of course be Dooku. Both are 80% done, the final cutscenes for both are still being worked on, as well as finishing touches on cutscene work to ensure that the experience is an authentic experience from Attack of the Clones. As a treat, here is a clip from the mission itself, keep in mind it is still being developed so there will be a number of fixes to make it look better: - THE LAST JEDI: This is the second mission that I have in development. It is the final battle between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren from Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. There will be only 1 POV, which will be Kylo Ren. This mission itself is 95% complete except for the last half of the final cutscene. Once that is complete we will release the mission with the Operation: Knightfall Remaster. Here is a clip of the mission itself: - AMBUSH ON TATOOINE: The third mission that I have in development is Ambush on Tatooine from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It will have 2 POV’s, one for Qui-Gon and one for Darth Maul. It was 50% complete, however after deliberation with Linken, we are going to rework this mission as well as hold off until we develop a better map to ensure that it is more accurate to the movie. However here is a clip from the original mission: - A QUEEN IN PERIL: This is the 4th mission I have in development. It is also from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It will have one POV where you play as Obi-Wan Kenobi. The mission is 20% complete. It will have 3 stages. The first draws inspiration from the original Phantom Menace PC game mission: The Gardens of Theed, the stage is named as The Gates of Theed. The 2nd stage, Rescuing the Queen, will be based off of the mission from the XBOX original game Star Wars: Obi-Wan titled: A Queen in Peril. The third and final stage will be based on the mission from TPM PC game once more, Escape of Theed. The stage is titled the same. This mission will be completed last, as it is on a similar level of time needing to complete it that Knightfall needs. ANIMATIONS A few of our team members, including myself, have taken up learning how to animate character stances, and cutscene animations. Here is the 90% complete first stance for Anakin’s Lord Vader model: Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  12. Patch Notes - 08/09/2021 MISSION IMPROVEMENTS - Corrected some script issues that would permanently disable saber locking while in gameplay across all missions DUEL OF THE FATES (OBI-WAN) - Fixed an issue where the player would turn into a Stormtrooper if they were too slow to strike Maul. - You will no longer be able to move while conversing with Qui-Gon at the end of the mission. DUEL OF THE FATES (QUI-GON JINN) - Added an animation to Qui-Gon during the final stage of the Clone Ambush. - Removed a faulty Qui-gon saber model during the initial mission that should never have been there in the first place. - Improved Palpatine's "small use for you" line during the dark side ending. CODE CHANGES - Created a new cvar "g_newforcepowers" to enable or disable npcs using the new force powers - Created a new cvar "g_allowforceabsorb" to enable or disable npcs using force absorb - Created a new cvar "g_allowforceprotect" to enable or disable npcs using force protect - Created a new cvar "g_allowSaberLocking" to enable or disable saber clashes or locks. - Modified the force_grasp command to allow to bind to a key and use it as intended. - NPCs wielding a lightsaber are no longer immune to Force Lightning. UI CHANGES SETTINGS->SWGL - Added the ability to allow/deny NPCs to use any Force Powers not available in the original game. - Added the ability to allow/deny NPCs to use Force Absorb. - Added the ability to allow/deny NPCs to use Force Protect. - Added the ability to enable/disable saber locking. CONTROLS->FORCE POWERS - Added the ability to bind the 6 new Force Powers to a key. FORCE POWER CHANGES FORCE STASIS - Mine Crabs are no longer immune and have a 33% chance of being affected. - All Droid NPC classes are now immune to Force Stasis - CLASS_HAZARD_TROOPER is now immune to Force Stasis - Force Stasis rank 2 now has a 10% chance to affect a common Jedi or Sith (decreased from 50%). Powerful Jedi and Sith now have a 1% chance (decreased from 5%). - Force Stasis rank 3 now has a 50% chance to affect a common Jedi or Sith (decreased from 100%). Powerful Jedi and Sith now have a 5% chance (decreased from 10%). FORCE ABSORB - Level 1 Force Absorb will negate 20% of any incoming Force Blast attack - Level 2 Force Absorb will negate 60% of any incoming Force Blast attack - Level 3 Force Absorb will negate all damage of any incoming Force Blast attack. FORCE GRASP - At level 3, there is a 50% chance a common blaster-wielding enemy will drop their weapon. - Force Grasp can now lift and move around Droid class NPCs. - Force Grasp's animation was updated to look less like Force Choke. FORCE FEAR - Corrected a code syntax error allowing Force Fear to work way more often than intended. - Droids, creatures, Mandalorians, Galak Mech, Hazardtroopers, and npcs using the Concussion Rifle can no longer be affected. - Powerful Jedi and Sith NPCs are now immune to Force Fear NPC/MODEL CHANGES REBELLION - Changed Ben Kenobi's NPC code from Ben_Kenobi_Unrobed to Ben_Kenobi. EMPIRE - Updated the Second Sister model to a better quality. - Updated the Royal Guard model to a better quality, included a robed Shadow Guard variant. - Improved the Dark Trooper Phase III scaling to be more accurate. Updated the model to a better quality. - Updated the Phase 2 Dark Trooper with improved lighting and optimization, better rigging, and jetpack flame tags - Upgraded the shine on Agent Kallus's armor. - Optimized all Scout Trooper model variants with better LODs and less draw calls (parts) - Optimized Shock Trooper and Shadow Stormtrooper with LODs - Ported Jerec's skeleton to the JKA skeleton. MISCELLANEOUS CHANGES - Update Clone Commando Scorch's biography to reflect his appearance in The Bad Batch.
  13. 545 downloads

    The Star Wars Galaxy has left a legacy spanning many decades, with more to come. Now, a team of modders made up of former members of the Knights of the Force 2.1 mod have come together to provide the ultimate Star Wars sandbox experience. Choose your character, create your own stories! Or take a step back through history, and play through moments from the Star Wars films, The Clone Wars, Knights of the Old Republic, and more! From the characters and worlds spanning the Star Wars Legends continuity to the more recent Star Wars Disney canon, the time has come to craft your own Galactic Legacy! FEATURES - A wide selection of characters, ranging across the Skywalker Saga, Knights of the Old Republic, the original Expanded Universe, and Disney's Canon - 7 Fully playable missions, including the iconic Duel of the Fates with alternate storylines, Revan vs. Malak from Knights of the Old Republic, Operation: Knightfall, and more! With even more to come! - A fully customizable NPC system, allowing you to customize an NPC's health, appearance, alignment, and behaviors. - An active and passionate development team
  14. I'm just a simple modder trying to make my way in the community

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