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  1. Plenty to talk about, so let's get started! FATHER VS. SON REMAKE The 2nd level in Luke's Dark Side ending is coming along very well. The most complicated portion has been completed, so all that's left is to fill in the blanks! More than likely this level is about 50% completed, as the part that mattered the most took a very long time to complete. I'm very proud of the work and I can't wait to show you all more. However, I can't show off anything right now, but I hope in the next report I'll have something cool to show you all. NEW CHARACTERS We were able to gather up more characters to bring to Galactic Legacy in the next update! YAY! Here's a list of who they are and where they'll be going. I'll provide a more complete and organized list once Luke's ending is completed. General Mohc (Officer Uniform) (Galactic Empire) by Jeff Vette (Knights of the Fallen Empire) (Eternal Alliance) ported by Jeff Toryn Farr (Rebel Alliance) by Jeff Leesub Sirln (Civilians) by Jeff Lak Sivrak (Civilians) by Jeff Royce Hemlock (Galactic Empire) by SebTheAlchemist Tusken King (Civilians) by Jeff Sabine Wren (Model Update) (Rebel Alliance) ported by SebTheAlchemist from Galaxy of Heroes Garazeb Orrelios (Model Update) (Rebel Alliance) ported by SebTheAlchemist from Galaxy of Heroes NPC FREE CHOICE SYSTEM A long requested feature that we've been asked for is the ability to customize an NPC's skin RGB. So....yeah....we did that. CONCLUSION, LIFE CHANGES & IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT So there's a bit of an announcement to make with my personal life. I'm moving. As some of you might know, moving is a hassle, and settling down in a new home can be a fairly lengthy task. As things stand right now, myself and my fiancee will be moving to a new home on May 31st. Because of this, I have decided to take some time away from the mod and focusing on creating this new home and starting a new chapter. While I'm not saying that I am stopping all development on the mod on my end until this time is over, this will sadly mean that there will be no Progress Reports for the month of May or the month of June. During this time, I will continue developing what little I can, but primarily focusing this May on getting everything packed up, and then spending June to unpack and create a new home. Our next Progress Report will be in July, hopefully will more exciting news to share! We'll of course continue to post new previews for new things as they come along, so please don't consider this page or this mod as dead, we're still very much alive! As always, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  2. Good month for the mod! Let's get started! FATHER VS. SON REMAKE As with the previous months, this month was also heavily involved with developing Luke's Dark Side ending's 1st level. Shortly after the release of the last progress report, I received the needed assets in order to continue with production. We're hoping that this level starts off the ending strongly. NEW LIGHTSABERS Plasma recently updated his saber pack! We've added them to the mod and they are good to go! YAY! Huge thanks to Plasma for his awesomely awesome work! Baylan Skoll Dagan Gera Ezra Bridger (Peridea) Jedi Temple Guard (Folded) Joruus C'Baoth (Default color may be inaccurate, if you know what color it's supposed to be, please let me know) Sabine Wren Shin Hati Yoda (High Republic) FORCE POWER CHANGES Some light work was also done on fixing up Force Stasis and Destruction, which boiled down to a single bug fix and a cosmetic tweak. Fixed an issue where Force Stasis's sound would continue playing on the player after the power's effects wore off. Force Destruction will no longer disintegrate non-animal vehicles. APRIL FOOLS DAY We don't have any new "content" planned for April Fools day, but as always our April Fools changes will be available all day April 1st! Fight against Wilbur Wonka and his gigantic lolly of death in a silly reimagining of Darth Maul's extended ending! CONCLUSION This month has been very interesting and hopefully additional progress of Luke's dark side ending can continue without any further interruptions. We have a few other things secretly happening behind the scenes that we hope to report on soon! As always, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you!
  3. Did you attempt my suggestion before commenting this?
  4. So my immediate guess might be because this was a RAR file before you changed the file extension. Since you said before when you had it in your base folder not as a pk3 it worked. What I propose as a solution is to repackage your mod as a ZIP file instead of a RAR, then change the file extension to pk3. Hopefully that works.
  5. Can you show us a screenshot of the inside of your pk3 file?
  6. I believe the breathing sounds are called in the AI files for the rancor and sand creature.
  7. Busy month! Let's get started! FATHER VS. SON REMAKE Development on Luke's Dark side ending for the Father vs. Son remake has been progressing slowly. The level occurring immediately after the duel within the Emperor's throne room has gone through quiet a few revisions, which unfortunately has halted progress for the immediate future. However, with the help of Lwkill, we are currently adding hopefully the last piece of the puzzle which should allow me to complete the level and begin this journey. I sadly cannot share screenshots of this level as this would involve some spoilers. The next one however whenever we get to it should allow us to provide some development screenshots of Luke's journey towards the Dark Side of the Force. We're really looking forward to showing off more as development continues. INQUISITOR SABERS We have successfully coded the AI to use the Inquisitor lightsabers and they are fully functional for players and NPCs alike! https://youtu.be/Kebsn4mg6h0 All Inquisitorious characters will be given the ability to use these new specialized sabers against the enemies of the Empire (or allies of the Empire if you want). POSSIBLE QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q: Can any NPC spin the Inquisitor sabers? A: Only members of the Empire's Inquisitorious can spin the sabers, if another NPC is equipped with it, it will function as a normal saber staff. However, with the new Attribute system we're introducing, you will have the option to modify any NPC or add your own and give them this ability. Q: Will Inquisitor Starkiller be able to use the saber? A: Yes, Inquisitor Starkiller will be given this ability Q: Will this mean that I can get killed very easily by an Inquisitor character? A: The spinning saber can provide an advantage for the Inquisitors, however the damage the saber gives is nerfed while the saber is spinning. Once the update releases, we may or may not change this depending on feedback. Q: Can they fly now? A: No, they cannot fly now. Q: How would I spin the saber if I'm using it? A: Press the key you use to change saber styles, it will cycle between 3 set speeds. BUG FIXES In addition to these new features, we also spent some time to look over some bugs plaguing the mod. Here's a list of things fixed so far. Fixed an issue where throwing your lightsaber would occassionally cause the hilt to revert to a previous saber you were using. RGB Sabers will work in the NPC spawner menu as intended. If the game cannot load a level after extended play sessions, the loading screen will no longer stick Fixed a spawn point in the Raxus Prime map that would cause players to almost immediately fall to their death upon spawning. Changed the default values for NPC spawnscripts, fleescripts, and deathscripts from their set behaviors, which was causing some major player confusion. COMMUNITY Q&A In the previous Progress Report, I included a new Community Feedback form to hopefully answer any burning questions from you wonderful people! Can the community help with voice lines for NPCs? We occassionally put out casting calls on our Discord server depending on what we need. Please consider joining our server so you never miss them! Will you add any characters from the High Republic series? We would love to, but people would need to make them first! What will the next missions added be? A remake for Episode VI's Father vs. Son mission with 3 unique campaigns. Currently in active development is Episode I's Escape from Theed. Can't comment on any others right now. When is manual block coming lol When the monkey I hired to write the code stops eating all of my bananas Would it be possible for sandbox maps to automatically have NPCs? Just like in Lego Skywalker Saga when you arrive on a planet? This was something I've considered many times. The problem is that too many NPCs can cause some serious lag, which you, the player, don't need to deal with. This would be tentative on figuring out how to make the game multi-threaded or allow for an increase in CPU resources so the game can run better on modern hardware. Will there be a option to make our own character in sandbox I'm currently considering possible ways for you to add your own characters to SWGL without needing to wait for updates. 2025 will be Episode III's 20th anniversary. Could you do a mission to celebrate the occasion? Given the unpredictability of developing this mod, I cannot in good conscience make this promise. I personally would like to though. Would it ever be possible to make the sandbox mode of Galactic Legacy Co-op? It would be fun to spawn NPCs in with friends I absolutely agree and I have been thinking about this recently, so maybe the update after this we may focus on multiplayer. i wish i had a more interesting question to ask than "where duel x pls", but is ESB vader vs luke being worked on? Iid love to see that duel fleshed out with more endings similar to duel of the fates. This mission is not being actively developed at this time. Would it be cool if we can add a new npc command which we can add waypoints and make them walk? We definitely want to do this. 2- Is it possible to add a command like "npc effect" to spawn effect on the player without attacks (like lightning or drain) It's theoretically possible, I can't guarantee it'll be in this update, but this is a possibility. Do you plan on updating some of the worse looking player models? (i.e. young Ahsoka, Cal Kestis' poncho). Yes. Except Ahsoka, we don't have anything for her right now. Are you planning on adding singleplayer levels without any enemies or objectives into the maps list? There is already a few such as Kril'dor, but it would be interesting to see all of the singleplayer maps implemented. I can definitely understand the appeal, we'll see what we can do. Could you guys update the JK2anims to allow them to function better with JA features or add jk2 lightning as a new "Lightningcolor" or bring back the JK2 feature of npcs steapping aside for other npcs and stopping at ledges? I ask because of how much JK2 means to me since it is the only game I had as a kid and introduced me to start wars. Thank you. NPC behaviors like that are entirely dependent on map waypoints and other entities so the AI can react "kind of" better. Regarding the JK2 animations, I'm not 100% sure what you mean. If you leave us a comment detailing what you're asking about, I'd be able to answer you a bit better hopefully. Would it be possible to create a database of user-created missions for others to play? We offer a channel on our Discord server where players can submit their save games for others to enjoy. Backhand stance lightsaber looks "copied and pasted", this looks cool but it's not really functional (roll attacks do not work for example). Can this be improved? The biggest issue is that the saber models are flipped upside down, this heavily restricts the possible moves the player can do. We would need to edit the animations to adjust the saber positioning. I don't know if it's already in the mod, but would you guys consider making a hotkey for freezing npcs so you won't have to go back to the menu everytime to freeze them. Maybe Can you make a Darth Jar Jar model ? He's the Sith'ari after all ! We've tried, but sadly this entity was too powerful for even the most seasoned player to defeat. Is there a way you could create basic mission objective templates we could drop into a map alongside spawned NPC etc? Objectives are tricky because the game needs objectives coded, else they won't work. So at the moment, this sadly isn't possible. CONCLUSION It has been an interesting month but a good one for the mod's development. Hopefully in the next report we'll have more news on some possible new features I've been brainstorming as of recently! Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  8. Hope you all have had a great January and that your year has started off well! This January, more progress is made! YAY! FATHER VS. SON Luke's dark side ending is coming along very well, with a number of new assets being created. This story is starting to come together, starting with a mission aboard the 2nd Deathstar! Lwkill, our super awesome mapper, has been hard at work putting together a wonderful environment for you all to explore, and I'm really looking forward to showing more as the level is put together! I would like to apologize for the lack of specific updates with this mission over the past few reports, so I would like to offer you all the first cutscene of Luke's Dark Side ending for your viewing pleasure. Please keep in mind that anything with this scene is subject to change. However, this scene does not contain any real spoilers, so there's no warning behind this one. I hope you all enjoy the scene along with an amazing performance by Sonam Burke! https://youtu.be/la9qA6CwasI OPERATION: KNIGHTFALL COMMENTARY Myself, the original author Darth Voiid, and Basil Bonehead have at last recorded a commentary for the Operation: Knightfall remake! We hope you'll consider watching and enjoying the many stories behind the creation of our largest mission to date! https://youtu.be/WmD4hdPM2yk?si=CjqVph_MHTxT6TI3 INQUISITOR SABERS Regarding the Inquisitor sabers. We got them working! Yay! We've implemented a very basic functionality to let you spin them and stop them from spinning at will. A huge thank you to Darth Valeria for making this possible, as well as Plasma for making them in the first place! More details should be coming in a later report as to how these sabers will impact gameplay. https://youtu.be/WyiSVc4KoHE NEW/UPDATED CHARACTERS Alright, a list we haven't gotten a chance to make this list for a while! New characters! Given the small amount we currently have in the queue, the list will not be organized by faction. Instead, I'll be adding their intended faction. Additionally, I will be including a list of characters that will be receiving faction changes in order for them to be more accurate. Darth Malgus (Rogue) (New Variant), Malgus will also be moved from Reconstituted Sith Empire to Unaligned Force Users. Created by Bioware, ported by Darth Valeria Anakin Skywalker (Nelvaan) Pack provided by The Unguided (https://jkhub.org/files/file/4183-the-six-swole-pack/). Cal Kestis (JFO). Ported/Created by Zeal (Updated Model) Mandalore the Ultimate (Updated Model) Created by Engys Epangelmatikes, ported from Garry's Mod by Zeal Kelleran Beq (Updated Model). Ported from Galaxy of Heroes by SebTheAlchemist, upscaled textures by YesImSev. Princess Leia (New Infinities Variant) Luke Skywalker (New Infinities Variant) Baylan Skoll, added to Unaligned Force Users, created by ZelZel Shin Hati, added to Unaligned Force Users, created by ZelZel Taron Malicos, moved from Nightsisters to Unaligned Force Users CONCLUSION & COMMUNITY FEEDBACK This month has been a busy one and I'm eagerly looking forward to bringing you all the remake for Father vs. Son. We hope to make 2024 a great year for the mod and one to remember in general! We could not have done all of this without your support as well as the countless authors that have allowed us to feature their work/ports. We have a lot of things on the backburner we hope to announce soon, but for now I do hope that you all enjoyed this report. I do apologize for the lackluster reports from a few months ago, but hopefully this one at the very least led us in the right direction for your forgiveness! I've set up a new Community Feedback form that I hope each of you will participate in! Please be as brutally honest as you would like, these responses are completely anonymous. https://forms.gle/YCUrTrtoCVhr9Hfj6 As always, thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  9. I am so sorry for the long response time! From what I could gather, animations are strictly assigned per model, so if you wanted one appearance of your character to have one set, and another appearance to have another set, you'll need two different models. Back when I wrote this, the notepad method did work, but that's definitely not the case these days. I'll probably edit this tutorial at some point to only include the Hex Editor.
  10. I hope everybody had a great Halloween! But unlike the holiday, this mod's development was anything but spooky! (Or maybe it was, who knows) FATHER VS. SON REMAKE This month was heavily focused on the long-awaited remake of Father vs. Son. As of typing this, all major duel cutscenes have been completed, with the choice and subsequent endings still requiring development for Luke's side (and then Vader needs to be worked on of course). I wanted to take this time to address a few changes, and also put to rest a few potential concerns regarding some possible controversy that may arise as a result of this news. Less Endings: The original Father vs. Son had 8 endings. This will be scaled back to 4. The reason for this decision was because we felt that many of the endings would've taken a very similar (or simply identical) route to others that we felt had more of an impact. Other endings were omitted because we simply couldn't think of a believable story. No Palpatine POV: Since the Palpatine POV in the original was only a choice duel, this POV will be removed and (SPOILER ALERT) you will only play as him if you betray Palpatine as Darth Vader in Vader's own POV. All endings will be given a short what-if story: Similar to Duel of the Fates, all 4 new endings of the Father vs. Son remake will be greatly expanded on, with the non-canonical endings being given an original story to detail what could've been. NEW MAPS Our amazingly awesome mapper Lwkill has been hard at work this month creating and updating maps that we hope you'll get to experience soon! THE EXECUTOR IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER CHARACTER ATTRIBUTES A big issue that plagues most (if not all) Jedi Academy mods is that basically all characters act or behave exactly the same. Of course there are some minor AI changes depending on NPC classes, but overall, all NPCs behave roughly the same way. Other issues of course include some characters not having certain biological (or mechanical) improvements that you'd expect. To help combat this, the first three brand new attributes have been coded to the game. More should be on the way at some point, but we feel this is a good foundation. HERO: Allowing the heroes and villains of Star Wars to shine, Heroes take less damage from all sources, cannot be disarmed, are immune to mind trick and Force Fear, and deal significantly increased damage from whichever non-explosive weapon they're using. AQUATIC: Aquatic characters cannot drown, simple as that. HELD BY HATRED: Inspired by Darth Sion's mechanic, Held By Hatred allows a character on the brink of death to sacrifice a chunk of their maximum health to return to life and continue fighting. The more health the character has, the longer they can potentially last. NPC FREE CHOICE SYSTEM Ok! This is the big one, the most heavily requested features for the NPC Free Choice System are coming! You've asked, and we've delivered. Next update: Model, Soundset, and Force Power customization! CONCLUSION It honestly surprised me how much we got done with the mod during this month, I'm very excited to bring this one out to you all. Next report we hope to have more updates on the Father vs. Son remake (including some development screenshots!) and hopefully more! Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  11. You have some options with this, the most basic solution is create a script in BehavED to call the NPC, have them play a sound, and loop it. Sadly as you said earlier, the rancor and sand creature breathing is hard-coded. I don't have the code in front of me right now to say where, but I do remember when implementing breathing sounds for Darth Vader and Lord Starkiller in Galactic Legacy it was only a couple of lines of code. But if neither option is available for you, then the lightsaber sound would probably work best for you.
  12. We made the emperor's throne room for our rendition of the False Emperor final fight against Malgus in the Galactic Legacy mod. Same with the dreadnought.
  13. INITIAL DEVELOPMENTS So despite me saying I was taking a break from developing.... Quite a fair bit of progress has been completed on the mod, and I'm very excited to talk about it! DYNAMIC WEAPON SYSTEM Initially coded by our amazing coder The New Order, the Dynamic Weapon System has been fully integrated into the mod and will be ready with the next update (sans bug fixes of course). The Dynamic Weapon System will allow for us to group together multiple weapons of the same functionality to allow us to use up less weapon slots for the mod, and thus in turn will let us offer up a larger variety of weapons now and in the future. To begin this process, most weapons which you know have been merged, and 2 new weapons have been coded! The E-5s Sniper Rifle, and the Super Battle Droid's arm cannon! More weapons are slated to come at a later time. We're really looking forward to bringing this to you. NEW CHARACTERS We've also received a lot of new character suggestions for the mod. Below are some that are slated to come, please remember that this list is subject to change at any time. Bera Kazan Jyn Erso (Imperial Disguise) By Jeff Sith Eradicator (Updated Model) By The Unguided Sith Empire Trooper (Updated model) By The Unguided Mandalore the Ultimate (Updated Model) By Zeal Baylan Skoll, By ZelZel Shin Hati, By ZelZel Nico Okarr (Updated model), Ported by Punisher Saw Gerrera, Ported by Punisher And more THE DROIDEKA Wait, why is the Droideka getting a section? Good question! Over the past few weeks (in fact pretty much the whole month) the Droideka has been received some very much needed attention. Since the mod's debut, the Droideka and Super Battle Droid have often been regarded as bad eyesores for the mod, lacking their signature weapons and overall just weren't threatening. This month I've been hard at work getting the Droideka to a place where I feel we can consider it as much more authentic and more accurate to its overall threataning nature as depicted across all of star wars. Please watch this video and see for yourself how the droideka operates as both an NPC and also for the player! CONCLUSION There's still a lot to work on the Droideka, primarily cosmetic things, but overall things are coming along well with it. There are other things we are working on which we want to keep quiet for now, but hopefully this offers a taste of things to come for the mod. If you haven't seen yet, we did release one final hotfix for our August update and performed a full merger, so the full mod is fully up to date with everything. Thank you all for following the development of Star Wars: Galactic Legacy, and may the Force be with you.
  14. All characters have this ability, and can play any sound (provided JKA can play it). So if you want Vader to play Youngling lines or Palpatine to sound like Dooku, you can do that, there's no limitation at all. Also it looks like I'm getting delayed responses, I'll get a notification saying you quoted me but not receive it until long after the fact. So I apologize if some stuff seems out of order in this post.
  15. See my previous post, also don't add a \ before the sound. If you're still having problems, reach out to me directly on discord and we'll sort this out together.
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