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  1. Hey, didn't notice the notifaction for a few days. Been very busy. You could try something like this. Not 100% sure if it will compile, didn't test it =p Good luck. //--------------------------------------------------------- void G_CreateRotationMatrix(vec3_t angles, matrix3_t matrix); // Function decleration/prototype so we can use it. You can put this in a header file. static void WP_DEMP2_AltFire( gentity_t *ent ) //--------------------------------------------------------- { int damage = weaponData[WP_DEMP2].damage; int currentShot = 0; vec3_t start; matrix3_t rotMatrix; vec3_t ba
  2. The day we meet you will experience pain.
  3. The encryption is just an XOR with a string, offset by a random number, which is the first one printed to the file. It's not a very secure encryption
  4. Not without some work. The source code is released now, so anyone can do that change if they want to see it. I was thinking of just making it save in json at some point, but never got around to it.
  5. Makermod is open source, you can make linux support! =p
  6. Makermod can be played without any client side plugins, but there is one you can use. So your wife should probably also install it. Your wife can join by finding your server in the server browser, she should not run the .bat to start a server. Or she can connect to your server by doing "/connect <your_server_local_ip>:29070" where you replace <your_server_local_ip> with the ip. You can find your local IP by doing the following steps: /* 1) write "cmd" (without quotes) in the start menu, and press enter. 2) A black terminal window should pop up, write "ipconfig" and press enter.
  7. Not sure why you said "nothing happened" when it prints: map: t2_trip num score ping name [...]That is the current status of your server, it's running map t2_trip, and since there are no players on it it can't show any stats about them, and only prints the column names. Your server is running correctly, you should be able to connect to it. Go to the server browser in the jamp client (you don't have to load makermod in jamp) and connect to your local server. You have to change the filter options in the top right portion of the server browser until it shows LAN (or Local not sure exactly what
  8. Type in status and press enter, then please post a screenshot of what it shows.
  9. Well first of all you will need JKA to be able to play makermod, I assume you have that in order though. I suggest checking out the readme files included in the download. The "Old Makermod Readme.txt" has some installation and getting started instructions. Some googling also gives me two (kinda dated) guides: http://makermod.wikia.com/wiki/Servers http://baconmakermod.webs.com/serverguide.htm They all talk about a .bat file that is not included in the download you have though, but you can make it yourself: .\jampded.exe +set dedicated 1 +set fs_game makermod +exec makermod.cfg +set sv_p
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