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    Just a kitbash I put together and some big edits to meshes and textures for the Gladiator Wookiee, Black Krrsantan . Thought of doing it because I hadn't seen a model of him yet around here, and I saw the Underworld Contest and thought, "What's a better time than now?". So, have fun! Happy hunting. Might do an update later on for him if need be. ---------------------------------------------- Features: Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes BOT Support: No ---------------------------------------------- To use the model, type this into your console (or select the Icon in the player select screen): "/model Krrsantan" To spawn him as an NPC, type this into your console: "/npc spawn Krrsantan" ---------------------------------------------- External Content Used / Credits: Scerendo-- Hair braids (Quinlan Vos model) Bactaboy-- Shoulder armor, spikes & center pieces Star Wars: Force Arena-- Chewbacca body mesh
  2. "Left for dead... on the sands of Tatooine." (only fitting, after the release of the Book of Boba Fett, that I do a piece for it lol)
    Always liked the concept of the Sirius model, he looks very nice. Good job on the kitbash and texture works, and the shader sets too-- very cool to see in a role-play POV
  3. 606 downloads

    I've released these models in my WIP forum thread, but decided to upload them here too! The pack includes her Clone Wars, Season 7 outfit, and her Mandalorian, Season 2 outfit-- both with a few variations. Features: Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No BOT Support: No ---------------------------------------------- For The Mandalorian, Season 2 outfit variations, go in console and type either of these: "/model Ahsoka_Mandalorian" "/model Ahsoka_Mandalorian/hood" "/model Ahsoka_Mandalorian/poncho" For Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 7 outfit variations, go in console and type either of these: "/model Ahsoka_S7" "/model Ahsoka_S7/robe" ---------------------------------------------- External Content Used / Credits: Jeff-- for the S7 body base & additions to Mando Ahsoka Star Wars: Force Arena-- for the head mesh & body parts Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes-- for the head crown in her S7 outfit
  4. Probably one of my most favorite moments in the Anakin vs Obi-wan fight; when they both jump on the small beam. Such a cool scene, so I decided to try and recreate it in blender with JKA models.
  5. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2c2x27ldzc3n4o2/Nova_Public_NPC.rar/file Here you go. It should work, but if it doesn't let me know.
  6. I'll try to put together an NPC file for him then, and post it here when I can :))
  7. Are you making him an NPC in MD2? If so, what animations are you wanting him to use?
  8. Ahh yeah, that's actually a model that was put together by @Raisinbrand, not my place to give it out lol. He could tell you more about her story though
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