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  1. Nice progess so far! What I really want to see is removing the stupid shaderlist.txt. Is there any good reason to have it?
  2. You put all the brushwork into func_statics? Can you show us the topology of your hallways? It's hard to find a solution from just a few ingame screenshots and a desciption.
  3. Are you using misc_models for the geometry? Try spawnflag 4 on those models and recompile the map.
  4. @Aldro Koon I have no idea about how the network code in jka and also in ja+ works. You should ask someone more knowlegable about this.
  5. This is mainly a tool to fix things you can never get right in radiant. Sometimes vertex normals end up not beeing smoothed or you simply pull your hair out trying to get some nice lighting. (Vertex normals are used for "phong" shading, so you can actually force faces to be smooth in my plugin after compiling a map) So basically you can use this to beautify your maps afterwards. You don't need to decompile the map or else. Just patch the bsp file directly with this addon. Yes, we can actually entity mod through this. This is basically unfinished, but it already works like a charm. I think only rotating stuff is unfinished actually, rest should be fine. Also, just patch the bsp file directly with the addon. No need for another software. No, this can't decompile maps into .map. FFA3 with some new baked lightmaps for the gl2 renderer Very simple enitity mod of mp/Duel1, added two misc_model_statics Lighting works perfectly fine with this addon, when you put some effort in reworking the lightmap texture coordinates manually. You can save them back into the bsp to get no light leaks. Whoops, forgot to repeat the best thing about this. You can patch the vertex colors and the lightgrid too. Means, you can light everything in blender. Older approaches could only bake lightmaps. Vertex colors are used when a surface doesnt have a lightmap. In the vanilla game, there are lots of vertex lit surfaces. The lightgrid is used to light players. So, now you can rework the lighting completely in blender and not just make it better. Guess I should show off some drastic light changes like, yavin at night or something like that. 😛
  6. Upcoming new Features in the next update Blender 2.83 support Light baking in Blender: Entity modding: MD3 Import: MD3 Export: If somebody is interested in testing: Current development branch https://github.com/SomaZ/Blender_BSP_Importer/tree/ent-lighting-modding
  7. The sample size tells q3map2 the size of a lightmap pixel in game units. So, if you decrease the sample size, your lightmap gets more accurate and vice versa. The game hardcodes the max lightmap count to 256 I think, and your compile said you had 566. So you needed to reduce the lightmap count. Increasing the space covered by a lightmap pixel means you can put more surfaces into one lightmap -> you'll get fewer lightmaps. Now you can try decreasing the sample size again for your compiles to get some better lighting untill you reach the lightmap limit of 256.
  8. -samplesize 256 In bsp phase AND in the light phase
  9. Looks like you might have too many lightmaps in this bsp for the game. Try increasing the sample size for your compile. Try a samplesize of 256 first to check if that's the problem. And make sure the bsp phase gets the samplesize parameter as also the light phase. ?
  10. GTA V on Epic Games Store for free.
  11. If you feel up to the challenge of doing a rend2 version I'd be very interested in helping you setting it up properly. ?
  12. An exporter is not planned, but some other useful features. More info about that will follow soon. I wrote a Noesis plugin and some blender plugin some time ago to do something very similar, but I wasn't satisfied with it, so I started writing this. It involved some nasty stuff like decompiling the bsp file to get the enitity infos into the old plugin and this was very annoying.
  13. Hello folks, I've been writing this importer for some time now and I think now is the time you can test this too. It's written for Blender 2.81. Older Blender versions are not supported because of incompatibilities in the material system. You need to unpack all your data to some directory because the plugin can't read pk3 files. Download: GitHub Download the import_ja_bsp_plugin.zip under Assets and install like every other Blender plugin. Copy your unpacked basefolder location into the preferences of the plugin after activating it and you are good to go. You will find a import -> JA BSP (.bsp) entry in your menu. Start importing your .bsp and go grab a coffee, it's pretty slow right now, this will be fixed when I have some more time. Known Bugs: - portals don't work - transparent shaders don't look like in the game (not really fixable I think) - some rgbGens aren't implemented - some tcMods aren't implemented - skyportals aren't implemented - fog is not implemented - animmaps aren't implemented - tcGen environment is not outputting the same reflection vector as the game - potentially load order of the shader files is wrong (maybe someone could check that for me? ? ) - only one imported map at the same time is working properly - system console still prints some debug info that is not needed for a user Pictures:
  14. Yea, still kicking. The Stormie models I use are old ones from DT85. He made them for a Source Mod he and I worked together on some time ago: Star Wars: The new Era
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