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  1. You found them all, at least the ones that I'm aware of, external ones. Hopefully they'll do a contest or something down the road to inspire creation of some more like Vader's Castle or something. It's surprising we don't have more lava maps.
  2. The brushwork is really nice and the ground level views are exquisite. The horizon blending is really superior too, although the contrast between the brown water and pristine blue sky makes it seem a little dirty, lol. Horizon blending is the mark of a superior mapper and you've got it down. I will watch your modding career with great interest.
  3. The grass works so well! Very few people employ that, I love to see it!
  4. The terrain is really refreshing and dynamic, and the ground texture blending is phenomenal! There is a lot of potential in the shape and layout of the map. Is the water texture a placeholder?
  5. I recently read this book for the first time, and I have to really commend you at how well you interpreted it into an actual map! Fantastic work.
  6. Version 0.1


    ==The Pyke Pack 2== 3D models by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao Based on unused concept art for "Solo: A Star Wars Story" by Jake Lunt Davies Converted and rigged for Jedi Academy by Noodle --NPC Support-- PykeA - Pyke Civilian Scientist [Yellow] PykeB - Pyke Servant [Brown] PykeC - Pyke Steward [Purple]
  7. I love this map! Great to see it here. Very useful for gameplay and RP purposes. Well rounded, good features!
  8. Update: The R5s from this thread have been released thanks to Jeff and the Heavy Mando has been released thanks to Noodle. We're checking things off the list, and so many more fun things are in store! https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/pyke-civilian-a-c22f0fe8199140e0af15fd5c1eee7ea3
  9. I am so glad someone appreciated my artistry, haha. R5U2 is on a custom landing bay map I had made that's designed to look as if its part of Rannon Praxeum. R5C4 and R5U3 are on a version of Rannon Praxeum I retextured. R5U1 is on a movie battles 2 map called "Cargo Heist"
  10. Version 0.1b


    ==Mandalorian Heavy== Project commissioned and organized by Zander_Nao 3D modeled and textured by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Beta Version: No NPC support, may require additional optimization to avoid crashes. Based on Paz Vizsla from The Mandalorian Converted for Jedi Academy by Noodle Classic Head enhanced by Noodle to add facial bones, speech and updated UVs. Classic Head from Mandalorian Pack by Laam'inui based off of NeoMarz' models and Spanki's facial textures:
  11. 30 downloads

    ==R5U Series Astromech== An updated R5 astromech. Head 3D modeled by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Base Model by Raven Software Converted for Jedi Academy by Jeff Head textures by Phazzer Based on the NPC Droid Pack by Helena Revan with some shared textures used with permission granted in original readme. Other textures/reskins created by Zander_Nao Project organized by Zander_Nao https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0F52A6CE87DE00FD --NPC Support-- R5A1 - Upgraded R5 Default (R5A1_vehicle for vehicle mode) R5C4 - Clone Wars R5 Default (R5C4_vehicle for vehicle mode) R5U1 - Clone Wars Desert Texture (R5U1_vehicle for vehicle mode) R5U2 - Bounty Hunter Blue Texture (R5U2_vehicle for vehicle mode) R5U3 - Galaxy's Edge First Order Texture (R5U3_vehicle for vehicle mode) R5K6 - Jeff's Custom texture (R5k6_vehicle for vehicle mode)
  12. I certainly hope there will be, especially after the interesting Togruta male characters in the High Republic!
  13. I like the idea a lot, spreading the wisdom and experience to help those aspiring, and it's a nice chance to get a good look at the process from start to finish!
  14. Here are the raw original models from the Pyke Pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/wx89n4llr9ilxjq/Pyke Pack 2 Raw.rar?dl=0
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