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    ==S19 Series Astromech== Project created by Zander_Nao 3D Model by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Converted for Jedi Academy by Jeff Based on the LesTech S19 astromech droid from the Scavenger's Guide to Droids. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/S19_astromech_droid --NPC Support-- S19 - White/Green
  2. I even tried to commission this once, even a basic version, but good mappers are so hard to find!
  3. Oh, some good work here! It's nice to see! Thank you for sharing it! I know creation can be cathartic. Very good stuff.
  4. It'll be great for the community to see your creation realized! There were a lot of boundary breaking innovations in the pictures.
  5. I love your taste, you have such a unique style and no skybox has ever been that dynamic in Jedi Academy! I can't wait to see your official releases!
  6. Oh, I love seeing this come along, and I love the feedback people have shared too! You're doing great, I'm so happy for you!
  7. Oh, it is an interesting blend of old and new. I like the open floor plan.
  8. Keep up the great work! You're breaking through boundaries, exploring new worlds! We just have to cross that finish line so everyone can experience the wonders you've created.
  9. These strange and hard times have certainly been a challenge, but I'm glad you're having time to do some creative work for sure! Anything you release is going to fuel inspiration, imagination and creativity in others for sure! I think it's probably best to keep Kamino V2 a mostly outdoor map. Maybe some transitional rooms that are spawn points on the platforms or something where you walk out from, but what really set that one apart was being able to fly over those realistic waves! What version of the falcon are you going for? There are a lot of options... Your 3D skills have really advanced and any version would be more polished, but there's the sequel era Falcon, there's the Solo falcon. I really love the first one's interactivity. A sequel map pack would be ambitious for sure, but I guess the true question is, did any of the locations inspire you? What are you passionate about? That sort of thing can really help push the creation along. I love hearing about the community resources too! Allowing others to learn from you is a great way to keep the community thriving. Good to see you back! Can't wait to see more!
  10. I doubt there's a model like that, but I agree, it's really a fantastic blend between the mando and Jedi aesthetics. I love the arm bracers and the subdued helmet. Good choice! I hope that someone takes on this sort of project! It would be great to see.
  11. Even after all this time, this project is a showcase of just how far you can push Jedi Academy. I come back every once in a while just to appreciate the pictures.
  12. Red vs Blue inspired me making machinimas with Jedi Academy, so this idea is a bit heartwarming.
  13. So this is how [diplomacy] ends... with thunderous applause. I'm really disappointed to see the fighting over clan stuff. This thread has so much going for it to see what's possible in the game engine. I had hoped to use this map in my films because it was the most inspirational map that had come along in such a long time. It combined the utility of the clan maps with a clean, pure, genius aesthetic. It implemented things that had been learned over the years... and then the time kept slipping away.
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