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  1. biggs


    the water at the bottom is not actually water; it makes no sound and does not slow you down.
  2. 74 downloads

    This is a Duel map; there are no items or weapons. It works on JKA and JK2. .bps names: thermae thermae_jk2
    These fascinating designs are something I've never seen in a JKA mod before; I love the intricate textures and use of colours. I look forward to seeing what you'll come up with next.
  3. 268 downloads

    UNDERWORLD MOD CONTEST 2022 WINNER Inspired by Bladerunner. This is a Free for All map that has items and weapons, but there is also a duel variant that removes all of that. got as much done as I could before time ran out ; this map is not finished. .bsp names: underworld underworld_duel
  4. biggs


    Cheers for the kind words. This map was originally far more detailed, but I ended up removing a lot of patch work for the sake of better FPS.
  5. Version 1.1


    Release Trailer Inspired by Greek mythology. This is a Free for All map; there are no items or weapons. It works on JKA as well as JK2.
  6. biggs

    SC Island

    Did you make this in blender or something?
  7. biggs


    Version 1.2


    Kame House from Dragonball. This is something I've thrown together for the Summer-themed Mod Contest. Credits are inside the .pk3
  8. biggs


    Thank you I would have liked to have fixed the portal water before the submission was closed, but I unfortunately wasn't able to
  9. biggs



    The inner sanctum of the walled city, Calodan, from the series The Mandalorian. Created for The Mandalorian contest. This is 1v1 Duel/Power duel map, but it also works in FFA and TEAM FFA gamemodes.
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