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  1. Long time no see I will definitely try this out shortly as you have put the effort to make it work as you did with moonbase!
  2. @mjtThat would be very much appreciated Could you share your batch file? Perhaps just one where the map can be dragged onto it to run the compiler (all 3 stages?) Many thanks again Oh, and I might take you up on the tour at some point but Im off to a mates stag this weekend so will rain check for now, if thats ok?
  3. @mjtthanks for nice words when ita done all source files will be included as usual. What is POM stand for? alpha blend functions will blend both the diffuse and the normal/parallaxmaps , I am not sure how it would work with a decal shader + parallaxmap though Ball would be nice as an NPC but I don't know how to do this myself as never used any character modelling stuff and not really keen to worry about that side of things unless it's very straightforward and has a clear easy tutorial. I'm not sure what you are asking about the terrain. It's a brush trisoup in its entirety. The surface shader is a standard diffuse with an alphablended secondary texture for each blend, phong shaded and then the parallax and specular rend2 texture maps added.
  4. Hi @mjtI was referring to q3map2 not netradiant, I did see the link about the netradiant features from another post above in order to decide if its worth using, and how to make best use of it, I wpuld rrallynlike anlist of changes and any new compile parameters and what they do, so far I can find absolutely zero I also have no idea how to actually get this new q3map2 working in the first place. Simply replacing the old exe does not work and the various dll files are in a new structure compared with the 2.5.17 version in gtk 6.6
  5. I'm finding this a big problem coming back after a few years, nothing is documented and there's no references
  6. Small updates - decided I preferred it with some more skybox elements.
  7. What features does this new q3map2 have over the one with GTK1.6.6? Is it possible to get the new q3map2 from somewhere by itself?
  8. There is cubemapping on the water surface from rend2 , that's what's giving the little highlights on the crests of the waves and the slight green tinge reflecting the palm trees I am not planning players to be much underwater as you cant really fight in the water anyway, most of the ocean accessible (not clipped off) is not so deep I have never used fog underwater, JKA just projects that 2d blue tinge overlay effect I think More details referred to things on the actual island, maybe a hammock , sorting out the grass e.t.c, some fishes underwater and so on
  9. Thanks to @SomaZ the ocean deformvertexes are now working with rend2. Looks even better with true deformity - see video below: Very soon this ocean work will be done and I can start adding some more to the map itself And this last one is vanilla, which still looks ok!
  10. Guys, I found a workaround using tcmod turb and adding parralax to the waves (so no deformvertexes needed) It looks really nice!
  11. @SomaZ - yes with one deformvertexes (either wave or normal) there is no material properties applied. Problem is, with 2 the game crashes on map load - see shader below. Works fine in vanilla. And you only get the spec/cubemaps if i remove the deformvertexes completely...but then it doesnt look like water textures/szico_halcyon/ocean_water2 { qer_trans 0.5 qer_editorimage textures/szico_halcyon/ocean_water2 q3map_tessSize 256 qer_trans 0.65 q3map_material Water surfaceparm nonsolid surfaceparm trans surfaceparm water deformVertexes normal 0.4 0.25 deformvertexes wave 0.75 sin 0 1 1.0 0.75 { map $whiteimage alphaGen const 0.0 alphaFunc GE128 } { map textures/szico_halcyon/ocean_water2 normalMap textures/szico_halcyon/ocean_water2_nm specularreflectance 0.5 roughness 0.1 alphaGen const 0.8 blendFunc GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA GL_SRC_ALPHA tcMod scroll 0.01 0.025 } { map $lightmap blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_ZERO } }
  12. Well still messing with cubemaps - got them to work on a glass window but not on the water, also as suggested have made the water line sand darker, thoughts?
  13. @SomaZ Nothing has changed. Ive even made a new map just a square box with a single shader and the parallaxmap isnt applying now. Textures are both identically sized, the main texture and the nm.jpg. The specular layer still works fine if added. Nothing actually has changed with the shader or images from when it was working earlier. Am I on a borked or old rend2? The most recent one on the github that was built was like from 2018 I think And for some reason the github page is now gone/down ?? http://gandalf.acslo.com/rend2/ NVM I am so dumb, I redid the bumpmap to alter slightly and forgot I need a heightmap added to the alpha channel, which got erased by mistake /facepalm
  14. See, i didnt even know these commands existed: (and incidentally, the line " alphaGen 0.08 is not recognised by the renderer (ingame error) specularreflectance 1.0 roughness 0.1 @SomaZDo you have a list of all the current working shader commands and descriptions by any chance? Also, random issue - i enable r_parallaxmapping1 and as you can see from last video, was working with proper parallax effect on sand. But now its just stopped working. I even removed every other texture and shader from the mtr, just leaving the sand and the parallax effect is completely disappeared? Is this a bug or am I missing something
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