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  1. Oh, that's not the issue at all, lol. It's to keep new players who have no idea about what's going on from joining, jumping ingame during a pug, and causing chaos.
  2. Aaaaand I'm back for another post. I'm going to be adding the Duel1 replacement to the list of downloads at the beginning of this thread. The only difference (that I remember) from the screenshots of it before is that I've added a Jedi Knight League banner to the back wall. It should be fully playable on base servers, provided that you use Eternaljk or have another way of bypassing sv_pure. It will possibly break on FFA servers that have it entity modded into another map, though, so beware. And now for something new, I've spent the past month working with someone else as a partial
  3. Quick update on the instagib map, I added bases for either side so CTF can be played. I don't think the layout is ideal for CTF because there are only 2 ways in/out of the bases and one of them is a teleport (I ran out of patience with trying to connect hallways together). Hopefully I'll be seeing the map in action soon, so I'll know what all to fix so I can call it done. I did forget about changing the sky, but the map's taking about 2 hours to compile now, so I won't be messing with it just yet.
  4. I swear I'll get back to the temple map eventually, but in the meantime, I've got a couple of other projects I've worked on. The first is more technical than artistic. I've used a lot of flat colored pngs in some of my maps, and I decided to simplify them all. For the flat colored textures specifically, I didn't even need a png to start with, I could just specify the color of $whiteimage with rgbGen const. So with that, I've got the black/grays/white colors that I need, along with most of the rainbow of other colors, and a variety of glowing textures. I also wanted to simplify a textu
  5. Taking a tiny break from working on the temple map to do something else. I don't spend a lot of time on duel1 because it's very dark (and also a duel map), but I do spend a ton of time on ffa3, so... I decided to see if I could just make duel1 look more like ffa3, and it appears that I can. I hopped onto a server to test it and noticed some weirdness, not sure if it was the server or my map, though. It could use some more work, I just put the map models back where they were on the original duel1 since I didn't know what else to do that would fit within the clip brushes. Also, there are a c
  6. @LSD_Polyphony Make sure you have the latest release from here. If you're running Windows, that's going to be the eternaljk-win32-portable.zip. Make sure you extract the contents to the Gamedata folder, then you should be able to just run the eternaljk.exe that's included.
  7. @AshuraDX I'm going to attempt that with python and Blender, sounds like a fun learning experience. I've tweaked my compile settings and did end up replacing -dark with -dirty because the other weird spots were apparently coming from -dark, but that still didn't fix the jagged lines on the terrain. I also tried q3map_lightmapMergable, different q3map_shadeAngles, q3map_lightSampleOffset, and even just raising/lowering the verts to see if that would do anything, but so far, nope. The terrain is brushes, but maybe it has to do with how they've been exported from Blender? They're not the
  8. @AshuraDX I swapped out ambient for a low _minlight value that may or may not be working out alright, and also took screenshots on gamma 1 this go around, instead of 1.25. At some point I tried using multiple suns in my sky shader, but they were throwing shadows all over the place and obscuring the more defined shadows that I actually wanted. I'd be up for trying it again, though. I've compiled it again with these settings, but I'm noticing some weirdness in places. -light -fast -filter -bounce 4 -bouncegrid -bouncescale 1.3 -dark -patchshadows -samples 2 -shade These places prob
  9. I decided to start working on another map, this time a little bit outside of my comfort zone. It's primarily outdoors (only outdoors right now), and the lighting has not been easy. I'm using a shader sun and ambient light in the worldspawn for most of it, and it's still turning out pretty dark on the bottom floor, especially on default gamma. I'll have to tweak it more as I go. The map itself is based off of some artist's rendition of the hanging gardens of Babylon. It's currently super blocky and lacking details, but I want to get the shape of the building down before I get too distracte
  10. Just dropping by to post this very small TFFA map. Source .map file is included. Download here. Images:
  11. It looks like the normals are flipped around in spots. There's an option to disable backface culling in Blender somewhere, I can't say exactly where from memory. But turning that on should let you see what's messed up. Alternatively, there should also be an option to just show the direction of the normals, which I think you can only get to in edit mode. You can fix it in edit mode by recalculating normals or selecting just the problem areas and flipping normals, because sometimes recalculating only half fixes it.
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