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    You can have dogfights in the remains
  2. Don't forget the Dromund Kaas levels in Mysteries of the Sith.those are pretty creepy.
  3. Looks like a poster for a fan movie.By the way its fake.
  4. Its missing the radar device used by those purple robed beings.
  5. DrXann


    I wonder who made this mod.You gotta like the wonky animations this mod has.
  6. Looks fun but we need more heroes and villains from their respected eras of the saga.
  7. Lets see there's Flight of the Falcon Masters of Teras Kasi Kinect Star Wars Rebel Assault 1 and II (Because their rail shooters) Star Wars Rebellion.
  8. It looks better than the Ultimate Weapons version.
  9. Looks like the art stye is based on the 2003 Clone Wars show.Whats this show supposed to be about.
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