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  1. Paste the content of your new skin file here. Might need to send the pk3 file over for troubleshooting.
  2. Which software? Applying texture is sort of universal tho...load image files into software's material editor and apply to model. Or do you mean applying them to the actual .glm model?
  3. Did you create a .skin file? The .skin file contains paths to texture files and it's a simple text file. You'll need to "merge" together the texture paths of all models that were used, within that file.
  4. You need to use the correct GLA. If you are loading a JK2 model you will need the _humanoid.gla from Jedi Outcast, not Jedi Academy. The Jedi Academy .gla had some of the bones removed hence the bones mismatch error.
  5. Try Noesis if you haven't https://richwhitehouse.com/index.php?content=inc_projects.php
  6. If you remove your player model does SP return to normal behavior? Also...just to be sure...when editing, are you working in a separate folder structure? i.e.: "d:\base\models\players\yourplayermodel" and not the actual game folder.
  7. .obj is a mesh format. As pointed above sabers need to be .md3 mesh format first and ten exported to .glm with something like md3view .PK3 is a "container" it's simply a .zip file with the correct folder structure and contains your saber mesh model and textures / shaders / custom sound (if needed). You can find more in-depth info here:
  8. Anatomy wise there are a few areas that need work i.e.: Eye sockets / eye lids and nasolabial fold. I think that should be fixed before attempting likeness...which is not easy since there is a lack for high resolution references.
  9. How heavy are your models? Are you adding tons of surface details? Are you working with dynamesh at all? It's pretty useful to remesh stuff without bloating the density. Still behaves naturally when sculpting instead of fighting against edge looped base geometry.
  10. Thanks guys. 12.249 Million points and 39 subtools. RAM "active mem" ~1600. My computer is a piece of garbage but i've thrown worse at it. If i need to go deep into surface detailing i could work on separate ztools and reduce document size + using dynamic solo mode.
  11. Updated this while in lock down. Only thing left to add is a simple buckle / saber clip.
  12. There's no need to throw textures on your meshes yet, UV's are distorted and messing things up. Just focus on showing flat shaded wire frames. Colors and shaders are not useful at this point.
  13. 10k is pushing the limits but should work in most cases. If you're going that high it would be a good idea to add LOD support. Sometimes complex models paired with complex hilts can result in game crashing so be aware.
  14. Original model = 38k triangles Optimized = 21k If you give this a go, you'd still need to bring down the optimized version to around 10k.
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