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  1. 10,182 downloads

    Description A collection of lightsaber hilts from the films, tv shows, games, eu etc. Installation Extract saber_plasma.pk3 into your base folder usually located at: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base Known Bugs Jedi Academy has a limit of 64 lightsaber hilts that can show in the menu list which means a lot of the lightsabers in this pack will not appear in that list. You can still use all the lightsaber hilts in this pack but you have to use console commands to access the ones that are being cut off.
  2. 43 downloads

    About The first lightsaber hilt i've created from scratch. Made for my personal use in the Je'daii clan. (MB2) I decided to share it to give a little retribution to the great Jedi Academy community that gave me so much entertaining content over the years. Info Made with Gmax and corrected the geometry with blender Textured with Gimp Sounds created with Ableton Tested for base, JA+ and MB2 ("replace single_3") A golden saber hilt with reflections and shiny decorations. Including : 6 unique sounds (3 swing sfx, switch on/off sfx and saber humming sfx)
  3. Version v1


    Since DT gave us his beautiful Stormtrooper model from TFA, many people ask for this. Maybe it is because the most famous modern Stormtrooper TR-8R needs a weapon to face his enemys. So here it is the Z6 riot control baton The model was created by Hoffy1138 at deviantart. He gave permission to use his great model. I ported it to Jedi Academy and added sound from the movie, credit to LUCASFILM/SKYWALKER SOUND. The grip is optimized for DT's EP7 Stormtrooper. Have fun and enjoy this baton. Traitor!
  4. 131 downloads

    A completely self-made saber from JFO by Taron Maliсos, a fallen Jedi from Dathomir. New model New textures New sounds
  5. 1,339 downloads

    Author: [JFE]Cl-Ch-Nojac{L} Submitted by Swagmaster This is yet another mod from jk3 files. This is a neat mod that lets you use 2 saber staffs with the dual saber style. Enjoy! File Description: This is a handy little mod that I conned this noob §Got Milk?§ into testing this for me about a year ago. When he made it I was thrilled to death - because this mod alters the sabers in almost every way a saber CAN be modded. (length, defense, dmg, color, etc...). The dmgs are pretty much a 1 hit kill - every time. I use it a LOT - its by far the strongest mod I've ever seen and I love it
  6. 328 downloads

    Stellan Gios's Lightsaber from The High Republic. Tested in SP. To access in-game, enable cheats and type the following in the console: saber saber_stellangios1 (for the closed cross guard variant) saber saber_stellangios2 (for the opened cross guard variant) Programs used: Blender 2.9 Substance Painter Quixel Suite
  7. 214 downloads

    Here's the staff saber we saw Maul wield in the latest trailer for the season 7 trailer of the clone wars. Works in SP, haven't tested in MP. In order to use in SP enable cheats and type the following in console: saber maulcws7 Enjoy!
  8. 743 downloads

    Accurate remakes of the lightsabers from TFU. Tested in SP. To access the sabers in-game, enable cheats and use the following names: saber_galen saber_galen2 saber_galen3 saber_galen4 (Ceremonial Jedi Robes) saber_stalker saber_rahm saber_maris saber_kento (Galen Marek's Father) saber_pike1 (Kazdan Paratus) saber_pike2 (Royal Guard) Programs used: Blender 2.83 Substance Painter Substance Player Quixel Suite Special thanks to Swegmaster for helping me optimize the models!
  9. 1,839 downloads

    This pack includes several lightsabers from the old republic as well as a few remakes of hilts made by Rooxon and AshuraDX. The names of the sabers are included in the read me file in the zip file. Tested in SP. Programs used: Blender 2.81 Substance Painter Substance Player Quixel Suite Photoshop Special thanks to AshuraDX for his PBR to JKA smart material.
  10. Version 1.0


    Starkiller-Clone Lightsaber by Rooxon on Sketchfab INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste the r_skcsab.pk3 from this zip file to your "base" folder, the default path is "C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base" DESCRIPTION: The Starkiller-clone lightsaber, according to the concept I provided in the external content section. Made me feel bad that a poor guy posted a topic for it back in 2015 and it wasn't made yet. New low-poly model on a modern standard with new textures! - Baked and drawn textures in Substance Painter - Modeled in 3D Studio Max 2016
  11. Version 1.0


    This is a small fix I made for the JA+ and JA++ black lightsabre blade. So what's the difference? Well, the black lightsabre will now have a black core and a white 'coloured' bit, which looks better imo. It also makes it easier to see the black sabre now, as it isn't all pitch black, which can help in fights and duels. This will only in ja+/ja++. To install, just put the pk3 into your 'japlus' folder, which can be found in your Gamedata folder. And many thanks to KanGy from the (JAWA) clan for being an awesome beta tester, and for helping me try find any bugs with it.
  12. 1,415 downloads

    This is a port of my Westar Pistol model for Knights of the Old Republic. Jango Fett’s iconic weapon is now available in JK3! Be wary, though: if you want to wield two of these bad boys you’ll need a mod that allows you to do this. The model is just a blaster pistol replacement!
  13. Version v1.1


    Description: This is supposed to look like Darth Nihl's lightsaber from the Legacy comics, I have wanted to make it for a while now, so when I saw the JK3Files November sith saber modeling contest, I decided now was a good time to start. I also included an alpha of the my new saber blades that I'm working on for RotS, and another pk3 for SP support. There are three different pk3s included: GD_saber_nihl.pk3 The model itself, you can use it in Multiplayer, or you can type in: "saber nihl" in single player GD_saber_nihl_SP.pk3 This will allow you to select the saber in the single player m
  14. 555 downloads

    Lightsabers from Episode 9. They work in SP, have not tested in MP. In order to use in-game enable cheats and type: saber rey_ep9 (for rey's new hilt) saber leia_ep9 (for leia's hilt) saber darkrey (for rey's sith staff) Enjoy!
  15. Version Update 1


    Inquisitor Helisaber PBR by Rooxon on Sketchfab INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste the r_inquisitor.pk3 from this zip file to your "base" folder, the default path is "C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base" DESCRIPTION: Inquisitor's Helisaber from The Clone Wars cartoon! Update 1 brings updated and fixed textures, as well as a single-bladed variant as wished for by Glaxer in the comments! For SP, enable cheats via the console with helpusobi 1, then type: saber inquis saber inqui NOTE 1: INQUI is DOUBLE-BLADED, INQUIS is SINGLE-BLADED NOTE 2:
  16. Version V2


    Note: This saber is only for JA+ or JA++ due to the extra saber features it offers, vanilla cannot render the saber's effects. Also note the Darksaber effects replace the black saber colour effects. To have the darksaber effects applied to your lightsaber, select the black saber colour on the saber select screen. The Darksaber was a lightsaber created by the first Mandalorian accepted into the Jedi order. It holds symbolic value to the people of Mandalore and is a powerful weapon. During the Clone Wars, Maul, previously known as Darth Maul, acquired it through beating it's wielder at the tim
  17. Version 1.0


    Laser Polearm requested by Fluffo. This weapons is handeld like a staff and has a llittle longer blade to compensate the lack of double blades. - -Installation- Put the .pk3 file in your "base" folder. By default : C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base -License- You can share and modify this file freely as long you provide me credit.
  18. 21,388 downloads

    One thing I noticed was that there were no hilt packs on JKHub. There were a bunch on JK3Files, but none were uploaded here. I figured I should combine the best ones. This mod's goal is to bring together the best lightsaber hilts that have been made for JK2 and JA and make them easily accessible in the SP menu and in the game in general. I take no credit for any of these models or skins, although I did tweak a couple of them a bit. Hilts included are as follows: Anakin (Episode III) Anakin (Episode II) Obi-Wan (Episode I & II) Obi-Wan (Episode III) Obi-Wan (Episode IV) Darth Vader (Ep
  19. 2,654 downloads

    I had finished this one so long ago before i stopped playing/modding. It was initially for a request but ended up taking awhile due to trying to once and for all perfect the recreation of the very distinct saber flare effects from Episode III that i could never get right in my earlier modding attempts. The saber blades in this game are already quite similar to Ep III so i tried to add as much detail to the textures as i could to make it more then just another shaped white line mod, and spent a lot of time trying to get the trails matched up with the curved arc and thickness. The flare impacts
  20. Version Update 1


    Ezra's Saber-Blaster Hybrid PBR by Rooxon on Sketchfab INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy and paste the r_ezrasab.pk3 and/or r_ezrablast.pk3 from this zip file to your "base" folder, the default path is "C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game data/Base". r_ezrasab.pk3 - files for the lightsaber part of the mod r_ezrablast.pk3 - files for the blaster replacement DESCRIPTION: The famous hybrid weapon Ezra wielded in his younger days, now shipped for you as a JKA mod! This mod is a saber addon and blaster pistol replacement. Special thanks to Seven for providing the s
  21. 1,578 downloads

    This is a pack of 16 custom sabers with the "Star-Forged" theme, meaning they have a sort of disrupted/unstable sound set. I've been working on these sabers for around a year and a half, mainly for my own use and experimentation. I did go a bit crazy with WavePad and mix, pitch, distort, reverb, and gargle the crap out of some random sounds and add lots of low end bass. If you've got good ears you might even guess the base sound I used! The ignition sound on the longsaber and Fury I made using a mix of high and low tones. I modeled a few of the sabers using the MHS Builder from thecustoms
  22. 556 downloads

    new textures / shaders by The Punisher This a re-skin of an old version of Dooku's Light saber hilt form his days as a Jedi. I found the saber hilt in an old hilt pack with over 100 hilts. Unfortunately, the zip file does not contains any read me file with more information about the creator(s). I've attached a screenshot comparing the original hilt and the re-skinned version (new textures and shaders). Also included an optional file with SP support which will replace saber #5 in the SP menu selection. Install: Place the zzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber.pk3 and zzzz_Jedi_Dooku_Saber_sp.pk3 (optiona
  23. 151 downloads

    Installation: Put the "Kressh and Sadow Sith Swords" pk3 file into your GameData/base folder. Uninstall: Delete/move file out of the GameData/base folder To get in single player: type saber naga_sadow_sword or saber ludo_kressh_sword in your console (watch that typo in Kressh!) I have returned! After seeing my old Sadow Sith Sword made its way into JKHub, I chuckled to myself honestly. I made a lot of personal mods across different games and my modelling skills have definitely... improved. So I decided to revisit the Sith Sword line! Not only did I remake Sadow's sword, but Ludo Kressh'
  24. Version 1.0


    I'm back with my first (semi-original) mod! After learning how to edit effects (kinda), I came up with this creation. This is a lore-accurate representation of the lightning seen on Sadow's sword in the Star Wars comics. There are some glitches, like lightning appearing somewhere on any map you're currently on. There is single-player support for the weapon, as well as multiplayer support. Yes, the lightning STAYS on the sword when you use it. The model itself was not made by me, it was made by Darth Java, and re-uploaded by JKHub. You can find the original model here: https://jkh
  25. 194 downloads

    November Sith Themed Hilt Modelling Contest Entry Description: I decided i was (somewhat) worthy to partake in this contest... So I decided to make Naga Sadow's Sith Sword from around 5000 BBY. I've been fiddling around with shaders and voila! I got them to work! Pros: Accurate and good looking model. Sith Sword not a subject often explored in JKA modding. Cons: Textures look somewhat blurry.
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