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  1. Turning 23 is boggling my mind rn.

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    2. minilogoguy18


      BTW, I plan on visiting Japan sometime soon, my friend who's from the Phillipines stops there and he said since I'm a tall white American the girls at the bars will be fighting over me hahaha.

    3. Bek


      lol That's more or less true. I've been to the Philippines and I'm in Japan currently. I recommend going to Osaka if you get the chance that place is party city. Check out Toyko too if you don't mind spending money out there. Tokyo can get pretty expensive, but it's a good time. You'll meet people from all over the world.

    4. Lord Of Hate

      Lord Of Hate


  2. Hi. I'm trying to buy a new laptop for gaming. I need recommendations. I want something that will last a while. Below are features I'd like to see:

    - minimum branding and logos

    - high end graphics card that works well with the CPU.

    - preferably a AMD processor.

    - carbon fiber (not likely, I know).

    - price range: 1400 or below.

    - SSD is a must.

    - At least 16 gb of RAM.

    I hope this isn't too vague. ☹️


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    2. Smoo


      damn expensive lol

    3. Bek


      I think it was worth it. Especially since my old one is broken. Don't really have luxury of building a new one right now. 

    4. Circa


      Pretty average price for what you get.

  3. Would love to your Jaden pack released or updated.
  4. I really like the update Jkhub. Thanks Caelum & staff!

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