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  1. Hi. I'm trying to buy a new laptop for gaming. I need recommendations. I want something that will last a while. Below are features I'd like to see:

    - minimum branding and logos

    - high end graphics card that works well with the CPU.

    - preferably a AMD processor.

    - carbon fiber (not likely, I know).

    - price range: 1400 or below.

    - SSD is a must.

    - At least 16 gb of RAM.

    I hope this isn't too vague. ☹️


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    2. Smoo


      damn expensive lol

    3. Bek


      I think it was worth it. Especially since my old one is broken. Don't really have luxury of building a new one right now. 

    4. Circa


      Pretty average price for what you get.

  2. Would love to your Jaden pack released or updated.
  3. I really like the update Jkhub. Thanks Caelum & staff!

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