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  1. It uses too many npcs by the way. I really cant tell what the mod is actually about aside from reading about it.
  2. This should be translated by the way.That's Russians for you no offense to anyone who is actually from there.
  3. Glad they finally decided to make Thrawn canonzied.
  4. They sure love the blue then green trend with lightsabers.and vice versa.Looks like Ezra got a haircut.
  5. The model of Embo 3.0 looks awesome.The other ones are great too.
  6. Its about time someone ported the Sith Master from KOTOR 2.
  7. Almost as good as Episode 3's pointy blades but it needs a normal red and an unstable version.
  8. Looks better than the original model that was on jk3files.
  9. Can this be used to run single player mods that use a lot of npcs.
  10. Your right Valkorion is a mess the eyes are an example.
  11. Does the mech use the same animations as the AT-ST?
  12. I wonder what his original body looked like.
  13. Did these cut levels during the Carin Asteroid Base missions have any voice overs or objectives aside from finding and boarding the Doomgiver
  14. There used to be one on either Jk3files or pcgamemods based on the 2003 series that's non-cell shaded.
  15. Looks like other people want Gorc and Pic model so Jerec's Seven Dark Jedi are complete.
  16. How on earth was the phase 2 made.Use Toshi's model or just keep VaderVM in the cutscenes.
  17. Make sure the model has her Resistance Vest toward the end of the movie as an alternate skin. For a WIP good work so far.
  18. What would be a good sound set for the Phase 3.It would make better sense if it was given a concussion rifle and a repeater just like the Hazard Trooper.
  19. This doesn't have to do with reviews or anything but how does it remove the npc limit.
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