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  1. How do you load this mod since I get failed to load renderer when using the shortcut provided. Nevermind figured it out.
  2. How do people mange to even get a hold of spoilers won't they get in trouble by Lucasfilm and DIsney for copyrights?. Those TIES look like the Mark VI Sith Starfighter from the Old Republic.The U-wing is based on concept art I bet. Is Vader going to fight off these agents or is he one of those characters in a movie were they appear to give orders to Imperial Officers while hes off hunting Jedi or doing some other thing for Palpatine.
  3. Nice map.Looks like the Vjun texture set along with custom textures were used to make this map.It would be good for a single player mission.
  4. Excellent all we need now is is Thexan, Vaylin, and maybe The Sith Emperor's Valkorion host as models.
  5. This could be used in a single player mod as part of a training session.
  6. These were converted from the VHS tapes non 1997.If people born during the 70s and 80s want their low quality movies they can have them.I prefer the specialized editions and the DVD releases because the quality is better.
  7. You could use the light amp goggles item to help you see in the dark if you add it back in.Add Snow troopers to the Robotics Facility
  8. The best thing about the episode is the amount duels there are.
  9. Who's that large alien supposed to be behind the prototypes of Tarkin and Vader.That Knight of the Sith as they call it would make a good model.So would that alien Han Solo prototype
  10. From what exactly I wonder.I'm not trying to get into someone else's personal privacy but what happened to him.
  11. When the mod gets installed through its installer where do the files get stored.The whole mod is more of collection of various models, maps, and weapons(which were stolen) into a mod with special features.
  12. I think it is.Its like your meant to be fighting those two on the map in this continuation of the mod. Are we still going to fight Fett on Coruscant as a boss.
  13. It came that way because the mod was never finished passed the six level demo.The concussion distruptor needs to be changed since you can still snipe with it.Change it to the second to last weapon along with making the Assault Cannon the last weapon.By the way it shots bowcaster bolts and rockets when you fire it.A lot of Hapslash's WIP models were never finished or ever released.
  14. Not bad. Out of the four who is able to provide Vader with a challenging fight?
  15. Reverse colored A-wings are supposed to appear in 8 alongside the newer X-wings.
  16. I think you might want to go for the sound effects during the end fight with Rey and Finn dueling Kylo.Has two lightsabers striking against each other instead of a riot baton.
  17. What rank is that Chiss Jed? Oh and I'm guessing hes one of the bosses for the mod.
  18. Is the inventory code even included for single player instead of multiplayer like Jedi Outcast? The facility map looks better than the original game.
  19. I forgot to mention why is Vader missing his cape?
  20. Even the spies have their secrets.There are actually Bothan roleplaying models floating around but are extremely rare to find.That Bothan dark sider and jedi.
  21. I completely forgot about that model showcased on Movie Battles II forums.
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