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  1. It's really nice I like that you put effort into a skyportal and lots of custom textures.
  2. Thinking of doing a tutorial on texture baking and high poly to low poly in blender.combining these techniques will allow some great and optimised alternatives to porting as well as a gateway drug to modelling your own unique stuff :)

    1. AshuraDX


      It's not like tutorials on this didn't exist, they're not difficult to find either. Very few active posters here seem to be itnerested in taking any time to learn a new skill. More tutorials are always a good thing though, so go for it!

    2. Mandalorian


      Yeah I totally agree with your point. as I am learning more I think what took me so long to learn is the wealth of information without specifics until I've learned the terminology for what I am trying to do.These two techniques are a great way to go from someone who ports to someone who creates.I hope to encourage that for at least the goal of getting models released that have less ported content (just the texture) and optimised for jka.I am not the best but learning these two techniques...

    3. Mandalorian


      Has helped a lot as well as shader set up and making sure the seams are not to visible.

  3. fair enough. The hands can be a bitch.
  4. have you tried to use the auto weighting tools in the data transfer tab options? It is a good way to do it. I usually use that and then use the weight paint tool and then the vertex weighting manually.
  5. That reminds me of the first star wars film I owed which was the Empire Strikes Back recorded to vhs from tv. Had all the ads memorized too.
  6. Special Edition of ANH in the 90's for me.Followed by the original ROTJ on vhs the same day.
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