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    Author: Vector Description: This is a model of a Khil Jedi. Bot support: yes Npc support: yes (npc spawn khil) LOD: no Single player support: yes Custom sounds: no, uses base jka sounds credits: The Punisher, DT85, Spanki, Vector. How to install: copy khil.pk3 over to your "Jedi Academy\GameData\base" folder.
  2. Hello. Recently I have started trying to make models (or rather to combine models other players have created) and I have tried to mod the Arcann model to have two healthy arms instead of the prothesis he has (also I added a Spanki's head, but it matters not). So I copied the arm in Blender, mirrored it and attached it where it belongs. Now in looks good in ModView, but in JKA the new arm appears to be somewhat concave, the texture is assigned to the inner surface of the arm rather than the outer one. Did anyone else encounter this problem? Thanks for the help :^) Picrel: How the arm looks ↑ How the other arm looks and how it should look ↑ That's how it appears in ModView ↑ A link if anyone would like to see the model themselves: https://www.dropbox.com/s/itzh3zn8qou8uwk/mymodel_1.rar?dl=0
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