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  1. Version 1.0


    This is a singleplayer mod that replaces all of Jaden's lines, barks and grunts with Jawa to spice up your next playthrough. Intended for use with any mod that adds the ability to play as an unsettling humanoid height Jawa that doesn't speak basic. You know, for um, immersion. Highly recommend playing with 'Rosh as a Rodian' by Circa - which I used while playtesting the line delivery. I now consider it canon, you should too. IMPORTANT: To install, just drop the .pk3 into your base folder. You know the drill by now. Make sure type g_subtitles 1 in your console (SHIFT + ~) if you care about what Jaden is actually saying. Kind of fun not knowing too though, I guess. It's an all-or-nothing replacement, so pull the .pk3 out of your base folder if you want Jaden's voice acting quality to decrease dramatically.
  2. Version 1.1


    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply put the pk3 file in your Gamedata/base folder. in the console type one of the following names after typing playermodel: jango_fett, npc spawn jango_fett DESCRIPTION: The galaxies most renowed hunter, before Boba Fett, Jango_Fett. REASON BEHIND CREATION: Not satisfied with Jango options out there. COMING SOON: Open Seasons Mandalorian, plus more.
  3. Version 1.0


    *********************************** JEDI KNIGHT III : JEDI ACADEMY MODIFICATION *********************************** TITLE: Omicron's Sith Zabrak 1.0 AUTHOR: Omicron E-MAIL: omicronsholocron@gmail.com FILENAME: zomi_Omicron_Iridonian.pk3 FILESIZE: 5.90 MB DATE RELEASED: 28th November, 2014 DESCRIPTION: This started off originally as a mini project to texture a human face 'from scratch'. I then decided to put this on a zabrak model and slowly started reskinning the robes, adding more things to the face like tattoos and burn marks, until I eventually made it into a complete skin. BOT SUPPORT: Nay (Possibly in a v2) TEAM SUPPORT: Nay (Possibly in a v2) NPC SUPPORT: Nay (Possibly in a v2) NEW SOUNDS: Aye BUGS: Some slight model clipping in certain animations, cannot be avoided. CREDITS: - Cloud Senatu: Frankensteining the model together - Toshi: The main body (from his Anakin) - Hapslash: The head and legs (from his Anakin) - Darth Shiftee: The mask (from his Sith Stalker) - LizFiz: The leg texture - Bioware: The horns (from the zabrak) - AshuraDX: His help and advice throughout the making of the head/face - Ruxith: Making the awesome icons INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the .zip file and put the pk3 into your game's directory base and/or mod folder PERMISSIONS: You may edit this skin/model, provided you give credit and ask permission. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  4. Version 2.0


    Inspired by Mat Gaunt/Mandalorian's Alien Head Resource, I had the opportunity to make an alien squad spanned on both Rebel and Imperial sides. The head meshes are based on Monsoontide's Rebel Commando model and Raven's Human Merc model from Jedi Academy. Aqualish, Abyssin, Advozse, Arcona, Bith, Duros, Gotal, Quarren, Snivvian by Mat Gaunt. Sullustan by Scerendo. Nikto by NumberWan and Olgo. Kaleesh by Hoodz. Devaronian by AshuraDX, outfit reskin by Spaghetti. Twi'lek by BioWare being a KotOR port. RGB support by Vitez (formerly known as Tomi01). Arcona outfit is based on Zahar's Cowboy skin. Lighting improvements done by Swegmaster. I kitbashed all of these amazing works together, added LODs, did all outfit textures except for human variants, also did additional weight painting where had to. All sounds edited by me and had taken from either Knights of the Old Republic 1-2, The Old Republic, Star Wars Galaxies and The Force Unleashed - except Snivvian voicelines being from Jedi Outcast. (Rebel Commandos come hand in hand with human variants since Monsoontide's original mesh is a human-only model and I saw no point in removing those when kitbashing so many things together) Team Skins: No Shaders: Yes Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes Note: Some of the models use textures from the base game.
  5. Acrobat


    Version 1.14


    Readme File: *************************** JEDI KNIGHT 2 and 3 *************************** Title : Faru Author : Acrobat Contact email: acrobatmapping@live.com File Version: 1.11 (12th version) Size: about 114 MB File Name : Faru.pk3 Completion date: 10/02/22 Brush count: 30705 Entity count: 712 patches: 943 ---------------------------------------------------------------- This map works for both jk3 and jk2. I'm releasing it for jk3, but if you put this version in jk2 it is 100% compatible. Hopefully jkhub can put under both games. This is an Jedi academy map. It is loosely based on the academy version 3 by Virtue. Has dueling areas and some climbing areas. Updates are as follows. Version 1.01 updates -added bar -tried to fix missing textures, misaligned textures, errors people found -added loda statue -partially updated academy room Version 1.02 updates -added extensive temple walls in large outdoors area -updated bar -made the academy temple scalable with Millennium falcon at top -added water and waterfalls with cave over the temple Version 1.03 updates -Added Yavin ship hanger -tried to connect duel rooms area to rest of map -added elf base -updated bar some -tarp over falcon -added detail to some of the hallways Version 1.04 updates -added to elf base -added rooms to duel rooms -added Taspir dueling pad and mountains around it -expanded the stuff around the main temple -fixed yoda statue and bugs Version 1.05 updates -expanded large outside area -fixed areas you can fall through base -added annoucement board\updated elf base Version 1.06 updates -fixed (i think) the interference map was causing with some base textures -made the three mountains significantly higher -added library -added duel room -bug fixes -tried to add boat area although they aren't showing up unless one is in the void looking at them for some reason. Version 1.07 updates -worked on outside terrain -added beta thermal detonator room -mainly worked on redoing mountain climbs Version 1.08 updates -added more sewers -got boats working -added new large outside area -updated upstairs duel room -fixed errors Version 1.09 -worked on last versions large outdoor area -added another large outdoor area with a 4th mountain climb for the map Version 1.10 -added H-mountain -added outdoor area -added new route to council room -expanded elf base some Version 1.11 -added I-Mountain -added new associated outside area with massive temple ---------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: as above. Borrowed textures and grill from Reyor-Wan Semaj's DextersDiner 2003 map. This is a link to the 2003 readme from dextersdiner https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Outcast/Maps/Free For All/15496/ Used Szico's model reference guide https://jkhub.org/files/file/1578-map-models-image-reference-library-for-jk2jka/ Borrowed texture of jedi's home flag Borrowed textures from ffa_tmbj Map Information: New Textures: yes New Music: yes New sounds: yes New Models: yes Game types are ffa, duel ---------------------------------------------------------------- Compile Information basic compile ---------------------------------------------------------------- Worldspawn Information _lightmapscale 5 ambient 8 _distancecull 16384 _chopsize 0 _blocksize 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs: 1) You may need to run com_hunkmegs 256 or 512 on this map as it's getting large. 2) If you play the map in jk2 you may need the developer version of JKMV rather than the official release so that it does not hit max shaders issue ---------------------------------------------------------------- * How to install * Just put the Faru.pk3 in your GameData\base game directory ------------------------------------------------------------------ THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  6. 520 downloads

    ==New Republic Security Droid== 3D models by Phazzer https://www.cgtrader.com/phazzzer Converted and rigged for Jedi Academy by Jeff Project commisioned and organized by Zander_Nao Prison Transport Screenshots by fullkevlar --NPC Support-- NRSD - Standard Model NRSD_Red - Red Version NRSD_Blue - Blue Version --Optional DH-17 Blaster Replacement-- Include ZZZ_NRSD_Blaster.pk3 in base.
  7. Version 1.1


    This skin is a mod made to represent the Imperial Supercommandos from the rebels episode of the same name who were under command of the mandolorian leader/traitor Gar Saxon. I wanted to make this skin for RP reasons and I just thought its a cool skin to have. This is my 1st skin I have ever completed, trust me there were many attempts before this one.
  8. 790 downloads

    I finally got around to releasing what I kept teasing all those years ago ? I know a similar model has already been submitted within the community, but I'd still like to release my version! The weights aren't perfect, and the tendrils can be a bit funky at times with some animations, but hey it's Kit Fisto, such a cool looking character in the Star Wars universe (in the video games and the clone wars animated series at least!). So this features an RGB version (to be expected in any of my releases ?), sith version, reskin by Omicron, custom icons, sounds, shaders. This may be improved in the future, but just glad to finally be able to finish up what I started! Please view the credits and readme file within the folder when you download this. I'm more than happy for anyone to improve on this model so we can upload a 2.0, and any new variants would be cool. Credits: Sazen/Cloud - Original kitbash of the model Spanki - Jedi robes, Noodle - Advice and creating mouth animations Tompa9 - Version of the model for ideas, Omicron - Advice and skin variation Milamber - Advice and dealing with my nagging
  9. Version 2


    After Many Years i've decided to fix issue with missing soundset on the latest version of this map. Have Fun! If anyone want to continue work on this map send me an email. Ill send all of the source files i find after all those years DELETE ALL OF THE PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THIS MAP! if you want to keep older map versions u will need to delete or edit sound/sound.txt Fix: add or edit line in the txt file with in the impdoor section ;********************* ;imp_door1 ;********************* bmodelSet imp_door1 subWaves movers/doors door1start door1move door1stop door1start door1stop Ganseki Readme File: *********************************** Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy *********************************** TITLE: Renaissance Yavin Academy AUTHOR: Ganseki E-MAIL: gansekimarek@gmail.com WEBSITE: FILENAME: Renaissance Yavin Academy.pk3 VERSION: This is BETA version, Final Version will be as soon as i'll be sure that its perfect FILESIZE: 53mb DATE RELEASED: December 2011 CREDITS: Thank you very much Dany for giving me permission to finalize your map. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply extract the a1.2.pk3 file in your "C:\....\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base\" directory. Map names: Rya_beta_D Rya_beta_N DESCRIPTION: This is BETA version, Final Version will be as soon as i'll be sure that its perfect This is next version of Dany Grasso "Academy 1.2" Ive added many new features to map. But i'll describe all the things which are on this map. This map was made especially for clans. Map includes: Interrior : - Training room - Cantina - 3 totally different duel rooms - npc room - arena ( arena admin room entrence is in the Satele Shan portrait) - admin room ( button opening the entrence to admin toom is hidden ) - jail - confference room ( room with flags and goblets with lightsabers) - skwalker room - quarters ( 2x Padawan rooms , 1x Knights Room and 5 jedi master rooms) - Dron Room - council room - little library and bar - hangars( with spawnable and flyable starships) - confference pilots room - main hall ( fountain with statue with flaming sword) - locked door ( there will be some cool stuff in Final ver) Exterrior: - Big garden with little waterfall , cafe spot , lake many trees - Memorial ( with hidden meemorial) - Big waterfall with big landing outside the academy area ( with spawnable ships) - roof with x-wing landing , 2 sniper posts , swimming pool and relax area. - few secret areas to find by yourself This is BETA version, Final Version will be as soon as i'll be sure that its perfect BUGS: There are some bugs, that i've already found but i ashore you that in final version wont be any. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. Required items. There are no required items... should there be any? Enjoy yourself, Ganseki \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\ \\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ \\\ \\\ \\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\ \\\\
  10. Version 1.0


    Everyone's favourite meme from The Last Jedi. EXE Noob came up with the idea, he kitbashed parts of the original Kylo Ren to the topless body and I helped weight painting/rigging it. Sounds ripped from MBII - and beyond that from Adam Driver himself of course. Special thanks to HapSlash, Plasma, and Lervish for the original mesh pieces we utilized to make this gag real. - Unguided
  11. 383 downloads

    Just a group of generic and named Jedi from the beloved Kotor games - based on the glorious HapSlash jedi model. The pack was named after a clan (in Movie Battles II) which no longer exists but still carries its name to hint at its original authors, mainly Vitéz, I only finished it. Detailed information about credits can be found within the README.txt. Team Skins: No Shaders: Yes Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes SP support: Yes NPC list: npc spawn jedi_1 npc spawn jedi_2 npc spawn jedi_3 npc spawn jedi_twilek npc spawn jedi_zabrak npc spawn jedi_zabrakb npc spawn vrook npc spawn dorak npc spawn zhar npc spawn zezkai npc spawn exile npc spawn exile_sith
  12. Version 0.8


    We proudly present you a Republic Commando model for Star Wars: Jedi Academy. The model is provided by "Vode An: Delta Squad" mod team. Since a lot of people requested us to share this model with gamers, we had finally agreed to release it. The model is converted from our custom skeleton to the one compatibile with Jedi Academy multiplayer, so some errors might occur. Some textures are low-res, as it's not the final version of the model, as it was supposed to only appear in "Vode An: Delta Squad" mod, which is currently on hiatus. I might release a second version of the model with HD textures in the future. The package includes: A model of Republic Commando Four additional color variations: - Delta 38 "Boss" - Delta 07 "Sev" - Delta 40 "Fixer" - Delta 62 "Scorch" The package does not contain sounds. You may use the model in any way you like as long as you're gonna credit us. Enjoy
  13. Version 1.0


    Count Dooku, this model is based on the HapSlash's dooku and is different from original about head and costume color. Visibility of cape and hilt can be changed by specifying on Skin file. -Support- Bot support: yes (Count Dooku) Npc support: yes (dookuNk) Team skins: yes SP support: no -Installation- Extract zip and put pk3 into your base folder in gamedata/base folder. -External Content (Credits)- Hapslash (Original model) Cape texture (TFU) -License- Other players may not share or modify this work without permission from the original author.
  14. Version 1.7


    Description A collection of lightsaber hilts from the films, tv shows, games, eu etc. Installation Extract saber_plasma.pk3 into your base folder usually located at: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base Known Bugs Jedi Academy has a limit of 64 lightsaber hilts that can show in the menu list which means a lot of the lightsabers in this pack will not appear in that list. You can still use all the lightsaber hilts in this pack but you have to use console commands to access the ones that are being cut off. To do this in MP open up the console and type in: /saber1 <saber_name> and hit enter then your lightsaber hilt will change the next time you spawn. Example /saber1 saber_ezra If you're using dual lightsabers you'll also have to set the second lightsaber by typing: /saber2 <saber_name> and hit enter then your second lightsaber hilt will change the next time you spawn. Example /saber2 saber_cal For singleplayer open up the console and type in: helpusobi 1 Then type: saber <saber_name> Example saber saber_vader If you want two lightsabers: type saber <saber_name1> <saber_name2> Example saber saber_rey4 saber_rey2 Below is a list of all the lightsaber hilts in this pack and I've also included them in the Lightsaber_Hilt_Collection_List.txt which is in the .zip. Command - Lightsaber Hilt Name saber_aayla2 - Aayla Secura (Ep.2) saber_aayla - Aayla Secura (Ep.3) saber_adi - Adi Gallia (Ep.1) saber_ady - Ady Sun'Zee (HR) saber_agen - Agen Kolar (Ep.2) saber_ahsoka - Ahsoka Tano (TCW) saber_ahsoka2 - Ahsoka Tano (TCW) saber_ahsoka2_shoto - Ahsoka Tano - Shoto (TCW) saber_ahsoka3 - Ahsoka Tano (Rebels) saber_ahsoka4 - Ahsoka Tano (Rebels) saber_ahsoka4_shoto - Ahsoka Tano - Shoto (Rebels) saber_anakin2 - Anakin Skywalker (Ep.2) saber_anakin3 - Anakin Skywalker - Geonosis (Ep.2) saber_anakin - Anakin Skywalker (Ep.3) saber_anakin_solo - Anakin Solo (EU) saber_ancient_cg - Ancient Crossguard (Rebels) saber_asajj - Asajj Ventress (TCW) saber_asajj2 - Asajj Ventress (TCW) saber_asajj3 - Asajj Ventress (TCW) saber_barriss - Barriss Offee (Ep.2) saber_bastila - Bastila Shan (KOTOR) saber_solo - Ben Solo (Ep.8) saber_boc - Boc Aseca (DF2) saber_byph - Byph (TCW) saber_cal - Cal Kestis (JFO) saber_cal2 - Cal Kestis (JFO) saber_cal_staff - Cal Kestis (JFO) saber_cin - Cin Drailig (Ep.3) saber_trebor - Coleman Trebor (Ep.2) saber_dooku - Count Dooku (Ep.2) saber_dan - Dan G'Vash (Visions) saber_darksaber - Darksaber (Rebels) saber_darksaber2 - Darksaber (TCW) saber_darksaber3 - Darksaber (The Mandalorian) saber_bane - Darth Bane (EU) saber_malak - Darth Malak (KOTOR) saber_maul - Darth Maul (Ep.1) saber_maul_broke - Darth Maul (Ep.1) saber_maul2 - Darth Maul (Rebels) saber_maul3 - Darth Maul (TCW) saber_nihilus - Darth Nihilus (KOTOR2) saber_revan - Darth Revan (KOTOR) saber_sidious - Darth Sidious (Ep.3) saber_sidious2 - Darth Sidious (Ep.3) saber_sion - Darth Sion (KOTOR2) saber_vader4 - Darth Vader (Ep.3) saber_vader3 - Darth Vader (Ep.4) saber_vader - Darth Vader (Ep.5) saber_vader2 - Darth Vader (Ep.6) saber_desann_mp - Desann (JO) saber_eeth - Eeth Koth (Ep.1) saber_inquisitor4 - Eighth Brother (Rebels) saber_even - Even Piell (Ep.1) saber_even_shoto - Even Piell - Shoto (Ep.1) saber_ezra - Ezra Bridger (Rebels) saber_ezra2 - Ezra Bridger (Rebels) saber_inquisitor3 - Fifth Brother (Rebels) saber_inquisitor3_single - Fifth Brother (Rebels) saber_inquisitor8 - Fourth Sister (OWK) saber_inquisitor8_single - Fourth Sister (OWK) saber_marek - Galen Marek (TFU) saber_marek2 - Galen Marek (TFU2) saber_marek3 - Galen Marek (TFU2) saber_ganodi - Ganodi (TCW) saber_inquisitor9 - Grand Inquisitor (OWK) saber_inquisitor - Grand Inquisitor (Rebels) saber_inquisitor_single - Grand Inquisitor (Rebels) saber_gungi - Gungi (TCW) saber_imperial - Imperial Knight (EU) saber_jacen - Jacen Solo (EU) saber_jaina - Jaina Solo (EU) saber_jocasta - Jocasta Nu (TCW) saber_jolee - Jolee Bindo (KOTOR) saber_juhani - Juhani (KOTOR) saber_temple_guard2 - Jedi Temple Guard (Rebels) saber_temple_guard2_single - Jedi Temple Guard (Rebels) saber_temple_guard - Jedi Temple Guard (TCW) saber_temple_guard_pike - Jedi Temple Guard - Pike (TCW) saber_jerec - Jerec (DF2) saber_kanan - Kanan Jarrus (Rebels) saber_katooni - Katooni (TCW) saber_ki_adi2 - Ki-Adi-Mundi (Ep.1) saber_ki_adi - Ki-Adi-Mundi (Ep.2) saber_fisto - Kit Fisto (Ep.2) saber_kouru - Kouru (Visions) saber_kouru_umbrella - Kouru - Umbrella (Visions) saber_kylo_ren - Kylo Ren (Ep.7) saber_corvax - Lord Corvax (VI) saber_luke3 - Luke Skywalker (Ep.4) saber_luke5 - Luke Skywalker (Ep.5) saber_luke6 - Luke Skywalker (Ep.5) saber_luke2 - Luke Skywalker (Ep.6) saber_luke_mp - Luke Skywalker (Ep.6) saber_luke4 - Luke Skywalker (HS) saber_luminara - Luminara Unduli (Ep.2) saber_mace - Mace Windu (Ep.2) saber_mara - Mara Jade (MOTS) saber_brood - Maris Brood (TFU) saber_maw - Maw (DF2) saber_nari - Nari (OWK) saber_inquisitor5 - Ninth Sister (JFO) saber_inquisitor5_single - Ninth Sister (JFO) saber_obi_wan2 - Obi Wan Kenobi (Ep.1) saber_obi_wan4 - Obi Wan Kenobi - Geonosis (Ep.2) saber_obi_wan - Obi Wan Kenobi (Ep.3) saber_obi_wan3 - Obi Wan Kenobi (Ep.4) saber_obi_wan5 - Obi Wan Kenobi (OWK) saber_oppo - Oppo Rancisis (TCW) saber_pablo - Pablo-Jill (Ep.2) saber_petro - Petro (TCW) saber_pic_gorc - Pic and Gorc (DF2) saber_plo2 - Plo Koon (Ep.1) saber_plo - Plo Koon (Ep.2) saber_pong - Pong Krell (TCW) saber_qu_rahn - Qu Rahn (DF2) saber_qui_gon - Qui-Gon Jinn (Ep.1) saber_quinlan - Quinlan Vos (TCW) saber_rahm - Rahm Kota (TFU) saber_reborn_mp - Reborn (JA) saber_rey - Rey (Ep.7) saber_rey2 - Rey (Ep.9) saber_rey3 - Rey - Folded (Ep.9) saber_rey3_staff - Rey (Ep.9) saber_rey4 - Rey (Ep.9) saber_rey5 - Rey Skywalker (Ep.9) saber_rig - Rig Nema (TCW) saber_tiin - Saesee Tiin (Ep.1) saber_tiin2 - Saesee Tiin (Ep.3) saber_sariss - Sariss (DF2) saber_savage - Savage Opress (TCW) saber_scardont - Scardont (LEGO) saber_inquisitor6 - Second Sister (JFO) saber_inquisitor6_single - Second Sister (JFO) saber_inquisitor2 - Seventh Sister (Rebels) saber_inquisitor2_single - Seventh Sister (Rebels) saber_shaak_ti - Shaak Ti (Ep.2) saber_sharad - Sharad Hett (EU) saber_marauder - Sith Marauder (SWTOR) saber_starcruiser - Starcruiser (GE) saber_stellan_gios - Stellan Gios (THR) saber_stellan_gios_closed - Stellan Gios - Closed (THR) saber_tajin - Tajin Crosser (Visions) saber_the_ren - The Ren (TROKR) saber_inquisitor7 - Third Sister (OWK) saber_inquisitor7_single - Third Sister (OWK) saber_inquisitor7_split_left - Third Sister - Split Left (OWK) saber_inquisitor7_split_right - Third Sister - Split Right (OWK) saber_visas - Visas Marr (KOTOR2) saber_yaddle - Yaddle (Ep.1) saber_yaddle_shoto - Yaddle (Ep.1) saber_yarael - Yarael Poof (Ep.1) saber_yoda - Yoda (Ep.2) saber_yoda_shoto - Yoda (Ep.2) saber_youngling - Youngling (Ep.2) saber_youngling2 - Youngling (Ep.2) saber_yun - Yun (DF2) saber_zatt - Zatt (TCW) Special Thanks AshuraDX for his awesome PBR to JKA Substance material. Copyright DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING IN THIS PACK WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S PERMISSION. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSERS.
  15. 1,927 downloads

    Greetings My brother and I decided to do another small project which focuses on Jedi Knight Revan, released for SW Galaxy of Heroes. For me, it was love at first sight. Without further ado, let me explain to you what material I gathered on JKHUB to frankenstein this model: DT85's 'DT luke ep7' and Kualan's 'Jedi Temple Guard'. Special thanks to Milamber from my clan JoF who helped me get rid of the gap between torso and hips. Hope you guys like it ! Cheers PreFX
  16. 1,282 downloads

    Ben Solo, Jedi Knight, Vader's Legacy, and Pariah. This is yet again a kitbash, this time taking Plasma's Kylo Ren head and surgically implanting it on Haplash shoulders. All textures are recolors with exception to the head. The Saber used is Rooxon's Veteran, and Is not included!
  17. 4,268 downloads

  18. 482 downloads

    Author: Lwkill install : put the pk3 to your base folder deinstall : delete the pk3 from your base folder if you find bugs let me know
  19. Version 1.1


    DESCRIPTION V1.1: My latest work is Imperial Purge Trooper from upcoming videogame Jedi Fallen Order. Purge Troopers or Inquisitor Troopers were a special division of soldiers that bridged the gap between the clones of the Galactic Republic and the Emperor's Imperial Stormtroopers. Being exclusively made up of the last batch of Jango Fett Clone Troopers, these soldiers acted as the personal death squad and escort for the secretive Jedi hunting organization, the Inquisitorius. Sounds: Yes Bot: Yes NPC: Yes Team Support: Yes Menu Support: No INSTALLATION: Extract purge_tompa.zip and put zz_zPurgetrooperT.PK3 into your base folder in Gamedata. Enjoy! If you want the bots to use the electrostaff, then you will need to install the electrostaff.pk3 to the same directory as listed above. NPC COMMANDS: npc spawn purge_trooper npc spawn purge_trooper_comm (commander) npc spawn purge_trooper_blue (blue skin)
  20. Circa


    Version 1.2


    This is the AT-AT or ATAT walker vehicle as seen in Empire Strikes Back. The model, textures, and animations were made by Duncan_10158 and all credit goes to him. The original mod seems to have been lost to time, and all we had was an odd clan reskin of it or it was included in larger mods like KOTF. I restored the original textures while keeping Sakura's improvements to the stats. Spawn with the below command: /npc spawn vehicle atat
  21. 20,762 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: 28 New Saber Colors AUTHOR: Arachno-Man FILENAME: 28colors.pk3 FILESIZE: 891 bytes DATE RELEASED: February, 24 2015 CREDITS to: just my self since this is a small mod INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the 28colors.PK3 file in you C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: 28 new saber colors to select at any time! Included is an image with each saber command, for example if you want to use the first color on the list type "saber saber_1000" into your jedi academy console. Each color has its own number for easy selection BUGS: none at all. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod and you may want to print out the image provided to know what colors you want to use at any time. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  22. Version 2


    Update: Thank you for your feedback! Please view the change log for a list of updates. As always if you encounter any issues, do let me know! About the mod: Please unzip the NewBeginning.zip folder and extract the contents to your Gamedata folder. Once installed, you may use the included "newbeginning.bat" file to load the mod for you. These instructions should apply to a disc and Steam installation (as I've used both!) This is a single player mod set one year after the original game (Light Side ending.) You will play as a new character over three levels (discounting cinematic maps) and two bonus levels. Two take place in the Jedi Academy and one at one of the many training grounds. I strongly encourage you to explore the first level as there're a fair few secrets and Easter Eggs to be found! It was designed with the original Jedi Outcast level in mind, which means you could end it very, very quickly if you wanted to bypass the fun of exploration and move onto the trial level. The trial is the same one that was originally released here on JKHub with minor edits. I wanted to place emphasis on the Yavin Temple in order to receive feedback while I work on a brand new trial level and the first mission beyond the Jedi Academy. If you encounter any bugs- Oh, God. Please, please don't tell me you've encountered any bugs. ;_; My head might implode! Special thanks to Circa for play testing at various stages of development! Additional thanks to everyone over in this thread for providing so much help (still). Problems with the .bat? A Windows 8 tester did seem to be having a problem loading the mod with the .bat provided. They overcame this by creating a shortcut to their jasp.exe. (Right-click, copy, paste shortcut) Open the shortcut's "properties" and then move to the "shortcut" tab. Then, add the following (after a space) onto the "Target:" field: "+set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game newbeginning" Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\jasp.exe" +set sv_pure 0 +set fs_game newbeginning" I hope this helps!
  23. 2,314 downloads

    *********************************** Read me *********************************** TITLE: The Old Republic Saber Colors FINAL AUTHOR: Kylo Ren (Formerly Arachno-Man) FILENAME: torsabers.pk3 FILESIZE: 147 kb DATE RELEASED: March, 25th 2015 CREDITS to: Myself. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: place the torsabers.pk3 file in your C:\programfiles\lucasarts\jediacademy\gamedata\base directory. DESCRIPTION: Saber Colors from Star Wars: The Old Republic, which replaces ALL of the default colors. This is the FINAL VERSION. Here is a small changelog for those interested: 1.0 - Contained only the purple saber with a pure black core. 2.0 - Contained an updated purple saber core to look more like the game, also contained new glows and cores for the yellow, blue and red sabers to look exactly how they do in SWTOR. FINAL VERSION - This will not be edited anymore, as this has fixed the red glow to look darker like in TOR and I have changed the yellow saber glow to match the TOR version, adding the TOR green saber and finally the TOR orange saber. To note the orange saber is the ONLY saber in the pack to contain a black core. BUGS: Sometimes the colors go a little brighter at certain angles, unavoidable due to alpha usage. COMMENTS: Download and enjoy. note that you must have JKA installed in order to use this mod. EXTRA: If you just so happen to be a fan of TOR, or play it yourself, then you may contact me in regards to creating a new Saber for you. Please note this will only be the blade color, I will not be making any Hilts. If you want Hilts, contact Rooxon at JKHub. If you want new blade colors then contact me, Kylo Ren at JKHub. THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS TM & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  24. Version v3.0


    - JK II FX Mod 3.0 - Graphic overhaul for Jedi Outcast, with new effects for environment of the levels, weapons and characters for singleplayer/multiplayer modes. Installation: First: ALWAYS RUN THE GAME AS ADMINISTRATOR!Copy "assets8_Fx" and autoexec.cfg* files into "Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast\GameData\ base" folder in your Jedi Outcast folder. *You can chose autoexec file for 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen, it definitely fixes video options and gun positions in single and multiplayer. Remember that for WIDESCREEN resolutions you also need to set manually r_mode “-1”, r_customheight “1080” and r_customwidth “1920” or superior values (quotes works only in the autoexec, in the console you don’t need them!!) FX is NOW for single and multiplayer modes. ( HIGHLY RECOMMENDED USE jk2mv mod FOR MP and Expanded Menu) Ingame example:
  25. Sared

    Syntax and Oran


    These are the first skins I made made for Jedi Outcast, or any other video game for that matter, for myself and another resident of thejediacademy.net by the name of Hardwired. Another TJA legend, Odan-Wei, walked me through the process of building PK3's, SURF/SKIN references, and my first steps in Photoshop. Syntax, in the black and silver tunic, was created in 2003 and would eventually serve as the basis for my "Sared Kilvan" player character's appearance. Oran has a green tunic because it's Hardwired's favorite color, with darkside Qui-Gon's meanmug plastered on to his face for +badass points.
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