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  1. Somehow... this issue has returned. Basically because my weirdly specific build of OpenJK was messed up. See I was trying to reapply it without the settings from another mod, and I encountered an issue. Now when I try to reapply that build it doesn't work, unless that mod is on. I don't really know how to fix this, but I want the mod gone, and my NPC file cap to remain where it is.
  2. Edit: Sorry I asked this already mods pls delete
  3. I really like this, but how do I unistall it without doing a fresh install of the game?
  4. That being said, the modder that creates this should wait for The Mandalorian S2. They have pretty much already confirmed she'll be in it, so there will probably be a lot more of this version seen. Probably one without her hood.
  5. I would also like her staff as a weapon of some kind. Though, honestly I don't expect her to be using that when she shows up in The Mandalorian
  6. Was any progress made on the Ep9 Rey?
  7. Hmmm... That thread is from 2016 though. Guess it wouldn't hurt to necro it
  8. Her, and maybe the lightsaber hilt. Though I know that the scissor hilt would be difficult, so if not that's perfectly fine. I would like the skin though.
  9. Ty guys. Was thinking about switching to Linux, and losing all my Jedi Academy mods was a huge barrier
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