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  1. Haven't used Blender in a few days, been too tired after work. However, I will be working on his mask texture. It can be done better, and I will fix it.
  2. Would you know of any tutorials I could use to learn this? I'm trying to learn to code on top of all the other things I'm doing here. Could there be a program which would aide me in accessing the source code?
  3. How exactly would I go about doing this? I've never messed with the source code Or rather than showing me, is there a file with this set up which you can send me?
  4. How can I make an NPC do that outside of Kyle? Also, is there a mod available that just adds kicking and grappling to the melee? I know about iknowkungfu, but is there a mod that just keeps that in there?
  5. I think I found a non Star Wars character I want to make
  6. I was looking through my Luke NPCs and realized I don't have a TLJ one. So I'm working on a Frankenstein. In TLJ Luke changes his outfit A LOT, though it's not really noticeable unless you are looking This pic here Luke is wearing a long robe underneath the cape/hood combo Here however, Luke is only wearing the shirt under the cape Looking closer, I'm not entirely sure if the hood is part of the cape, or if it's part of the under robe. For just brown robes, this outfit looks a bit complicated. At least I know
  7. I ran a texture and recoloring of another skin file. My photoshop skills are a bit rusty these days unfortunately. I am, however opened to a full retexture of the model. It would be difficult, but the entire point in making these models is to educate myself.
  8. I might touch up Ren's helmet again. Researching more texturing techniques If you want to try him out in the current state, here the model is. Tell me what you think before I submit it https://www.dropbox.com/s/bxcv5e59kdbbjwk/ren.zip?dl=0
  9. It just needed some weight paint lol. Alright, I'm gonna figure something out about that gauntlet and he's done I textured him a glove there, so I declare Ren pretty much done.
  10. Alright, finally have an update on Ren, but unfortunately it's bad news. For some reason the helmet is interfering with the export. Says there's a non triangle face. Not really sure what it means by that. Is it that most of the model's faces aren't triangular? Is there an option in blender to do this? I have no clue why something like this would even be an issue. Update as of 2 seconds later (once again I can't figure out why my posts are merging) I figured it out. Stay tuned for an in game screenshot. All that's left is the gauntlet
  11. "Hey Bigphil! How's Ren coming" Uhhhhhhh.... So anyway rough draft of Moff Gideon. All he really needs is some texturing. Shouldn't be too hard, since 90% of it will be recoloring anyway.
  12. Ren has become my Cyberpunk 2077. I keep getting distracted and making really quick Frankensteins TLJ flashback scene Luke for example.
  13. From what I can tell there are no internal shots of the temple. But we have a few external ones from the movies and comics External shot of the hut and temple External shot from TLJ External shot from the comic Some of the surrounding area So I would imagine there are a few small huts like Kylo Ren's sitting around it. There are also some rock formations all around. The temple itself is on a hill, and has kind of a domed roof. There appears to be some possible inconsistency between the designs, and the surrounding
  14. I have one. What's your discord? I made you an NPC, because I realized it didn't come with one. Type NPC SPAWN DARKTROOPER. If it doesn't work right, let me know and I'll fix it.
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