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    I go to work, then I do Blender. I'm not good at either
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  1. I lost everything lol I need a new copy of open JK or just something that will allow me to have basically infinite npcs. I used to have a copy of open JK that allowed that so I know it's real
  2. I bet she could be ported over from gmod. Maybe some genius could give her the wampa kill animation
  3. Grogu is done, I'm probably gonna enter him in the contest, since you could probably count him as "Underworld." After all most of his adventures thus far have been well outside the law, and involve smuggling, bounty hunting, and running from the cops.
  4. Does anyone else instinctively delete other modders NPC files? I have a specific way I want my game balanced since I play with realistic sabers on and use JKA as a Garry's mod sandbox game. I rarely play online and just fight NPCs all day. I have done this for over 12 years now I bring this up because I'm always a little afraid my NPCs are a little OP, especially since Luke in vanilla only has 200 hitpoints. I guess it doesn't really matter, since NPC files are ridiculously easy to make, and it seems to be a bit more memory efficient to just clump em all together than having separate files. Still though, I just did it to a new batch of VERY good models. I'm wondering if that's normal or not
  5. If anyone wants to try the model out hmu. Gonna make a helmet. Would like to know how people feel about it
  6. I'm pretty sure I'll lose, but I would love to put him in the contest. I'm gonna give him a helmet first. Helmet, team skins, bot, all the little bells and whistles. I do hope someone else will enjoy playing with him. I like flying around with the model. The jetpack suits the Yoda saber style. The hair is the weirdest idea I ever had, but at the same time I love it! Will post a link soon This was what I made, which inspired the model
  7. Unlike my Boba from eons past, the flamethrower and jetpack actually work!
  8. Hi to you guys who commented earlier. I believe I've sent you what I had done. I've been on another extended hiatus for a bit. However in my absence I've been busy learning new things. I'll be finishing some of my old projects up soon, and then starting new ones. I have one just to refresh myself coming out, probably today. Not one that has been announced either. So basically, I made an young adult/teen Grogu based on a kitbash I did with lego. Idk if anyone else likes it, but I just sort of wanted too lol
  9. I should update my interests, since I now do Blender at work. Not professionally mind you, I just have a lot of down time.

  10. "Hey Bigphil! How's Batman going?" Uhhhhh At least the gun and lightsaber stick where his hand should be
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