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  1. Bless you! Been waiting for Pic and Gorc for ages I've even had placeholder NPC's for the day!
  2. Is this project still going on? If not, would you all be willing to pass along that sweet looking Gorc model?
  3. Had a little competition between my Jedi Council NPCs




    Contestants standing in the main entrance of the Jedi Temple


  4. Looks like how Vader would appear in a modern movie
  5. I distinctly remember there was a mod with a yellow lightwhip, but I cannot find it. I'm about to go retexture the Castlevania one that the lightwhip modder did just to reinvent it.
  6. Those eyes might be a bit hard, maybe the sabers too. But the rest looks easy enough
  7. After spending quite a while working on this, and listening to some VERY LOUD people watching cable of all things, I have solved the issue. See, the real problem here was I incorrectly installed Blender for Linux. I installed it from the online store that came with my distro, and not the command line. So in essence, this was more of a Linux noob problem rather than an issue with the actual Jedi Academy plugin. The Plugin still required some editing in it's .py files to work on my version of Blender, but it's all fine right now
  8. So I managed to get the damn plugin working again after having to edit some of the .py files to make it work with Blender 3.2. Once I got everything set up, and remembered how it's supposed to read in the file format, I started getting a weird error every time I wanted to import a model. Here's what it said Python: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/please/.var/app/org.blender.Blender/config/blender/3.2/scripts/addons/jediacademy/JAG2Operators.py", line 91, in execute success, message = scene.saveToBlender(scale, skin, self.guessTextures, self.skeletonFixes) File "/home/please/.var/app/org.blender.Blender/config/blender/3.2/scripts/addons/jediacademy/JAG2Scene.py", line 139, in saveToBlender success, message = self.glm.saveToBlender(self.basepath, self.gla, scene_root, skin_rel, guessTextures) File "/home/please/.var/app/org.blender.Blender/config/blender/3.2/scripts/addons/jediacademy/JAG2GLM.py", line 1050, in saveToBlender self.LODCollection.saveToBlender(data) File "/home/please/.var/app/org.blender.Blender/config/blender/3.2/scripts/addons/jediacademy/JAG2GLM.py", line 874, in saveToBlender LOD.saveToBlender(data, root) File "/home/please/.var/app/org.blender.Blender/config/blender/3.2/scripts/addons/jediacademy/JAG2GLM.py", line 805, in saveToBlender obj = surface.saveToBlender(data, self.level) File "/home/please/.var/app/org.blender.Blender/config/blender/3.2/scripts/addons/jediacademy/JAG2GLM.py", line 638, in saveToBlender bvert.normal = vert.normal AttributeError: bpy_struct: attribute "normal" from "MeshVertex" is read-only I genuinely cannot tell what this is trying to say to me. I think Blender is having trouble editing a file, but what that is has got me stumped. Maybe I'm just sleep deprived (I am), but this isn't making sense.
  9. Has something happened to the Pike? I had to redownload this file because of uhhh.... *tries to hide laptop shaped belly* reasons, and the pike saber is not there. I can fix this on my own, since the model is still present, but it's weird that it's not given an actual selectable saber.
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