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  1. When you start a new game with the mod It shows the loading screen but then it crashes any idea why.
  2. Does it have the Sith Lair like the other two.
  3. Is the rest of the mod not finished yet.
  4. Do you get to fight that ancient sith lord at all during the mod.
  5. Its either Forces of Corruption Thrawn or Rebels Thrawn.
  6. Whats that model supposed to be above X1(as a sith lord) be.
  7. Not bad.We could use some of the Inquisitors from Season 2 of Rebels.
  8. Could you make one with the sound effects from Revenge of the Sith. Mainly the duel between Obi-wan and Anakin as they move toward the entrance to the command center on Mustafar.
  9. That looks like something straight out of Jedi Starfighter.
  10. By the way her eyes are supposed to be green.
  11. Whats that model based on it looks horrible.
  12. I'm wondering about that too.The Rakghoul turned out perfect since its a port.
  13. Of course its Coruscant. Oh and Mustafar appears in the movie.
  14. I had this map a few years back.
  15. They didn't have much of a role aside from Jyn's backstory.
  16. The movie was different from normal star wars saga movies it takes ideas from several well known games such as dark forces, battlefront, x-wing vs tie fighter, and, empire at war.The was almost spot on.The ending is the highlight of the whole movie.I noticed the references to Star Wars Rebels thrown in.There at several things I didn't like The movie was excellent.
  17. The batman games characters look like they've been imported.
  18. Its right below the Corellian Corvette next to the Hammerhead Corvette.Its the same ship type so its not the Ghost.
  19. Their trying to recapture the essence of the original trilogy for the newer generation of star wars fans.Rogue one is more of a stand-alone prequel to A New Hope.All of us still prefer Kyle Katarn stealing the plans or a part of them for that matter.
  20. With all the trailers and teasers being uploaded on youtube it pretty much tells the movies plot.
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