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Jedi's Home III - Temple Edition

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Jedi's Home III (3) is a continuation of a community favorite map series "Jedi's Home 1 & 2". In my earliest JKA days I remember these maps as many of us do. A lot of mixed memories but most of all I remember the many communities that used those maps, the hours they spent hunting the secrets! I wanted to bring that back, to capture it in all of its glory and then maximize it with what JKA can handle. To bring all of that back and then expand on it just enough to hint at some thing bigger to come; above all I wanted you all to come back together the way we all once were. 
I hope this map helps you make new memories with your JKA families and friends. 

Now on a technical side this map is insane! Not to toot my own horn but wow! This was 7 years of work. A lot of it spent hard core dedicated to it, other times personal life came into play. I made sure to include many of the classic Jh1/2 Secrets and to expand even more by adding new one's and "Easter Egg" hunts. This map was a huge group effort in many ways, from bug testing, various models, input and guidance, testing servers, Guinea pigs,  and just down right random helpers. From day one it has been a community effort! 

Known bugs -  some times when not using the reflection plug in some spots under certain lighting conditions can look strange here and there. (Just a few spots).  
This map is huge, as such it can take a bit to load, don't freak out. These and many other issues will be fixed in the Jedi's Home 3.5 update coming next December.

A special shout out to  the following. 

AshuraDx -  This guy is really awesome, he's really into perspective and illusions -  So you can thank him for the creepy Palpatine painting and Ackbar!!!

Anoek - What can I say, if there is a heart in this map it was her. I'm sorry about what happened. I left your stuff just as you asked.
Thank you for every thing. 

Helena of Clan Jawa - I swear this woman drove me nuts for so long about the angle of the stairs in the archives it drove me to totally rebuild the stairs all together! In other words ❤️ thank you for all your support and techy help as well as the inspiration for the furtniture. (Sadly due to texture limitations I wasn't able to use any of your models) I did rebuild a likeness of your chair for this in .map for what I needed.) Any who point is she is the grandma of this map!!! 
You got a place in the senate hall check it out!!!

Robert - I based the main room of the Sith base on a map he built long ago though his heart was in it he never got to release that map. Well I loved it soo much and remembered how hard her worked for the look I decided to rebuild it and put it in this map. She's immortal now Robert. 😛 All Wings Report In!
If you ever get the itch to dled this and try it. Be sure to take a good look at the table you start at in df2. (Remember the cut scene before it - It deals with fathers.)

Shadow Stone - You started the entire series and launched a legend! I hope this brings the community together the way your first 2 did!

Ruxith - For all the beautiful chrome statues you see through the building and of course my beloved crowbar! 

To so many others, thank you. This map has been a community affort! I hope it paves the way to bringing us all back together! To the future!

Jkhub - for hosting the file and Mr Wonko who we all know will grab this just like everything for safe keeping. Ty mate we ❤️ your service!

Perso - Cleaned up the beautiful main music! 😄 Sounds beautiful!


The entire (JAWA) clan especially Helena! They helped out a lot in the early days, from ideas to hosting it on the server for me to stress test and idea toss. and soo much more!
Thank you guys for every thing, memories included. No hard feelings.

JAO (Jedi Academy Order) For the support and being my guinea pigs in the later days! Give some love to the RP community visit them @ https://jao.jcink.net/ or join their server /connect

Lastly Thank YOU! 

AngelModder - Peace Love and May the Force guide your heart.


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Wait ... what ... theres an update to one of my most favorite maps of all time ........... Well hello there !

Muchly appreciated your time making this map, it is.

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Is it possible to have this map made for the base sp without openjk? At least just the jedi temple?

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Just got around to trying this map. It's one of biggest maps I've ever seen.

Who made the statues and the jabba statue (i couldn't even find it in game but it looks cool)?

Who made or how did you make the textures for those giant window panes of yoda, chewbacca, obiwan etc?

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btw what does this symbol on your flag in the map mean? Is this a clan? it looks cool



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