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  1. Release order as of December 5th 2023. These are currently public announced being worked on projects slated for release in the next year.

    1 - FFA 3 Remastered Vanilla/Rend2 COMING SOON!

    2 - Jedi's Home 3.4 Remastered Edition Vanilla/Rend2 COMING SOON! 

    3 - Kashyyyk Vanilla/Rend2 (Shadowlands MD cut much sooner)

    4 - The Jedi Temple Vanilla/Rend2 MD/MB 

    5 - Mustafar Vanilla/Rend2  

    6 - Korriban Vanilla/Rend2 

    7 - Kotor Dantooine Vanilla/Rend2

    Began but not officially announced. 

    1 - The Star Forge

    2 - The Death Star 

    3 - Illum 

    4 - The Academy V4 in tribute to Virtue.


  2. Update on the archives, lightings allot more balanced got the chairs and tables coming along, the archive texture replaced. need altered a bit on each shelf to not repeat but it looks good. Still working out some shader issues, trying to get the shade angles right here and there etc. Like the pillars look like blocks and well ill get it lined out eventually. Step by step.
  3. The Archives so far, a long ways to go but coming along nicely!
  4. All in good time. Right now I'm doing an important step. Clean up. Which in the end the cleaner the bsp the more I can do.
  6. Been working on the holographic heads, statues, and busts for the various areas of the map. I'll be starting on the Archives and Council room this week so I needed these prepped.
  7. Started the work in the lobby tonight, hoping to have it mostly ready in the next 48 hours, at least enough I won't be embarrassed to show you guys in the newest alpha. This room still has quite a ways to go but here's a short video of it so far. I really got to let my imagination for with this one as we only see 3 angles of it live in one episode. Everything outside of those camera angles I based of lore material legends and canon combined along with a bit of madness.
  8. Jedi Temple Update of the day, I'm working like a mad man to get done what I want to be done in the next alpha release Tuesday, got the very finale statues into the great hall, damn this room is filled with statues, even one dedicated to quigon.. O_o that one took a moment to get working just right and looking the way I wanted it to. A note for those seeing the JT atm, later I will go back in probably before finale release a year or so from now, then I will probably add in a lot of false shadowing and bloom to make both vanilla and Rend2 really shine that much further. What I'd really like is to add some atmosphere to the air, a dust look or some thing, think it'd be dope to put some rays from the windows with all the beautiful colors they give off. Lots of idea's for later though. First build. Any ways heres some pic of the greatest Jedi of his era...
  9. Well here's a little sneak peak in Netcustom of the Jedi Temple Lobby, luckily so much of this room was not shown in the movies so crossing that with any references I could find and a bit of creativity I came up with some thing I think will wow and provide easy map access. This will be the room players will spawn in, and from here can navigate via elevator to probably 6 sections. To be determined as of yet. I went with a multi floor design since we have no canon or eu ref of the roof or back wall I figured give it a wow factor as a lobby. 360 feet of vertical space for you platformers, yes I will create ways for you to get up there, yes some of it will be needed, some may not. I can 100% confirm you'll need the very top floor. This room will use banisters and railings based on the Jedi Temple Archives for the upper floors as that seems to be another consistent piece of the older areas. This room will definitely blend the two styles, along with a sudden clash of sheer mountain side that gives perspective as to the size of this temple when you walk back through the lobby and great hall. As for the two camera angles we do get of this room, I will first start with nailing those areas, then everything else blends and is styled from that.
  10. There we go, a 95% complete great hall of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.
  11. Got the final adjustments to the floor finished, the last bit was around the statues, had to lower the floor around them, then build that bit up. Took a while to align all the textures etc the right ways. Next is to redesign the red marble pillar bases the chrome texture used on the bridges pillars then throw in benches and other statues and wallah this room is done and I can move back to the lobby. In this next two you can see the chrome texture I'll be replacing on the bridge
  12. I wish, I'm far from great. A lot of changes were made, enjoy ^_^
  13. The great hall statues turned out beautiful in here. Still some more work to do to this hall as well. The bases of the red pillars need retextured. A really awesome little statue with a secret! Admins will appreciate this one... The Temple Guard Statues look amazing! New textures coming for the exterior of the temple as well in future WIP shots. And now the newly placed lobby as seen in episode 2/3, all texture etc is obviously wip, the rooms been box built, now the detail comes in. The opposite end of the Main Lobby backs onto the rock face of the mountain the temple is built around, this was hinted at in a book and verified when I started looking at the ref books, so we put a mountain in it scaled and shaped right so wherever you would run into it, you will; erasing what ever you don't see or use. The eventual entrance to the main lobby from the great hall.
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