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  1. I always had a liking toward the Knights of the Old Republic series, Shadows of the Empire, the Thrawn Trilogy, The Dark Forces Saga, and Dark Empire.
  2. That model of Nihilus looks better than the ported one.
    The model looks almost similar to Vorador from Legacy of Kain.
  3. The Yuuzhan Vong model looks better than the one from Forcemod 3.
  4. You should release some of these models.
  5. There's a modified reskin of HS Dooku on Jk3files that resembles Thrawn.
  6. I like the WarHammer 40k inspired textures on that ship map.
  7. DrXann


    You can have dogfights in the remains
  8. DrXann


    Its almost SJC quality mapping.
  9. Don't forget the Dromund Kaas levels in Mysteries of the Sith.those are pretty creepy.
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