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  1. You've got that right, fam! I ordered an Obi-Wan Lightsaber from Darkwolf Customs for my collection because I can't contain the hype! It's going to be a long year. Hoping we'll get some new Obi-Wan skins leading up to and during the shows run.
  2. Mid Series Obi-Wan would be really cool, where he just has the gauntlets mixed with his tunic. Or maybe even ROTS Kenobi in the ANH 'Ben' robes. Whatever you're feeling creative with, Jeff! I would just love to see some more Obi-Wan models since it seems like we haven't gotten any new ones from anyone in a little while. 🙂
  3. These are awesome! Especially the updated Vestara model. Any chance for some new Obi-Wan skins soon? Your TCW and Mandalorian ones for him are sweet.
  4. I hope I'm asking this in the right section. Would anyone be able to change the music in Pade's Tatooine Spaceport map to "music/t3_byss/alienhb_action.mp3" instead of the current track? There's no music folder in the .pk3 for me to do a simple edit on like I have on other maps, and I recieve an error code every time I try to edit the .bps file. I've learned a fair bit of JKA modding over the last year, but this has repeatedly stumped me. I found a post on here that described some of the issue, but I must be misunderstanding the solution offered because I cannot replicate the success. 😞
  5. Thank you @Lancelot! I've noticed that happen on another post I made a few months back. Any specific way I can avoid having them bug out in the future?
  6. One of the pictures was removed (possibly by an admin?). The other two are showing for me on both mobile and on my PC. Are they still not working for anyone else?
  7. Anyone interested in doing Kotor's "Mullet-man" in the standard Kotor Jedi robes as a JKA skin for multiplayer? I find it odd that it wasn't a selectable option in the Kotor pack.
  8. I figured out why I kept calling these guys zombies instead of statues (which I knew, but wasn't remembering correctly). It turns out there were SIth Undead in the later levels in the Dark Temple that I completely forgot about existing!
    You've done it again, Jeff! Thanks for fulfilling my request! 🙂
  9. Feel free. I also updated the original post. Lol
  10. That looks really good! The eye glow looks really cool with the texture work!
  11. There's some of them within the first 5 minutes of this video. I think right around the 3 minute mark has some of the cleanest sounds without the OST or other interference.
  12. Yeah, they were one of the cooler enemies from MOTS. The sound design for when they'd die or get hit was really cool and scary, if you can add that in. I feel like they should be bald though, maybe even have some discoloration in certain spots on their textures. Model-wise, that's a tough one. What do you think goes well for those two? Do you think the Jedi2 one might be more reminiscent for th brown one, then the one you have pictures for the grey ones?
  13. Would anyone be willing to make some skins of the Sith Statue enemies from the Dromund Kaas level from Mysteries of the Sith? While they seem relatively bland today, I still find a level of horror with them whenever I encounter them in the old game. Feel free to get as creative in your interpretation of these old ass graphics, lol! I really want to use these skins/make bots out of them for Multiplayer in JKA. Thanks!
  14. Does anyone have the latest version of Botmaker (or Botmaker 1.3)? I found a download link to the 1.2 version, but I saw through various forum posts there was a 1.3 version at one point. Thanks in advance!
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