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    I think this is my favorite of the three you've done thus far. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the Demp 2 and the Flechette.
    It's another vanilla model stormtrooper with a lightsaber. At least it's not another Officer, but still.
  1. @Zamzar I hope you're someday able to release this, it's the best Caedus model I've seen for JKA!
    Files are damaged and cannot be opened. 😞 Shame too because this was a really good mod.
    Cool map with a classic death match design. Though I think the script for music is broken because I'm not getting any music in mine.
    Files simply do not work. Any time I attempt to scroll down and select the skin from the listing in multiplayer, the game crashes back to desktop. I've attempted to rename the files to avoid compatibility errors, launch the game with all mods removed from my Base folder, and running with and without Open JK but nothing prevents the crash. Even attaching a bot script to the skin and loading it from the add bot option causes the game to crash.
    I love FFA maps, especially when they have bot support! It seems like all we get anymore are Duel maps, so this makes me very happy. You should consider remaking/reimagining some of the MOTS maps set on Dromund Kass. Its kind of an underrepresented planet for JKA multiplayer maps.
  2. Would anyone be willing to make Gorc and Pic from Dark Forces 2 for Jedi Academy? We've got all the other characters from DF2 in the skin pack posted on the site, but Gorc and Pic were unfortunately absent from there. Their sabers were included though, so all that's needed are their models.
    Excellent work! Trilla has become one of my favorite antagonists in the new canon. This will definitely get some use in multiplayer! Can't wait to see what comes next! Hope we'll see that Luke saber pack soon!
  3. Whenever I try to use the skin in multiplayer, my game crashes.
  4. Hey Jeff, would you be willing to add single player functionality to your Shadows of the Empire Luke skin? I don't want to be a pain if you're busy or if you've got something else you're working on.
  5. Would anyone be willing to do Jaesa Willsaam from SWTOR? I've already got Jeff's Lana and Kira models, but I've never seen anyone do Jaesa before. Thanks!
    Excellent! Really hope there will be an update/follow-up for TROS!
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