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  1. Would anyone be willing to do Jaesa Willsaam from SWTOR? I've already got Jeff's Lana and Kira models, but I've never seen anyone do Jaesa before. Thanks!
    Excellent! Really hope there will be an update/follow-up for TROS!
    Really great map! Though I think the initial spawns are too close together, and I got stuck on the geometry for the window after breaking it once or twice.
  2. Hey Tompa, I've got two requests if you have a moment. Would you be willing to do a version of your Crait Luke with ROTJ Luke's head? (young Luke with the Crait robes) And would you be willing to do a separate download/release for the OT blades from Movie Duels remastered for vanilla JKA? Thanks man!
    Updating review now that file download works. Great map, though I think the music loop should start at a different point when you load in the map. Definitely plan on keeping in my Base folder.
  3. Nope, I've seen other posts online with that as a suggestion, but when I change the minimum bots number to 1 or higher, bots start getting booted from the match. For some reason I can only get the bug to repeat itself if I use Plasma's Maskless Kylo Ren with a combination of other bots. I have minimum bots set to 0 and maximum set to 25. I've tried updating OpenJK, removing some skins/bots from my Base folder I don't use, etc. Can't seem to nail down what exactly causes it.
  4. I'm bumping this with the same issue. Bot slot 1 doesn't work when starting a game, it just won't load the character. Then in certain situations I have bots that get randomly booted from the server.
  5. Yes, Work in Progress. *Edit*: previous post copied into this for some reason. Did not intend to quote or reply a second time. My bad.
  6. Both the Kira and Satele skins come with their in-game voice files.
  7. I think you can leave masked Kylo alone in there, I think most people (including myself) just want the maskless version updated to TLJ or TROS with the higher detail.
  8. That's fine with me! Just dual Sabers, or staffs too? Either way, works for me! Do you have Jaesa as well, or has she not been done before?
    Definitely an iconic location from JKA. Wish the rest of the level were more suitable for an FFA map, but at least we got the vanilla rift map.
  9. Hey Jeff, can I make a request if you get the time? Jaesa Willsaam and Kira Carsen from SWTOR would be excellent additions to the game! Hope you're staying well and safe these days!
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