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  1. Anyone have a Legacy of the Sith Darth Malgus in the works?
  2. Loving your work, ZelZel! You should take a crack at a Dark Empire Luke model. We've got a few, but seeing a new one kit bashed from an HD Luke and Vader model would be pretty awesome!
  3. Will this be submitted to the site or will it be a forum download here? Love me some Luke and definitely need this for MP!
  4. I'm getting a 404 Error when I try to download
  5. Can you share a link to this? I would be very interested in adding it to my mod collection. Same with any other Luke ones you've got.
  6. I am *begging* you to add bot support to this! Amazing work!
  7. This was great! While the story was a little cringey (understandable considering the age of this project), the level design for all 3 episodes was incredible! I don't know how likely this would be, but I would love to see this get incorporated into Movie Duels somehow. I think the level design and (most) of the combat encounters would be even more fun with advanced combat. Thank you for a very fun Sunday experience.
  8. Well, two hours later and I can't seem to get it working. I can use the console to switch to the skin, but for whatever reason the shader for the skin is broken. And I cannot get the icon to work and allow access from the skin menu. I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  9. That might be the hang-up I ran into before when I tried to bring something into MP last year. I'll see about dragging it all over once I get a moment. Thanks, Tompa!
  10. I'm aware of that one, minus the beard. If I organize and drag-and-drop the files from MB info a .pk3 file, it should run in multiplayer and show up in the skin menu, correct?
  11. It's sooooo good! Contender for one of the best Bespin maps! Though I ran into a few issues with the bot routes causing bots to get stuck on the geometry. Would you be able to do an optional lite version that tones down some of the fog/smoke effects? Even on my higher end laptop, I run into some frame rate drops.
  12. Anyone willing to do middle aged, bearded Luke from the Kylo Ren comic? It's different enough from Tompa's TLJ Luke where I figure there might be some interest in it as a skin option. It's my most sought after skin at this time.
  13. Could we possibly get a download link for this model, or is it planned to be a MD exclusive like some of the other Luke skins in there?
  14. Do you happen to have a Darth Vowrawn in any of your offline folders, Jeff?
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