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  1. Ah, bummer. I didn't realize that the TCW Luke wasn't public just yet. 😞
  2. I've got a recurring bug that breaks the texture on Kyle's lightsaber. I've removed every other mod that would affect ether Kyle or his hilt, but it still shows the saber hilt as untextured. Would really like to get a version that doesn't edit the saber or a fix, if possible. 😞
  3. This is really cool, dude! I'm definitely going to download that from your MEGA next weekend and try it out! Any chance for additional brown and white options to go with green?
  4. It's similar but not quite the same. The coloration between the two differs and some of the parts are very slightly different. For the amount of detail that would show through in gameplay it's close, but the picture I originally put up is more of a variant of the one in Plasma's pack. God, I hope I don't sound like I'm OCD or a loon when you read this! 😳
  5. Thank you! I might not be this specific one (unless I'm really lucky) since I know most people have been modeling more accurate versions of the V2 in recent years. This is a rather different take that Master Replicas did that I think would fit the JKA hilt aethstetic very well.
  6. Small request I've been very passionate about lately. Would someone please consider modeling this version of the ROTJ Luke Stunt Saber? I would love to use it as my main saber in Multiplayer. Something about the weathering and rust combination looks so appealing. I would really appreciate it if someone would be willing to make this specific saber for me in game! 🙂
  7. Sorry if this isn't the correct thread to post in, but I've got a few bugs to report from tonight. Some of the Praetorian Guards don't have textures in challenge mode. The Shadowguard also appears to be missing his saberpike and Sariss (and a few others) don't have the correct tag to use their lightsaber (it defaults to the cultist short saber). The Tavion_Scepter NPC is also dual wielding the Scepter and T-posing, only firing blaster shots. I've attempted a fresh install and still have these coming up, so I don't think they're unique to my end. 😞 *Update* Big issues with b
  8. Oh, hey Jeff! Sure thing! I know there's a head mod for Kotor on Deadlystream that uses the head model. I don't know if you could use the model from that, but I can ask the mod author if he'd care if you ported it for me.
  9. I'm going to bump this if no one minds. Still hoping to find her.
  10. Hey Jeff, would you be willing to add SP support to the Cade model? I feel like I comment this for all of your uploads anymore, but it's mainly because it makes it 1000 times easier to use in Movie Duels that way. ? I'm so happy that this finally exists! I've been waiting for this day for years!
  11. Yes, I meant the former in your quote! Just so I wouldn't need to use console commands at the start of every level. :)
  12. Hey Jeff, would you be willing to update your Ben Skywalker model for SP support? ?
  13. What would be really cool would be to see the same concept applied to the Jedi Temple after Darth Krayt and the One Sith occupied it in the Legacy comics as well! I wonder how doable it would be for the Imperial Palace concept if someone reskinned the Jedi Temple map and added some new scenery objects to it?
  14. Would anyone be willing to make these two sabers for JKA? One being the third version of the lightsaber prop from ROTJ, the shared stunt that both Mark Hamill and Alec Guinness used for their fight scenes in the original trilogy. The second being a Luke Skywalker inspired lightsaber seen in SWTOR. This one is a fairly popular one in game, but I never see it included in any SWTOR themed saber packs. Top two images are of the Luke V3, bottom two images and video are of the Tempted Apprentice Saber from SWTOR. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to bring these to the game!
  15. Not to necro a very very old thread, but I saw a few of these in here too that I would love to see as well. One that I know of is Brakiss, which Jeff has in his WIP thread link.
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