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  1. Would anyone be able to convert the spawns and botroutes on the 5 CTF maps in JKA to function in FFA multiplayer and add them to the FFA map list in game? Maps in question would be: mp/ctf1 mp/ctf2 mp/ctf3 mp/ctf4 mp/ctf5
  2. Would anyone being willing to make/port the Sith Master model from Kotor 2? It's odd that it was excluded from the Kotor pack.
  3. Can you update with SIngleplayer support?
  4. I actually have a very good shot of the prop, but I can't seem to upload images from my phone to a post. Trying to find URLs has proven difficult.
  5. Would someone be willing to make Obi-Wan's blaster from the show as a replacement for the DL-44 in JKA?
  6. Anyone have a Legacy of the Sith Darth Malgus in the works?
  7. Loving your work, ZelZel! You should take a crack at a Dark Empire Luke model. We've got a few, but seeing a new one kit bashed from an HD Luke and Vader model would be pretty awesome!
  8. Will this be submitted to the site or will it be a forum download here? Love me some Luke and definitely need this for MP!
  9. I'm getting a 404 Error when I try to download
  10. Can you share a link to this? I would be very interested in adding it to my mod collection. Same with any other Luke ones you've got.
  11. I am *begging* you to add bot support to this! Amazing work!
  12. This was great! While the story was a little cringey (understandable considering the age of this project), the level design for all 3 episodes was incredible! I don't know how likely this would be, but I would love to see this get incorporated into Movie Duels somehow. I think the level design and (most) of the combat encounters would be even more fun with advanced combat. Thank you for a very fun Sunday experience.
  13. Well, two hours later and I can't seem to get it working. I can use the console to switch to the skin, but for whatever reason the shader for the skin is broken. And I cannot get the icon to work and allow access from the skin menu. I guess it wasn't meant to be.
  14. That might be the hang-up I ran into before when I tried to bring something into MP last year. I'll see about dragging it all over once I get a moment. Thanks, Tompa!
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