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  1. Looks great so far.The skybox needs to be change by the way.
  2. Are you trying to add the pistol as a starting weapon.The Bryar pistol has wonky animations when you fire it.
  3. That sounds like the star destroyer sequence that's straight out of the Force Unleashed.Luke isn't that powerful by the way either canon or not.
  4. Why the Alpha 7 gigabytes big some of that size should be deleted.
  5. That Quarren looks like he works out by swimming in Dac's vast oceans.
  6. Its a shipyard or part of the Deathstar's construction site.
  7. The way Anakin holds his lightsaber in Attack of the Clone's promotional material would look odd in the mod.I honesty don't like it.
  8. I always wondered about this did some members aside from some of the aliens in Krayts Sith Order put red paint on themselves.Normally their skin should look corrupted while under the dark side taint.
  9. DrXann


    "Ever here of the Trillia Massacre" I forgot to comment on how good this cargo ship map is.
  10. I've always wondered about that map.
  11. Lots of people have that wookiee bounty hunter toy.What model is that Bith Sith Lord made from.
  12. I really like the Black Sun Mercenary and a few others.
  13. I've downloaded it once a few days ago. Why did the author include JKA's assets files when they should be removed to free up download space.
  14. Your missing two of the mods Nova Unit and Privateer.The Dark Alliance Trilogy is also my favorite.Escape from Yavin 4 the Lost Maps is also good if you can put up with the cheesy voice overs.
  15. Some npcs have 200 force points for some reason. I always wondered about the lower tier Reborn and Cultist unique Force Jumping and that regeneration power the Twins get when you fight them and Rosh.Last thing Boss npcs such as Desann are resistant to fall damage because he has 500 hit points.
  16. That's pretty impressive does he come with an npc file.
  17. Did they use models from the cancelled Battlefront game.
  18. Who's the Jedi that you fight on the Executor's Bridge.It looks awesome by the way.
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