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    Excuse the mess.

    By Caelum,


    Introducing our new back-end software
    As you might've noticed from the past several days of scheduled maintenance, we've finally updated our backend software! This is a very long overdue upgrade, coming after several years of JKHub seeing no software updates at all. Countless months of work went into this update both on our part, and on third-party developers' parts, as well as unfortunate amounts of money.

    We know, things are broken
    No, our portal/front page won't keep looking like this. Yes, we know there are awkwardly colored unreadable fonts in places. We're working on it, and over the coming days and weeks, you'll notice everything is slowly fixed. For now though, we felt it was more important to get JKHub up and running as quickly as possible again.

    New features
    Here is a very incomplete list of new things:

    • Entirely new post editor: the old one was old and buggy; the new one should work much better, and save your post content more reliably if your browser crashes or you accidentally press the 'back' button
    • Unicode emoji: This vastly expands on the existing emoji set with the ones already provided by your operating system ?
    • Faster page loads, especially on image-heavy threads
    • Security improvements: from improved password hashing to better filtering of hacking attempts
    • Mobile improvements: a completely new mobile design built into the existing theme using media queries. And unlike the old mobile theme, it actually works!
    • Workflow improvements: from an easier registration process to a more intuitive file submission process.

    Most importantly though: this update lays the foundation for several cool things that are coming soon. Right now, we're focusing on fixing bugs, and achieving full feature parity with the old software. Once that's done, we plan to introduce lots of new things, including a completely new, modern-looking design for JKHub.

    If you have any questions, or run into especially severe bugs, please do post below. No cosmetic issues please, we're aware of those and working hard on it ?


    Jedi Outcast comes to consoles

    By Circa,

    Yes, we are alive. It's also my birthday, so send me cake and chocolate, please. Or don't. Don't let strangers on the internet tell you what to do. It's no secret that news around the Jedi Knight universe has been extremely sparse over the last few years. This should be no surprise to anyone, due to Jedi Academy turning sixteen this year. I know a lot of people expect us to do something every year for the anniversary of the release, but we haven't and probably won't continue to until the 20th, if we make it that far. I'll give a quick shout out and say Jedi Academy is turning 16 this month, on September 16. Happy birthday to me, and happy early birthday to JKA. :)

    Moving on. Yesterday, Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct, which is their main method of announcing news about their hardware and games. Among the slew of games announced that were coming to Nintendo Switch, the beloved game we know and love Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was a shocking addition to the lineup. 

     A Star Wars classic so fun, it's back for more! Kyle Katarn, agent of the New Republic, is our only hope to stop a rogue Jedi. Get your lightsaber at the ready, blaster in hand, and prepare to wield the full power of the Force. Courtesy of Aspyr, the full singleplayer experience of Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast is coming to Nintendo Switch September 24th.

    Aspyr is the developer that was originally behind the port of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy to Mac, so it's no surprise they are behind this port as well. The surprise though, is that there's a port at all. No doubt this was a move approved by Disney and Lucasfilm, which makes it a random one, other than acknowledging that their older games are desired by many still to this day. Later that day, it was confirmed by IGN that Jedi Academy would also be coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date in early 2020, as well as both games coming to PlayStation 4 as well. The push to get these games to consoles all of a sudden is very unexpected surprise, but a welcome one. Not only will they be on these systems, but Jedi Academy was made available on the Xbox One Marketplace earlier this year as well, via the Backwards Compatibility program. Perhaps we will see Jedi Outcast make it's way there as well. It's clear that these games are still beloved by many fans even to this day, and Lucasfilm and Disney are still acknowledging that they exist to the point of re-leasing them.

    The cynics among us would say it's just to make more money, which of course it is, but they could have released any old game but they chose these. What makes it more interesting is they do this so close to their new game's release, Jedi: Fallen Order. Getting the word "jedi" in as many digital marketplaces as possible may be their ultimate goal here, who knows. They also have the new physical collector's additions being released by Limited Run games soon, which was announced at E3 earlier this year, though those will be for PC only. What are your thoughts on this? Do you have a Switch or PS4 that you'll be trying out these games on?


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    April Fool's Contest Results

    By Circa,


    This contest was very last minute, so I'm glad we got a handful of submissions. I apologize for that, and also for being a bit late to posting the results. It was still April 1st for North America when I wrote this, so I'm still safe in my mind. :) We had some interesting mods for this one, which is great! I feel the need to use media to help me tell the tale of each of these mods, so y'all can see what we're dealing with. Let's dive in to the submissions.
    MagSul's InversePushPull


    One way to pull a prank is to test familiarity. This mod reverses the sounds and HUD animation of the push and pull Force powers. It doesn't sound like the most elaborate prank, but as I was playing to test out the other submissions, I forgot I had this in my base folder, and it did surprise me for a split second.

    Ramikad's Chicken-Duck-Woman-Thing

    Another good way of "pulling someone's leg" is to show them a creature that has duck legs. The Chicken-Duck-Woman-Thing, as mentioned by Ben Kenobi in the Bushes of Love video:



    49 times we fought that beast
    Your old man and me
    It had a chicken head with duck feet
    With a woman's face too

    According to Ramikad, what they saw was the lovechild of Tavion and Big Bird. And it is something from nightmares. I'm considering making it the new official JKHub mascot. Very well done, sir.


    Noodle's Laugh Animation

    What better way to celebrate the holiday of pranks than with laughter? This mod replaces the Fast/Blue style and gun gloat animation with a laughing animation. Animation mods are pretty rare nowadays, so I'm always glad to see those pop up in our contests. The animation is pretty well done, although the animations.cfg was missing the WALK1 animation, so during my entire playthrough of the first two levels, I was entertained by watching Kyle, Jaden, Rosh, and Luke float around instead of walk. That was an added prank, that I can't decide if it was intentional or not! Well played, Noodle.



    Darth Futuza's Rosh is He-Man

    We all know Rosh is the worst character in Jedi Academy. There are tons of mods out there that attempt at either fixing him, or embracing the fact that he's a meme. This may be a little of both. If you grew up in the late 90's, you probably remember He-Man from the Masters of the Universe, a cartoon about a shirtless, swole dude with bangs. This mod turns Rosh into He-Man. Or, well... More like if Rosh tried to cosplay as He-Man and used a sound board for voice lines from the show. It's kind of fantastic. I had to make a video so you could experience it with me. There are some other small hidden features in the mod than what I show here, but this should give you a good idea of what shenanigans Rosh is up to.

    The winner is...




    Nice job on your wacky He-Man mod. The skin wasn't great, but the mod as a whole was a hilarious experience. I'd be interested to see what you could do with more time and effort! Congrats and thanks to those that participated! I was glad to see a good variety of mod types in this contest!


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