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    Computers, modding, music, singing, playing instruments, drawing, bakery, farming, biology, mathematics, foreign languages, animals, creativity in general, life and what it means to live. And a lot more stuff, too, but there's no room to write all of them down.
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  1. Thanks, I tried to take it slow and in enough detail that people know what we're doing, but I tried hard not to overcompensate and throw in too much needless info. All in all, today I'm pretty happy with the way I've written it back then, but feedback is welcome (both positive and negative) and I'll think on everything and do better in the future.
  2. This is the way! I'll be joining in! ? Been a long while since I last uploaded anything. I'm definitely gonna do one of the weps.
  3. A shame, I forgot/didn't have time for the contest this year. I'll be joining the next one!
    The thing is for some reason I love the idea behind these kinds of mods. You produce some inspiring looks - I got an idea or two for lightsabers from your work. Nice!
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